Winx Club Truth or Dare

By: FunahoMisaki

(A/N: I own nothing and what if just after Bloom was revealed to be from Earth in Season 1 of Winx Club the heads of the schools decided to try and make their students understand each other better, by doing none other than forcing five students and two teachers from each school to play truth or dare? What secrets will be revealed? AU OOC some bashing maybe femslash.)

"Truth or dare?" More than a few voices asked in disbelief once they heard what the three Heads of the Magix schools said with little smirks on their faces.

"That is correct. The rivalry between our three schools has gone on for far too long, friendly rivalry is alright but outright attacking and mocking students from the other schools is taking it way too far. Five students from each school have been randomly chosen to participate along with two teachers from each of the schools. Myself and Ms. Griselda have been chosen for Alfea, Griffin and Ediltrude from Cloud Tower, and Saladin and Cordatora from Red Fountain. We are about to pick the students name now. Palladium?" Faragonda explained before turning to the elf teacher who was typing away at a consul of some kind as a giant holographic screen popped up in the center of the arena so that everyone could see it.

"Randomly selecting Cloud Tower students now." Palladium said pushing a button and then stepping back to watch the names circle around on the screen. It took a moment of everyone staring but the first name to pop up on the screen in bold red letters was Mirta, causing the red haired witch to sink down in her seat slightly as some of the older witches began to laugh at her luck. The next name picked was Lucy's, causing her to stop laughing and scowl at the screen. Finally the last three names popped up causing all laughing to cease out of fear while Icy, Stormy, and Darcy stared at the screen in anger and disbelief.

"Alright. Selecting Red Fountain students now." Palladium said pressing a few more buttons before the names began to swirl around again while Ediltrude and Zarathrustra herded the five chosen witches to stand beside Ms. Griffin as they stared at the screen.

"Great. Stuck playing truth or dare with a bunch of girls." Riven groaned when his name popped up in bold red letters along with Sky, Timmy, Brandon, and the visiting Helia's.

"Don't worry Riven we'll be there too." Brandon said throwing an arm around Rivens shoulders that the boy shrugged off with a scowl as they made their way to stand next to Saladin.

"Like I said, a bunch of girls." Riven quipped causing a few of the other boys and some witches to snicker at the look on the other four chosen boys faces at this while most girls glared at Riven for this, including the teachers.

"And Alfea students." Palladium said pressing a different button and then stepping away to get a better look at the screen.

"Just my luck." Bloom from Earth said hitting her head on the wall behind her seat when her name was the first to pop up on the screen, quickly followed by Tecna, Musa, Flora, and Stella.

"I will warn you now; if I kill someone it is for a good reason." Bloom said bluntly to the others chosen as they made their way to the arena floor beside their headmistress, Bloom taking a short cut by just walking down to the stadium wall and jumping over it to land in the arena floor. This caused the three senior witches chosen and Lucy to snort in disbelief.

"Yeah right. You're a pixie and pixies aren't very dangerous, I doubt if you can even hit us with your powers let alone without them." Lucy said sneering at Bloom who gave her a flat look before smirking darkly. Bloom seemed to blur in place for a moment before she appeared in front of Lucy and slammed her face into the other girls jaw, sending the girl sprawling to the arena floor.

"Guess what? I just hit you and I didn't even need my powers to do it. Piss me off and we'll see who's dangerous and who isn't. Now why don't you do yourself a favor and keep that mouth of yours shut if you don't have something important to say?" Bloom said smirking down at the shocked girl that had a hand over her quickly reddening jaw as she stared up at the red head in disbelief.

"Or else we'll really see whether or not a 'pixie' like me can kill someone." Bloom said her eyes glowing ever so slightly as she bared her teeth at the dark haired girl that backed away from her terrified.

"Ms. Bloom!" Griselda exclaimed shocked as everyone merely stared at the red head whose eyes went back to normal as she backed away from Lucy and back towards her own teachers.

"What? Insult me, my friends, or my skills and I'll kick their ass. Don't mess with me and we don't have a problem." Bloom said with a shrug of her shoulders as everyone started at the curse, sure witches and some heroes cursed but they have never heard a freshmen fairy curse before.

"How very…witchy. Are you sure she's a fairy Fara?" Griffin asked looking at Bloom calculatingly before turning amused eyes to her old friend.

"I'm sure her wings and that glittery blue monstrosity make her a fairy alright." Stormy said with a shiver at Blooms fairy form outfit and causing Bloom to look at her in amusement.

"My fairy form can be whatever color and way I want it to be, I've always liked the color blue best as a kid so that's just the default color, and I saw Stella's fairy outfit first so I copied it as the default form I guess you could call it." Bloom said with a shrug of her shoulders while many looked at the red head in shock, only really powerful fairies could change their fairy form outside of its norm. In fact the only fairies in the room that could do so are DuFour, Griselda, and Faragonda whose regular outfits are their choice in fairy forms.

"Prove it." Darcy said looking at Bloom curiously and causing the red head to smirk as she subconsciously shifted into her fairy form, only it looked different. Instead of the 'glittery blue monstrosity' as Stormy called it with delicate looking wings Bloom was in a black and gold one piece skin tight outfit that seemed to be made of leather with a flame red dragon curling around it, and her wings were flame red with black and gold accents and were razor sharp. Her golden broach with a blue gem was still golden but had a blood red ruby in it.

"Believe me now?" Bloom asked raising an eyebrow at the gob smacked looks she was getting from everybody although most of the males, and more than a few females, where drooling and wolf whistling at Blooms appearance.

"Ouch!" Cordatora and Ediltrude exclaimed when they both had been smacked upside the head by Griselda, who shot them both a glare for wolf whistling at her student.

"What was that for?" Ediltrude asked/whined at Griselda as she and Cordatora rubbed the back of their heads.

"Wolf whistling at a girl young enough to be your daughter!" Griselda snapped at them both protectively while Bloom merely raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"Icy are you…blushing?" Stormy asked looking at her eldest sister who was looking Bloom up and down appreciatively with a blush on her face, Darcy not far behind and Mirta couldn't stop ogling Bloom alongside a stunned Lucy.

"No I'm not!" Icy said turning her head to the side so that her sister couldn't see her red stained cheeks while several other witches couldn't blame the ice witch for blushing, hell more than a few of them were blushing too.

"Moving on from that rather disturbing information." Bloom said powering down and standing there amongst her blushing or drooling dorm mates boredly.

"You were perfectly okay with two adults old enough to be your parents wolf-whistling at you but a girl a few years older than you blushing disturbs you?" Saladin asked looking at the red head in amusement and disbelief while the girl merely gave him a blank look as she jabbed a thumb at Ediltrude and Cordatora who were still getting chewed out by Griselda.

"Those two have not tried to kill me to my knowledge, and it wouldn't be the first time someone old enough to be my parent has wolf whistled at me, so no it doesn't disturb me." Bloom said bluntly before jabbing her thumb at Icy, Stormy, and Darcy.

"Those three on the other hand have already attacked me once, and sent an ogre and troll after me with a bunch of little gremlins as well. Icy has literally frozen me in a giant slab of ice in an attempt to turn me into a fairysicle, so any of them and her in particular blushing at me is very disturbing."