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"Stop that!"

"Emily, just leave me be."

"I won't! You are bothering everyone, especially me! I'm trying to do my work here and I'm suggesting you do the same."

Andy couldn't stop fidgeting. She felt like she couldn't move but she couldn't stop moving, either. She was uncomfortable, trying to swollow her tears. She could swear her eyes were as red as Miranda's gorgeous dress and smiling was suddenly really hard but so was breathing, too. It sucked that the only person she could blame for that was the scumbag dancing with Miranda in the center of the ballroom. God, she couldn't get her eyes off of those slimy hands on Miranda's waist. It all made Andy feel disgusted and she could very well imagine herself ruining the lovely black Chanel dress by getting too sick watching the pair.

Yes, there was another Mr. Priestly taking Miranda all over the dance floor with her red, beautiful dress flowing around her. They were not married, yet, but Andy was sure the day would come. They had been together for a little over three months and every single one of those days had been torture for Andy. A lot of people might wonder why, but for Andy there was no question about her feeling the way she did.
The reason why she felt so bad was the fact that she was deeply, utterly and unbelievably in love with her boss. Her gorgeous, sexy, magnificent boss who indeed was in a relationship that was probably going to end up by her getting married. All that, of course, meant that Andy was screwed. You know it's bad when it get's to the point where you have to swollow your tears in a very public situation.

"Emily, I need to... I need to use the bathroom."

"Okay, then. But be quick. I don't think I should remind you that Miranda requires our presence all the time at these things."

Andy just mumbled something incoherent to Emily and walked away as fast as she could. She ended up in a hallway while looking for the bathroom but just couldn't find it. Not that she actually cared about the bathroom - she had just wanted to go away from it all for a while. She sat on a chair by the wall and put her elbows on her knees, lowering her face on her hands. There was a long, desperate sigh that lingered in the air. She tried to keep the tears inside but didn't really make a good job on that. All she could see when closing her eyes was Miranda in the arms of that disgusting man. Who really wasn't even that disgusting, to be honest. It was just him having Miranda that made him appear so.


Oh shit.

Andy shot up from the chair, wiping her tears and dropping her purse while doing so. "I am so incredibly sorry, Miranda. I-"

Miranda put her hand up to silence her.

"I can't take any blabbering right now. I just want to leave. Grab your purse Andrea, Roy is going to drop you home while taking me back to the townhouse."

Andy was more than relieved that she wasn't getting any of the vicious Miranda right now and that she was going home alone. Also the fact that Miranda wanted to give her a ride home didn't hurt either.

"Oh, okay. Is Emily coming, too?" she asked while getting her purse from the floor.

Miranda started to look and sound impatient but weirdly enough still explained a lot.

"No, I got the impression that she'll accompany Serena."

"Right, of course, let me just grab your wrap and we'll go."

About 5 minutes later she was helping Miranda into her black faux fur wrap and just could't help but brush her fingers on those smooth, creamy shoulders that her strapless dress revealed. She thought she heard Miranda take a sudden intake of breath but quickly pushed those thoughts aside. It couldn't be.

When in the car, it was silent. All Andy heard and saw was the sound of Miranda breathing and the lights flickering from outside. She loved the lights of this city, always had. Ever since she moved to New York that was the thing that had calmed her down and made her content. That combined with Miranda's steady breathing made her feel so safe she could've easily fallen asleep.

She didn't, though. The car came to a stop.

"We're here."

"Thank you, Roy. Have a good night."

"You too, Andy. Take care."

Andy felt so tired. Drained, almost. She gathered up her things and was getting ready to get out of the car when she felt a warm hand on her own. She looked into Miranda's direction and what she saw took her by surprise.
First of all, Miranda looked exhausted. Her eyes were a little red and watery and second, there was so much tenderness in them. She looked like she could see inside Andy, feel and see all the pain she was going through. Understand her. Suddenly Andy felt a hand on her cheek and it was like it belonged there, sharing the warmth radiating from her skin.

"Oh, sweetheart..." Miranda whispered. A tear escaped Andy's eye and Miranda just wiped it away with her thumb. Andy searched Miranda's face for any knowledge Miranda might have of Andy's feelings for her, but she was so complex. Miranda was enigmatic. Like a code you had to crack open... Andy could not get anything from her at that moment.

She could tell Miranda was worried about her but she could also tell that Miranda was way too tired to bring it up properly. It wasn't typical Miranda to talk to her about stuff like that, not at all, but she felt like this was an issue she was going to bring up again. Maybe even confront Andy with it. She felt really scared but ready to do it. Someday, but not right now, though. Right now all she needed was that look, Miranda's hand on her cheek and the endearment that had just came from the older woman's soft looking lips. She closed her eyes and tried to take in the moment. When she opened her eyes, she was sure. For the first time she was sure there was something more between them and she was more than ready to figure it out. She knew it would be really difficult but in the end worth of every single tear.

She got a tiny smile and a nod from Miranda. Andy was sure there had never been a moment more intimate and beautiful than that one; the city lights and the moon hitting Miranda's face and hair through the car window... Making her glow even more than she usually does. A bad night had turned into a content one. It made Andy glow with Miranda.

"Good night, Andrea."

Miranda's eyes were fixed on Andy's puffy ones and you could tell that the sentence was much more than just a good night wish. Andy nodded.

Before going she put her own hand on top of the one Miranda was holding on her cheek. She moved her head a bit and softly kissed the palm of Miranda's hand.

"Sweet dreams, Miranda" she finally said and then exited the car.