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Pairing: MirAndy (Miranda/Andy - The Devil Wears Prada)

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"This is kind of nerving, to say the least. Miranda Priestly, inspecting my book and record collection. You have an immaculate taste, I'd hate for you to not approve of mine."

Miranda chuckled which made her shoulders shake a bit but otherwise ignored the comment. She tuck a lock of hear behind her ear meanwhile softly touching the books on the shelf. Andy was sitting on her couch, leaning on the arm of it and holding her head on her palm. She was so happy she thought she would burst. Seeing Miranda like this... Seeing her so unarmed and open, it truly felt like a blessing.

She watched Miranda gently pick up some of the books and after browsing them, she put them back. So far there was no lip purse. Andy smiled at the thought of that. Somehow Miranda didn't seem at all intimidating like she had before. Sure, there was always the aura of control around her - she always had hear "head in the game" in a way, but she was just so sweet in a way Andy had been hoping to see her again. Like that brief moment in the car after the ball, when she touched her cheek. Andy hummed softly at the memory. Miranda heard the little sound Andy made and turned to look at her quizzically over her shoulder, a book in her hand. Andy didn't answer, she only shook her head and smiled. Miranda's gaze went back to the book.

"Well, aren't you going to tell me about all these books and records? I see you have a lot of them but what exactly is your taste?" Miranda enquired.

"When it comes to music, almost anything goes. I love music in general. A few genres to mention are jazz, blues, classical,..." she drifted off a bit while getting off the couch, "...certain type of pop and so on. I like old stuff but also the newer fusion things they do these day."

"I see... I have to say, I expected nothing less than this from you. I'm happy we share the same taste," Miranda said. Andy blushed, possibly from happiness.

"Really? We, um, share the same taste?"

"Mhm," Miranda hummed while still grazing her fingers over the books and the records.

"Um, would you like to choose something and maybe we could play it?" Without saying anything Miranda started perusing the titles of the albums more closely and it didn't take her long to choose an album that she set on the record player. She gently, so gently put the needle on the place. Andy couldn't take her eyes off of Miranda's elegant fingers, she felt embarrassed to say that it felt almost erotic watching how softly and gently Miranda started the music. Once the first track started to play Miranda stayed still, her gaze on the record that was now going round and round. The morning sun was shining behind her from the window and Andy was sure it was the most beautiful thing she had ever witnessed in her whole life; how the light illuminated Miranda's slightly tousled hair... Her bare face was half in the shadows but what Andy could see was so beautiful. All her wrinkles, all her imperfect perfections took Andy's breath away. She was only wearing the oversized t-shirt she had donned on before when she went to make the sandwiches and some briefs she had put on before leaving the bedroom. Andy's attire was just panties and a tank top. Her hair was on a messy bun - she wanted to keep her hair out of her face.

Andy didn't want to ruin the moment by talking so she just took Miranda's face gently with her hand, turning the older woman's face so she could kiss her. She pressed her soft, plump lips on Miranda's full ones and just moved them softly. Miranda answered the kiss by turning and putting her hand on the back of Andy's neck and the other one on her waist. Andy held Miranda by her hips. She gently started to move her hands under Miranda's shirt, making patterns with her fingertips. Her hand touched some tender spots and it made Miranda gasp. Her skin felt soft under Andy's touch and it made Andy sigh into the kiss. She kept going and moved her hands onto Miranda's sides and hips, upper and lower back and then on her ass, putting her fingers on the edge of Miranda's underwear. At this point she broke the kiss by starting to kiss the corner of Miranda's lips, then cheek, then the sensitive spot next to her ear and then going further onto her neck which made Miranda move her hand from the back of Andy's neck onto her hair. She tried to press her lover's face more onto her neck to get more contact which Andy granted to her. Andy kept her touches on Miranda's skin light and her kisses a little rougher, to bring Miranda on the edge of desire.

"Oh..." Miranda sighed, once again totally unarmed and at the mercy of Andy's ministrations. "Please, Andrea... Ah. Take me on the couch," she continued breathlessly.

"I'd love to," Andy whispered against her lover's skin. Her words vibrated and her breath was hot which made Miranda shiver. Andy gave Miranda a peck on her skin and lead her to the couch where she sat her down and herself kneeled on the floor.

"I'm going to take these off, is it okay?" Andy asked, touching Miranda's briefs. Miranda bit her lip and nodded, looking down at Andrea. Once Miranda was half sitting and half on her back on the edge of the couch, Andy grabbed her from her thighs and adjusted her body so she was perfectly in between her legs. Again she gently pecked tiny kisses on the insides of her partners thighs, going closer and closer to Miranda's center.

"Oh God..." Miranda moaned expectantly while grabbing the edge of the couch. She couldn't believe how young she felt with Andrea, how vibrant and alive she swore she was. Fleetwood Mac, one of her favorites from her youth, was playing in the backround making her feel even more younger. She was in a state of ectasy.

While Miranda thought of how amazing she felt with Andrea, Andy couldn't believe how lucky she was to have this goddess of a woman in her arms. With that thought, she surprised Miranda and went for it. With long licks and sucking she made Miranda writhe in her arms.

"Dear... Ah!" Miranda moaned. She had already been so worked up from their little make-out session that she was already so close to exploding but she wanted this to last. Luckily Andy was thinking the same and she abruptly stopped, giving a tiny kiss on the other thigh before getting up. Miranda sighed a sigh of relief.

Andy took off her own panties and straddled Miranda's right thigh, putting her left hand on the back of the sofa to keep her steady. Her right hand went to where Andy's mouth had just left but this time she plunged right inside which made Miranda exclaim, "Fuck!" loudly - partly from pleasure and partly from surprise.

"You're so wet..." Andy sighed in Miranda's ear, rolling her hips against Miranda's thigh, getting extremely turned on from the sounds that came from her work in Miranda's center.

"Oh my God, yes, Andrea..." Miranda moaned. "Ah, that's it..."

Andy could vaguely hear the music in the backround, it was Songbird. Among the sounds the woman under her was making she could hear,

...and I feel that when I'm with you,
It's alright, I know it's right
To you, I'll give the world,
to you, I'll never be cold
'cause I feel that when I'm with you,
it's alright, I know it's right...

and it did make her feel so right. Being with Miranda, like this.

"Like this..." she sighed and pumped her fingers inside her lover, making Miranda's breath go more and more unsteady and her chest turn all red. She herself could feel her orgasm getting closer which made her quicken her phase. She rubbed herself against Miranda harder, searching for more and more friction but couldn't seem to get it.

"I want to... I want to come with you, Miranda, please," Andy stuttered, her eyes closed, trying to concentrate on friction.

"Darling, yes, come for me," Miranda whispered and suddenly pushed her hand between her thigh and Andrea, pressing her clit which made Andy come which led to her fingers bucking harder inside Miranda. That made Miranda cry out her release. She felt like she could have come from the sight of Andrea alone, riding her hand and her thigh, leaning on her shoulder all sweaty and her hair messed up. They were skin on skin, hot bodies pressing against each other.

"Mi-miran-da," Andy shuddered.

"Shh..." Miranda hushed, taking Andy even closer against her, holding her tight against the side of her neck. Andy's face was right next to Miranda's ear and she whispered along the last lyrics of the song coming from across the room,

...and the songbirds keep singing,
like they know the score,
and I love you, I love you, I love you,
like never before,
like never before...

"My darling," Miranda whispered back, moving so that Andy turned to look at her in the eyes, "I love, you, too. From the bottom of my battered heart, I love you. Like I've never loved before."

Andy moved down from Miranda's lap, next to her and took Miranda into her arms. With her other hand she snatched a blanket from next to her, covering them.

"I think it's time for an early nap..." Andy said, kissing Miranda on her temple. Miranda nodded in agreement.


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