Ok, so people really liked Heita tearing Albus a new one, believe me she does that more than once! Any guesses what happened in his Fourth Year? I'll take guesses on board, and the most entertaining (and something that would happen) will make it into this fic! Updates are slowly becoming more frequent, so progress!

Also Albus is finally beginning to realize and admit that he screwed up royally, and he's planning to no longer run from that.

Also, *throws a prophecy in your general direction* have fun :P

Saddened blue eyes slowly looked up from a pair of clasped hands, falling on the woman before him. Heita had finished lecturing Albus a few minutes ago, and was currently waving a wand around the room, repairing it where she could. The fireplace was irreparably damaged, but the surrounding bricks from around it were slowly nudged back into place, making it look somewhat tidier and much more stable. Looking around properly for the first time, Albus could see the extensive damage that the exploding potion had wrought, even though he didn't know that the power behind it had been halved. The scent of smoke was slowly fading as windows were fixed, chairs and the table repaired, and the bookcase put to rights.
He looked down at his lap when a warm weight settled there, a pair of glowing orange eyes staring back at him as Fawkes let out a low croon. Albus sighed, resting a hand on his familiar and gently stroking him as Heita stopped before him.

"I can offer no explanations, only truths and theories I had. I truly believed that the protection of his mother's blood would protect him inside the home and out, but upon seeing him at Hogwarts, I knew I had made a grave error. He was so small, so very small...I immediately ordered Minerva to make sure he ate well, that he had nothing to fear here...and then I hid my face from my students and wept. I failed James and Lily, I did. And it haunts me every day, knowing that I made poor Harry go through that life with his 'family', only to lose him against Quirrel." He finally raised his eyes to Heita, trails of tears finally trickling down his cheeks as his hands stilled. "I failed them, and I dare not beg for their forgiveness in the afterlife, because I know deep in my soul I will never deserve it."

Green eyes closed as Heita slowly nodded, her hands fisting by her sides. "And what of Severus? Did you truly believe that he would cast aside all hate of James Potter, and not unleash it upon his son, for daring to live while Lily died?"

Albus' heart sank and Fawkes nudged his hands, letting out a rumble of encouragement. He took a deep breath before shaking his head sadly. "I had hoped, but the moment I learnt of how Harry's first lesson with him went, I knew I was foolish to hold to such a wish. Severus never knew that I was there in his class every time Harry was in there after that, though I could not act fast enough to prevent incidents like potions accidents from occouring all the time, but I managed to stop most. Too many and Severus would have noticed. I was gathering proof of his actions by being physically present, and storing the memories in my pensieve. I was hoping to present them to the Board of Governors once Hogwarts let out over summer, and sway them to my side so we would finally outvote Malfoy and his 'friends', and remove Severus from Hogwarts. But then..." His hands shook as he swallowed hard, Fawkes letting out a muffled snuffled when more tears dripped onto his feathers. Heita's face softened and she knelt before Albus, taking a wizened hand in her own.

"Albus...I hate wat you did, truly I do. Too many times I felt like he was going to come my way, and I was scared. Scared, because no child should ever carry those burdens in that environment. He shouldn't have to carry all those burdens at all, but prophecies are dangerous things, especially when one puts too much faith in the words of a woman who finds wisdom in the bottom of a sherry bottle." She bluntly stated, causing Albus' head to shoot up sharply. A wry smile crossed her lips. "Her ancestor was great, I will easily admit that. But the alcohol she drinks destroys her gift too easily, allowing those who wish for a different ending to use her. And she has been used...the prophecy is not complete, because she could not speak the rest."

Albus flew out of his seat to grasp Heita's hands in his own, Fawkes letting out an indignant shriek before flying to perch on the back of another chair, watching carefully. "If you knew, why did you not tell me! Why would you keep this to yourself, when that information could have been used to save Harry!" He cried, tightening his grip on her hands before she slipped one free to rest on his cheek.

"Oh dear Albus, but it was used."

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches
Born to those who have thrice defied him
Born as the seventh month dies
And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal
But he will have power the Dark Lord knows not
And either must die at the hand of the other
For neither can live while the other survives."

"That is that you were told, but this is part of what was left. I could not See it all, the rest was blocked to me. It took too long as it was to translate the part I could See."

"For like the night,
Like unto day,
The Darkened will be called to thee.
Thrice betrayed,
Thrice denied,
Honour and Light will stand side by side.
Seven call,
But one anew,
Shall forge these bonds and renew,
Vows of old,
The saviour's thrall,
To See, to Touch, to know all."

"After she told me about that, it kinda just fell into place." Harry shrugged as he shifted the blanket back over his cold feet. Remus was currently curled up in front of the fire, his eyes never leaving Harry's. He had shifted into his werewolf form about fifteen minutes beforehand, and to his immense joy he felt no pain, and no stirring of the wolf. Instead it slumbered on, and his mind and body were his own. It was so different to the Wolfsbane, and he had licked Harry's face in joy before he could stop himself. Remus nudged Harry's foot when he trailed off, and glowing green eyes snapped back to amber ones.
"Oh, right." He laughed before taking another mouthful of the hot chocolate on the table beside him. "Basically after that, I knew why Heita had been the one to find me after I talked to the Goblins. 'The Darkened will be called to thee.' She apparently felt a strong pull to me and was curious, so she followed the feeling and it led her to me. It was rather hilarious watching the Goblins almost fall over themselves to hit the floor, they were terrified of her. I mean, being the wielder of seven necromancy bells is scary enough, but I found out that she's ancient. Like, way older than Dumbledore. She still refuses to tell me how old though." He admitted before he drained his cup and stood up, groaning as his legs protested at the movement after being still for so long.

Remus smoothly rose to stand beside Harry, the preteen resting a hand on his head and scratching it absently. It felt a bit odd to Remus, but still highly enjoyable. Harry let out a loud yawn and looked surprised at himself before he let out a small laugh. "I suppose we should head on up to bed, it has been a long day, hasn't it? And don't worry, we have a spare room you can sleep in, so you also have privacy at moon-set." He smiled as he stroked the coarse fur. "C'mon, let's go to bed. This way, Moony."

Remus swore up and down that his tail didn't start wagging like a dog's at being called that name again, but he knew otherwise. Remus was somewhat at peace again, and he knew his cub wasn't going anywhere.

It had taken some time, but Albus finally convinced Heita to bring him back with her, so they could catch up again. They disappeared just after Heita noticed some muggles coming up Remus' path, dressed in protective gear.
They reappeared in the living room of her home, and Heita let out a soft sigh as the warmth enveloped her. She shrugged off her cloak, and as Albus watched it slowly drifted off out the door and down the hallway of it's own accord, her belt following also. He noticed the full pouches and recoiled slightly, his eyes widew as he turned to face Heita.

"Oh calm down Albus, they don't bite...hard. Or maybe they just like me." She shrugged as she gracefully sat on the couch Harry had vacated, her eyes closing for a brief few seconds as she finally relaxed. Albus sat opposite her on a plush chair, his eyes never leaving hers. Now that he could see her clearer he could see the toll the years had taken on her. Fine lines were gathered around her eyes and mouth, while her hands were more slim and rougher to the touch (as he discovered while apparating). Her hair had strands of grey throughout, not in noticeable chunks but they reflected the firelight and were that much clearer to him. His observations were interrupted when a quiet knock sounded on the door and he half rose to his feet, not having expected anyone else in the home.

"Oh sit down before you throw out your hip, old man." Heita sighed as she rose, crossing the room to open the door a touch. He couldn't see who was on the other side as it opened the wrong way, but they sounded young. They conversed for a few seconds before Heita glanced back at Albus, her eyes pensive before she nodded, closing the door slightly. She crossed the room to stand before him, appraising him for a few seconds before, turning to face the door.

"Apprentice, come here, please! We have a guest." She yelled toward the door and after a minute it creaked open, revealing a smaller figure in a hooded cloak, much like her own, and a large...wolf?

Albus flew out of his seat as he recognized the fur, markings, and eyes. "Remus! Heita, what are you thinking! It's a full moon!"

She met his incredulous gaze with a bland one of her own, while her apprentice snickered. "Moon's Call, I'm sure you've heard of it. He has nothing to fear from his wolf any longer, he has his own mind and will for the rest of his days, no matter what."

Albus' rear hit the seat cushion with a harsh thump, his eyes filling with tears as he stared at Remus. "Oh Remus, I am so glad... I am so very, very happy for you." He whispered and Remus slowly trotted over to rest his head in his lap, his eyes staring up at Albus, whose hands shook as he gently petted his head. "So very glad, my friend."

Heita cleared her throat and Albus looked up as she exchanged a glance with her apprentice. "Albus, how strong are you physically? Are you likely to have a heart attack if some thing major happens?" She queried after her apprentice nodded to her, and Albus shook his head.

"I am fit as I can be, my yearly physical with Poppy was only several weeks ago." He assured her, who nodded to the hooded figure. The hood was swiftly pushed back and Albus felt as if his body had given up on him, his entire frame sagging as tears sprung to his eyes, his body shaking like a leaf in the wind.

"Hello, Professor Dumbledore. Welcome to our home."

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