Authors Notes: This is a random poem from Knuckles point of view about some of his thoughts on Angel Island. Some of it may seem a bit 'strange' at times, but I hope it makes sense.

The chains that bind me, tight, confine me,
my world a lonely, tired heart.
I want to leave, so desperately,
but you hold me close unto your shrine.

The pillar there, a strong foundation,
knots the lock of rusted chain.
The pain of years, so long they seem,
the time of guarding your lifeless charge.

Why won't you let me leave your prison?
I'll only rot, or fall to sea.
Why won't you let me feel the sunlight?
I'll go numb, left to freeze.

You fly so high, above the world,
a constant flight I can't control.
But I want to live upon the earth,
that beautiful land so far below.

Loosen your grip, you clutch too tightly,
let me see what flows beneath me.
Let me see the stars and moon,
the sun and sky, the night in the city.
Let me feel the ocean breeze,
see the clouds so pure they seem.
I want to see the world from below,
I want to leave this empty home.

Why won't you let me break these chains?
They'll only stop the flow of my veins.
Why won't you let me live in peace?
Without a worry, of violent war.

Let me leave this strong confinement,
let me breathe the air of life.
Let me feel the strange emotions,
that live in the hearts of those below.