Hey everyone... So Onii-Chan moved away... *Sniffles* Okay, he's not really my brother... He's actually my older cousin. I kinda had a crush on him at one point. But he's so sweet, he texted me a picture of a SAO necklace he bought me ;3 Gonna see him in two weeks, whoo!

Tamaki clapped his hands, quieting the crowd of girls visiting the Host Club.

"May I have your attention please?" He said in a sweet voice. "I have a special guest visiting from France... Miss Anne-Sophie."

A few girls gasped as Tamaki opened the doors, revealing Anne dressed in a light purple dress with a white rose flower crown on her head. She giggled a waved. "Hello!" She said, looking at every girl in the room.

"She's so pretty!"

"Tamaki-Sama, who is she?"

"She's not your girlfriend, right?"

"No wait... She has purple eyes too... Could she be..."


Tamaki chuckled and lead his mother towards a couch. "Yes, this is the woman who gave me life, whom I've inherited my violet eyes and blonde hair from...The woman I love so dearly."

Anne put a hand over her mouth and smiled. "Tamaki... I love you," she said, throwing her arms around Tamaki.

He blushed and hugged back to. "I... I love you too, mom," he replied, looking to the side.

The girls clapped, cheered, and giggled. A few even cried. Tamaki was happy, so his hosting was extra great that day.

"Haruhi?" A girl at Haruhi's table asked. She cocked her head and wore a worried expression on her face. "Um... Are you alright? You keep glancing over at Tamaki-Sama's table. Is there something wrong?"

The brunette shook her head and forced herself back into reality. She didn't even know she was staring off into space! "Yeah, I'm okay. I was just remembering what it was like to have my mom hold me like that," she said with a weak smile.

The girls all put a hand on her, giving her gentle pats and words of encouragement.

She nodded and thanked them. Really, all she could think about was what happened that morning with Tamaki.


When host club hours were done, everyone started cleaning.

"Hey, you two rest. We got this," Tamaki said, taking the broom from Haruhi and the dish rag from his mother. They both smiled then thanked Tamaki and sat on the couch. By mother instinct, Anne began fixing the pillows.

"Mooom!" Tamaki whined. "Let me do the work, you're our guest. Talk to Haruhi, okay?"

Anee-Sophie pouted on the couch, and at that moment, Haruhi laughed because she looked EXACTLY like Tamaki!

"What's so funny?" She asked.

Haruhi shook her head and wiped away a few tears. "Nothing, nothing... Hey, can I talk yo you outside?" She asked, calming down and rubbing her arm. "It's something a bit personal... And I think I need a girl's advice this time."

In response, Anne nodded and clapped her hands, quickly pulling Haruhi out the club room, and down the empty hall. "Sooo?" She asked. "Tamaki! It's about my son, right?" She asked excitedly.

Blushing, Haruhi tucked a strand of brown hair behind her ear, then nodded. "How did yo-"

"Ah! I saw you two this morning on the couch!"

Haruhi blushed even more and laughed nervously

"So what about?" Anne asked eagerly, clasping both of Haruhi's hands. They were small and dainty... Very petite and cute.

"Anne... How do you know if you're in love with someone if you've never been in love before?" She asked quietly.

She sighed and nodded. "That's a tough one..." Anne kept holding the smile, much like her son, and looked out the glass windows that lined the halls.

A flock of white birds flew by, and a few cherry blossom leaves swirled around, being carried by the wind. Like love almost... You fall, then get thrown into a swirling storm of emotions, then you sort of just... flutter away...

"You see, Haruhi, when you fall in love... You kind of just know. You find yourself thinking about the special person all the time, sometimes you dream about them, and... when he touches you, it feels like electric!" She squealed at the last part and twirled a piece of hair around her index finger.

Haruhi blushed and looked down at her feet. "But… What if there's more than one guy?" she asked sheepishly.

Anne shook her head, saying, "Oh honey, that's just not possible. If you love more than one boy, you don't like either of them."

Sighing, Haruhi nodded. She felt like she would actually start crying now. She thought she loved them all… But of course, it wasn't right to go out with six different boys, "How will I know who the right one is?" she asked.

"That's for you to find out," Anne said with a gentle smile. "Take some time to clear your head so that you react off of logic- not off of your emotions. Sometimes boys will woo you, and you end up thinking that you're in love with them, but it's really just your emotions going crazy." She laughed and ruffled Haruhi's hair. "You're a sweet girl, Haruhi… I wish you luck, and if you need help again, please let me know." Anne-Sophie smiled and waved, starting to walk back towards the club room, her heels click-clacking as she took each step.

Soon it was just Haruhi alone with her thoughts. "Choose your actions through logic. Not emotion," she said to herself quietly. Haruhi smiled to herself and nodded before going back to the club room.

I can do this! She told herself.

Haruhi opened the club room doors and sighed, looking at the group of handsome boys, debating over which cosplay they should try next.

"Pfft… Rich idiots."