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The sound of dripping, the steady dull low throbbing sound as it reverberated around the place. It echoed around the room, drilling into the skull of the only occupant in the room. A girl opened her eyes in the pitch darkness, she couldn't see. The thick choking darkness covered her senses, with only a dripping tap for comfort. The girl shuffled on the floor, pain coursed through her stiff body. How long had she been lying here…how long had she been here?

For a second her whole mind was blank, she couldn't even remember who she was. A name flashed in her mind. Maka. Yes that was her name. How could she have forgotten? The girl sat up and rested on her hands, yet her side and arms screamed at her for moving. She whimpered into the darkness at her pain. A quick breath blew into the cold space as she forced herself to stay upright. Maka's eyes were open yet she could not see anything, not the floor or her own hands. Nothing. Just a close blackness that threatened to choke her.

She struggled to remember why she was here. The last thing she remembered…what was the last thing she remembered. She tried to think back. Her head was fuzzy and shaking. She gritted her teeth ignoring her pain to think back. She was on a mission, with the others from the academy. With Stein and even her father. To stop the kishin. Yes that was it. Did they do it? Did they win? Though another look around the pitch dark room told her otherwise. Yet where was her friends? Was she alone? Maka shook her head and held back tears that threatened to fall. She would not cry, she is not weak. She is not afraid!

Suddenly more memories came to the fore, of when she battled the demon swordsman, an enemy with a face that she could not quite remember. Yes, that was right. She convinced Soul to use the black blood. Yes that was all she remembered. Did she manage it? Looking at her position she wasn't sure. The dripping sound still sounded around her, yet it increased in number. And sounded as if it came from above her. Maka's teeth chattered as the room grew colder. A cold liquid touched her hand beneath her. She instinctively recoiled. Her body, even stiff and in pain, responded quickly in her fright and stood up. The dripping above her grew to a gushing sound, like a bath running. The cold liquid flowing into the room like rain. Maka opened her mouth to shout out for help, yet no sound emitted. She tried again, and again. As panic rose in her gut as she started to move. Her boots splashed against the floor as she ran, looking for a way out.

The liquid continued to rise over her boots as it mercilessly dripped from the ceiling, falling on her. She felt the coldness on her head and shoulders. Maka raised her arms to try an find a door, an opening. Anything. To find a way out. She couldn't drown! Not like this! Where were her friends?! Suddenly she managed a sound from her mouth, a single word shouted and broke through the darkness.

"Soul!" The sound was muffled and faint under the harsh noise of the rain of liquid. But it was there.

"Maka!" A voice answered. Maka froze. Was that Soul? Was it him? Maka felt a smile of relief on her face, yet her panic was still close to the surface. She ran toward the voice as it shouted her name. Over and over the voice shouted, she ran toward it. Yet she started to grow heavy. Her limbs began to fail and even her knees buckled. The ice cold liquid was at her knees now. It was raining over her face and she tasted the foul stuff. It tasted like blood. Maka struggled to spit out the coppery vileness as she tried to get up. Tried to move, yet she fell again.

"Maka!" That voice again. Was that Soul? She wasn't so sure now. It sounded off.

"S-Soul!" Maka choked out as she fell into the liquid.

"Maka!" Again that voice, it was so familiar….but who? A dim light shone from far off, it was faint, yet that faint light cut through the darkness like a sword. Maka honed in on it and began to wade closer. A figure slowly emerged as the blood-like liquid was up to her hips and the stuff was covering her head and shoulders. It stuck to her and weighed her down, as if trying to pull her down and drown her. Her vision was blurry as she pushed her weak body toward the light. Now with the light closer she could see the liquid before her, it was black…black blood! Maka gasped as she realised she was covered in the thick copper liquid. With renewed effort to escape she plunged ever closer to the figure in the light.

"Maka!" The voice shouted once again, realising she had come closer. Maka picked up on the voice, it was different…yet so very familiar but she can't place it. Sure enough the figure before her finally was close enough to see. Maka looked up expecting white hair and blood red eyes…what she got was a thin and frail body. A shaky hand reaching out to her…and pink choppy hair.

Maka flinched back, away from her apparent saviour. Yet the person before her pressed onward instead. His hands reached for her, even as the black blood was rising higher around both of them.

"Maka! W-wake up!" The boy in front of her practically shouted at her. Maka even in her state of panic understood him. And confusion shot through her face for a second.

Suddenly her eyes shot open. Her vision was blurry and watery, yet she could see. She felt her body once again on the floor. Cold, hard stone greeted her. Once again her body ached and hurt, her muscles felt weak and her joints felt sharp. A blurry mass was before her. Someone was speaking to her, but she couldn't understand what he was saying. It was dark in here. Yet not the encompassing blackness from before. This was more of a grey variety. Maka blinked her eyes to try and focus. She felt hands gripping her shoulders. Her eyes watered but her vision was slowly clearing. She squinted to try and make out the figure before her. She hoped and prayed it was Soul, and this was all just a bad dream. That she had fallen on her floor from a nightmare and Soul was just here making sure she was ok. Yes that sounded right…yet she knew it wasn't. She didn't have cold hard stone as her floor. She had carpet. Maka frowned at her train of thoughts.

Yet as she was thinking her vision had cleared. Before her was the boy from her nightmare. His frail thin body was just above hers, a little too close for comfort. Yet his gaunt face was only full of concern. Maka focused on his face, his pink locks falling over his face. Suddenly the boy noticed she was looking at him. His face looked relieved…then it quickly morphed into horror as his hands quickly withdrew and he scrambled up onto his feet, scooting away from her a few paces. Maka watched him in fascination as he moved. He wore the same garb she had from her nightmare. A black robe bearing white cuffs and dark shoes. She watched as his frame hunched over and one hand gripped his upper arm. Almost trying to block people out. His eyes no longer met hers, but looked away. In fact they roamed the room, looking anywhere but her.

"…M-Maka? …A-are…you ok?" The boy whimpered out, his voice so low Maka had to concentrate to hear him. Maka felt like rolling her eyes at this boy who she didn't really know. Yet he seemed so familiar. It was driving her nuts. Her fright from her nightmare quickly diminished as she tried to recollect this boy's name. He clearly knew who she was…so she must know him.

Maka sat up once more, her clothes rustled with her. She wore the same clothes as she always did on missions. Her school wear which comprised of a short red with black lined skirt. A white shirt complete with a tie. Over that was a light jumper, with a black long trench coat on top. Her look finished with a pair of black, white strapped boots.

Her eyes quickly scanned the room. It was a small room, a small blank dark room. It smelled old and musty, with cobwebs littered in the corners of the ceiling. And the only piece of furniture was a dirty mattress in the corner of the room. It reminded Maka of a prison cell. Her eyes then fell on the door. It could hardly be called a door, there was no handle. Yet a thin line around the frame and hinges along one side, with a small keyhole told a different story. Maka cursed. It would be difficult if not impossible to open from this side. She rubbed her sore eyes and turned once more to the boy who was waiting for her answer.

"Yes, thank you. Wh-…" Maka caught herself and stopped herself from asking his name. Something told her she knew it. And asking him what she already knew might upset him…why would it upset him? Maka was growing annoyed at herself. The boy's eyes met hers and he smiled weakly. That smile, something seemed to click in her brain at that. Crona. Yes that was his name. With that name memories slid back into place. She remembered Italy, remembered battling him twice now. The first she was beaten…somehow. It was still a bit fuzzy. And the second she doesn't quite know how it ended. Yet this implies they were enemies. But she doesn't feel like they are. Quite the opposite in fact. She is pretty sure Crona is her friend. Pretty sure as she isn't quite sure of anything right now.

With a quick cough Maka stood up onto her sore muscles. She felt too weak to stand however and made her way to the bed and sat down on the edge of it. The mattress was very old, the springs hardly stopped her as she lent her weight on it. A thin sheet lay rag tag atop the mattress, looking far too cold to keep anyone warm here in this…cell. Maka sneered at the space around her. As if it was her worst enemy right now. Crona simply watched her move and sit down. He was as still as a statue, only his eyes moved with her. "I didn't mean to worry you. I'm fine now." Maka tried to talk to him.

Yet the grip on his arm only grew tighter.

"O-ok. Sorry." Maka rolled her eyes and smiled at him. What was he apologising for?

"No, no! Don't apologise. Um…are you ok?" She asked. At this Crona flinched and she was sure he went paler, it was hard to tell in the dim gloom. What was wrong with him?

"N-no…ones ever…a-asked if I w-was ok…" He spoke to her. Maka raised an eyebrow in confusion. Now his free arm gripped onto his other upper arm, hugging himself. "I-I don't know how to deal with this!" He exclaimed. Before rushing to a corner and huddling down, his face hidden behind his arms and knees. He shuddered but other then that made not a sound. Maka was left speechless. That was the most weird response she had ever seen. In fact she wasn't sure where she should go next. Now she was the one who couldn't deal with this. Should she try and comfort him? Stay here and ignore him? Or give a good old fashioned 'Maka chop' to knock some sense into him? Yet the more she thought the more any of those options might make the situation worse.

"I can't believe we are back in here!" Maka looked back at Crona, a high pitched screechy voice had shouted from Crona's position. But it didn't sound like Crona. Maka narrowed her eyes in suspicion. Suddenly a small black figure appeared from the back of Crona, the small form coalesced above him and began to shout at the poor quivering boy. "This is all your fault! What have you done this time Crona?! I bet it's cus of what you did to me!" With this the little demon like creature began to beat down on Crona's head. The pink haired meister's head bobbed up and down with the tiny beating but gave no real effort to stop him.

Maka sighed, she had forgotten about Crona's weapon. The foul mouthed evil thing. She hated him. Hate was a strong word, but he truly was nothing more then a bully. A bully that Crona could never get away from. Maka's heart bled for Crona and she felt like marching over there and stopping that demon from taking his anger out on the boy.

"Hey!" Maka shouted at the weapon. Her fists were clenched in anger at what she was watching. Suddenly the weapon stopped dead in it's tracks, his face was hard to read. With that white x and those big ping pong ball like eyes the only features. Yet Maka knew he was shocked. As if he hadn't known she was even there. He quickly recovered however and stared up at her.

"What on earth are you doing here bitch?!" He didn't let her answer however as he looked back down at his partner and tugged at his hair. "What is she doing here?!" Crona grew distressed at his tugs.

"No! No! Please stop! You're hurting me!" Crona weakly tried to fight back now. But every time he reached up to pry Ragnarok off he simply shifted position. "Aargh! Somebody help me!" Crona shouted. Maka grew angry and took her cue. She rushed forward and managed to grip Ragnarok's tiny fists and shove them away.

"Two against one?! No fair!" His voice screeched out in anger at Maka. "I'll come back when this stupid girl of yours is gone." He sounded almost resigned yet he disappeared and wormed his way back into the back of Crona. Maka breathed a sigh of relief as the creepy weapon Ragnarok was now gone for now. But her face began to flush as she realised how close Crona's body was. In her haste to help she had pressed her body right up to his own, trapping him between the corner and her body. A blush rose as his face was actually in her chest.

Maka decided to just step back and act as if she hadn't just totally launched herself at him. She quickly jumped back, perhaps a little quicker then she would normally do under normal circumstances. And stood back slightly, still feeling her face hot with her blush and hoping Crona didn't see. It wasn't his fault after all. Maka heard him whimper once again.

"T-thank you…you're so nice to me." Crona spoke barely above a whisper. But Maka heard him none the less. Maybe he didn't really notice how she had invaded his personal space. She would not bring it up. "Sorry about R-ragnarok." His voice wavered. Was he crying? Maka grew a bit uncomfortable. His reactions were not what she expected of a normal person…but Crona was far from normal. She chewed the inside of her lip as she tried to think carefully on what to say.

"You shouldn't let him push you around Crona. He's nothing but a bully." Crona sniffed, Maka thought that maybe that was his response. Until he spoke.

"He's the o-only one who has been …here with me. It's o-ok. I-I don't mind." Crona stuttered out. Maka gritted her teeth in annoyance. She supposed Ragnarok was the only one here with him for years, but that doesn't give him the right to bully Crona. Maka rolled her eyes and sighed, she wasn't sure she could say anything to help him at this moment in time.

Maka sighed and stepped back toward the dreary mattress on the floor. Crona didn't move from his spot on the floor. Now that Maka could focus back on her situation she felt panic rise in the back of her mind. Where was she? How did she get here? How did she get out? And…what of her friends? She knew an answer to not one of those questions. Maka glanced back at Crona as she simply stared at the floor. Did he know?

"Crona?" Maka started as softly as she could. She wasn't even trying to pretend. She honestly wanted to be soft with him. "Where are we?" Crona stiffened and looked up at her, their eyes met before he quickly looked back down to the floor.

"This…is my area." Maka pouted. That was not really what she wanted.

"I mean…" She gestured to the room. "What is the room?" Crona's voice answered her once more.

"This is my room." Maka struggled to suppress a growl of annoyance. This was getting her nowhere. She decided to try a different approach.

"Crona…" Her voice grew harsh, she tried to reign it in. "…ok then…why are we here?" Maka hoped she would get some sort of answer from that line. She listened intently as Crona whimpered and brought his knees closer to him. Clenching his legs with his hands as if for dear life.

"I'm here…I-if I've been bad." He stated. Maka huffed. Once again that wasn't an answer…wait. He said I've. He only meant him. Then what was she here for?

"What about me?" Maka pressed on. Crona shook his head, yet his lips were tight and he didn't say any more. She watched him as his eyes shut and he leant his head on his knees. Was that the end of the conversation? Maka leant back on the mattress on her hands and let her head roll back. Great, this was just great. There was no way out of here that she knew of. And only Crona for company. At least he was her friend. She supposed she would have hated to have been alone in here. Maka let her hands give way as she flopped onto the bed below her.

She stared up at the stone ceiling, watching a spider make it's way along a cobweb. Her skin crawled with the size of the thing. She hoped it would not make it's way down at any time of the night…night…was it night? Maka found she had no clue. It could be the middle of the day and she would not know. There were no windows here…it was impossible to tell. She scanned the walls once more, as if searching for another way out. There was nothing, yet that did not mean she could not try. Maka jumped off the mattress and made her way to a wall. Her hands planted against it.

"There must be some sort of hidden doorway here somewhere…they always have these things in here in movies." Maka spoke out loud. To no one in particular. She traced her way along the wall, her fingers gliding over the cracks and grooves. Looking for any sort of clue. She passed one wall and came onto the next. Passing over the dirty mattress and carrying on round. Every now and then she pushed onto a stone, to see if it was loose or would come away. Unfortunately no such luck.

She carried onto the third wall, this one was just the same. Yet she decided to vent some of her fury out onto the wall. She kicked out at it and even punched at the harsh blocks. With a final yell she pushed as hard as she could at the unmoving blocks. To no avail. "Damn it!" Maka yelled out.

"There's only one w-way out of here…" A weak voice spoke from the far corner. Maka turned to Crona. A smile came to her lips. Of course, the door. Maybe she could force her way through.

"Alright then…" Maka backed up and stood at the far wall across from the door. Her back was at the wall and her foot was pressed up against it. She grinned at her plan. Maka pushed up the sleeves of her coat and mentally prepared herself. She caught Crona out of the corner of her eye. He was sat up in his corner and was watching her intently.

"Ready…set…go!" Maka shouted out into the quiet room and launched herself off the wall. Charging straight for the door and pushing her shoulder out toward it. She picked up the pace as she closed in and jumped forward, putting as much strength as possible into the hit. Crona simply watched as she smacked right into it. The stone door didn't even budge as she crumpled against it and fell to the floor. "Ow…" Maka mumbled out on the floor. For a minute she simply sat there in her heap, glaring daggers at the door that barred her in. Yet she stopped when she heard something peculiar. Laughing. It was soft and barely heard under his breath. But Crona was laughing at her! Maka turned her face to him, her face a mix between a grimace and anger. Crona caught her glare and squeaked in alarm. He immediately stopped, she swore a blush appeared on his face. "Are you laughing at me?" Maka spoke to him, deadly serious in her question. Crona bit into his bottom lip.

"N-no!" He shook his head vigorously.

"Good…" Maka started to pick herself off the floor. "Otherwise you'd have a 'Maka chop' heading your way." She teased him as she made her way back to the far wall. Rotating her arm around as she tried to help the slight pain that now formed in her shoulder.

Once again she leaned back on the wall and launched off, not being able to put as much strength into the hit but she did her best. Once again she crumpled to the floor with nary a shift in the door. "This had better be a real door…" Maka mumbled as she got up and turned toward her far wall to do it again.

Crona simply watched from his corner as Maka struggled with her escape plan. She lost count of how many times she ran into the door. Yet it would not move. Not even an inch she swore. However she knew one of them would cave in first…and unfortunately it was the one who could feel pain. Maka whimpered as she held her sore shoulder with her good arm. It was no good, for now she was stuck here. Her skin and muscle felt tender as she knew a bruise was forming.

"It only o-opens…one way." Maka froze in her place. That line filled her with a sort of dread. Why did it? Maka gulped and blinked as she thought back. Oh yes that was it. It was the first time they had met. In that church in Italy. Maka shuddered and tried to ignore her fear from that time. She shook her head and went back over to the dirty mattress, she plopped down on it and sighed. Holding her arm up to keep her shoulder supported. "I-it won't open…until Lady Medusa comes." Maka eyes widened. Did he just say Medusa?! Bile rose in her throat, she actually had to swallow it back down. Her face grew pale. This was bad, this was very bad. Maka gripped her arm, no she would not show fear. She was not afraid…she was not afraid of that witch! The questions burning in her mind rose once more. How had this happened? It didn't make any sense. Why could she not remember? But the face of that witch forced her to her feet.

"Crona! We have to get out! We have to get out now!" Maka knew she sounded in panic. But she no longer cared about keeping her cool, this was too much. She ran back at the door with her good other shoulder, but it once again did nothing. She pounded at the door with her fists and kicked out. Nothing she did had any effect however. She even found herself spitting at the door in her frustration. "Let us out of here!" Maka yelled at the top of her lungs. There was no answer…nothing happened. Maka felt sick to her stomach. Trapped here, a prisoner of the witch Medusa. "S-soul…" Maka whispered under her breath. Wishing more then anything that her partner was here. With him by her side they could do anything. But here…she was alone. She was powerless… Maka slid down the door and onto her knees. She crouched there with one hand still defiant on the door. Hoping it would open and she was not a prisoner of the enemy. An enemy they were sworn and raised to destroy. An enemy that wished to kill every one of them.

She felt tears beginning around her eyes, she didn't want to show Crona her weakness and so turned her head away from him. She hunched in on herself. All she could focus on was stopping herself from crying. She didn't notice Crona till it was too late. She didn't know he was right behind her until she felt hands encircle her waist. Arms followed and she was pulled into a hug. His head leaning on the back of her neck. Maka's breath caught in her throat and she stiffened. Crona was hugging her?

"Maka…please don't cry." He said into her back. He pulled her tighter toward him. Wow she must look pathetic if Crona was trying to help her. Maka quickly brought her arm to her face and wiped away her tears.

"No… I'm fine. Thank you…"

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