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Cloaked figures stood in the darkness, the three figures of darkness appeared to drown in the shadows, engulfing their forms and hiding their bodies. Almost invisible to any other person. Helped of course by them being onlookers of this event. Not a part of it, not a player, merely… spectators.

"Argh! Monsters! Demons!" A panic stricken scream rang out, the pitch running to a such a fear filled distraught state. Utter panic enveloped the area. Like a thick fog it clung and ran along the houses and ally ways of this filthy city. Medusa watched all of this from under the hood of her cloak. Her two subordinates stood by her side, ever vigilant. But she cared little for them. They were her servants. Nothing more.

"Run away!" Another scream rang out, the powerful fear drenched the voice as it echoed across the landscape, quickly followed with a slice and swing. A thud ringing out like a butcher's knife into flesh. Blood pouring out and coating the walls, the roads, anything that lay in the area bore the stench of death and blood. The horrible gushing lifeblood that dripped and oozed along the floor, reaching and clawing out toward the drains as to escape. Or to infect what was below with the horrors of above…

"Please! No!" Someone else now. More screaming… more dying. The people of this city were nothing but insects, a colony of pests that had infected the land. Medusa didn't even flinch as she watched, she examined the killing technique. The speed of the destruction, the amount of blood, the rate of the slaughter. Her eyes narrowed as she concentrated. This was an examination, a test, her work was being tested. This was the results. A small sick smile grew on her features. This was working, it was working perfectly! She caught movement in the corner of her eyes, her gaze flickered to one of her shadowy underlings. It was the shorter of the two, Eruka. She caught her pull her hood down over her eyes and glance away. Medusa felt a chuckle at her actions. No matter, sometimes it was only the artist who appreciated the work that they had created. Others did not always see what they saw.

Medusa's eyes flicked back to the two kishins that she had tamed and had under her control. One, her own raised child, a creature of her own flesh and blood. But… that was it. She didn't see him as her son. There was no love there, he was a thing, a creature to be used. That was his purpose. Nothing else. If she didn't want to use him in this grand experiment, he would not have existed in the first place.

He was a dog, raised to be her test subject, that was it. That was the extent of his place in life. More then once she had considered discarding him, more then once she had thought of him as nothing but a useless failure. The last time was barely a few weeks ago. That had seemed so long ago now. He was now performing better then ever… this new subject she had in her experiment was working wonderfully…

The second subject, the second kishin, the second demon she had control over. Was the more unstable of the two. The more unpredictable, and the one harder to control. However… Medusa could only grin and relish the feeling of power she held over the girl. She knew her weakness, she had watched over it and nurtured the weakness for her to use. A weakness that balanced the destructive urges of the monster and forced those urges in any direction she wished.

Medusa felt the urge to laugh, to mock, at the absolute control she held over these two creatures. Also at the control over her subordinates… if they thought they were any better then her two rabid dogs… they were sorely mistaken. Medusa's thoughts roved over the two creatures before her and the differing methods of poisoning their minds with madness.

More screams and crying rang out into the city. So many, so many people, the targets were never ending. Crona and Maka were now starting to enter the late night bars and clubs in their rampage, painting the walls in red. Leaving the dead insects in their own rotting filth… before leaving. More and more and more… the bodies piling up. Medusa started to wonder how long this could be kept up without repercussion. Her piercing gaze followed her creatures as they danced to their own tune. Their own music of madness.

With Crona, she had decided to hold him in a cell, both in body and his head. A cell he could not escape. He was the chicken that knew nothing of the outside world, the brief glimpses were all he got. The madness seeped into him like an illness, it filled his every pore as his way of life and view of the world was twisted and moulded into what she wanted….needed from him. His madness was perhaps subtle at times, but there…. Always there… and always ready to spring from him. He was easily controlled and at times predictable. But that worked for her perfectly. Medusa's eyes now panned away from the pink haired madness drenched meister… to the weapon he now held in his hands.

Medusa felt a warmth of pride fill her soul, her body tingling as she relished in what she had done. She folded her arms as the trio continued to move and followed the demented soul hunters as they carved a path of destruction, the trio unnoticed by the panicking masses as they fled. Many managing to get away… most did not. The other one, the other test subject. Was raised very differently… a chicken raised in freedom and with such pathetic lies as love and friendship. Coddled in a false reality where people pretended to be nice, pretended to like each other, it was all an act. And poor Maka had fallen for it. However now this chicken had been brought inside and stuck in a small cage. The weight of reality and truth that Medusa had shown her… Maka's madness had been painful and forced. Like a mirror had simply… cracked. It wasn't an illness, it wasn't slow… it was a wound, a knife wound in her mind. Her madness was a result of her simply being… broken. Therefore she was unpredictable and harder to control, a frothing raging bag of violent madness. However, Medusa had affixed a leash on the disgusting dog, controlling it and starting to mould it into what suited her best.

The sand below his feet was so brittle and dry, had it always been like this? The choking desert particles, a small wind would be enough to rise up the sand and threaten to fill his nose and lungs. But… there was no wind here…. It was still. It had always been still…. No… that was a lie. It had changed… just once… just once there had been…water here. He hunched inward on himself, just like always, his arm was held tightly to his other, the fingers wrapping around his upper arm.

Crona glanced up around him. Taking his eyes off the sand that lay around his feet. His sad eyes took in the landscape. Small pools of damp sand surrounded him…. One person had managed to fill in those dry spots. Lighting up his life, touching his heart in places he had never felt. Never knew existed. It had hurt… actually hurt… but he had wanted it. So much. He felt so… happy. But now…

His eyes left the drying pools around him, most were dry as a bone once more. Barely a few bore a small patch of muddy earth. Signifying that life once existed there… only to have been wiped out. Wiped away like the offensive view that it was. Crona felt tears burn at his eyes. He felt such a hole inside his chest. Maka had once been here… he remembered it well. But… that memory had turned into pain. Pain for what he had lost… what he had gained that day.. He was overjoyed… but now. Now… he had lost it… lost her. A tear formed and fell down his cheek. He didn't bother to raise a hand to wipe it away. His small cries silent in the dry desert that was his soul. With no one else to hear him or see him… he was alone once more.

He didn't deserve her… no… she didn't deserve any of this. His mind haunted him with her smile, with her touch, her warm grin. Both at the academy and her struggle with him in his mother's clutches. Crona wished Medusa had left Maka alone… but of course she didn't. It was his mother… he had… tried. Tried so hard. He couldn't explain it… but he just simply… had to do what Lady Medusa told him to. After all… she was his mother.

Crona felt weak… he felt so tired and sick. His knees buckled as he fell to the sand, the harsh sand digging into his skin even through the robe he wore. But he didn't care. That didn't matter any more. Crona had failed in protecting the one person who had reached him… a girl who defied everything that his mother had ever taught him, showed him. A person who risked herself for him… why? Why? Why did she do that? She didn't know him! She had nothing to do with him! And yet… she risked herself and reached out to him. Wanting… to be his friend. Crona shook his head violently….

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why did she do that? Crona began to pant out now as he raised his hands to his head and tugged at his own hair.

He didn't understand… couldn't deal with the memory of her doing that. He didn't get it… couldn't deal with it. But he… now he was the monster. He proved himself to be the demon after all, he may not have killed her…he did something much worse than that. The tears fell thick and fast now as he blamed himself. Falling into his own pit of madness. He knew it was his fault she was like this… he wasn't worth it… wasn't worth…this. If she hadn't have been there… hadn't have tried this. Maybe it would have been best if he had killed her that day? … No! No way… Crona smashed his own fist into his head now. The pain it gave him a punishment for that very thought. The very idea of killing Maka made him hate himself even more. No way… there was no way. She was…his angel. Even now… even like this, poisoned as she was, mutated and corrupted. She was still an angel. A being of the light, and he had dragged her into the pitch darkness. Blinding her, twisting her into this sick form. No, no, no, no, no, no! Why?!

Crona pulled at his hair all the harder, pulling out strands in his utter misery. Unable to answer his own questions, it wasn't the shadow questioning him now though… it was him. All him. All him and he couldn't answer himself! His heart thundered in his chest as he felt such an overwhelming guilt wash over him. This was his fault. All his fault… and he couldn't deal with that. He didn't care about himself… it was Maka. He wanted Maka with him… always… but… she was suffering…so much. He…didn't know what to do!

Shoes clicked and thudded softly against the tarmac. A dark jacket billowed out behind her, even tattered and ragged as it was, it still blew out and up as she swiftly walked along. The harsh wind circled around her and pushed her, as if trying to push her into the thick black sea. The inky darkness. The water that permeated the air with the sound of laughter if Maka even dared to stare at it for too long. She ignored it, she ignored the water, she ignored the wind. She had somewhere to be.

Her sore muscles and weak nerves cried out to her for rest and stop. She was tired… so tired. She had not been able to rest. Not once… rest meant giving up. Stopping… giving in. Never! Maka would never give in! If she went… she would go kicking and screaming! But she would never give in!

Her mind was steel, as strong and as hard. She wouldn't back down, her mind had a goal in mind. And she was going to reach it….

A sudden splash below her caught her eye, she glanced down as a wave bashed against the side of her path. The road below her feet. The thin strip of land that was her only safety. The water droplets fell onto the road, the black mucus sizzled into the tarmac of the road, dissolving the road and allowing steam to rise…

Maka's eyes widened at the display… a drop of fear pooled in her heart at the sight. How long would this road hold up?! No… don't think about it. Don't think like that. Maka shook her head and carried on… she walked barely a step more until another wave battered the road and more droplets invaded her safety. That fear spread in her heart and gut…. Her hands shook even as she clenched them to stop them. She tightened her grip even as the shaking grew worse… oh god… Maka peeked a look back. At the road she had been travelling along all this time. And her heart stopped…

It was gone! She shot her head left and right, it was gone! Vanished! Pulled down into the waves of the mad sea. Maka gasped as she felt the fear spike through her head, like poison dripping into the cracks of her mind. Wearing away her resolve, her determination… to be replaced by fear. If…if she fell in…it was over. Maka knew that. She knew that without a doubt. There would be no her anymore… nothing….nothing but the madness. Oh god… Maka swallowed dryly as she watched the road behind her rot and melt away as the black sea smashed into it. Bits of tarmac falling into the sea now, causing a great splash like ice falling from the great icy landmasses of the north. Creating icebergs as they floated out into the sea. Panic struck her form… even as she tried to fight it… no…stop panicking…don't do it… be strong…be strong… be strong… Thus far her mind had been playing a tune, a strong tune that had started up as soon as she had left her shelter. A song of strength and determination. But now… a bad note had been struck, more and more even as Maka tried to regain the song, to settle back down. No, the song was in disarray and broken. Weird and bizarre notes twanged into the air as her fear iced through her soul, forcing her strength to melt away… as much as she tried to cling on…

Now that she had thought about it… it was so hard to stop. She fought it… tried so hard… but somewhere in her gut… she knew her fear was calling for something… something else she didn't want… didn't want to find her.

Another splash now, from her side… Maka's head swung toward the water before her. Her nerves now on edge as her legs called for her to run. Run…now! The black water hid whatever lay in its depths… but… Maka felt like she was being watched… a horrible tingling ran up her spine. No…no! She will not be made to feel like a child! Weak and defenceless! An anger began to build inside… a hot anger at what was happening. She wanted to lash out… to hit something… yet… another crash sounded out as another piece of the road fell into the darkness. Maka had to run… she didn't know how long she had left on this road now… and there was no end in sight! Maka's body prepared to run, her muscles tensed up like a knot, about to release… about to spring into action… her anger and fear only fuelling her aching and tired body. Feeding adrenaline to her waning body.

"I've been looking for you!" A high pitched wavy voice bubbled through the waves and to her ears.

What was that….?! Maka jerked and jumped in shock as she heard the voice. Her eyes shot back down to the water at her side… a dark black hand now clutched at the side of the road, black liquid oozed over the slick skin of the denizen of the deep… the hand was making the tarmac sizzle and dissolve as the hand clutched down. The sharp claws dug into the road even as it started to form into something more recognisable, the darkness melting away to reveal pale skin. A human-like hand soon gripped onto the side of the road… Now her brain kicked in… she knew that voice!

The horrible laughing, the high pitched scream of the mad… the insane… her own…madness. She remembered it well. Maka's stomach lurched as she shot forward… tears budding at her eyes as she had to run… to get away… it found her… it found her… she had to run… run… run!

"Where are you going? Maaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaa….." the high pitched whine of her madness screeched out into the thick fog choked air as Maka rushed forward. Her heart beating frantically in her ears, telling her to run. Don't stop. No matter what. She didn't know what would happen… but… she can't let it catch her! The voice began to fade away as Maka sprinted. Huffing and panting out harshly. Needing to get away…needing to escape!

Don't stop… don't slow down… don't let it catch you!

Maka repeated that to herself over and over again as her mind fell into a fear filled mess of emotions and need. Her legs beat against the now rapidly degenerating tarmac around her… the road thinning out as her fear filled her. Almost as if her fear had now caused this… not only acted as a beacon to the thing behind her… but causing the sea to froth up and begin to break down the road. Her determination and hard stare from a minute ago long gone. Back to the fear… back to the panic… back to the madness…

The road winded out into the distance… Maka was struggling to stay in step on the ever thinning road… it was losing its battle with the sea… no…

The tears now fell down her face, her gaze was fuzzy as she ran., she wasn't going to make it! No! Maka cried out into the air, her voice eerily drowned out by the fog, her own voice sounded so far away. As if the noise was being swallowed up by the thick mist. Suddenly even in Maka's hazy gaze she caught an object flying over her head. So close she heard it cutting the air right above her head. That whistling sound as it coursed through the air. The object was large, as big as she was… the sharp weapon crashed down into the tarmac before her.

Maka was forced to skid to a stop.

Her body begged her to run… but… she had ran out of ground.

Before her a horrible ugly twisted scythe had struck the ground, splitting the earth and cracking up the weak road. Casting pieces into the sea, with great plunges and splashes Maka could only watch as her track was eaten by the sea. Every single splash was felt in her heart. It lurched and skipped as she lost every single bit of trail before her. Her body felt so wired and full of panic. But… end of the line.

Maka gasped out and panted as she couldn't go on. She watched as the road ahead of her began to degenerate and disappear… vanishing into the water…

"No…" Maka whispered out. Not quite believing what she was seeing. No… this couldn't have been it… no way.. Crona. Maka clenched her fist, her hand a tight ball as it shook with both fear and anger. The hot heat filling her as she mentally fought her fate. Unwilling to give in. Crona was waiting for her. Crona was at the end of this road. She knew he was… he was waiting for her… she…had to get there. She had to reach him, she had to get back to him! Maka let out a breath… a slow long breath out. Even as her heart still thundered in her ears. She closed her eyes and calmed her body. Willing it to be still. Even as she knew that something was behind her… so close now.

Maka whirled around now to face her hunter.

Maka fought back a flinch. Even now, still she hated… her own shadow.

Yet this… was no longer just her shadow. Just a dark figment of her mind. This… was truly a twisted version of herself. Her mirror image stood just behind her… a dark version of her old self. No longer grey and black, but coloured in. Her flesh the same as hers, her eyes the same as hers, her hair the same as hers… the clothes the same as hers. Yet… there was obvious differences. Her jacket seemed to have a will of its own, with sharp shapes and angles jutting out around her, spiking up and cutting the air, even now the shapes were jagged and moved as if they were a separate being. Maka's eye twitched, that seemed so… familiar. But she couldn't place it. The rest of her clothes were in disarray, while clean and fresh on unlike Maka herself, her clothes were ragged and pulled out of shape, her shirt was half pulled out and half tucked in, dishevelled, her collar was open, flashing as much skin as possible before her jumper cut it off, her tie was loose around her neck. Her hair was out of place, spiked and loose around her head, but the worst of all… was the face.

Maka narrowed her eyes at the grinning and maniacal laughing girl before her. The eyes… the eyes were always the worst. The small pinpricks of sickly green, blank yet staring at her quite keenly. Her pupils bounced and teetered inside the bloodshot white, her gaze was slack, her eyes were off. With one eye half closed and the other wide open. Her mouth was almost droopy, yet grinning with a sick smile. Maka hid her panting breaths behind her dark stare. She had to stay strong. She was not going down without a fight!

"That was fun! But I caught you!" The other Maka screeched out, she wobbled as she spoke, her voice high and elated as if they were playing some sort of game. Maka didn't respond, only glaring at her in such hate with every bone in her body. The other Maka lost her smile as she seemed to grow puzzled. "Why are you staring at me like thaaaaaaaaat?" The mirth lessened but lingering on behind the question. Still Maka did not answer her. "Do you not like me anymore? Awwwww…" The other Maka pouted as if she was honestly upset that Maka didn't like her. "I still like you! I do! I do! I do!" The other Maka shouted out into the thick fog around them while stamping her foot into the road, Maka's eyes flicked to the road, her tantrum was causing even more of the road to loosen and fall into the dark sea.

"I will always like you! You know why?! Cus you are me! And I love me!" The other Maka was shouting louder and higher now, now starting to jump on the spot. Maka's hard gaze shot once again to the ever lessoning road… no… she had to get her to stop moving… but… she didn't know how.

"I'm not you…" Maka spoke back, her tone firm and dark. That made her other self stop moving. She stopped in her spot with her back bent and slouching forward, her arms loose and dangling to the floor. At the real Maka's firm voice she stood stock still and stared up at her. Maka had to force herself not to look away… her eyes… they weren't right. They were so… vacant…and blank… yet, full of darkness and mirth. It sent a shiver running straight up Maka's spine.

"You are! You are! You are!" The other Maka yelled out in response, almost like a child trying to prove her point. Her grin plastered back on her face, that horrible grin, the grin of someone who was backed into a corner, no way out, the grin of the hopeless, of the… mad. That look of such darkness and depression, it wasn't called on, wasn't wanted. But there it was anyway, having found its way onto your face in your utter despair that it had cracked your mind. That… was the other Maka. "I know you remember me… I know what you know…" The other Maka wobbled as she stepped closer to Maka on the small patch of road. The other girl having to double step as she appeared to have no sense of balance, almost like she was drunk. But Maka only flinched at her every movement, she couldn't predict her, couldn't tell where she was going or her movements. She didn't like that… she couldn't… read her actions.

"I remember you… doesn't mean I believe it…" Maka cut in. She said that back to her automatically. She tried so hard to believe what she herself had spoken. But… a part of her knew that the thing in front of her… was right. But Maka didn't want it to be… no way… she wouldn't, couldn't accept that this… thing… was her. A part of her… Once again the other Maka pouted out and stepped a bit closer.

"Meeeeeeaaaaaaaaan!" Other Maka slurred out to the original. Maka hated that voice, hated the loose tone as if the other was high on drugs or utterly drunk. It was… just…not normal. But that was nothing… compared to the giggle…

The other Maka then began to laugh, to titter, to giggle away to herself. Finding something so funny… Maka didn't know what it was. She unconsciously took a step back away from her, having to quickly silence a grunt from herself from the small pain as her back was jabbed by a pole. She snapped her head back to see the scythe from before still protruding out of the ground, wounding the earth, the blade savagely imbedded into the road. Maka quickly turned her head back to her dark copy hopefully before the other noticed. Luckily the shadow was too busy staring off into a random direction while cackling away to herself.

Suddenly the other Maka stopped giggling and snapped her gaze back to Maka.

"Y'knooooow… I'm one of the few things you remember now? Aren't I?" The dark copy spoke out, it was spoken so plainly and simply. Almost as if she was asking an innocent question. Maka could only glare back at her reflection. "You don't have to answer that…" She continued on before giggling away to herself, as if this was all a big joke. "I know you don't!" Now that made her dark counterpart positively laugh out loud… she spat out her insane noises into the air. Forcing and pushing against the laughter as it shot from her, holding her sides and her mouth as if she couldn't stop herself. The voice sounded so harsh, dry and cracked. Tears leaked from her eyes, down her face. At least… Maka thought they were tears… they were pure black… as black as the sea. Still that laughter went on… Maka… couldn't stand it anymore! It grated on her, grated her soul, made her on edge, hurt her mind.

It was getting louder… and louder… why… why won't she stop?!

"Shut up!" Maka yelled out at the top of her lungs. It hurt her chest to yell that, she was so weak, and her body so tired. But… she didn't care. She had to make it stop. Surprisingly… it did stop. Sort of… Maka panted out now, her chest rising and falling with her weak and spent muscles. The laughter died down somewhat.. Maka could only hear the muffled sounds of giggles behind both of the other Maka's hands clamped down over her mouth. As if she was actually trying to stop herself… but could not. The tears leaked down her eyes thick and fast… Maka wasn't actually sure they were from her laughter now. It almost looked… as if she was crying. But Maka can't afford to over think this. The shadow was her enemy, plain and simple, that was all it was. She can't let it get to her, can't let the fact that she was right… get to her.

She… was right… she couldn't remember anything. Her memories… were gone. She can't think back to before the madness, before the cell, before the darkness….before… Crona. She…can't remember anything. Why?! Maka actually found herself sniffing as she tried in vain to remember…anything. She felt so frustrated as she struggled. But… there was nothing…

Who… was she? She can't remember. Where did she come from? She can't remember. Does anyone…know her? She can't remember. That hit her… her heart skipped inside her chest. No… stand strong… stay strong… stay strong. She repeated to herself over and over again. But she was unable to stick to her own mantra… as she felt wetness on her own cheeks now. She sniffed again as she felt her own tears of frustration and sadness leak down her face. Maka's gaze grew hazy now as the tears welled up, she even had to raise a hand to wipe at an eye. The visibility so low and blurry with the liquid seeping out. She didn't want to do this, she can't cry! But now that it had started… she couldn't seem to stop it…

Yet… as Maka pulled a hand away… she saw… black. Her tears… were black. The same as the other Maka's. Maka's eyes widened in shock as her vision panned back up to the other once more. Why?! That didn't make any sense! What was happening?!

Her shadow stared back at her, she had not moved and seemed to be only… watching. Her eyes… even as dark and blank as they were… softened. Almost as if, she was feeling sorry for her. Maka's breathing rate skyrocketed… but… she started to grow so… angry! Why?! Why?! Why?! Was all she said in her mind… over and over and over again… but she couldn't answer herself. She didn't understand… what was happening?!

"You are rotting… Rotting from the inside out." The other Maka spoke… for once… without any wobbling, or giggling, or high pitch, or dark tone. She simply… spoke. Plainly and simply. Spoke.

It was all she said before she began to cackle once more, finding this all funny. Finding Maka's shock and fear and misery so… funny! Maka felt her anger swell at being laughed at! It burned her, sent searing heat to her very core in her absolute… madness!

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Maka now shouted out to her other self. Striving to shout over the laughter… but the other her would not let up now. She wouldn't stop! The noise cracked and reverberated around the pair of them, growing louder in the fog and not being drowned out like everything else. The noise permeated the area, and shot through Maka. She felt the noise not just in her ears but she felt it in her soul. It ricocheted inside her and bounced around her, sending her rage to a boiling point. She gritted her teeth even as her eyes grew wild and her fists tightened until her knuckles were pure white.

She wanted her to stop! To shut up! Right now!

Suddenly Maka moved… almost as if her body acted on its own, without her orders she reached back behind her and gripped the pole of the scythe. Maka pulled with all her might until the scythe began to lose its grip on the ground underneath. The scythe felt so cold behind her, even with her gloves on the pole felt almost… slimy. Cold and slippery. She had to grip hard to not let it slide out of her grasp.

"Stop laughing!" Maka screamed out now as she tugged on the scythe, pulling hard and swinging it round to attack her shadow…

Crona kicked at the sand below his feet, the dust flew into the air. The particles whipping into the space around him before falling back down to the ground.

"It's always the same…" He mumbled to himself now. He didn't know what to do now… what does someone do on an endless beach with no water? Crona shook his head as he dropped down onto his behind, making a small thud, his feet by his side. Feeling like this was so familiar. He felt like laughing at himself, but instead he felt himself frown. His negative features pulled down in his sadness and loneliness.

He missed her…

He missed Maka. She was so close to him… yet now further apart then ever. He wished she was here. The one person in the entire world he wanted with him more then anything. His friend… his only friend… it felt so nice to have a friend. He even found himself looking up every now and then… as last time she had just…appeared. She had appeared with her own kind of magic. Bringing herself into his little world, breaking open his nightmare and allowing light and water in… for the first time.

That light and water was fading, it had been fading ever since. The happiness he felt when Maka actually… saw him. He would not, could not forget it. But that was just it… it was now nothing more then a memory. The Maka here with him… wasn't the Maka he had known anymore. And that… hurt him, it hurt him so much. But he longed for her… even this fake Maka. This copy of her, this shadow…

He couldn't let her go… he hoped and prayed for her return… even if he knew it was impossible. Their bodies were close. Even now he could still feel the outside world, even now he could feel her staff in his grip. But he quickly shut his eyes, he didn't want to see what else was happening. He would much rather be here… alone…forever. To close himself off… it would be better that way. Maybe if he could only gather the courage… to stop… to stop trying, stop fighting… stop. Then it would be better. For everyone… for him, for Maka… for everyone. It would be better if he just…disappeared.

Crona mumbled something low out to himself… sounding like a whine. His back bent as his sniffed… feeling the tears once more at his eyes. Why couldn't he stop crying? Ever since that day that Maka had touched him. He hadn't been able to stop crying… over her. Just her… nothing else. He cried for her…

He brought up a hand to his face now as he hurriedly wiped his eyes… his other gripped onto his robe so hard. This pain still hurt, even when he wished to just stop. For everything to vanish and let his body carry on without him. He still couldn't… it still hurt. He still felt so weak and useless.

Suddenly… he felt something.

Crona picked up his head as he felt… a wave of emotions. But… it wasn't his own. He couldn't quite place what it was. But, there was something… out there. Calling his name…? There it was again! A spike of burning heat washed over him, it hurt at first… but then it felt….good. Like the hot water from a bath right after coming in from the cold. It was a shock at first, but then the calming warm water felt so good on his skin and nice. Cleansing, relaxing. Crona loved it… but… he didn't understand what it was. He perked himself up and turned around… looking for the source. It wasn't coming from him, he was sure of that, it felt like an outside source was reaching him.

He didn't understand any of it… but his interest was peaked. An unknowing distraction from his negative state of mind. His eyes scanned the empty beach around him… he was sure it was close. But…where?

A noise of a wave caught his attention…

Crona swung to the sound now. It was… water? How? But… the water was black.

There before him, his beach had finally ended. And an ocean had joined his beach. Yet… it wasn't quite right. The water… was wrong. All wrong… it made his insides squirm as he stared at the black darkness. It was like a vast sea of black blood, it smelled wrong, it looked wrong… it was…wrong. But the feeling still called for him, it sung a song in his soul that he could not ignore. He had to find it! A word left his lips, perhaps it was his mind hoping against hope. Uselessly praying for what he knew was impossible… but he did it anyway. Somewhere he knew he shouldn't do this… shouldn't hope, but he couldn't stop it, he found himself hoping. That positive energy filling up his mind with trepidation and such energy… begging…pleading… for Maka. Crona clenched his hands together at his sides, he held them so tight as he sucked in a breath.

"Maka!" Crona shouted out into the water. He yelled her name out into the ocean. This water… water only ever appeared around…Maka. Even black, even as dark as it was… Maka brought the water. Bringing liquid and life into his dry world. Please…please let it be Maka! His voice echoed out into the vast sea before him, the mist swallowing the noise. Engulfing his voice in the thick air.

"Maka!" Crona shouted once more, uncaring of his horse throat as he scanned the surface, needing to find any trace of her, his soul likewise shouting out as much as his voice. He felt his lip wobble as he felt such a desperate need to see her, to spot her above the waves. Please…please…

The thick fog rolled in now, it masked his sight, he struggled to see past the powerful mist, but he had to see! Crona narrowed his eyes as he concentrated on finding… something. That warmth in his soul knew that she was there… it knew. His soul told him she was there… and he only had to find her!

Everything would be ok if Maka was here… he didn't care about anything else. As long as Maka was here with him…it was all he wanted. The real Maka…the one who smiled at him… the one who took his hand… the one who looked at him with such warmth, her grin, her laugh, she wasn't afraid of him… she didn't think bad of him… she…was Maka.

"Maka!" Crona screamed out her name once again. He couldn't stop himself, she was his light in his life, the reason he lived anymore. Just a minute ago he wanted to disappear…but the very idea of doing that while there was still a chance to see Maka again… it made him sick. Made him hate himself once again.

Crona ran to the edge of the ocean as it lapped onto the shore, the black inky water oozed darkness onto his beach, staining the sand like oil. But Crona didn't care, he ran over the darkness even as it tried to stick to him. He ignored it, he didn't care about it. The closer he ran to the water, the more he could feel… her presence. But he still couldn't see her! Crona strained his eyes looking out to sea, he knew she was there… he knew it. Like looking for a single person in a crowd. He could imagine her exactly in his mind… and he knew she was there… but he couldn't see her!

His eyes roved across the sea and panned back and forth, panicking that he had missed her accidentally… or that he was just a step away from seeing her. His palms grew clammy and his throat grew dry. But he still didn't see her…

"What are you looking for?"

Crona stopped, he froze on the spot.

The clash of steel on steel rang out into the empty water, the echoes of such vicious attacks and crunching of metal screeched out over the ocean. Maka gritted her teeth as a boiling hatred ran thick through her. Clogging up her mind and consuming her thoughts. She hated this… she hated this thing before her… she hated… herself. She hated what she was…

It was all she could think about, her mind just…wasn't working right now. She could only think about hurting this monster as much as she could. It wasn't just about defence… not anymore… she wanted to… hurt it. Hurt…herself.

"Go on! Hurt me some more! I know you want to! I want you to!" The scream of the other Maka grated on Maka's nerves… why won't she just shut up?! The laughing that came after was driving Maka…mad. The laughing… it wouldn't stop. Laughing…laughing…laughing! It went on and on and on, the more Maka attacked the more she laughed. Why?!

The noise bit into her psyche and ran amok inside her mind, fuelling her anger, her hate, her spite…toward the other her… toward…herself. Maka swung her weapon two and fro, all around her. Her instinctive ability with the scythe just about managing to hold on through Maka's anger and not quite yet devolved into nothing but senseless strikes. But her aim was off, she couldn't get into weak spots, couldn't block, couldn't examine her enemy… she could only go on the attack. The scythe whistled through the thick fog as she pushed her muscles onward and forced her weapon to collide with her enemy. As if she herself was an executioner, seeking the sacrifice of her other self.

The smiling face of her enemy blocked out any such thoughts to stop. As once again Maka's dark scythe clashed with the blades of her other self, those dark sharp weapons that erupted out of her body. The spikes broke through the skin and caused deep wounds from where they ripped out of her flesh and tissue. It didn't…. look right. Not at all. That was not how a weapon should be… none of it was right!

A weapon is supposed to be one with the image of the object they represent… what her other self was… that was not it. The blades appeared to be rending and cutting the flesh and muscles of their host, as if… not even the other Maka accepted herself. Not allowing the blades to appear… yet they did anyway. The blades ignoring her mind and slicing through skin to break free, wounding and mulching the body before her, blood and bits of flesh hung down. The black blood dripping to the floor and covering her body. Yet… none of this slowed her down…

Maka couldn't quite believe how her other self didn't seem affected at all by the horrible metal sticking out from her skin. It made her own skin itch and tremble as she watched. She felt sick just to see the sight of her… but… that sickness fed her anger. Her hate. She hated her! She wanted her to go away!

Once again Maka took a swing of the scythe, aiming right for her neck. But of course her copy saw right through her, blocking the attack with a scythe blade that had jutted from her arm. The black blood dripping down the blade as if from a fresh kill… and not her own wounds. She giggled as she blocked… the laughter. Still the laughter! Maka had dropped her guard… she was far too focused on causing the other girl pain that her style had finally slipped. The other Maka twitched and suddenly shot forward. Her clawed hands raking Maka's face…

Maka screamed out as pain exploded in her face.

Crona scanned around him. The voice…. It was so familiar. But he didn't see anyone. He thought he was going mad. Then again… he was already there. So why should this be anything new? However he still searched around him to try and find the owner of the voice.

"What are you looking for?" The voice… it spoke again. Crona's breath hitched but he now realised why he knew it so well. He looked down…

There it was. His shadow. It used to only appear when he was doing nothing. Why was it here now? Crona still didn't answer as he stared down at his own shadow. His own childlike shadow that used to talk to him in his loneliness. The part of himself he had denied for so long…. In a lot of ways… still did.

The shadow spoke with his own voice, albeit childlike. The black image on the floor stared up at him with his white eyes. Crona still felt on edge as he blinked at the shadow… but… he still had to find Maka. He snapped his gaze up as he searched frantically and in vain.
"You can pass if you want." The shadow below him went on. Prodding him to answer him, at least in some way. Once again Crona's gaze dropped to the floor, locking eyes with his other self.

"I-I'm looking for Maka." Crona answered him. Quickly speaking to his own shadow before once again pulling up his gaze and out to sea. He didn't see the shadow cock his head and a smile to appear.

"You've never answered me before… I'm glad." The shadow replied, actually sounding genuinely pleased. But Crona didn't have time for this. He had to find her.

"Why is it that you can answer my questions right now?" Once more with the questions. But this time he wasn't going to ignore his shadow because he wanted to do nothing… there as something more important going on.

"Please… I don't have time to answer you right now." Crona spoke back to it. He didn't even look at the floor. His eyes scanned the sea still as his hope started to dwindle, the panic in his heart fluttered as he still saw no sign of her. But his soul told him she was close… so very close. There must be some way…

"That's ok. You've already told me the answer. I can help you if you want." The calm voice from below his feet said. The voice so even and passive, not a shred of urgency or worry. As if they were talking about nothing more then the weather. That made Crona's eyes drop once again to the floor, to actually see the smiling face of his own shadow.

"W-what?" Was all Crona managed out. The surprise and unease lacing his word. He didn't understand.

But the shadow didn't say anything more as he now stared back down at it, waiting for more, waiting for something… anything. However his shadow melted away, it vanished into the grains of sand under his feet. Crona felt a sharp irritation prick at his head, what was that about?! His brow lowered as he continued to stare at the spot where his shadow was… but… what could he do now?

That irritation slowly started to simmer away… to be replaced by that fear that always gripped his chest. It was more painful today, as if a hand was squeezing his very heart. The fear was cold and held on to him hard… it didn't let go.

"Maka!" He yelled out once more… venting his frustration and fear into the air. It didn't help… and he didn't expect a reply.

"C'mon…" A reply… but not by who he wanted. His own childlike voice filled his ears, and before him… something was happening. Crona could only blink in confusion as before him great rocks jerked and shot out of the water before him. As if great pieces of land had been forced up out of the sea, the water gushing over their lost space and falling back into the sea. The wet rocks quickly dried and reached out into the air. Parting the sea for a traveller to cross. Crona gasped as he gazed out at the trail of rocks at his feet, the small islands of safety promised a trail. A path out to the sea. Maybe… maybe that was his way of finding Maka. But Crona wasn't sure… he bit into his lip as he wound his fingers together before him. He hesitated. Going out into that black sea… what would happen if… he fell in? A sharp cut of fear bit into his mind. He imagined himself falling off the rock, falling, flailing helplessly in the sea. But… he realised, that didn't matter. Maka was out there… his soul pulled him to her, and right now, his soul was pulling him out to sea, to follow the rocks. To follow his path. Crona's face hardened as for once, he walked right into danger not on any order, not for fear, not his mother. It was for himself… it was for…Maka.

"I'm coming Maka…" He spoke out to himself, his own voice sounded so weird to him. Without the stutter, without the fear. He sounded so… determined. That didn't seem like him at all. But good. He can't be himself to do this. He had to be what Maka needed him to be right now. That was… what he had to do…

He wasn't sure if he could deal with this… not at all. But right now… that didn't matter. Crona sucked in a gulp of air as he stepped out and onto the first rock…

Maka fell to the floor. Screaming in agony at her torn face. The scythe fell from her grip and clanked onto the road, her hands shot to her bloodied features. Her own black blood drooling out from her wounds. The pain seared her senses and boiled in her mind. Yet not even that could stop her rage, the seething burning rage that threatened to engulf her completely.

"Bitch!" Maka cursed out at her counterpart. The hope was dying in her eyes now, but she wanted to take this thing out with her. Her other self did not press her advantage… instead she seemed to back off, swinging her arms to and fro as she stepped back with her bent legs. The sight didn't add up right as a person. The claws and blades scraped against each other and the ground, sounding like nails on a chalkboard. Making Maka squirm and grit her teeth.

One of her eyes was now full of black, Maka was blind in one eye. It was only darkness. She shut it as she only grew more angry, whether it was blood welling up, or she was actually blind. What did it matter anymore?! She was going to die out here. There was no way out!

"I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" Maka shouted out to her dark copy. She spat out her words into the air. She couldn't stop herself anymore, but what did it matter? With a shaking hand she once more gripped onto the staff. The horrible twisted scythe once more in a grasp, blood welled up from the deep cuts across her face, they stung like hell. But she didn't care. With her one good eye she stared daggers at her other self. Although… she had only just noticed that her other self had stopped laughing. In fact… she wasn't even looking at her anymore. Maka grunted as she used the scythe in her hands to push herself off the floor, she allowed her weight to be held up by the weapon now.

"What are you looking at?" Maka spoke with pure venom leaking from her voice. Her mind not quite realising that she should have taken what reprieve she could, instead of shouting at her. But her other self did not reply, instead walking over with a surprising amount of fluid grace, as if she had just decided to walk properly. Maka didn't understand this creature…

It was… unpredictable.

Maka quickly raised the scythe to ward off an impending attack. Which of course… quickly came. The crash of steel on steel rang out into the air, Maka had to grit her teeth as her joints ached and shouted at her. Her hands shook and her knees felt like they were about to collapse. But she had to hold on… her bad eye continued to leak blood as she squinted for vision with her good.

Maka fought against her double for supremacy on the small strip of road, she would not be knocked off! She would not be taken down! Not here! Not now! With a cry of pain and anguish the true scythe meister pushed with all of her remaining might. Her dark copy being forced backwards, but her now bizarrely quiet other self only grinned out wider. As if this was just more fun. That only infuriated Maka and she raised a foot and smashed it right into her pelvis. It would have crippled a guy on the floor in pain. But for the girl in front of her it would not have been quite the same. It should have been painful however… yet of course the other her never reacted to the supposed pain. She was forced back by the sheer power of the blow, nothing more. Maka pressed her advantage and pushed further, creating distance now between them. Just enough for Maka to bring back her weapon and force it toward her, the staff cut through the air.

Maka's hatred and fury boiled inside her head, it was all she could think about. She couldn't even see what her enemy was doing anymore, the rage showed on her face. It covered her, like a mask of her true self. Covering her true identity and replacing her with this anger fuelled… monster.

Maka didn't notice how once again the other Maka seemed distracted. She appeared to look away and out to sea. She missed her gaze of recognition as if she had seen something… Maka had missed it all. Focusing instead of the power of her blow, it was all a blur as her scythe bit into the side of her copy's head. A crack sounded out as metal met bone. The awful dull clang sounded out before it was absorbed into the mist. The body of her dark copy fell limp and plunged over the side of the road and into the sea. A great splash erupted, the water droplets covering her and the road. Maka growled out as she felt the tiny pin pricks of burning on her skin from the water.

Was… that it?

Maka still felt wired, expecting another attack. At any moment… she was sure of it. Her eyes fell to the water that was all around her… she was sure… so sure that her shadow would come back. That can't be the end, no way did that attack finish her… what was going on? What was she waiting for?! Suddenly she felt a presence behind her… she heard a footstep…

Maka whirled around to face whoever or whatever was behind her. Her heart leapt into her mouth as she turned, panic escalating once more to breaking point as she feared a sudden onslaught from her dark counterpart. Sure enough… there behind her was what she expected to see.

Her dark copy was stood there… simply stood there. Standing straight up… her blades still sticking out from her skin, the blood still oozing and leaking from her form. It made Maka want to hurl… And that grin… that grin… the silent grin. Why?! The form now before her took a step toward her, Maka instantly backed off and raised her scythe defensively…

Crona had watched the whole thing… he had leapt from rock to rock, careful of each step he took. Mindful of the waves lapping the stone under his feet, he wasn't quite sure what would happen if he fell in…but he was sure it would not have been good. He did his utmost to avoid it.

But that wasn't what he was concerned with… he saw his goal in mind. He saw… Maka!

There before him was the girl he had been desperately searching for, in his view now… right in his path. The path of stones led right to a small patch of black rock… it sort of looked like a road. In the middle of the ocean. There were… two Maka's…

That is what stopped him from yelling out… he didn't know what to think on that. But… he still had to get over there! He may not have yelled but he watched the pair of them over there… he was so close now! So close! His soul throbbed powerfully in his chest, he was close to who he wanted… needed… in this whole world. He just had to figure out…which one was her…

Crona's puffs and pants as he exerted himself over the spaced rocks did not go unheard however, Crona's eyes were locked onto the twin Maka's just a ways away from him. His eyes scanned over the pair of them, they looked… so similar. But obvious differences were laid out before him.

One was wielding a scythe… her… scythe. The twisted corrupted form of her weapon that Crona himself knew he was using back out in the… 'other' world. The world that wasn't here. Crona tried to not look at the ugly spiked blade for long, its darkness called to him and his head actually pained him when he gazed upon the weapon of torment… however the other…was no better. In fact… the other was worse. The other Maka bore blades and spikes all over her body, yet… it looked as though she had been tortured and come back to life to kill once more. The other Maka he could not even look at… it was horrible. The blood dripping and welling up from her split flesh. Crona hated to see that. Couldn't look… yet… what if that was Maka now? He felt a lump in his throat as he thought about that. A fear lace his gut… and worry grip his heart. No…

He forced himself to look up…

Just to see the bladed Maka staring right back at him.

That stare of hers… that grin of hers… those eyes. It… was wrong. Crona knew those eyes… it was Maka's madness. It was like he was looking at nothing more… then a doll. Those lifeless eyes that seemed to stare right into him, right into his soul. He felt naked in her gaze. He shuddered in her view, this… wasn't right. He had never felt like that before Maka before…

The fear gripped his heart and strangled him… it leaked ice into his veins… was he…too late?

No… please… no.

"Maka!" Crona yelled out to her, trying…needing to reach her. But… he went ignored… or…she couldn't hear him. As the scythe wielding Maka renewed her attack on the blade Maka. Distracting the black blood bleeding blade Maka away from him, causing her to focus back onto the weapon wielding meister. It looked like a duel between weapon and meister. A duel that was nothing like how it should be, as if with every strike the duellers were being dragged into hell itself, the fight was not orchestrated or planned, or fought with intellect or righteousness…. It was all emotion. All hate and fear and…madness.

As scythe Maka lashed out again and again and again, blade Maka seemed to retaliate less and less. Almost as if… she was biding time till he came close enough… why?

But Crona didn't want to answer that… he rushed to the pair of them anyway. And once again… Crona couldn't stop himself from crying her name.

"Maka!" He was an endless record, shouting out her name over and over again. But he had to do it… he couldn't stop it, didn't want to deny it… he had to.

He was so close now… nearly there! He was just about to step onto the road platform when the bladed Maka stopped attacking all together… and looked right at him. It was so close now… as if that Maka was looking right into him. There was nothing to stop her, no barriers… nothing to bar her from seeing right… through him. He forced a gulp… was… that…her? Crona hesitated. Suddenly the scythe Maka swung the staff of her weapon back… Something was wrong here… but he wasn't sure what. Just what… was he seeing? Was this… real?

The bladed Maka never took her eyes off him as she was hit in the side of the head. The sick clunk that sounded out made Crona flinch. Yet oddly… he didn't feel a rush of panic that should have ran through him… he felt oddly…calm about that. It made him feel guilty… his conscious mind told him that could have been Maka… yet… his soul told him… that was not her. His eyes panned over to the remaining Maka on the road…

The scythe meister raised an arm up as the splash hit her, the backlash from the other girl's body falling to the water. Crona made sure to stay well back from the spray. But he caught the sizzling as droplets landed onto Maka's skin, as well as her face… That hurt him… that made him panic. This… had to be her! His soul told him so… he knew it was…

"Maka…?" He now spoke out. His voice floating into the air above the now calming waves. A small noise wafting out into the air. Please… let her be ok… please… his heart hurt… his head hurt… he was hurting. He begged whatever… whoever would listen to his thoughts. Let this be her.

"A-are you o-ok?" Crona voiced out now… a little louder. The Maka before him hadn't moved… didn't seem to react to him. Why? He felt on edge around her… that… wasn't right. Maka was his light, his angel. Even in the darkness… to him… she was still Maka.

Suddenly the Maka before him moved, she shifted quickly around as if she had been startled. She turned to him now…

Crona's mouth opened in shock. This wasn't… right.

Maka's face was… wrong.

He stared at her as she stared right back. Maka's body posture was taught, close and defensive. As if she perceived him as an enemy… she held her weapon up high and ready to defend herself… from him.

But that wasn't the worst part. Her features were so… unlike her. Crona flinched and had to look away…

A sick grin was plastered onto her face… he knew that smile… that look. It was her madness. His heart sank and his soul felt so small and dull now. As if seeing this… had hurt, it wounded him… was pulling him down. No… please…

His hands started to shake as he brought them to his arms and clamped down onto his robe. This… can't be… this isn't right! He gulped and gasped in air as he forced himself to look back at her. She hadn't moved just yet, she still stood there as if expecting a blow. At least… her body did. Her face appeared so twisted and corrupted. That just stared and watched him. Her eyes… he made himself look into her eyes… A last ditch effort to find her. A small part of him held hope that she was there, that somewhere in that gaze he could see his Maka. He smiled weakly to her now, wobbly and off… but a smile none the less. So small and easily leaving his face as soon as he had made it. But he smiled to her… in a small way to show her that he still saw her. He saw her as his Maka.

But… her eyes were wrong…

One was closed shut, dried black blood around the lid and appearing to be sealing it shut. The horrible claw marks adorning her face left him feeling sick. Her flesh ripped and torn… but it was her remaining eye… that made him doubt her. Truly doubt her. Her remaining eye was wide open and crazed.

That look of total madness, the small sharp pupil a window to a person who is devoid of comfort, of hope, of life. Knowing they are alone. Alone in their souls, alone in their minds, alone in their bodies.

The eye itself was a bizarre grey… as if the colour had been drained from her eye. No green of life existed there anymore, just the pale grey of death. Not even a sickness marred her vision anymore. It was as if… she was dead. Truly dead.

Had she lost? Had she fallen to madness?

Crona's hope started to drain away… his soul felt so heavy…

What was the point?

What was the point of trying anymore…

Tears pricked at his eyes now, the small globs of liquid caused a haze in his vision but he didn't care. He didn't care about anything…anymore. If this was what Maka had become… no… he didn't want to be here anymore. He didn't care to live anymore…

His soul throbbed uselessly inside his chest… this was Maka. The Maka he once knew… but that was just it… the Maka he had known. Was dead.

Crona felt such a gaping hole in his chest, a deep wound that ran further and deeper then anything his mother had ever done to him. The tears fell down his face, he didn't even try to wipe them away. He didn't want to do anything anymore… it was feeling like such a chore to even… breathe. His lungs felt tight… and tired. Maybe he could just… stop. Maybe it wouldn't hurt anymore.

A small thud sounded out as Crona dropped onto his knees. The despair welling up inside him like a never ending hole, he was about to fall in… and there was no way out.

Maka didn't understand the behaviour of her copy anymore. She was unpredictable. Always and without a doubt. The only thing that was predictable in her actions. But seeing the copy of her fall to her knees left her confused and knocked her off balance.

Maka hesitated, she swore she heard crying for a second…

But that crying turned into laughter. She heard it… she heard it and it wouldn't stop! The dark bladed shadow of her before her was laughing! The disgusting mirror image of herself was giggling and cackling… it wouldn't stop! The noise fractured her mind and wounded her, like a knife was plunged into her head, and fingers intruded the wound and was forcing it open! It was driving her mad!

"Stop it!" Maka cried out at the top of her voice. "Stop the noise!" She screamed. Her anger boiling to such a rage as she had to pull the offensive noise from her mind, no matter what, no matter how much it was hurting. She had to make it stop!

Maka cried out like a demented animal lost in its own rage and bitterness. She sounded mad… she knew she did. But… if she finally killed this… this thing! That plagued her! Rotted her mind! Then everything would be ok! Wouldn't it?! Wouldn't it?! She could kill it and see Crona! Yes! This was for Crona! Crona! Crona!

She could see him! It was all she wanted now in the whole world! And this… thing! Was in the way! She could kill it! Finally kill it and be rid of it!

A garbled cry emitted form her lips as she gripped her scythe hard and raised the weapon back. This was it! She could finally win!

Now she heard more laughing… she could hear it… and it wasn't coming from her copy.

It was coming from her… that deranged laugh… the giggling high pitched squeal that almost sounded in pain.


Her fingers tightened their hold as she swung forward and down with all her might…


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