Hello everyone! Earlier this year I dipped my feet into the Touhou pool, so I figured I'd jump in headfirst by using the Scarlet Devil Mansion crew. I also have been wanting to write a Fate/Stay Night story for a while, so it might be a little rough around the edges. And I have changed the order of some events, but I did it all with a purpose. I have planned out most of this story, so I do know the repercussions of what I'm changing and how it will impact the story.

I'm not expecting everyone to know everything about Touhou or Fate/Stay Night, but I tried to include enough detail so that if you're unfamiliar with one franchise, you get the general idea. This will likely be my last update before winter break, I might maybe get another chapter on another story, but I've got a few big papers due, so this is low on my list if priorities right now.

Thank you Twin Judge of Gemini for your help developing this idea!

Scarlet Blades Chapter 1

Calling a Scarlet Devil

There once was a time when the Earth was abundant with magical energy. All sorts of divine creatures and phantasmal beasts existed along with humans and the animals we know today. Magic was practiced by many and magicians were plentiful. This was the Age of the Gods, where Magic was greatness.

Over time however, technology advanced, replicating feats that once were impossible without Magic. These once-magical arts were reduced to the lesser art of magecraft, and the Age of the Gods began its decline. People began to lose faith in the gods and creatures, and without faith sustaining them, the gods cannot exist. This was the beginning of a new Age. An age where mankind was a god, the Age of Technology.

But just because Earth has left the gods behind does not mean that other places have. For in a pocket-dimension separated from the Outside World by the Great Hakurai Barrier, exists a world where the Age of the Gods is at its peak. Magic, feats unable to be replicated by technology, is readily available, and even the air itself feels charged with magical energy. This is the Eastern Wonderland, the land known as Gensokyo.

In this wonderland, there was a red European-style mansion nestled into the woods by a lake. The gate to this mansion was guarded a Chinese woman, who stood tall, but at the same time was fast asleep. This was the Scarlet Devil Mansion. And the owner of this mansion was the aforementioned Scarlet Devil. Along with her sister, her maids, and her librarian, who she was currently having tea with.

"So, how has your health been lately Patchy?"

The one who spoke was the Mistress of the mansion, Remilia Scarlet. She was short and flat, looking like a girl no older than eleven. She was dressed in pink and had a mop of blue hair on her head. On her back protruded small bat wings.

The person she was speaking to was Patchouli Knowledge, the librarian and one of the best spell casters that existed. She had long purple hair and wore a violet nightgown. She was often very pale and sickly. "Bet it's because she never takes a step outside this dusty library" Remilia thought, as she sipped her tea.

Patchouli coughed as she began to reply. "It's been better lately. If it stays this way, in a few days I might be asking you to s Spell Card duel." Remilia smiled at this. Patchouli, despite all her power, wasn't able to battle often because of her health.

"Well then, I'd best not impede your rest then. Take care." She set down her empty tea cup. "Sakuya!"

The silver haired maid, who looked like a girl in her late teens, seemingly appeared out of nowhere. "Yes, Ojou-sama?"

"Clean up the tea set and fetch my parasol. I want to go see the Hakurei Shrine Maiden."

"I'm afraid that's impossible," The head maid said, picking up the tea set. "One of the fairy maids saw her heading to the Forest of Magic."

"No doubt to meet with the book thief." Patchouli muttered. Remilia paid her no mind, and simply set her face in a pout. While she was a five-hundred year old vampire, she was rather childish. "So there's nothing to do?" She whined.

"If you'd like, I could assist you as soon as I finish the day's work."

Remilia's pout faded. "Thank you Sakuya. I'll be waiting."

An hour later, Remilia sat on the balcony watching the courtyard. She sighed as she watched the fairy maids go around and take care of the gardens. She was desperate for something to entertain her. As she pondered this, she took her strand of fate. She quickly altered the thread of fate. Make something interesting happen to Remilia Scarlet. Something so vague on her thread of fate was dangerous, but she was desperate. As to what would interest her, she let the thread go, letting the powers at be decide who she ended up tied to.

She felt the tread of fate anchor itself on something, and drew her away. As she disappeared, Sakuya was walking out to the balcony. Seeing something as impossible as seeing her mistress simply disappear stunned the perfect elegant maid into dropping her silver tray and just stare.

Sakuya stepped out onto the balcony just as Remilia began to disappear. She froze time while watching in total shock, but even in the frozen space, her mistress simply vanished. The Perfectly Elegant Maid stood in the frozen space until she composed herself. Once that was done, she set out for the library. She would do everything in her power to bring her Mistress back safe and sound. The library wasn't the best source, but it was more readily accessible than any other source.

Shirou spat out the toothpaste in his mouth and wiped his face. He was about to climb into bed when the doorbell rang. The red-haired boy walked to the door and opened it only to find one of the strangest and most terrifying sights he had ever seen. On his doorstep was a small girl with her eyes and snow-white hair. She couldn't have been more than ten. She had on a purple blouse and a long white skirt. Behind her stood a massive man with one yellow eye and one glowing red eye. He had wild and unkempt hair and skin the colour of lead. All he had on was a loincloth and both figures radiated an aura of sheer terror.

"Are you Shirou Emiya?" The girl asked, a little too sweetly as she smiled up at him."

"Y-Yes." He replied hesitantly.

"It was a pleasure to meet you." Her face became deathly serious. "Berserker!"

He had already taken off running before he heard her next words.

"Kill him."

Shirou didn't stop running. Even then, the monster, (what had she called it, Berserker?) was gaining on him. He heard it crashing through walls, support beams, anything to take the quickest path to Shirou. As he ran through the house, he saw a kendo stick out of the corner of his eye. He knew he couldn't run forever, so he dove to the side grabbing the stick.

He knew a wooden stick, no matter how it was treated, would be useless against the monster after him. But Shirou Emiya wasn't an ordinary boy. He was a magus, if a pretty awful one at that. He held the stick tightly in his hands.

"Trace on."

He felt the elements that made up the wooden stick, and carefully altered it so the wooden stick was much sturdier, like a steel pipe. It was just then that Berserker burs through the wall, the girl close on his heels. She looked at him as if the idea of him trying to stand up to her beast was just a good joke. "He wants to try and fight? That's cute. Berserker!" She snapped her fingers to call its attention. "You can play with him for a little bit."

If it could express any emotion other than anger, it would have expressed joy at the ability to play with Shirou like a cat with a caught mouse. Except in this case, Shirou was the mouse and Berserker was a cougar. Shirou barely saw it move, but with a single strike, he was sent hurtling through the wall, through the shed door, and eventually the back wall stopped his momentum. It only took a few seconds before he saw the girl's creepy red eyes in the doorway, her silhouette not made any less creepy by her beast behind her. He tried to move, but every muscle and bone in his side screamed in protest. He spat up a little blood as the girl pouted.

"Too bad. Looks like our game's done. Berserker!" As it stepped forward, a magic circle under Shirou lit up with a blue light, and beside him appeared a young girl with blue hair and bat wings, dressed in all pink. He cried out in pain and felt a burning sensation as marks burned themselves into the back of his right hand.

The girl turned to face him, taking in the new world around her. "I didn't expect the threads of Fate to call me to the Outside World. It's been so long!" She looked down at Shirou. "I am the Servant Lancer. Now answer me, are you my Master?"

Remilia marvelled at the world around her. How long had it been since she was last here in the outside world? At least a century, if not more. Still, her curiosity could wait. She had been summoned by the Holy Grail to compete in a war for it, and all the necessary information had been forced upon her as she was being summoned. That was quite helpful. She looked down at the red-head next to her. The words she said felt as if she was reading a speech prepared by someone else. "I am the Servant Lancer. Now answer me. Are you my Master?"

He looked back in confusion, so she just grabbed his hand, seeing the Command Seals, she sighed. "Well, you summoned one of us. And since I doubt you summoned the monster over there, let's say for now you're my Master until you can properly speak."

Remilia's first priority was to get rid of that monster. It was massive, and she wasn't sure even the Hakurei Shrine Maiden could put a solid dent in it with her Danmaku. So she began weaving a new strand of fate. "Miss, where I come from, it is common courtesy to introduce yourself before trying to kill someone. Could you at least grant me that courtesy?" Not a total lie. Flandre always wanted to know the names of the fairy maids sent down to clean her room. She lost so many good maids before Sakuya did it herself….

The girl seemed taken aback, but smiled. "Well, then Lancer, if you must know, I'm Illyasviel von Einzbern, and this is Berserker." Perfect. Now she could weave the strands of fate between her Master and her. It was fairly simple, so she had almost finished tying the knot before Berserker charged her.

In a flash, her blood-red lance was up, held in two hands, barely holding back Berserker's massive sword-axe. She sized up the area. She was in a small room, with no space to dodge left or right. With the roof over her head, she couldn't fly up, and even if she did, Berserker would swat her out of the sky like a fly. Then she saw Illyasviel totally unguarded. She could solve this problem quickly, but she only had one shot. She took a deep breath and removed one hand from her lance.

Berserker's weight toppled down on her as she removed her hand and moved aside, making a noticeable dent in the floor as a stream of red bullets came out of Remilia's hands. As she fired, she felt the lack on natural magic, and how she was pulling off he own reserves. Using her Spell Cards would certainly be harder here than in Gensokyo, she thought as the girl screamed and Berserker ran away to cover her.

Berserker was crouched over the girl, who had a scorch mark on her sleeve, but no actual damage, while her simple pellets harmlessly bounced off Berserker's skin. Seeing Remilia's shock, the girl laughed. "Berserker's not any normal Servant, he's the great Heracles!" Remilia nearly choked right there. She was born in Europe, so she knew the fairy tales and stories of her time, and of course she knew the legend of Hercules, the Roman name given to Heracles. The girl continued, "And as you can see, normal attacks can't hurt him!"

Remilia quickly weighed her options. Berserker's back was turned, so she could impale him. Possible, but if the myths were true, she'd likely only increase the danger she was in. She could use her Noble Phantasm, but that would simply just show this other Master what she could do while questionably killing Berserker. So she went with her third option.

As Berserker stood up, she finished tying the threads of fate she had made. "Master, what's your name?" She asked the redhead, who had been too shocked to move. He seemed to snap back to reality at her words. "Sh-shirou Emiya!" She slipped the name into the knot and it was complete. She could have used "Master of Lancer" and "Master of Berserker," but real names worked so much better. She then let the thread go and act itself out.

"Illyasviel von Einzbern leaves Shirou Emiya and his Servant, and will wait one week before approaching him with hostile intent."

It would have been much harder to make her stay away forever, since she clearly had a killing intent, so a week was the most time she felt she could put in without this girl trying to challenge the fate. That was the funny thing about fate. If you knew it was in effect, you could challenge it.

It seemed to have worked though, as Illyasviel yawned. "This is boring. Come on Berserker." She said, walking away. Berserker simply disappeared into thin air. Before she walked away, she said, without turning around, "And don't try to shoot those red pellets at me. Try it, and I will have Berserker kill your right now." Right, no Danmaku then.

As she left, Remilia went to check on her Master. The pain had caught up with him and he had passed out. She picked him up and carried him inside to rest. Normally, as a vampire, she couldn't enter one's home without their permission, but since she had been summoned onto the Emiya property, it counted as being invited.

She searched high and low for a proper bed, but she couldn't find anything resembling a mattress. "Where does he sleep?" She asked herself, before spying a futon. "This looks like what Reimu uses…" She said, before lying him down. Now Remilia was no doctor, but he wasn't bleeding, so she decided to wing it. He wasn't going to die overnight. Her first order of business was to find some way to fix this place up. Unfortunately, she lacked any maids. As she began to look for material, she sighed. "I miss my fairy maids so much right about now…"

Sakuya walked into the library. "Patchouli-sama, we have a problem." The anemic witch just looked up as Sakuya continued, "I'm in need of your knowledge in summoning spells. Do you have any books on the subject?"

Patchouli sat up a little straighter, coughed a few times, and set her book aside before answering Sakuya. "There should be a few books on the subject. Why the sudden interest though?"

"Ojou-sama simply disappeared in front of my eyes. It had to be some sort of summoning from a different world, since even Yakumo-san's gaps are affected by my time manipulation."

Patchouli's face became much more concerned as Sakuya spoke. "Well, all I can say is that you should get some rest. I'll take care of the research. You should consult the shrines tomorrow. The Moriya Shrine Maiden is said to be able to perform miracles, and Yakumo-san tends to send time over by the Hakurei Shrine." With that, she sent Sakuya to try and calm down her heart in mind. She was worried, but she was in Gensokyo, the Eastern Wonderland, she reminded herself. Everything always sorts itself out somehow.

Rin Tohsaka had made sure everything was perfect for this summoning. She had checked and double-checked every minute detail until she was satisfied. She slowly began the incantation to summon a Saber, one of the most powerful Servants and always one of the finalists in the Holy Grail War. She felt her Magic Circuits hum with energy as she began.

"I hereby propose;

Thou shalt come under my command,

And thy sword shall control my fate.

Abiding by the summons of the Holy Grail

If thou dost accede to this reason and will, answer me.

I hereby swear:

I am all that is good in the eternal world,

I am the disposer of evil in the eternal world.

Thou, clad with the Great Trinity,

Come forth from the circle of constraint!"

The energy began to surge, bathing the magus in a red light.

"Guardia of the heavens!"

As she uttered the final lines of the spell, an explosion rocked the mansion and smoke poured from the windows. The Bounded Field around the property made sure that no one would notice thankfully. After a few coughs to clear the smoke from her lungs, the black-haired girl proceeded to the next room, where the door was blown off its hinges. There, she saw a blonde girl in a regal looking red dress with a white part covering her chest and the very front was transparent. She smiled at Rin. "I am the Servant Saber. Now, I ask, are you my Master?"

A catlike grin grew on Rin's face as she brandished her hand with her Command Seals. "Yes, Saber. I am the one that has summoned you as your master."

I'm sure you all know who Saber is. Personally I prefer Red!Saber to Blue!Saber, and with how I'm writing this, either could have worked. And I'm going to say this now. Archer will not appear in this story. I'm running with two Lancers, because honestly, Lancer's my favourite Servant and in every Fate series, he just keeps getting screwed over. In Zero, in Stay Night, and especially in Carnival Phantasm. He's everyone's whipping boy, but I like him, and I didn't want to write him out.

Plus, I don't need Archer. This is not Unlimited Blade works, this is not Heaven's Feel, this is my own route. Archer is really not needed. Just in case you were getting your hopes up, don't.

Now, let's take a quick look at Remi's stat sheet:

True Name: Remilia Scarlet
AKA: The Scarlet Devil
Strength: B (C)
Endurance: C (D)
Agility: A+ (A-)
Mana: B+ (C+)
Luck: EX

Noble Phantasm: B+

Class Skills:
Magic Resistance - C

Personal Skills:
Grazing - A
While Remilia is powerful, as a Lancer, her ability to dodge projectiles has increased by a substantial margin.
Shapeshift- C
As a vampire, she has the ability to change her form to that of a bat as she pleases.
Innocent Monster - B
She is a vampire, who gave herself the name "Scarlet Devil." Also claims she is related to Vlad "Dracula" Tepes, though this is a lie.
Flight - A
Like most residents of Gensokyo, she has unrestricted access to the ability of flight, though she is surpassed by some in Gensokyo.
Mystic Eyes of Fate Manipulation - EX
Remilia is able to see the threads of fate and manipulate the threads of anyone she comes in contact with. However, since fates are not absolute, a Servant with enough Luck can challenge a fate imposed upon them. With Remilia's control over her ability, their Rank needs to be A or higher.
Danmaku Firing - A
Remilia has the ability to fire Danmaku, which is a continual stream of magical bullets. She can fire them out in patterns as she pleases. At Rank A, she has full access to her catalogue of Spell Cards, though using these is a strain on both her and her Master. The limit she can have one active for is 99 seconds, which leaves both her and her MAster exhausted.

Noble Phantasm:

Gungrir: The Declaration of the Elder God (Anti-Unit, A) The spear wielded by Odin in Norse myth. It is able to reverse causality, ensuring that as its name is spoken, the opponent's heart is pierced. Due to the weapon's status, and constant exposure to Remilia's power over fate, it will always take priority when other Noble Phantasms reverse causality.

Blood Mist: the Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil (Support, B) Remilia releases a blood-red mist that covers the area. This mist is thick enough to block out the sun, allowing her to go outside without the sunlight hurting her. Like the Blood Fort Andromeda, it can be disabled if the starting point of the mist is destroyed, and it takes one full day to dissipate. The mist must have a fixed origin point and must receive an influx of Prana before it can properly work, and takes 48 hours to encompass the skies over Fyuuki City.

All of her Parameters except Luck drop by one stage when she is exposed to sunlight, and direct exposure will cause physical harm to her.