I can't get enough of The Malevolent One (or Mal as they call him) _ For some reason I think the Maroon 5 song "Harder To Breathe" goes well with him, well at least some parts,lol. Anyway. Oneshot, but maybe I'll continue. I need to see how the Malejandro alliance plays out on the show. This takes place after episode 8, You Regatta Be Kidding Me.

Boldface italics is Mike talking in his head...Let me know if I should change the rating and be sure to review :) Oh and since Mal is being Mal please note that there is violence, lol.

I turned around and slammed my fist into my palm, picturing what I would undoubtedly soon do to Chris, that egotistical bastard who wouldn't eliminate Cameron. Unanimous votes! Imbecile. I grinned at my brilliant plan. That bubble boy was a little TOO suspicious of me, so I just broke the voting box and stuffed it with Cameron votes. Cheating? Yes. But it's not like anyone usually cares on this show.

My hands clenched to fists thinking of Duncan. First off, I am the one who blows things up around here, not that wannabe bad-boy who cried and hid from me in juvie!

Yeah, thinks I didn't remember him. That's funny, Duncan. Funny. I know a lot of things about that boy that he would not exactly want revealed. I was just crouching; waiting for the right moment to throw him off his game...He just happened to get that done before me.

I smiled evilly and rubbed my hands together. "One by one…all of these losers will-"

"Sounds a lot like something I said once, alliance amigo!" Alejandro said, coming out of nowhere and putting his hand on my shoulder. Get your fucking hand off my shoulder.

"Yeah!" pretending to be Mike gets harder by the second, when all I really want to do is pummel all his friends. "And what's really great is that you did win! I think this'll be the best alliance ever." Mike's voice, Mike's words. Fools them all.

"Undoubtedly," Alejandro smiled, raising his eyebrow. "With your strength- seeing how you fought Izzy and won- and my strength and brains, truly we will be unbeatable. Since I got Heather out, there are no real threats left anyway."

Is this guy implying what I think he's implying?

"Hey, since we're friends and all now, do you think I could maybe come to the hotel with you?"

Alejandro looked nervously toward the rest of the contestants, who were all heading toward the cabin. "Perhaps. Let me go check with Chris," and Alejandro dashed off.

Heh heh heh. A night all alone in the hotel with Alejandro. No one to see us. No one to accuse. No witnesses.

What are you plotting?! Stop it whatever it is, Mal!

"Shut up, Mike!" I slapped my head. Sometimes Mike and all those other freaks in there try to talk to me and stop me. But their efforts are futile. I control this body now!

"Ah hahaha…Ah HAHAHA! Ah HAHAHA!"

"Mike!" That shrill voice , interrupting my evil laughter!

"Huh- Oh-What? Oh, HEY, Zoey! Great to see ya!"

"Yeah, heh heh… You ok? You were laughing kind of weird there, like a deranged killer or something."

"No, no, I'm just so happy that Alejandro and I formed an alliance! I'll make sure all 3 of us stay in the game."

"Friendship finale! Oh, Thanks, Mike, I knew you'd get back to normal!" Zoey smiled widely and planted a kiss on my cheek, disgusting me. "Cameron will be so happy to hear, too. I think he's still a little suspicious of you," she said unsurely.

Zoey! I'm not! I swear , Mal, when I get to the top of this tower , you are so going down! Don't you dare hurt Zoey!

"Well, you can tell Cam that I'm doing just fine, and would really like him to stop trying to help me, ok?! Let's focus on the game here, right?"

"Well, ok," Zoey said, "You just tell us if anything's wrong. We'd love to help…Seeya," she waved and ran off into the cabin. G-u-l-l-i-b-l-e much?

I smacked the side of my head again trying to shut Mike the hell up. "Wanna watch me slam your girlfriend's head into the side of a building?"

"Remember who's in control of the body here," I smiled. And it would stay that way.

"Andale!" Alejandro was at my side again. He wasn't smart as he thought, actually, willing to get this close to me. "It's fine with Chris- just make an excuse for the others if they ask. Let's head on to the luxurious housing we deserve," and we walked into the hotel, and into the dining room.

"So who do you think we should pick off first? I personally think Courtney or Scott-" Easily I simply stuck my foot out and Alejandro tripped and fell to the ground.

"Woah, what the-?"

"Guess your legs still aren't working 100%, are they?"

"Mike…? Your voice changed?" He tried to get up, but I placed my foot over his chest. Svetlana and Vito's constant working out made me pretty strong, to say the least.

"Shut up, spic."

"Excuse me!?" Oh, pretty boy's MAD now, is he? "Estupido," he facepalmed, "I knew something was wrong with you when I saw you relentlessly beat up that loca girl!"

"Too late for that, hmmmm?" I leaned down and pinned him against the floor, and though he fought back and struggled under my arms I was able to keep him down.

"And now you're in here with me all alone . How advantageous for me, unfortunate for you, heh heh. Now let's get one thing straight here, you're voting for Cameron."

"Wait until I tell the others! You'll go to jail just like Duncan for daring to assault Alejandro Bur-"

I grabbed his necklace and yanked it forward, which shut him up for a second, then pushed the sharp horns of it into his neck, making him cringe and start to sweat.

"Oh, you're not telling anybody anything, you useless FOB. You WILL regret it. I will rip those earrings out of your lobes slowly, I will…cut all your hair off, then you can look just like your girlfriend did, hm?"

He was really struggling, his arms vibrating as he tried to gain control of his muscles and break free, but I held him down quite well. Still, there had to be more. Quickly I let go of him to grab a knife off the table, but the millisecond I did, he got up and charged toward me.

"What is wrong with you?! Do you have some evil half-personality?"

I ran to the other side of the table, and we faced each other on opposite ends, silently daring each other to move.

"Close. I'm the real deal, " I leaned in closer across the table, "I AM the real 'Mike'."

Alejandro took the opportunity of me leaning forward and punched me in the face pretty hard, and I flinched back and BAM, my head slammed into the wall, actually leaving an indent in the wall, and me a little dizzy.

Mal! Stop it! Stop it!

"That was the biggest mistake of your life," I grumbled at Alejandro, and picked up the nearest chair. "Take this!" and I threw the chair , which slammed in to his face on its side, knocking him down.

"Ooof…" I walked over to him and he held his hand to his face, lifting it off to reveal blood coming out and a gash on his cheek.

"Heh heh. So, Al-iiance buddy, do you regret that yet?" I walked over to the table and picked up a knife, while Alejandro just sat there sobbing "My face! My…face…"

"That should be the LEAST of your worries," I smiled and laughed evilly, lifting the knife over my head and staring down at this pathetic excuse for the supposedly 'strongest guy on the show,' who only held his hands up to his face in anticipation…

just as a butler burst into the room.