Pokerus is a sickness your Pokemon can get, if you get it, you'll get double exp. It's good...unless it's transformed into a tissue melting death. Contains High amount of NegaiShipping.


"YES!", Yelled a Raven-haired hero, he's fought legends, destroyed bad guys, and won hundreds of girls hearts...including a purple-haired teen. But he's lost...oh I don't know...the Pok'e'mon league...EVERY SINGLE TIME!

"What did the nurse say, Ash?", Said the infatuated purple-haired teen.

"Nurse Joy says Pikachu has Pok'e'rus!", Said Ash.

"Pok'e'rus?", Iris said in amazement.

"When your Pok'e'mon gets it, you get double the exp!", Ash said.

"Wow...", Iris said in awe.

"Do you want Axew to get it? It'll be ea-"

"NO!", Iris yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Why?", Ash asked.

"I wanna train Axew fair and square, so keep Pikachu's infected hands to himself!", Iris said.

"Pikachu? Pika! Pikachu chaaaa!", Pikachu piped.

"Sorry, no offense.", Iris said.

"Pika!", Pikachu squeaked before jumping on Iris and licking her face multiple times.

"She'll never love me...", Ash thought, "She thinks I'm a little kid..."

"Ash!", Said Nurse Joy rushing into the Pok'e'center room.

"What's going on?", Ash asked.

"Look at the t.v", She said in a scared tone.

"Okay", Ash said before turning on the t.v.


A woman with Papers showed up on screen.

"Your ancher Woman here, and The Pok'e'rus has mutated...the Pok'e'mon who has it will become crazy, unprodictable and voilent. Just hope you will get a old version of the virus, We advise agaists going out, and if you in the forests, flee."

"Oh my mew...", Ash said in disbelief.

"GET DOWN!", Iris yelt.

People in armor busted into the Pok'e'center.

"We're with the goverment, if your Pok'e'mon has the virus, we'll take it away to find a cure., Yelled a solder.

"It seems that Pikachu has it.", Said a scientist.

"Don't take Pikachu!", Ash yelled.

To Be Continued...