At the Titans Tower the Titans enjoy a relaxing day of no crime. Cyborg and Nightwing lazily sit on the couch in the Tower and watch the blank screen of their TV.

"I feel like we're forgetting something." Says Nightwing.

"Hell yeah we're forgetting something! We forgot to get the remote before sitting down!" Cyborg answers.

"Damn. Alright, let's do this. On the count of three."


"One... Two... Three!" Both Titans make a lazy attempt for the remote without even getting up from their seats.

"Ugh... Ack... Ugh..." Neither of the Titans can reach the remote on the table right in front of them.

"Damn it! That remote is impossible to reach by ourselves!" Cyborg says.

"You're right. We'll never get this remote on our own. If we had only more Titans to help us out."

"You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I'll post the 'Help Wanted' online." Nightwing says pulling out an iPhone and typing on it.

"And send. Now we play the waiting game."

Three days past and the Titans Tower was filled with young new superheroes looking for a job that didn't involve playing second banana to a guy in his thirties wearing tights and a cape. Nightwing, Cyborg and Beast Boy sat at a table in the next room judging the hero that they interviewed. The first superhero they interviewed was Superboy(Young Justice addition).

"So Superboy, I see you're a genetic fusion of Superman's and Lex Luthor's DNA. How did that work out for ya?" Nightwing says looking at a résumé.

"You know how it worked out for me. We were in the same team." Superboy answers.

"True. Well luckily for you the Titans are in need of a Powerhouse, you're on board." Nightwing says.

"Alright, thanks Dick." Superboy says.

"Hey buddy, he might be a lot of things but no need to-" Beast Boy says before Nightwing stops him.

"Beast Boy, Beast Boy, it's my name."

"Oh... Then you really are a Dick."

Next Interview! Static Shock!

"Well Static you're track record is impressive. You've worked with Batman, both original and Beyond, yourself in the future, the Justice League and even Jon Stewert the Green Lantern and not the annoying show host. You're onboard!" Nightwing says.

"Awesome, can't wait to get started." Static says. He leaves the room.

"What the hell guys!?" Cyborg shouts.

"What?" Beast Boy and Nightwing ask.

"Come on! I'm the teams black guy."

"I thought you were the repair guy." Beast Boy adds.

"That too. I'm literally only those two things on the team!"

"Relax Cy, I highly doubt we'll find a guy that can replace you as the Brainiac of our team." Nightwing reassures him.

Interview three. My OC, Isaac Quintain. A feminine looking boy dressed in a leather uniform with a collar around his neck, three belts on each of his thighs, one around his waist, one on each of his bicep arms and boots with a metal backpack.

"So I.Q., You're a brainiac from the future?" Nightwing asks him.

"Yes sir." Isaac answers.

"You're on board."


"Ffffffffffffuuuuuu-" Cyborg yells before we cut him off to skip to the next interview.

Interview four. FieryFennekin's OC, Daryl. He wore a white shirt, blue jeans, red cape and red boots.

"So you worked with the hero of Hyrule, Link, and were a member of the magic guild Fairy Tail. Those are impressive stats Mr. Daryl but why were you fired from both jobs?" Nightwing asks?

Daryl flashes back to his times at Hyrule and when he was banished by Link for hitting on Zelda and trying to steal the Master Sword for himself before replacing it with a fake one. He then thinks of the times he was on Fairy Tail and was dating Lucy before she chased him off for looking at other girls too much.

"No reason." He answers. "So am I on the team or not? As i recall Dick, you do owe me a favor."

"Correction, that's Robin who owes you a favor. I'm Nightwing now."

"Really? You're going to say you don't want a psychic on your team?"

"He's got a point." Beast Boy says.

"Alright, here's your communicator. Don't say I never did anythng for ya though."

"Don't sweat it. I'm on your side now. Not to mention all of the supergirls that will join the team." Daryl says with a grin and stars in his eyes.

The Titan trio looks at him with blank faces. "Next!" They all say moving on to the next interview.

Interview five. Elejamie's OC, Pimpsmasher.

"So Mr. Pimpsmasher, it says here that you smash pimps. Is that your only villain class that you fight?" Nightwing asks him."

"I also fight various other foes but on a regular day i just SMASH PIMPS!" He yells causing the Titans to cower behind Nightwing who's cowering behind the desk the three of them sat at.

"You're on the team." Nightwing says sliding a communicator over to Pimpsmasher.

Interview six. Browniej126's OC, Firebolt. A brown haired, blue eyed boy with a red mask over his eyes and dressed in a red, black and orange fireproof suit with a fire symbol on his chest.

"Firebolt!" Nightwing yells joyfuly.

"Nightwing!" Firebolt says with equal joy. Both of them then fistbump.

"They got you pushing too many pencils?" Fire bolt tells Nightwing.

"Nice Predator refrence." Nightwing comments. I threw in a Predator refrence, someone give me a medal.

"Well here's your communicator. Welcome to the Titans."

"Awesome." Firebolt says as he is handed the communicator.

Final interview. InuKaglover4ev22's OC, Pretty Young Thang. A beautiful lady dressed in a purple Sailor Scout uniform. The Titans trio try to keep their mind on the conversation.

"So... Pretty... You're an ex-Sailor Scout?" Nightwing asks as the trio drools over her.

"Not Ex, I'm still on call. I just wanna do this to pass time." She said innocently and softly.

"Well to keep this whole new team from being a sausage fest you're on the team." Nightwing says giving her a communicator.

"Thank you." She says giving an innocent smile. The trio goes into a pervy trance.

"Hehe, sure thing." Nightwing says.

Everyone sits in front of the TV with the trio.

"So what do we do as our first task as Titans?" Static asks.

"You could bring me, Wing and BB some soda." Cyborg tells him.

"Alright." Static goes to get them their drinks.

"What about me?" Isaac asks them.

"See that remote right there?" Nightwing asks him.


"Can you pass me it?"

"Sure, here you go. Is that it?" Isaac asks handing him the remote.

"Yup. Congarts, you've just accomplished your first Titans mission."

"Sweet. I'm going to like being a Titan."

"Right, a Titan. Welcome to the team guys!" Nightwing says making a toast as him, Beast Boy and Cyborg receive their drinks.

To Be Continued... I think.

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