Three Months after IQ's death:

Nightwing wonders around the Titans beach house. He see's the door to Firebolts (Browniej126's OC) room open. "Firebolt? What are doing here? Shouldn't you be out with you cool new friends?"

"What? They aren't even a team anymore. The werewolf dude is still M.I.A and IQ died." Firebolt told him.



"I can't believe it." Nightwing says looking towards the ground.

"I know, it was so unexpected too. The rookie is at least out looking for his killer." Firebolt answers.

"Let's celebrate!" Nightwing yells.

"What?" Firebolt looks at him.

"That homicidal little bastard caused me nothing but grief since he came into my life so this is the perfect reason to celebrate."

"So you're you will mourn the death of a mass murder like Bane, Killer Croc and the Joker but not for a guy who's only guilty of killing killers?"

"Yeah huh."

"... I'm... going to stay away from you for a while." Firebolt says as he slowly creeps away.

Meanwhile with Killua, we see him holding a note with an address up and looking at an Motel door. He shrugs and knocks on the door. A man dressed in a Witch Hunter uniform, similar to Solomon Kane, opens the door. He looks down at Killua and stares. He then closes the door. The sound of several locks can be heard. Killua kicks the door down. The man looks at Killua. "You'll pay for that. No seriously, that's coming out of your wallet." The man says.

"Are you Rex Samson?" Killua asks.

"Yeah, I'm Shaman's other OC. What of it?" Rex says.

"I went through IQs (My OC) belongings to find some one who can help me find his killer."

"Oh thank goodness. Here I thought you were at my door about to say I was your father."

"I think we're both grateful that isn't the case. So, can you help me find the killer or not?"

"I'll help you for two reasons. One, IQ was a good man. And two, because while you're not nearly as hot as the last person to break into my motel room you're still twice as nice." A flashback sequence of Rex and an unnamed Dominatrix in the middle of the motel room. "I'm sorry you had to see that flashback Killua."

"I feel violated." Killua said. The two leave that Motel and venture off into the world.

Elsewhere, Crom (My other OC) Sits in a dark Cathedral on a throne in the center of the room. On the floor before him was a little goth girl playing with a toy car.

"Vroom! Vroom! EERK! Splat! Oh no! Oh no! The fire! It's so painful! My flesh and the metal are becoming one! Goodbye cruel world!" The little girl said as she finished playing with her toy.

"Something's not right with that kid." Crom said his right hand man, A steal clad knight, nodded. One of Crom's rings began to glow. "Another? Vesmo (My OC), conjure something up to go after this one. I haven't the patience to go out today."

"Yes master!" The little girl saluted. She opened a portal and out crawled some abomination. Lean but humanoid, large but shaking at a constant speed, it looked more like a man whom has gone unfed for month. "It's a hamster." Vesmo said. Crom turned to the knight.

"Make sure it does its mission." He ordered. The knight nodded and left with the monster.

Elsewhere, Zeke (Sparten Warrior's OC) was attending his church and performing his responsibilities as a Priest. He was busy baptizing a newborn. Meanwhile, outside the church the creature smelled around picking up on the baby's sent. It burst down the doors and ran in, down the aisle and toward the baby. Zeke clung the baby close to him as the monster charged him and kicked the thing in its face.

The knight stood in the doorway, observing. The monster then throw one of the rows at Zeke. Zeke, still cling to the baby, contorted his body to narrowly avoid the empty row. He then noticed the monster loomed over him ready to deliver the final blow to Zeke and the baby he was holding. Zeke needed just one distraction and he would be able to retaliate.

A bullet then flies through the creatures striking arm causing it to grab it in pain and cancel the attack. Zeke took the opportunity and delivered a kick hard enough to spin the creature's head back while still on its neck. The creature looked at the Knight who was holding a smoking gun. It then dropped dead. Zeke and the knight looked at each other. Both of them nodded to one another and went their separate ways.

Back with Killua and Rex, the two are now in New York. "This is disgusting. I can actually feel the unpatriotic sleaze of this disgusting city oozing on to me. Still, at least it's not Florida." Rex says.

"True. Now Rex focus, we need to find leads to the orang- Where'd he go?" Killua asked himself as he saw Rex walking toward a man sitting at a cafe across the street. Rex walked up to a hipster wearing a Fidel Castro T-shirt and knocked the drink out of his hand while he was on the phone.

"What the f*** bro?" The hipster said.

"Don't call me bro, you and I are not bros!" Rex answers.

"What's the damage bro?"

"I don't like your unpatriotic T you commy loving, anti-freedom, lazy a**, Motherf***ing piece of s***!"

"Chill now bro, we're all cool here."

"No bro! We ain't cool bro! And call me bro once more and I may have to waste ya worst then the Mountain did to the Crimson Viper BRO!" Rex said as Killua came up behind him.

"What's going on?" Killua asked.

"Control your old man bro." The hipster said. Rex then grabs the guy by his collar.

"I'm not even that old! I'm only a couple of centuries old!" Rex yelled into the hipster's face. The Hipster then pulled out a gun and shot Rex in the gut. Rex backed up still clinging to the hipster but there were no injuries.

"That's the problem with shooting us immortals, you just piss us off." Rex said. He then tilted his head back thrusted it forward so hard that the hispters head popped open like a water balloon. The hipsters friends then come out of the shop. "They're multiplying. Quickly, waste them all." Rex said with a grin. Each hipster pulled out a gun and opened fire. Rex, while he would've gone unharmed by the bullets, still wished to avoid the pain and just used the corpse of the dead hipster as a shield cause he figured nobody would care.

"This. Is. GREAT!" Killua said as he sat back and watched the show. Rex reached the three hipsters and pushed two of them to the ground with the dead body. The thrid hipster, out of ammo, ran off. Rex grabbed the gun from the dead hipster and eliminated the one that was fleeing. He then unshaved his sword and ran it through one of the pinned hipsters. Finally, Rex widened his jaw and took a big bite out of the final hipsters throat. He gets up off the dead pile, puts sheathed his blade, and spat the Adam's apple out of his mouth. He then looked at the pile.

"America, love it, leave it or just live in it but never support our enemies. Drum circling p***ies." Rex said as he spat one more time before heading back to Killua. He took a seat next to Killua and rested.

"That was awesome! I've seen the great wall, I've seen what's under the ocean, I've even seen a grown man satisfy a velociraptor but I've never seen once in my life a man devour another man's throat to win a fight he already won." Killua said.

"Glad to have been a great show. Now let's get out of this city. Being on the grid makes me wanna kill the nearest living thing. Again." Rex got up and walked away while Killua gladly followed.

Back at The Titans beach house. Kat, Parker, and Susie (Beekaboo's OCs) went through what once was Isaac's room. Kat then found a camera. The three looked at it wondering what was on it. Over their heads were three little thought bubbles. Kat was thought the camera had kitten videos on it, Parker thought it was a self-made rap video,an Susie... Well I'm going to type that. Candie and Jinx (Issydragonheart's OCs) then walked in. "What are you three doing in here?" Candie happily asked.

"Oh just, reminiscing." Kat said as she held the camera up. Candie's face then turned red as she feared what could be on it. Kat then devilishly hooked it up to the TV and played the video. Isaac then popped up on-screen.

"Day fifteen of being on the Titans and I've already succeeded in my goal." Isaac said. The others looked at each other in confusion. "I have successfully injected each team member with nanobots to make sure that if any of them ever go bad they'll be going down." Everyone looked at the video. "Each nanomachine is ready to cripple the major joints and artery of each Titan. Judging by their brain pulse pattern, the speed of their heart rate and muscle movements, each machine will be ready to play its part if the time ever comes. Until then each one works to help heal the Titans and kills all colds and viruses. This has been the log of Isaac Quintain, day fifteen, and singing out." The video ended leaving everyone in silence.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but did he just say he basically poisoned us?" Kat asks.

"Eeyup." Susie answers. "Where are you going?" Susie ask Parker who has an evil aura around her.

"To reanimate IQ... and kill him." Parker answered as she walked out.

"Have fun." Candie happily yelled.

"You're awfully joyful for someone whose husband was murdered and just discovered he poisoned all of us." Jinx says.

"One, he told me about the nanobots from day one." Candie answered.

"You knew this whole time? Why didn't you say anything?"

"You never asked. Two, I know Isaac isn't really dead."

"What makes you think that?" Jinx asks. Candie lifts up her hand and points to a ring on it.

"If he was dead then the magic in this ring would flow out but it hasn't. He's probably out there just healing up." Candie said as she jumped onto his old bed.

Elsewhere, Crom sits on his throne while the knight stands before him. "Do you realize why I resurrected you IQ?" Crom asked.

"To serve you as an undying wraith hellbent on following your orders down to the letter." IQ answered.

"And what were my orders?"

"To have watched and made sure the beast did as it was brought here to do. You never said anything about letting it die." Isaac said with a smirk coming across his pale face.

"I see you'll need to be disciplined. Vesmo, the portal." Crom orders as Vesmo opens a portal. "Come mister Quintain. We have much work to do." Crom said as they entered the portal.

TO BE oh you know already.