Chapter 16

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Epilogue: Eternity

After Caroline had admitted her feelings for Klaus things seemed to fall into place. They went skating despite that Kol kept mocking them. Until Bonnie had made him go skating. Only to find out that Kol wasn't the best skater. In fact that he was worse then Elijah. Klaus had never been more happier to have Caroline by his side. It took a while for William to come around to the idea of Klaus and Caroline being together only because he was afraid that Klaus would hurt his daughter. He wasn't the happiest father when Klaus had come to him asking for his daughter's hand in marriage. He knew that Klaus was being respectful and was grateful that Klaus had asked him. He decided to allow it seeing how Caroline was happy. And if she was happy he was happy. Klaus and Caroline had got married near the tree where Klaus and his family had carved their names into the tree. Caroline did carved her name into the tree as well. Making Klaus quite happy. Rebekah and Matt were courting at the time when this all went on. The eventually left New Orleans and went to London with the rest of his family. Klaus and Caroline were talking and standing with one another outside. Kol on the other hand was standing looking at his new sister in law. He was shocked to find that his brother could love. And even more that it was her. A duster came in his face and shook his head glaring at the person who had brushed it in his face. But found that it was Bonnie who gave him a seductive smile. He smirked about to follow her. When Stefan cut him off.

"Well Kol, i told you that Lady Caroline would bring the better man out of Klaus didn't i?" Kol rolled his eyes.

"Oh no you didn't i told you." Kol said. Stefan glared at him.

"No i told you." Kol shook his head.

"No i told you."

"No! i told you." Stefan said. Kol shoved him back.

"Oh you most certainly did not ripper."

"I did too." Stefan shoved him back. Kol grabbed a glass and hit him in the face.

"Oh it's on Salvatore." He said. Kol tackled Stefan to the ground. They both growled at one another before throwing a punch or two.

"I believe it was i that told you all that Lady Caroline would bring Niklaus back with his humanity." Kol and Stefan froze and looked at Elijah standing there before they glanced at one another.

"Yeah, i think he's right." Damon said walking pass them wobbling because he was slightly drunk. Stefan shook his head.

"Damon your going to head into the- There was a crash and Damon was knocked to the ground and fell into the fountain. Stefan shook his head. "Tell me where he gets the drinks?" He asked. Elijah had Elena on his arm as they watched them leave. Kol went after Bonnie who had gone back to her chamber. Elena glanced to Klaus and Caroline as they walked outside onto the balcony.

"He really does seem happier Elijah." Elena said. She realized that she had called him by his name. "Ah i apologize my lord." He shook his head.

"Nonsense, you may call me that Elena if you wish." Elena smiled and nodded.


Caroline looked out over the stars before glancing at Klaus who gave her a smile. He reached into his pocket and took her hand.

"This has always been something i had meant to get you that day at the ball." He said. She opened her hand to find a bracelet.

"A bracelet." She smiled. "It's beautiful, but you didn't have to get me anything." She said. He shook his head.

"This bracelet i got from a princess almost as beautiful as you." She raised an eyebrow. "What's so special about it is that the princess gave it to me and told me to give to the someone i love. i took it because it was her dying wish. But i never thought that i would give to anyone because i never thought that i could love. Until now." She stared at him before she moved to kiss him.

"I love you," She said. He smiled.

"As i love you Caroline." She smiled.

"I suppose this means that we have an eternity together." He nodded.

"And i would be honored to show you the world Lady Caroline." She smiled.

"Oh why thank Lord Niklaus." She mocked. She pressed her lips to his. As they began their eternity together.

The End

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