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"Forgetting the Past"

Duo peeked out the bathroom door just to see Heero glaring at him *again*.

"Duo. I already told you a billion times. IT. WILL. BE. OK.!" Heero complained, annoyed.

"What if she doesn't like me? What if... what if she doesn't accept you know?"

Heero frowned, "You and all your 'what if's.' Come on, Duo. Come out of the bathroom. You look real good and you'll be fine if you will just be yourself ok?"

Duo stared at Heero for a few more seconds before popping back into the bathroom. Heero sighed. It was going to be impossible to get him to go downstairs, not mentioning that also a very long day too. His mother was coming back from a long business trip, and Heero had barely convinced Duo to stay for dinner so that he could be properly presented. They had been together for months now, and Heero was desperately wanting to show Duo to his mother and have their wedding arranged as soon as possible.

"DUO! It's like been 3 hours since you've gone in there, and I want you out of there right NOW!" Heero growled at the bathroom door.

After a few seconds, the chestnut braided head popped back out of the door and looked up at Heero sheepishly.

"Heero~ Does this shirt look ok on me?" Duo asked.

Sigh. "YES, Duo, EVERYTHING in this world looks good on you. Are you ready to go?"

Heero was practically begging by now.

"Gosh, Heero. I am so scared, I..." Duo looked down in shame.

Heero sighed once again and walked over to Duo and pulled him into his arms and hugged him tightly. He smiled into the chestnut hair.

"Look, Duo, I think you're taking this much too seriously. My mother will really like you, I am very sure, ok?"

"But...you know. You are a prestigious family, rich and powerful. I am just some penniless street rat / orphan. I practically have nothing to show off to your mother."

Duo looked down at his feet. Heero looked at the beautiful boy standing in front of him and wondered what in the world there was to be ashamed of. To his eyes, Duo was perfection itself.

"What does it matter, Duo? Why would looks, money, and social class matter, if you are so perfect and beautiful to me, ne? Come on Duo, please smile and let's make this meeting a memorable one, ok?" Heero urged Duo to look up at him.

Duo slowly looked up at Heero and managed a little smile.

"Ok, Heero. Just for you, ok?"

"Ok, Duo. Thank you so much." Heero smiled back and held Duo by the waist and both went down to the first floor to wait for Mrs. Iris Yuy.



The once again united son and mother hugged each other and stood there at the entrance of the mansion for what seemed to be an eternity. Duo looked down at his feet, feeling sad and lonely for he had never gotten a chance to be hugged by a mother, or a father even. He looked up to steal one more glance at the two.

/I'd give anything in this world... anything to be hugged like that by a mother./

Duo smiled to himself at the thought and waited silently. He jumped in surprise when he heard the woman's sweet voice.

"So who is this young man, or young lady?" Iris Yuy asked directing her glance at the skinny but graceful boy standing there with a very uneasy look on his face.

"Young man, mother. His name is Duo Maxwell. Remember? I talked to you about him on the phone last time and I told you I'd present him to you."

"Why, yes! I remember you telling me about the boy. How do you do, Duo?"

The woman smiled sweetly and kindly at the boy and tried to make the situation a bit more comfortable for the boy. Duo's legs were trembling noticeably and Heero couldn't force back a smirk.

"I... I... I'm very p..pleased to meet you Mrs. Iris Yuy.. I.." Duo sighed in defeat. He couldn't do it. He simply couldn't, and he knew he making a complete fool out of himself right there and then.

What surprised Duo though, was the answer that the woman who he thought would be stern as a bamboo stick ended up being such a gentle person, that he was even more shocked.

"Why, what a nice voice you have, Duo! And you look like such a sweet person. I'd really like to get to know you better because I have been told by Heero that you two have some kind of relationship going on!" Iris beamed at the boy that looked very surprised at her reaction.

"Oh, mother. He's just real nervous right now and he thinks it's such a big deal that he is getting to meet Mrs. Iris Yuy, the president of Yuy Enterprises, and one of the richest people in the whole world. Really, believe me mom, he's NOT shy at all." Heero said sarcastically. Duo glared at him quickly but resumed his "shy boy" appearance when he felt Iris's eyes on him.

"Why don't we go and have dinner and resume talking! I feel bad making us all stand here for so long. Let's go, Heero, and help Duo for his legs are shaking so much that I really doubt he'll make it to the dinner table!" Iris laughed and started walking towards the dining room.

Duo just gaped at the woman and stood there with a dumb expression on his face. He turned beet red when he looked at Heero smirking big time at him.

"Come on Duo. See? My mom¡¯s a wonderful person. I told you it would be all be fine. Let's go eat now, ok?"

The three sat down at the large table. Heero and his mother went straight to talking about her business trip and commented on how things were going on in the enterprises and the relationships with other companies. Duo just sat there picking at his food, wanting to say so many things, but not knowing whether they were appropriate or not.

/What if she thinks I'm a stupid idiot? What if... she doesn't like me.../

Duo popped out from his thoughts when he heard his name out of somewhere.

"Duo, darling, why aren't you eating? Is the food not good? Would you like something else?" Iris asked kindly to the boy.

"Uh..no, Mrs. Yuy. Really, I'm fine. I'm just... not very hungry..." Duo said meekly.

"Where in the world did you meet such a sweet and pretty boy, Heero?" Iris asked her son.

Heero looked over at Duo. Duo was all eyes and ears when the topic that he feared would come up finally came up. He looked at Heero nervously, but all Heero did was smile gently at him and gave him a nod of assurance.

"He is an orphan, mom. His parents died when he was 7, so he barely remembers them at all. He was then adopted by a church priest, and there he was raised. When he was 11, the church got burnt down by a group of renegades. He came back from a trip to the ice cream shop, and he was greeted by a pile of ruins and ashes. From then on, he has lived in the streets all alone for 5 years." Heero told his mother.

/This is it. She's going to hate me. Poor, miserable orphan, she'll think./ Duo told himself in his mind.

Iris's eyes were watering. She looked at the boy, not pitifully, but in a gentle and caring manner. "How terrible, Duo. How did you manage all those years out in the streets?"

"He did everything from shoe shining to washing cars and... well..." Heero glanced at Duo.

"Prostitution." Duo finished off Heero¡¯s sentence bravely, but in a very ashamed tone.

Iris gasped.

"Oh... I... oh, lord. That's terrible Duo. Heero, honey, did you take him to the doctor for a check up? What if he is hurt or something!" Iris said, alarmed.

'I did, mother, but the doctor said the injuries were minor, luckily. He was very weak and basically almost dead when I met him at the coffee shop one day. He was serving me orange juice but spilled it all over my clothing." Heero smiled to himself at the memory of their first meeting. Duo just looked down at his sweaty hands.

"The owner of the shop was really angry, and fired Duo right away. Duo begged on his knees, but the owner basically picked him up and threw him out the door. I was so shocked at the brutality of the owner that I followed Duo out the door. I saw him barely pull himself up to an upright position and looked up at me. That's when I knew I would never fall in love with anybody else in the world." Heero said smiling to his mother.

"Why, he does have beautiful amethyst eyes. I've never seen purple eyes before in my life." Iris replied.

"Well, anyways, Duo said he was very sorry and then turned around to leave. I stopped him and invited him over to our house to have tea or something. And well, that's when it all started I guess." Heero ended his story and looked over at Duo, who was glaring daggers at his hands.

"I... I really am not very proud of my past, Mrs. Yuy. I understand perfectly if you think it's disgusting and want me to leave. I really, never thought I'd be a match for you son. Really." Duo said in almost an inaudible whisper.

Iris stared at the boy in shock and said, "Oh, no, Duo! I never said that! In fact, I'm very pleased to have you here. I respect all kinds of people, and please stay with us by all means," she quickly added, "I'd be very happy if you would stay with my son forever, since you two seem to like each other very much."

All Duo could do was to gape at the woman with a very shocked look on his face.

"Mrs. Yuy..."

"Oh, no more useless babbling, Duo. Really, just by looking at your face, I can tell you are a very honest and modest person. If you were available for adoption, why, I'd have already adopted you a long time ago." Iris winked at the boys with a very happy face.

"Well, boys, we'll talk about this more in depth tomorrow. I'm quite tired from the long trip and I will go to my room now. I'll see you in the morning. Oh, and it's been a pleasure meeting you, Duo. I hope we will get to know each other better and that you¡¯ll be able to talk to me as if I was your mother."

Iris nodded to her son and then left towards her room. Heero looked at Duo and smiled.

"Duo? Are you ok?" Heero asked, worried at Duo's quietness.

"Gosh, Heero. I can see where you got your wonderful personality from. She's, really, an amazing woman. I envy you, Heero." Duo said sadly.

Heero felt his heart ache as Duo said that to him in a sad tone. He walked over to Duo and held him tightly in his arms and buried his face into Duo's soft hair. He just stayed there, hugging Duo as if his life would leave him if he let go. Duo just sighed peacefully and leaned into Heero's broad chest.

"Duo, it's really been a long day. For both of us. Let's go get some sleep and we'll talk about more in the morning, as my mom said, ok?" Heero told Duo as he rubbed his back gently.

"Ok." Duo answered, quietly.

They both went to the room they shared and climbed into the huge king size bed. If it had been another day, their nightly love making sequence would have occurred, but really, it had been a long day. Many things had happened. Duo leaned into Heero's embrace and closed his eyes. The two boys thought quietly and kept all comments to themselves and finally, sleep settled into the room like an invisible mist.

"You must convince him, Estella," the stern voice ordered.

"But father, I don't even know him. I've never met him! Heck, I don¡¯t even know how old he is exactly. You know how Iris Yuy keeps her personal life in absolute privacy," the girl replied.

"That doesn't matter! The point here, is that her son is not married, and the Yuy enterprises are very valuable to me and my company. If we can get you two to get married, the enterprises will automatically come into our hands," Harold Peacecraft said in a greedy tone.

The girl sighed.

"Look, father. We are very wealthy right now, and I don't understand why you are trying to this! You are forcing me to get some guy that I don't even know to marry me. Aren't you being unfair?" Estella complained.

"Why would what you think matter!?" Harold growled.

The girl looked at her angry father, shocked.

"The point here, is to bring down the Yuy Enterprises, and make all that be ours. What you like and what you don't doesn't matter. Relena Estella Peacecraft. I work hard to maintain us, and this is how you thank me?" the father retorted, glaring at his daughter.

"... no, father. I'm really, very sorry. I will try my best," she replied.

"I'll bring down that family and their power. I swear it to God. I swear it..."

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