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"Forgetting the Past" (Chapter 5)

"Did you prepare everything?" Heero asked, nervously.

"Yes, Mr. Yuy. Everything is ready for tonight."

Heero closed his eyes and sighed. It had been such a tiring week. He was preparing to help out the police attack the brothel that Duo was in right now. Heero had never been nervous about anything in his life. But right now, this instant, he was so nervous, he could hear his heart thumping.

Two soft and gentle hands gripped his shoulders from behind. Heero looked up at stunning, sapphire blue eyes looking at him worriedly.


"Son. Are you sure you have to do this tonight? It's so dangerous, and well, you don't seem to be in good conditions." Iris sighed and brushed away some bangs from Heero's face.

"I'm sure, mother. I really have to go tonight. I can't sleep thinking about what Duo's doing there, and what they are doing to him. It drives me crazy. I have to get him out of there as soon as possible." Heero looked at their wedding picture. "You understand, right?"

Iris couldn't help but smile at her son's words.

"Of course I understand, Heero. I have never gone against anything you've ever wanted in your life. I don't plan to either. I am just worried, that's all."

Heero smiled at his mother.

"I have to go now, I am so sorry I can't help out on this mission, but I have so many things to take care of. I wanted to tell you this sooner, but things have been in a mess, and I haven't had time to tell you this." Iris looked at her son.

"Harold Peacecraft's dead, Heero. Plane crash."

Heero's expression showed no emotion, but he did look a bit stunned. Then, his expression turned to one of anger and hate.

"He shouldn't have died. I wanted to personally get revenge for what he has done to our family. For what he has done to Duo. He has made him suffer so much." Heero growled.

"Oh, Heero. Drop it now. It's over now. He's dead, everything's over. You mustn¡¯t think that way. I really have to go, I'll be back soon though. I'll come and help as soon as possible."

Iris walked over to Heero and hugged him tightly and kissed him on the cheek.

"Please, be careful, and good luck. Please bring dear Duo back home."

"I promise mom, I promise."

"Everything in order?"

"Yes, commander! We can charge any second now."

"Did you check the surroundings? How's the security?"
"Tight, but then, not impossible to go through."

"Go, go, go!"

The police officers all charged through the gates of the huge place, fighting with guards and others. They had the place completely surrounded. When the coast was clear, Heero charged in, backed up with a couple of men. He searched around frantically for the purple eyes beauty.

A voice growled angrily.

"What is this? What has gotten into you people?" the manager barked angrily.

"You have the right to remain silent, Mr. Chang. Anything you say will be used against you in court," the police officer aimed a gun at the manager.

"So it's the boy that brings you here, Mr. Yuy," the man smirked.

Heero watched in horror as a figure with long chestnut brown hair appeared from behind, apparently not aware of what was going on. The manager laughed at his luck and reached out and grabbed Duo roughly by the neck. A very drunk Duo gasped in surprised and started to squirm.

"So, who do we have here? Why, isn't it Amerith. The boy that attracted all this mess."

Heero glared at the man and ordered, "Let him go."

"Why have you come here? What rights have you to do this?" the manager demanded.

"You have bought men against their will, Mr. Chang. You have used their bodies against their will. You have made them do things that were against their wills. That's all against the law, Mr. Chang. The police have the right to arrest you. Now would you please..."

The manager glared a 'shut-up' at the police officer and with his free hand took out a gun and aimed it straight at Duo's head.

Heero gasped and stifled a cry.

"No...please...don't do this," Heero begged.

"Stupid people. I suggest you leave this place immediately.

Duo started to slowly wake up and sense reality. There was a strong dizziness and confusion in his brain, but he tried to shake it away. He gasped and almost sobbed when he saw what was happening. He squirmed.


Heero snapped back into reality from his own deep thoughts and looked at Duo.


Duo started to cry.

"Oh, Heero. What are you doing here? What's going on? Please, just go!"

Heero smiled at Duo.

"I'm here now. There's absolutely nothing to worry about now..."

The manager shook Duo's head harshly and bellowed out angrily.

"I clearly ordered for you people to get out of here immediately. If you don't do out in the next few seconds, I'll blow his brains out of his..." the man looked at Heero in surprise.

Heero dropped to his knees and cried as he spoke.

"Please, sir. Please let him go. He's my fiance, we're married. I have been looking for him for a year now. You don't know how much I looked for him. You don't know how long I've waited. Please don't do this to us... please." Heero begged sorrowfully.

Duo sobbed, "Heero...no..."

The man smirked and aimed his gun at Heero's head.

"No! Heero!" Duo slammed his elbow into the manager's stomach. The man groaned in pain and let go of Duo's neck. Duo immediately ran towards Heero. Heero stood up quickly and hugged Duo tightly.

"Come Duo, let's get out of here!"

Heero grabbed Duo's hand and pulled him towards the exit. The manager growled angrily and threw a smoke bomb to the floor. The police officers gasped in surprise and tried to find the man, but the smoke concealed him from their sight.

Heero and Duo were having a hard time finding the exit. They seemed to be running around in circles and not getting anywhere. Heero sighed in frustration.

"Duo, let's stay here and wait quietly until the smoke settles down, ok?"
Duo whispered back, "Ok, Heero."

Heero smiled and hugged him tightly. Duo rested his chin on Heero's shoulder. He felt so safe now. Then he suddenly noticed something glint in the middle of the smoke. He gasped in horror at the realization of what it was.

"Heero! Get away!"

Duo pushed Heero away from him to the floor.



Duo gasped in pain as the bullet buried itself deeply in his left shoulder. He stumbled backwards and fell onto the floor with a thump. Heero scrambled over to Duo and carefully held him in his arms. He started to cry.

"Duo.. no... why in the world?"

Duo looked up at Heero and smiled.

"I love you so much..."

The manager grinned and looked down at the two figures with a proud look on his face. He lifted his gun and pointed the tip straight at Heero's head.

Heero didn't even notice.

"Duo, you're so stupid. That bullet was meant for me. Why'd you do that? Awww, man, you're bleeding so much. The smoke will settle down. Hang in there... please... don't leave me now when I have finally found you." Heero sobbed and sobbed and let his tears fall onto Duo's face.

Duo lifted his hand from the floor weakly and tried to brush away Heero's tears from his face. He looked at Heero sadly.

"Don't cry, Heero. Why are you crying? We're together now." Duo managed a weak smile.

Heero sniffled and hugged Duo tightly. The dark blood started to seep into Heero's white shirt.

The hand that was holding the gun was shaking slightly.

"Do you know how long I waited for this moment Duo? God, one whole year, wasted completely. It was supposed to be such a wonderful year. We had just gotten married... everything was going to be so perfect..."

Duo closed his eyes and sighed, "I know, Heero, I know..."

The manager tried to shake away his emotions and tried to pull the trigger.

/Did I cause so much pain? So much sadness? Did the things I have been doing until now, cause so much sorrow?/

The gun slipped out of his hands and dropped onto the floor.

Heero started to cry when Duo lost consciousness.

"Wake up... wake up Duo... I'm here... please wake up... " Heero shook Duo gently and begged.

The smoke finally settled down and the frantic police finally found their target. The manager didn't fight back when the officers held him tightly from behind and handcuffed his wrists. He looked back at the two lovers one last time before he was dragged away.

The ambulance sirens could be heard. They seemed to sound somewhat distant to Heero though. The only thing he concentrated on hearing, was the weak heartbeat of Duo.

Duo slowly opened his eyes. Darkness and the smell of hospital greeted him. He waited quietly while his eyes focused and adjusted to the darkness of the room. He looked around. He was hooked up to a life support system, and an IV was inserted in his arm. He watched the dark blood drip from the bag and flow into him.

He tried to move his arm and gasped in surprise when it hit something.


Heero woke up and yawned. He rubbed his eyes and tried to see what was going on. He jumped from his seat and snapped awake when he saw Duo's open eyes.


Duo managed a smile.

"Oh my God, Duo. You're awake. You're awake!"

Heero smiled happily and sat back down. He reached out and held Duo's hand gently and looked at his eyes lovingly.

"I got knocked out huh..." Duo whispered.

Heero nodded sadly, but smiled once again.

"When we brought you here, you had lost so much blood that the doctors thought you wouldn't make it. After hours of operation they finally stabilized your heartbeat and managed to keep you breathing." Heero replied with a sigh.

"You were out for three whole days."

Duo looked down at Heero's hand.

"You look terrible, Heero. You really need to rest," Duo whispered again, concerned.

/He looks so pale and tired.../

"Oh, no. I'm never leaving you. Not again. I'm too scared to leave you now. We're together once again, and this time, it's forever."

Duo smiled again. He was so happy. He was so happy he survived. He was so happy Heero had come back for him. He was so happy they were here, together like they were meant to be.

Heero leaned forward and laid his head on the bed beside Duo's. They looked at each other's eyes for a long time before both drifted off to sleep.

"Duo!" Iris ran over to Duo and hugged him so tightly that Duo had to struggle to breathe.

"Mom! He's still weak, be careful!" Heero teased.

Iris gasped and apologized.

"Oh, Duo. I feel so bad for not having been able to be there for you. Are your injuries bad? Are you ok now? Heero, you took him to the best hospital right?" Iris asked a billion questions, concerned.

Duo smiled and said, "Yes, Mrs. Yuy. I'm fine now. A little weak but I'm feeling much better."

Duo suddenly remembered and asked quietly and seriously.

"How are the enterprises, Mrs. Yuy?"

Iris looked at Duo, surprised by the question.

"Why, hasn't Heero told you? Harold Peacecraft died about 3 weeks ago. His company went into the hands of his only daughter Estella Peacecraft. She's such a sweet and kind girl. She gave us back what is ours, and everything has been solved." Iris smiled warmly.

"Yeah, Duo. I should have told you earlier, but you weren't in conditions for talking that much. Thank you for all this, really. It's all thanks to you. You managed to get Harold to back off from our enterprises for a while. Not in the best of ways, but, I won't mention anything related to that. You are the real hero of this house." Heero smirked.

Duo blushed at the joke. He smiled sweetly at Heero.

Iris beamed at the two and sighed happily.

/This is how it should have been for a year./

"Look boys, I'll go and wash. Get yourselves ready for lunch, ok? We'll talk more later."

"Yes mom."

Iris left to her room and Heero just stood there, looking at the beautiful boy standing in front of him. Duo yawned.

Heero smiled and hugged Duo.

"Lean on my shoulder. You must be tired. You're not completely healed, you should go back to rest."

"I know Heero, I know. I will in a minute."

Heero breathed in the rich scent of apple shampoo from Duo's long hair. He stroked it and loved the feeling of the silkiness and softness.


"Yes, Duo?"

"Do you think I should cut my hair again?"

Heero tensed for a while but continued to stroke the strands.

"Why would you want to do that, Duo?"

"I don't know, Heero. I remember the time I cut if off the first time. It was to help me forget."

"Yes, I remember Duo."

"Well, I was thinking... do you think it will help me in forgetting the past once again?"

Heero closed his eyes and thought about what Duo's words.

"Why, I don't know Duo. Would it really help you? If you think it will really help, I'm not against it. You look wonderful either way."

Duo giggled.

"I'll cut it again. When I'm strong enough to go out, I'll go cut it again."

"Sure, whatever you say, Duo."

Heero pushed away and looked straight into the beautiful amethyst eyes. He leaned forward and kissed Duo softly on the lips. Duo kissed back. When they parted, Heero planted a soft kiss on Duo's forehead.

"Let's go, Duo. Time to go rest for a while."

Duo smiled.



"I love you."

Heero smiled lovingly and kissed him again on the forehead.

"Me too, Duo. Me too. And this time, we will live together side by side forever and ever. I won't let anything get in our way ever again."

"I promise."


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