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My Bioshock story has gained a pretty decent sized fan-base and it has given me the incentive to post another that I have chipped away at for some time now. The idea of crossing InFamous and Rosario Vampire is pretty steep. Trying to fuse the two together so that it's not just a good read but also makes sense will take a lot of careful planning. Especially since a quite a few things will probably have to be changed in order to make everything fit.

One of those changes, that I'm going to tell you right now, is being made to the timeline. In InFamous, the Beast arrived one month after the events of the first game. I'm altering that so things will bleed together properly as we go from the end of the first game, through the first season of R.V. and into the second game.

This is also an OC story, because to be honest...I always thought Tsukune was kind of a wuss. If your a fan of the anime then you probably know what I'm talking about when I say that. But aside from that most of the storyline will be the same, just with a few decent changes to make it original and entertaining.

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My name is Michael Macgrath, and I was just your average kid living in Empire City with my brother Cole. Life was simple, going to school, hanging out with Cole, his girlfriend Trish and his best friend Zeke. And having a job as a courier along side my brother.

Then, everything changed.

A simple delivery went to hell when the package me and Cole were delivering literally exploded. The blast wiping out five square blocks and killing thousands.

And at the center of the blast...was us.

Alive...but changed.

The blast had given us extraordinary powers. We could control electricity, and over time we learned to harness it. While at the same time, the US government had locked down the whole city in a quarantine.

Everything had gone to hell. Other people with powers started showing up and began tearing the place apart. Cole and I both realised that we couldn't just sit by and let things collapse. We fought the gangs, and the other powered beings. Taking back the city a block at a time until the streets were safe again.

Along the way trying to discover who had given us the damn package...and why. Hell, even Cole's best friend Zeke turned his back on us and tried to get powers of his own.

In the end, we found the one responsible.

Kessler...A man with powers like our own had planted a device known as the Ray Sphere that started it all. He explained everything to us through a vision of the future.

A Beast is coming. A monster that only we had the power to defeat. Provided that we were strong and ready to face him.

Despite the city believing us to be terrorists, the gangs trying to kill us, and people with powers similar to ours called Conduits, we managed to track Kessler down to where it all began.

Our journey was long, harsh, and we suffered losses. We lost Trish...Kessler forcing Cole to make a choice between her life and the lives of several doctors. All we could do was press onward, and make Kessler pay of everything he had done.

The two of us were hard pressed against the more experienced Conduit. Kessler was tough, but he was far from unstoppable. After a fight that completely drained us, we stood over the fallen man. Then we heard him say something that shocked us both to the core.

He said, 'Trish...I love you. Please forgive me.'

In the next moment he was on us, his hands digging into our faces as Kessler's memories were forced into our minds like before.

As his secrets played out, Cole and I began to understand. We saw his nemesis, the Beast intent on destroying all life. When it all began Kessler could have used his powers to stop it, instead he fled with his family. Leaving the innocent people behind to fend for themselves against it.

They were hunted for years, Kessler and his family watched as the world burned around them until there was almost nothing left. And by then it was too late. To fight, to save anyone.

In that moment of failure, Kessler used his newest and most dangerous power. He went on a one way trip back in time long before anything had occurred. Attempting to rewrite history, Kessler seized control of the First Sons and accelerated the Ray Sphere's development by multiple years.

He planned everything. The blast, the quarantine, finding Cole and me. He thought about everything and had a plan for every step.

Yet the one thing that drove that man forward, his sole link to the past he came from, was a picture from his wedding day.

...When he married Trish. Zeke as his best man, and me and Trish's sister Amy all standing with them.

My brain couldn't comprehend what we had seen. It was hard to accept, and I knew Cole couldn't swallow it either. The fact that Cole and Kessler were one and the same nearly put me in limbo. Kessler had come back in time to make Cole into what he wasn't. The savior of the world he had failed to be. Going as far as to kill the woman they both loved to make sure he couldn't get tied down by emotions and focus on the task ahead.

To prepare him for the Beast and to be ready to make impossible choices.

Then he fell back...dead. His final message...Cole's final message burned into our minds. We looked down at Cole's future self, and turned away. Rage boiling in our hearts at what that man had done to us, done to countless others. We hated him with every part of our beings.

But in the end, we both knew that when the time came we would be ready.

And we would be ready from the choices 'we' make, not what is expected of us. And unlike Kessler we would save everyone and ensure that no one else had to suffer like we had.

Two weeks had passed since Kessler's demise. Empire City was on the slow track to recovery now that the quarantine was lifted. Cole and I took to the streets, moping up the last of the assholes that still tried to cause trouble.

Zeke joining us in an attempt to reclaim the trust and respect he had lost from the both of us. My brother was still at a crossroads when it came to their friendship, and Trish's death still weighed heavily on his thoughts. But he pressed on, putting one foot in front of the other like the rest of us as we tried to get our lives back to some sense of normality. All the while preparing for the Beasts arrival.

I'm only 16, and yet I've been through enough shit to last a lifetime...but apparently not enough. Fate, as it would seem, had one last curveball to throw my way.

X Empire City - 2 Weeks After Quarantine X

The streets below were relatively quiet for this time of day. But considering the fact that most of the populace of the city was hard at work repairing their homes and businesses it didn't come as a surprise.

Gang activity had dropped to only a handful of incidents every other day, Conduits had stopped showing up, and everything seemed to be going back to life as usual.

Though the pain and terror that was birthed from the Ray Sphere explosion and the nearly two months of urban warfare would leave a deep seeded scar on the city. And everyone that called it home.

On top of one of the many buildings. Mike looked down from his perch on the edge of the rooftop as the people down below went about their business. It was hard to believe that not that long ago they were throwing rocks and spitting curses and death threats at him and his brother for being a part of the disaster.

Now they all looked at them like they were gods. True superheros that had delivered them from the darkness that nearly swallowed them all whole. Because of the sacrifices that the two brothers had made, they would live to see another day. Living happy lives as they bore the guilt and regret of the actions that they had to take.

The teen rubbed his face, he hadn't slept in almost a day. Constantly patrolling up and down the Neon District because of reports of possible gang activity. Though the real reason was that he didn't want to head back to the so called 'base' that Cole and Zeke set up.

Their rooftop hideaway with make-shift generators, unfinished inventions, old worn out furniture, and a wall of cracked tvs with different channels running all at once.

A small gust of wind picked up and caused his spiked, dirty-blonde hair to sway a little. His outfit consisting of faded jeans with rips in the knees, black converse sneakers, and a black long-sleeved shirt under a dark blue t-shirt.

Strapped across his back was a single strap backpack that was grey with blue trim containing various pieces of equipment that he would need while he was out and about. A slightly banged up phone in a pocket in the packs strap for easy access when someone called.

Deciding to call his little excursion a bust, the teen's arms lit up as yellow volts of electricity arched along his frame. Throwing himself off the edge of the building and sending bolts out of his palms to help him glide through the air toward the nearest powerline where he began 'grinding' along the cables using only his powers and his feet.

People within a certain radius looked up and began cheering as they saw one of their heros sliding along the powerlines above. The teen paying them no mind as he headed for home.

Having to jump to a different line ever now and again, Mike leapt off the last one he was one and latched on to the pipe on the side of a building. Using the parkour skills his brother had showed him as he expertly climbed the pipes upward. Using window-sills to help propel him up faster as he reached the rooftop.

"Hay 'little brother'!" Zeke called from one of the couches facing the wall of tvs. "Catch anyone today?"

"Nothing at all." Mike replied dropping his pack by a nearby armchair before flopping down into it. Zeke Dunbar had been friends with Cole damn near forever. The chubby man being almost like a third brother in their little family.

There was still a good deal of mistrust and averise among them, Zeke's betrayal leaving the Macgrath brothers feeling like they didn't even know the man anymore. But he was doing everything in his power to make it up to them, saying he would do anything to have his two brothers back.

Zeke looked at the younger Macgrath and lowered his sunglasses, "Christ Mike...you look like you're about ready to drop. When was the last time you slept?"

"What day is it?" asked the teen.

"Wednesday...No, wait it's Thursday." the man replied.

"I slept for about three hours on Tuesday night." said Mike leaning back in his chair as exhaustion started to grab hold of him. "Where's Cole?"

Zeke stretched, "Out and about. Said something about hunting down the last of the First Sons on the other side of the city. Should be back anytime now." his response was silence. "Mike?" he looked over and saw the teen fast asleep.

Standing, the chubby man grabbed a wool blanket from a storage container under a desk and covered Mike with it. "Sleep tight, little brother. You more than deserve it." he said as he watched the teen's peaceful expression. Guilt rising up in his chest as he turned and sat back down. Running a hand through his Elvis-style hair as past events haunted him.

"I'll make everything up to you guys...if it's the last thing I do." he vowed before going back to watching the news.

Roughly an hour later he heard electric discharge before the sound of feet hitting the rooftop rang out. "Welcome home, brother!" Zeke called out. Cole came around, tossing his courier jacket aside leaving him in his black and yellow pants and a white t-shirt.

"Everything here okay?" asked the Conduit sitting down next to his friend.

"All's quiet here. And from the look of the news things seemed to be pretty okay." said Zeke.

Cole nodded and looked at the armchair where Mike was still out like a light. "How long's he been out?" he asked.

"About an hour. Poor kid's been running himself into the ground these last few days. I'm surprised he hasn't dropped sooner." Zeke replied looking up at his best friend who was watching his younger brother with several emotions in his eyes. "Something on your mind, brother?"

A sigh escaped his lips, "Everything. But I'm worried about him." he said motioning to Mike. "I'm his older brother, it was my job to protect him. And look at everything that happened. Shit, even I'm having trouble coming to grips with it all." his grey-blue eyes locking on a scar on his little brother's face. An angry pink line running through his eyebrow just above his left eyebrow.

It wasn't the only one the teen had. Cole himself had a pretty good collection after all the fights they had been in while trying to take back Empire City from the scum on the streets. All the while dealing with other Conduits that constantly made things more difficult.

The older Macgrath was snapped out of his musings when a hand shook his shoulder. "None of it was your fault, Cole." said Zeke honestly. "And Mike was there with you every step of the way. He's stubborn as hell and nothing can keep him down. Wonder where he get's that crazy shit from?" he said grinning.

Both men chuckled as they settled into silence. But Cole's mind was still running millions of miles a second. "I ran into someone over in the Historic District." he said after a few moments and getting Zeke's attention. "The guy knew me, but I never once met him in my life."

"What did he look like?" asked the chubby man.

"Wore a long, white ceremonial robe with a hood. I almost shot him with precision bolt thinking that he was a Reaper-Conduit. But when he said my name it stopped be cold." Cole explained. "But the guy...he just felt off. There was something about him that put me on edge and I just couldn't explain why."

Zeke scratched his chin. "Start from the beginning, Cole. What exactly happened?"

Cole took a deep breath as he started explaining;

X Flashback X

The still active streets surrounding the ruins of the Historical District of Empire City were relatively silent. A few people milled around, but no sign of anything out of the ordinary.

Cole's sharp eyes scanned for enemies. Ever since Kessler had been killed the remnants of the First Sons went underground, but the Conduit couldn't shake the feeling that they were still prowling around somewhere. Their leader may have been put down, and most of their facilities had been destroyed, but they probably still had a few resources up their sleeves.

Checking his watch and seeing how late it was getting, Cole decided to call it a day and head back to the hideout. Using his static thrusters to launch him from the rooftop he had been standing on and on to another before setting off in a sprint.

Leaping from building to building as he made his way back toward the bridge leading to the Neon District.

He stopped suddenly when he came across the sight that still plagued him. The crater, caused from the Ray Sphere explosion that started it all. His gaze looking over the ruins of the once vibrant district that had turned into nothing more than ghosts and ashes.

Movement caught his attention. Someone wearing all white was standing on the elevated plateau in the center of the large crater.

Cole clenched his fists, blue electricity crackling over his knuckles as he ran toward the site. Launching himself into the air and hovering toward the ravaged part of the city via static thrusters and thunder dropping at the base of the plateau.

Standing on the elevated piece of rubble, was a man the same height as the Conduit. Wearing a white cloak with gold-colored markings covering it. The man had the hood of the cloak up and had his back turned making it hard to see his face.

Hand raised as he prepared a precision bolt to put the man down fast. Cole kept his gaze firmly locked as he spoke up. "Turn around, nice and slow."

The man did nothing at first, then slowly turned to face the Conduit making him tense up even more. Nothing but shadows was revealed under the strangers hood, a pair of glowing yellow eyes peering out and locking on to the older Macgrath's.

He looked almost exactly like a Reaper-Conduit. The only distinguishing differences was the lack of a skull insignia on the top of the hood, the tattered clothing and mind control tar spewing around.

"Ease yourself, Cole Macgrath. I mean you no harm." the man said with a raspy voice.

Cole didn't move. The volts channeling over his arm glowed brightly as night slowly began to descend around them. "I've heard that before pal. You're gonna have to do better." he said evenly.

The man nodded slowly. "Indeed. You and your brother have been through much since all of this began." he said motioning to all the destruction. "Rising above the hate and averice of the people around you and showing that you weren't the demons they painted you as. Even after all the suffering you had to endure, you remained on your paths of righteousness."

Lowering his arm, the Conduit still kept his guard up incase this was some kind of trap. "Who are you?"

"I have gone by many titles. But many simply know me as the Chairman. Tenmei Mikogami is my name." said the 'Chairman'.

"Sounds Japanese...what are you doing here? You don't look the type to be hanging around this place." said Cole.

The Chairman nodded, "Maybe so, but my presence here has an importance that you may find interesting." he stepped down the plateau until he stood roughly ten feet from the Conduit. "As I have stated before, I know full well of what you and your brother Michael had to endure in this city after the Ray Sphere detonation. I am also fully aware of the creature that you will face in the not so distant future."

Cole tensed, "How do you know about the Beast?"

"I'm afraid that information I cannot give you." said the cloaked man. "But I do know that you and your brother are doing everything in your power to prepare yourselves for its arrival. This makes what I am about to offer you that much more important."

Reaching into one of the pockets of the cloak, the Chairman pulled out a pamphlet and held it out. Cole looked at the folded up paper a moment before slowly reaching out and accepting it. Reading over the cover and finding that it was information about a high school.

"What is this?" he asked looking it over and looking at the cloaked man.

"I run a very...unique school, Mr. Macgrath. A place where a select kind of people are allowed to attend in order to better fit into regular society." said the Chairman. "A place where your brother would be able to fit in without risk of persecution by those who still hold grudges from what had transpired where we are standing."

Cole looked the pamphlet over for a few seconds before speaking again, "What's the catch? Someone just appearing out of nowhere and telling me that he can send my baby brother to some highschool sounds sketchy at best."

"I wouldn't expect you to be so trusting right off. I'm simply offering young Michael a place where he can be among people his own age. A place where he may find acceptance and also learn to harness his abilities. Honing them so that he will be ready to face the Beast at your side when the time comes." said the Chairman.

The Conduit was silent. Mulling over the pros and cons in his head. On the one hand, Mike would be somewhere he could not only make friends and get an education, (considering the teen hadn't been in school for almost two months and the local highschool had been destroyed), but also to have a chance at relaxing and go back to being a kid again.

Mike had been fighting non-stop. Facing off against vicious gangs and other Conduits in urban warfare while everything seemed to crumble around them. And the older Macgrath could see it in his brother's eyes, the teen had changed in several ways and he didn't like it.

On the other hand, however, he didn't know about sending Mike to some school so far away. Cole felt his heart clench remembering how he had lost Trish...he wouldn't be able to take it if anything happened to his brother too.

Seeing the man's inner struggle, the Chairman spoke up. "You don't have to make a decision right now. The bus that would take Michael to the school will be here in the Historical District in one week. I have written the place and time within the pamphlet I have given you, if he decides that he wants to attend."

The cloaked man turned around and began to walk away. "Wait!" Cole called out. "What kind of school is this anyway?"

While walking away, the Chairman said as clear as day. "A school for monsters, Mr. Macgrath." there was a small flash of light and the man was gone.

X Flashback End X

Zeke sat silent, eyebrow raised as Cole finished the story. "A school...for monsters? You sure that this guy wasn't puffing the magic dragon or something?"

Cole reached into this pocket and pulled out the pamphlet that had been given to him. Handing it to his friend as he spoke. "I didn't believe it earlier. Then I started reading between the lines. Look for yourself.

The chubby man began reading the form he was holding. Cole wasn't kidding. Along with a picture of the school itself, it gave a detailed description of what goes on there. Monsters of various races coming together to earn an education and also learn how to blend in with humanity.

Zeke whistled, "Damn...and here I thought folks with super powers was as crazy as things really were. How many people here in Empire do you think are monsters in disguise?"

"Don't know, it's hard enough trying to figure out who can become a Conduit. This just adds to the never ending stream of bullshit we've been getting hit with." replied Cole leaning back into the couch.

"So...what are you going to do?" asked Zeke. "You really think Mike will want to go to a place like this with what's comin' at us?"

Cole looked over at his brother as he continued to dream. His thoughts still heavy on his shoulders as he thought about what was best for him. "I'll talk to him about it when he wakes up. It's his choice, not mine. But if it were up to me I'd be sending him."

Standing up and heading over to the mini fridge set up with a car battery, the Conduit took out a couple of beers and brought them back to the couch. "He's been through just as much as I have, sometimes I wonder if I could have spared him from most of it. Our parents trusted me with his safety when they died and look how good that turned out."

Zeke clapped him on the shoulder, "I'm not really one to be talkin, brother. But from what I could see you did a pretty damn good job taking care of him. No one expected this place to go to hell, but you guys made the best of it as a team and brought everything back to semi-normal."

The Conduit took a long sip from his beer and continued to think. "I'm just trying to do what's best for him. And getting him back into school for a bit and trying to live a normal life before the shit really hits the fan would probably be a good thing for him."

"And think of all the girls there. He'd probably be in paradise." Zeke said grinning. Cole chuckled as they settled back and watched one of the tvs that were on.

"You think I'm doing the right thing? Bringing the idea of this school up to him?" asked the older Macgrath.

Zeke sighed, "Your a damn good brother, Cole. Hell, your a saint for all the things you did for this city. Giving him options like this is probably the best thing you can do right now. But for right now don't let it bother you too much. Let the kid sleep and you guys can hash it out in the morning."

Cole let the matter drop for the time being and settled in to relax for the rest of the night. While in the back of his mind he was wondering how Mike would react to the idea of going back to school, let alone to a place where everyone would be almost as abnormal as he was now.

Unknown to the two older men, Mike had been awake and heard the whole thing. The thought of a school filled with people who were just as different as he was sounded interesting. That, and even if he could go back to school all he would get would be stares and whispers behind his back.

Both his and Cole's faces and names were thrown all over the city and their exploits. And even though many revered them as heros and saviors, there was still a decent number of people out there that held either fear or hatred toward the brothers for everything that had happened. Blame still being placed upon them from the explosion almost two months ago.

After thinking it over for a few moments, the teen decided to leave it alone until the morning and talk with Cole about it. Settling into the armchair, his mind drifted back into dreamland and he fell into a deep sleep.


The next day had been an eventful one. After waking up and grabbing a quick breakfast from the nearby dinner the three frequented every other day. When they were finished, Cole brought up what had happened the other day. Showing his brother the form that had been given to him and gave the teen a play by play of what he had been told.

Mike read the pamphlet from cover to cover twice to be sure that everything was soaked in. He'd been thinking about it most of the morning after over hearing Cole and Zeke's conversation the night before. Weighing his own collection of pros and cons of going to this school.

On the one hand, he could feel 'normal' in some way. And he would also have the opportunity to strengthen his abilities and his powers for when the Beast made its appearance.

But on the other, he'd be away from home until the school year ended. And if the Beast came while he was away he didn't want Cole to face it alone. They'd been through hell together and he wouldn't let his older brother shoulder all of the responsibility of taking that abomination solo.

After thinking it over and really talking it out for most of the morning. Mike chose to go to the school, see what it was all about. And if things didn't turn out good he'd just tell the Chairman that he wasn't interested and head back home.

Making the decision, the three of them got everything that Mike would need for school from what. Zeke even revealing a few innovations that he had been working on in his free time.

Since the Macgraths couldn't touch anything electric without fear of shorting it out, he had been trying to find various ways of making it so that it didn't happen. In the process he had made a special covering that made it so that the cell phones that the Conduits carried with them still functioned and didn't short out.

With that in mind, he was able to come up with a couple more ideas.

Zeke presented the teen with an MP3 and a digital camera with the same covering. "Something to pass the time in between classes, when you're not chasing girls." he had smirking at the flustered look on Mike's face.

With everything all set, the three hung out for the remainder of the week. Stopping a few crimes throughout the city every now and again as the date of the bus' arrival came upon them. They found themselves within the Historical District waiting at the abandoned bus depot for the transport to the school to arrive.

"How long do you think it'll take to get this part of the city back together?" Zeke asked looking at the damaged buildings not too far away. All while his hand rested on the handle of his holstered revolver incase something came at them.

"Who knows, they could end up leaving it like this as a reminder of the explosion." said Cole leaning against a nearby lamp post.

Mike checked his backpack and dufflebag, making sure that everything was with him that he would need as they continued to wait. Zeke's watch beeped loudly signaling that it was eight'o clock. "Well...it's eight. You think they missed the deadline?"

Before either Conduits could say anything the sound of a loud engine came from down the street. A bright yellow school bus came out of the darkness and pulled up next to the depot, the door opening to reveal the driver wearing a dark blue suit and hat that shadowed his face.

He looked out the door at the three standing there with a pair of glowing yellow eyes similar to the Chairman. "You Mike Macgrath?" he asked in a grave voice while rolling a cigar stub in his mouth.

"That's me." Mike said standing up and turning to his brother and his friend. "Well, guess this is it."

"The city's not gonna fall apart with you gone, Mike." Cole said grinning before pulling his little brother into a hug. "Take care of yourself, okay? Drop a letter every once in a while." The teen nodded as he stepped back.

Zeke came up and patted the teen on the shoulder, "I'll keep an eye on Cole for ya. Not like he needs it. Just do us all a favor, find a girlfriend while your there. You need something better than cracking bad guys' skulls." Seeing the slight wince from Cole, the chubby man sent him an apologetic look that the older Conduit waved off as he quickly collected himself.

Mike gave them one last look before stepping on to the transport. "Hay Mike." the teen looked back at Cole as he smirked at him. "Half as long..."

The younger Macgrath smirked back, "Twice as bright." The doors closed and the bus began driving down the road. Mike settled into one of the seats in the middle of the bus and watched as Empire City passed by. Disappearing from sight as they entered one of the many tunnels that had been cleared that led out of the city.

"Place has seen better days. You think you're ready for this kid?" asked the Driver.

"If you knew what I've been through and seen, old man, you'd know that nothing can really surprise me anymore." replied Mike taking out his new MP3 player and slipping the headphones in his ears.

The Driver grinned around his cigar. "Just giving you a heads up. Yokai Academy is a pretty scary place." The teen looked at him oddly a moment before leaning back and closing his eyes as music drifted into his ears.

Not noticing the flash around the bus in the darkened tunnel as it vanished into thin air.


As he slept, Mike's dreams were filled with images of what had happened in Empire City. The fights he and Cole had been through, the people they had encountered, everything came back like a slide-show that haunted him like a bad omen.

Images of the Beast came last. A giant humanoid being that looked like it was made of living magma. Glowing, sinister red eyes leered at him as it raised its massive hand and shot a fireball the size of a wrecking ball his way.

The teen's eyes snapped open, a small bead of sweat trickling down his forehead as the remnants of his dreams faded to the back of his mind. "Wake up kid, we're here." said the Driver as the bus pulled to a stop.

Pulling the headphones from his ears, Mike looked out the window and furrowed his brows. The environment was...a lot different than what he was expecting. Gathering his stuff and stepping off the bus he got a good look at his surroundings.

Everything looked like it had come out of a Halloween party store. Black, dead trees formed a forest all around the area with a large castle-like structure that must have been the school in the distance.

"Good luck, kid. You just might need it." said the Driver as the door closed and the bus disappeared back into the tunnel leaving the young Conduit standing by a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head holding a sign with the school's name and a bus schedule.

Looking the sign over, Mike saw that the bus came back at the beginning of every month. "So I have a month before the bus comes back. Plenty of time to decide whether or not I want to hang around for the whole year." Turning toward the path leading through the dead forest, he rolled his shoulders before making his way toward the school.

Everything was quiet. Save for the occasional call of a raven from somewhere in the forest. "Well...it's not nearly as creepy as Sasha's fucked up lair in the sewers." Mike muttered, shivering at the thought of the female Conduit that stalked Cole as he walked past a graveyard. Several bats flying overhead adding to the already strange ambience.

He paused when he heard another noise penetrate the silence. Light squeaking and clanking coupled with tires moving fast on dirt. "LOOK OUT!" he heard someone scream. Whirling around, the Conduit could barely register a thought as a bike's front tire slammed into his forehead sending both him and the rider crashing to the ground.

"OWWW! FUCK!" Mike shouted holding his head, feeling as though he had just been hit with a truck. Slowly pulling himself up into a sitting position which caused his hand to land on something soft and warm. He looked up and felt his breath stolen from him.

Seated next to him, was the prettiest girl he'd ever laid eyes on.

She was at least a half foot shorter than him with bubblegum pink hair fell down past her shoulders framing a heart-shaped face. Her skin a delicate pale color that seemed to glow from some unseen light. She had a slim form with curves in all the right places and wore what he could tell was the female version of the school's uniform. A white blouse underneath a green jacket and a plaid skirt that her long tone legs disappeared under.

Mike discovered that what he was feeling with his hand was the girl's thigh. Blushing bright red, he snatched his hand away before addressing her. "Hay, you okay? That was one hell of a spill."

Rubbing her head, the girl opened her eyes making the Conduit's heart nearly stop when he saw green eyes that sparkled like emeralds. "Y-Yes, I think so. I'm so sorry about that, my anemia was acting up and made me dizzy." she said in a soft voice.

"No problem, I'm made of some pretty tough stuff." said the Conduit helping her to her feet. "Names Michael Macgrath." he said introducing himself.

The girl smiled, "Moka Akashiya. It's nice to meet you Michael. Are you going to the academy too?"

Mike nodded, "As a matter of fact I am. Bus just finished dropping me off a few minutes ago." While he spoke, he felt something warm dripping down from the top of his head. Reaching up, he touched the spot on his forehead and came away with blood staining his hand.

Moka gasped, "Your bleeding." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of cloth and gently dabbed his head. The Conduit couldn't help but take in her scent as she leaned close to him. She smelled like roses and vanilla, it was nice and comforting at the same time.

Snapping out of his daze, Mike heard her smelling too. Only she was holding the cloth with his blood on it to her nose and taking deep whiffs of it with her eyes closed. "Oh my...you smell so good." she moaned as her eyes opened, a slight haze within them as she started leaning closer.

"Moka?...What are you..." Mike couldn't get his words out as she brought her face next to his neck.

"I'm sorry...I can't help myself." she whispered while nuzzling the skin of his neck. "It's because...I'm a vampire." Her canines elongated and gently sank into his flesh.

The reaction was almost instant. The moment he registered what she had done, the Conduit lost brief control of his powers causing electricity to jolt out of him and through the young girl attached to him.

Moka's eyes shot open and her hair stood straight up as yellow volts of energy danced across her form. Her fangs left Mike's neck as she fell back on to the ground, her body stiff as a board with smoke trailing off of her.

"What the hell..." Mike trailed off, checking his neck before realizing what had happened. "Moka?! Holy shit! Are you okay?!" he shouted dropping down next to the girl as she laid on the ground with her eyes spinning.

After a few seconds she snapped out of it and blinked a few times up at him. "Wow...your blood tastes amazing!" she said sitting up with a wide smile on her face.

Mike sweatdropped. "Uhh...okay. Are you alright?"

"Yes, it was surprising. But it didn't hurt me that badly." she replied straightening her hair back out. "I'm sorry I just went at you like that. You're not mad at me are you?" she asked looking very subconscious.

The Conduit shook his head, "No...it just shocked me that you did that all of a sudden. Sorry about zapping you, it was a defense mechanism." he then remembered what she had said before she had bitten him. "Are you really a vampire?"

Moka nodded and looked hesitant, "I am...do you hate vampires?"

"I've never really met one before. But if they're all as nice and pretty as you, then I have nothing against them." he said, grinning when he saw Moka's face lighting up with a soft blush at his words.

"Well then...would you like to be friends? I really don't know anyone here, and it would be nice to be around a familiar face." she asked with hopeful look.

Mike felt his heart rate pick up. How could anyone say no to that kind of look? "Sure. I don't know anyone here either. The two of us could probably make it by better together than alone."

Moka beamed at his answer. "Great! Come on, we better get going. The opening ceremony should be starting soon and we're already running pretty late." she said grabbing his hand and pulling him along with strength he didn't think a girl her size could possess.

Trying to keep on his feet, the Conduit trailed behind her as they approached the school. All the while thinking. "What have I gotten myself into?"

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