Warnings: Yaoi, boy x boy, PWP with strong fetishization

Digital Obsession

Takao Kazunari was a guy prone to obsessing over stuff. When he was a little kid, he was crazy about a shonen anime and would pester his parents numb until they agreed to buy him everything from it: DVDs, toys, figures, posters, stickers and even limited edition goodies. When that failed (his younger sister had just been born and his parents had better stuff to think about than caving to his silly whims), he worked his ass off trying to save up a little money –enough to get his childish paws on a deluxe toy with interchangeable parts and different battle poses. It was awesome.

When he got a little older he got in touch with what would become his life-long obsession: basketball. Not only did he have the talent for it, but it was also insanely fun. By the time he reached high school, his entire life revolved around basketball: he imagined basketball strategies during class, he joined the basketball club to play after school, he watched basketball games when he reached home and he dreamed about basketball when he slept. He loved basketball.

If that was not enough, it was basketball that led him to his newest obsession: Shuutoku High's Shooting Guard and Ace, tsundere extraordinaire Midorima Shintarou.

It had all started as a healthy admiration. Midorima's basketball was amazing. He wasn't only a terrific shooter, he was a damn good player overall, if not particularly prone to team-play. His forms were flawless and beautiful, his movements, full of power and determination. Takao shuddered at the thought of ever having to face him from opposite sides of the court.

But the more he watched the green-haired giant, the more he noticed him. Just him. His passion for the sport, his dedication to training, his selfish and eccentric demands, his silly superstitions, his looong eyelashes, his taut and beautiful body, his smooth skin and muscled arms… Takao was no fool. He realized somewhere along the way that there was nothing "innocent" in the way he surreptitiously stared at Shin-chan in the locker rooms, the showers… or anywhere else for that matter. By the time he realized it, he was completely enchanted by the prodigious shooter and there was no going back on that. He didn't even try to fool himself and say he couldn't like Shin-chan because he was a man and he liked girls. Of course he liked girls (had even dated some in the past); he just liked Shin-chan better. Much better.

Lately, though, he'd realized he'd started to obsess over something new. Ootsubo-senpai had even had to call his attention out because he'd been spacing out staring at how Shin-chan untaped his shooting fingers. Shin-chan's fingers. He was so careful and fussy about them. He clipped his nails, taped them and always kept them away from harm. They were his tool, the most important part of his perfect shots, and he dedicated hours of every day to make sure they were in optimal condition.

That night, Takao found himself masturbating to the thought of Shin-chan touching him. He got painfully hard just by imagining the green-haired miracle untaping his fingers and running them all over Takao's body. He wondered how they'd feel against his skin. Would they be soft and smooth from all the care they received? Or would they be rough and calloused from handling the ball for hours on end?

He moaned at the thought and closed his eyes, trying to imagine it was Shin-chan's fingers wrapped around his cock. Before he knew what he was doing, his free hand was reaching out to poke at his asshole, barely managing to push one of his own fingers in.

He cried in pain. It was not the first time he used Shin-chan to masturbate, but it was most definitely the first time he thought of being bottom, let alone try to put something in there. It hurt a lot more than he expected. Would it hurt that much with Shin-chan's fingers? They were longer than Takao's, to be sure. Would Shin-chan be able to reach deeper inside him? The pain blurred away as he thought of Shin-chan fucking him with his long, beautiful, precious fingers and he came with a strangled moan of the name he loved.

He collapsed on the pillow, panting as the high of his orgasm washed away. He chuckled mirthlessly.

As if Shin-chan would ever use his fingers for something dirty like that.

For all of Midorima's talk about horoscopes and lucky items, Takao considered himself a pretty unlucky bastard, for no other reason than falling in love with the person less likely to ever return his feelings. If that was not bad enough, Shin-chan was also a traditionalist to boot, and would he ever find out of the impure thoughts that he –a man- was having, chances were he would not only flip but that he'd never want to even look at Takao again.

With that thought in mind, Takao would spend an amazing amount of brain power trying to keep his feelings in secret, which was highly detrimental for his basketball. His game had been way off since the Inter-High and he was getting scolded by the senpais and coach more often than not. Thus he couldn't even attempt to bail out of Shuutoku's traditional summer training camp: two weeks living in an inn by the beach, devastating training menus, and sleeping under the same roof as Shin-chan (and the rest of the team, but that didn't matter because SHIN-CHAN). Takao feared his heart (and hormones) would not be able to bear it.

The first few days he was able to keep himself steady by training until he passed out. It was relatively easy, since their training routine was so harsh, everyone collapsed the moment they got back to the inn. But then the coach decided to find mercy in his heart and gave them half a day off and Takao was left with a huge amount of unburnt energy. That and the fact that he was spending so much time with Shin-chan (and that was quite something given how he already spent a considerable amount of time with his beloved tsundere when they were at school) were the deadly factors that led to him now lying in his room, oozing with sexual frustration and unable to sleep. Trying to convince himself not to give in to his carnal desires by thinking 'Shin-chan's just next door and might overhear' had a completely opposite effect and made him painfully hard. So not only was he obsessing over his best friend (and his fingers) but he had a disturbing being-watched fetish. Just great.

He sighed with resignation and closed his eyes. Better be done with it soon. He pulled his cock free, wrapped his fingers around it unceremoniously and tried to picture Shin-chan doing it instead. In no time he found himself pumping up and down his shaft with abandon, trying to hold back his whimpers.

"Shin-chan… Sh-shi-n…"

He moaned, forgetting himself, the thought of how much better it would feel if it was really Shin-chan doing it, taking completely over him.

Touch me Shin-chan.

The Midorima of his fantasies would stare at him with eyes half-glazed by lust, but he would rarely –if ever- allow himself to groan his own pleasure out, which Takao found incredibly hot.

More… Shin-chan… I want you so bad…

Shin-chan's hand sped up and an intruding finger started to circle teasingly at his entrance. Takao bit his lip.

Shin-chan… Please…!

He was so close… oh so deliciously and yet painfully close, he was sure he'd come the moment Midorima stopped teasing him and decided to stick his fingers in already. And he wanted him to do it so badly. Just a little more… a tiny little bit more…


"Takao, what is the meaning of this?"

It was as if he'd been shot. His brain shut down and all Takao could do was stare, stare at the real Midorima Shintarou in his full 6' 5'' of glory standing at the base of his futon and watching him (and what a spectacle he must have been: mouth agape in mid-heated whimper, legs spread wide open, two fingers probing at his entrance and one hand fully wrapped around his rock-hard cock which was oozing with pre-cum.) All color flushed away from Takao's body as he stared, terrified, at the green haired giant and the cold and stern look on his eyes. It wasn't even a matter of whether he'd heard Takao calling his name in the throes of passion, but for how long.

"Sh-sh-shi-shin-chan…" he managed to call out, his voice betraying him, his body unresponding. "I-I… I… I… it's n-not what it… l-l-looks like." Not that he expected Midorima to buy such a cheap excuse, but he was panicking and he had to say something to try and salvage his precious friendship.

Shuutoku's ace raised an eyebrow, almost mockingly. "Oh? And what does it look like?"

Takao felt like crying. It was over. Shin-chan was going to hate him. To say their friendship was inevitably ruined would be an understatement. He'd be disgusted by Takao and never want to get remotely close to him again. Ever. He may even have to quit the basketball team. When it came down to it, Shin-chan was a lot more valuable for Shuutoku than Takao was. He was going to lose Shin-chan and basketball. He wanted to die.

"I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry, Shin-chan, I'm really, really sorry! Please don't be mad. Please, please, please don't hate me! I'm begging you, please! I'll never do it again, I promise. I won't get in the shower or the locker room when you do, I won't even think about it, I swear! Just please forget this happened. I'm alright with just being Shin-chan's friend, even just a distant friend. Just don't hate me. Please, Shin-chan…. Shin-chan… just-just… Shin-chan…" when he realized he was crying he couldn't form any more coherent thoughts so he just looked to the ground and sobbed miserably, hating himself for screwing everything up so badly.

Midorima sighed with exasperation. "This is why I hate guys like you." He heard him kneel down as he spoke, so he looked up to find the taller teen sitting on the ground beside him. When Takao didn't say anything, wondering whether he'd be punched in the face or in the groin, the taller teen sighed again. "You never get a clue". Takao's brain was still under severe malfunction so he could barely register the moment Shin-chan pressed his soft lips against his.

The kiss was nervous, hesitant and clumsy at first but the taller boy seemed to slowly gain confidence in spite of Takao's lack of response and tentatively licked his lower lip to request entrance. He seemed to change his mind though, since he pulled away the moment Takao's lips parted compliantly, making him whimper from the loss.

The sudden parting, though, brought Takao back to reality and the extremely confusing situation in which he now found himself. He tried to put tonight's events in order to make some sense out of them. First he'd been sexually frustrated and with excess energy. Thus he'd started to masturbate while thinking of Shin-chan, and very vocally so. Then Shin-chan had caught him in the middle of it, in a most embarrassing position. Finally, Shin-chan had kissed him. Nope. Not working.

"Sh-shin-chan?" he whimpered tentatively, hoping the beautiful miracle wouldn't snap so long as he kept his voice low. "I-I'm confused? I-I-I… y-you're not… mad at me? Y-you don't t-think it's… g-g-gross…? That I was… about Sh-shin-chan…?"

He realized how pathetic and needy he must look, like a child who doesn't want to get scolded by his mother; but he didn't care. Losing Shin-chan terrified him the most, much more than forgetting about his pride altogether.

Midorima scowled and pushed his glasses up his nose, like he did when he was annoyed. "I'm not going to spell it out for you." He complained, moving to sit between Takao's still spread thighs. He reached up with one hand and wiped away a tear streak from the Hawk Eye's cheek, stroking the skin with his thumb tenderly. Takao's breath caught in his throat, waiting for what Midorima would do or say next, not wanting to say anything else to anger the green-haired Shooting Guard.

"You truly are the worst" the taller boy breathed out before leaning in to kiss him again.

Takao was swooning. Since his brain had now completely short-circuited, he decided he didn't care if anything made sense of not. He didn't even care if this was actually happening or if it was just another fantasy (most likely the latter); because Shin-chan was kissing him and it felt oh so good. He kissed back with abandon, grabbing the front of Midorima's sleeping yukata for leverage as he parted his lips to allow the taller boy's tongue in.

Their tongues moved and mingled languidly, slowly, reveling in the closeness. When they ran out of air, they parted for just long enough to catch their breaths before reinitiating the kiss with even more passion. Midorima snuck his hand up Takao's pajama shirt and caressed the well defined muscles of his abdomen, causing the shorter boy to moan into the kiss. He directed his free hand towards Takao's neglected erection and ran two fingers from the base to the tip experimentally. The shiver and whimper he obtained in response encouraged him to rub the tip with his thumb, spreading the pre-cum that had begun to accumulate there.

In all due sincerity, Takao had been so close before Shin-chan interrupted him, that he was certain he'd come just from kissing. But the feel of the ace's fingers on his skin sent an electrical shock all the way to his brain that made him pull away abruptly, which in turn startled the taller teen.

"W-wait Shin-chan… Shin-chan… would you… can you… p-please… untape your f-fingers?" he asked, wondering if he was hoping for too much. Real or fantasy, it was already amazing that Shin-chan was touching him, and Takao feared he was pushing his luck by making such a request, but he was feeling so good tonight. It was as if his senses were especially heightened and every touch would light up sparks on his skin. If Shin-chan would touch him… if Shin-chan would untape his fingers and touch him, he was sure he'd die from it.

Midorima stood still for a moment, as if pondering on it. He stared at his taped fingers and flexed them repeatedly.

"You don't have to do it if you don't want to" Takao said finally with resignation, after the long silence started to grate on him. "I just… I wanted to be touched… really touched by Shin-chan." He looked away, blushing after admitting his fetish. Maybe Shin-chan would decide he was a disgusting deviant after all and walk away.

Takao was thus surprised when he looked up, after what seemed like an eternity of silence, to find Shin-chan peeling off the last of his bandages, his fingers nude and exposed in a way that the Point Guard found incredibly erotic. At least he could now say for sure that this was a fantasy. There was no way in hell the real Shin-chan would ever do something like that.

His previous embarrassment washing away as he reached this conviction, he grabbed Midorima's wrist and pulled his hand to his face, rubbing it against his cheek. He kissed the fingertips adoringly, only distantly hearing Shin-chan's voice saying "I never imagined this would be so… important for you." The previously docile hand started to move and the ace's thumb stroked his cheek and jawline.

Takao smiled. "Of course it's important. These are Shin-chan's precious fingers, that receive so much attention and care. They're beautiful." He rained kisses from the palm to the tips, licked them tentatively, and finally parted his lips to take three fingers into his mouth. He licked and sucked them greedily and nibbled at them very softly, not wanting to ruin their perfection. As expected, they were rough from hours of using the ball, and yet Takao could tell just how much Midorima treasured them. He wondered if Shin-chan would take care of him like that if he were so precious to the shooter as his fingers were.

He looked up to meet emerald eyes glazed with lust and was startled when the taller teen pulled his hand away and used the other one to strip Takao of his clothes before he could register what was going on. He then pushed the raven-haired boy down to lay on the mattress and hurried out of his own clothes, revealing a flushed body and a very painful looking erection, before he pinned Takao to the mattress and leaned down to kiss him passionately.

Takao had never seen Midorima like this, not even in his usual fantasies. He moved with frenzied ardor, as if he were desperate to do something, but wasn't really sure of what that was. Luckily, he seemed to figure it out fairly quickly as he guided one finger, still wet with Takao's saliva, to the smaller boy's entrance. He pulled away from the kiss and looked sternly at Takao's eyes, his cheeks flushed crimson.

"I… I'm sorry. I've read this could… hurt? Ah… we… we don't have to…" it was the first time the whole evening in which he looked insecure about what he was doing and it was adorable.

"Don't be silly." He replied, snaking his arms around Shinchan's shoulders to hold on to his back. He latched on to the taller teen's chest, right beside his nipple and dug his teeth into the skin, hoping to leave a mark "I already said I wanted you to touch me. If you make me wait any longer I'll die. Please, Shin-chan."

Takao could feel Midorima's throbbing erection twitch against his thigh and the boy above him nodded, using one hand to spread his legs even wider apart.

The moment the first finger came in, Takao knew he must've died and gone to heaven. It felt too good. None of his previous fantasies were even remotely close to the sensations that were overwhelming him now. He didn't even care to keep his voice down, letting out a long, deep, throaty moan. Midorima growled on top of him as he pushed his finger further inside. As expected of Shin-chan's long fingers, he could reach deeper inside Takao than he'd ever managed by himself. He thrust his hips, taking the whole digit in and drowning in the sensation. The ace started moving his finger, probing around, trying to stretch the opening and go deeper still.

The second finger was a little more painful. Takao had fingered himself a handful of times in the past, but he'd never gotten two fingers in. But he liked this pain. It was hot and intense and Shin-chan's fingers were touching things inside him that he never even imagined could feel so good. He arched his back and moaned, begging for more. Midorima leaned in to kiss and nip at his neck softly to soothe the pain while he started scissoring his fingers inside Takao, stretching him even further.

The third finger actually made him tear up a bit. Shin-chan had bigger hands than him, his fingers were not only longer, but generally thicker than Takao's. If in the past he'd barely be able to stand one of his own fingers, three of Shin-chan's were enough to make him cry out in pain.

Midorima halted his actions and looked at him with worry, attempting to pull his digits out. Takao held him by the wrist with desperation. "NO!" he whimpered, not giving time for the green-haired giant to even suggest they stop. "Please, Shin-chan… please… don't stop… I want… please…". Midorima nodded once again and resumed his actions, finally inserting the third digit all the way to the base. He rained soft, tender kisses on Takao's cheeks, licking the tears away; and continuing with his forehead, nose, lips, neck, and shoulders. As he started moving his three fingers inside he leaned in to take one of Takao's nipples in his mouth and suck it, using his free hand to rub the other one between his index and middle fingers.

Takao moaned and arched his back, the stimulation almost too much for him to bear. The initial pain had subsided and now all that was left was the blinding pleasure and the electric shocks that seemed to rack his body everytime Shin-chan thrust his fingers in and out. He held on to the giant's broad back as if for dear life, leaving angry, red scratch marks on the flawless skin. The thought of defiling the pure and perfect miracle aroused him all the more and he started to move his hips, trying to meet the pace of Shin-chan's thrusts.

The ace let go of Takao's nipples to start sucking at his pulse greedily, while his free hand traveled down through Takao's body stroking the skin, caressing the well-formed muscles and finally wrapping around Takao's rock-hard cock. He started stroking slowly, his fingers getting quickly covered in pre-cum. He then let go of Takao for a second to thrust forward and rub his own neglected shaft against the other, his hand now wrapping around both of them and stroking desperately.

Takao was dying. Shin-chan's fingers were insider him and all over him and he was seriously going to die. The slick feeling of his cock rubbing against Shin-chan's was driving him insane. He was pretty sure everyone in the inn –no, everyone in the prefecture- was hearing him moan Midorima's name with abandon. He was certain he would get a heart attack due to the excess stimuli and pleasure his body was receiving, and the feel of Shin-chan's fingers grazing against something deep, deep inside him that made him scream, seemed to confirm that.

"Shin-chan… Shin-chan… there, there, please! Ah… faster, Shin-chan… more… aaaah!"

It was too much, it felt too good and yet Takao wanted more and more. It had been long since all his thoughts had lost coherence, all he could think was just how deliciously blinding it was, the feeling of Shin-chan touching him, reaching the deepest places within him where no one else had ever treaded before.

Suddenly, when he felt he was about to come (and judging by Midorima's growls, he wasn't too far off either), everything stopped. Midorima pulled his fingers out and let go of their cocks, much to Takao's horror and despair. His body was burning; he wanted Midorima, all of him, and he was about to lose his mind completely when that was taken from him. But before he could voice his insanity driven needs, he felt something different, bigger pressing at his entrance and his heartbeats picked up when he realized just what was going on down there.

"Takao" Midorima called him, looking at his eyes with determination. He was flushed and sweaty and panting for breath, like he was doing a tremendous effort to put his own thoughts together. "We… don't have to do this now… if it hurts… if you don't want it… I can finish us both with my hand… I suppose."

The point guard grinned and pushed his upper body upwards to kiss Midorima slow and reassuringly. He rolled his hips to rub his ass against Midorima's cock, making them both groan into the kiss.

"If Shin-chan doesn't put it inside me this instant I'm going to die. Hurry please… I want to melt into Shin-chan, I can't wait any longer."

The green-haired miracle nodded and pushed his cock past the first ring of muscle, eliciting a cry of pain. He wrapped his fingers around Takao's cock once again and went back to kissing him, hoping to soothe the pain away. Takao could see the strain on his face as he tried to hold back from thrusting all the way in at once, and he found it really sweet that his Shin-chan was so concerned about him. He pinched one of Midorima's nipples, making him growl, and wrapped his legs around the other boy's hips, pulling him in needily.

"Don't worry about me, Shin-chan. I want all of you inside me now, you're being mean."

The encouragement didn't seem enough reassurance in spite of the equally needy look on Midorima's face, so Takao decided to take matters into his own hands. He grabbed the taller teen by the hips and pushed him down as he himself thrust up, taking all of Midorima's girth inside him at once. He arched his back, the pain blinding him for an instant. Not wanting to discourage the green-eyed teen, he started thrusting his hips, telling him it was okay to continue.

Midorima stroked his cock faster as he started moving, pulling in and out of Takao's ass with an erratic pace.

Takao knew Midorima was more than well endowed. They often showered at the same time after club practice. But it felt so much bigger and fulfilling than he ever imagined now that he was being fucked by it. He couldn't get enough of it.

"Shin-chan… so big…"

The shooting prodigy moaned and Takao felt his cock twitch inside him. Was Shin-chan into dirty talking?

"Shin-chan… Shin-chan… you're so big… y'feel so good inside me… Shin-chan… fuck me… fuck me please… harder" he moaned, relishing in the feeling of Shin-chan's cock throbbing and pulsing inside him as a reaction.

He was getting close. He surrounded Midorima's neck with his arms and pulled him down for a sloppy kiss. Shin-chan looked beautiful: skin flushed and gleaming with sweat, eyes glazed over with burning lust, lips bruised and wet from kissing, slightly parted to let out moans and pants of pleasure. It was the most erotic sight Takao had ever seen.

"Shin-chan… do you like it…inside me?"

Midorima was close too, Takao could tell. He leaned in to bite at Takao's neck. "Yes… yes… it's hot… it's good… Takao…"

One of his hands traveled down to join Midorima's in stroking his cock. He wanted to cum so badly, and at the same time, he didn't want this ride of mindless ecstasy to end.

"Shin… Shin… deeper… aahh… I want… to be one with Shin-chan… ahhh… Shin-chan… call my name… ahhh Shin…"


The moment the name was spoken, Takao felt Shin-chan's cock ram against that sweet spot that had driven him crazy earlier and the sum of both was enough to send him over the edge.

"Shin… ahhh… Shintarou!"

His orgasm hit him like a giant wave of thick, hot, white pleasure. He felt his seed releasing in Shin-chan's hand, those perfectly sinful fingers getting covered by it and the hot, sticky feeling of Shin-chan cumming inside him an instant later; and all he knew was the feeling of Shin-chan, Shin-chan's body, Shin-chan's voice and he was drowning in it.

"Kazunari… I love you…"

When Takao woke up, it was still dark outside. The first thing he noticed was the soreness in his backside. The memories of his dream washed over him and he blushed furiously. He hoped he hadn't been screaming and moaning as loudly in reality as he'd been in the dream, otherwise there was no way he'd be able to explain it to Shin-chan. He wondered if he'd been fingering himself, even while asleep. That would explain the soreness, but it also meant he would never be able to go to a sleepover again, for he'd be forever afraid of doing embarrassing things even while asleep.

"Takao? You're awake?"

Midorima's voice coming from his side pulled him out of his reverie. He tensed up, wondering if his screams had woken the green-eyed miracle and if his secret was now revealed. He vaguely remembered a similar feeling of dread and terror in his dream, but the rest of it had almost drowned it away.

"Ah, Shin-chan! I'm sorry, did I wake you? I've been told I talk in my sleep haha, I just never expected you'd hear it all the way to your room."

Midorima quirked an eyebrow in confusion. It was then that Takao noticed something crucial about this scenario: neither of them was wearing any clothes.

"Uhm… Shin-chan? I never knew you liked to sleep in the nude?"

He tried not to look at Shin-chan's perfect body, worrying that his own would betray him. He could already feel his cock twitching, but he somehow willed it to stay put.

"Did you hit your head? You did pass out earlier."

Pass out? What? When did that happen? He was fairly certain he'd at least made it to his room tonight, and with half a day off training, he wasn't even remotely as tired to pass out.

"Did I collapse during training or something? I don't seem to recall anything at all."

Midorima blushed furiously and scowled. "D-don't play dumb. You scared me! I… I thought I overdid it."

Shin-chan's statements were so ambiguous Takao still had no clue of what he was talking about. So he had passed out during training? Shin-chan had been working him off particularly harshly lately. And then another crucial thing came to his notice: Shin-chan had round purple bruise, which looked very much like a love bite, right beside his left nipple. Where he distinctly remembered leaving one in his dream.

"Uhm… am I still dreaming? Or was Shin-chan having fun with some ladies in his room?" That would explain his state of undress… maybe.

He could see the anger growing on Midorima's face and he still didn't get what was happening. The taller teen was now gritting his teeth furiously. "You're the worst. ..You're the worst!" He accused, his face now bright red with anger. Takao was expecting him to punch him (another familiar feeling) but instead the miracle grabbed his face with his two hands (his fingers were untaped too) and pulled him in for an intense, furious kiss.

It was then that Takao noticed the third bit of crucial information: Shin-chan was sitting in the same futon as he was.

"I can't believe you!" Midorima spouted angrily, still holding his face in his hands. "After all… after what we did earlier you want to brush it off and pretend nothing happened? I… I even said… that…" he turned to look at his lap and folded his knees so he could hug them and lean his blushing face against them.

It started to dawn on Takao that maybe, just maybe, he hadn't actually been dreaming at all. He touched Midorima's shoulder tentatively. "Shin-chan?" the taller teen flinched, but didn't look at him. "Shin-chan… did we… did I become one with Shin-chan tonight?" he asked fearfully.

"Of course we did, you blockhead!" Midorima snapped angrily. "You didn't have to say it like that" he added in a quieter, almost inaudible voice as his cheeks reddened even further.

Takao leaned his forehead against Midorima's, blushing too. "I'm scared, Shin-chan. I like Shin-chan so much… I love Shin-chan… I'm scared that Shin-chan won't be there when I wake up… I'm scared of being hated by Shin-chan. I would die if that happened." He whispered, holding Midorima's hand in his own.

"But I won't… hate you. I even said it before… about my feelings…"

Takao nodded. "I was so happy I thought it couldn't be true… that Shin-chan would love me back."

"But I do."

Takao's heart skipped a beat. "Then promise? That I'm not dreaming and that Shin-chan will still be here when I wake up?"

Midorima laced their fingers together and nodded, leaning in for a soft, sweet kiss

The end

Forgive me for blushing furiously, this is the dirtiest piece of porn I've ever written. I've been obsessing over the idea of Takao having a "Shin-chan's fingers" fetish for months. Add to that my own fetish over guys masturbating thinking of their unrequited love (who secretly is not unrequited) and this is what you get.

I dunno, the theme seemed so obvious for this couple and somehow I have never found any stories that use it. What with how much of a fuss Midorima makes over taking care of his fingers, I was surprised by the lack of it (maybe I haven't looked enough?)

Not much to say here, I just hope you enjoyed it. I think Midorima looks a little OOC here, but I'm thinking of writing the same story through his perspective (more porn, yes) as a sort of omake. I don't know if anyone noticed, but I never mentioned Shin-chan's thoughts or feelings, I wanted this to be entirely from Takao's perspective and the intense pleasure he feels when his fantasy becomes real. Will have to chew on that.

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