The sky was cloudy on the land. It was still just as beautiful as the land was. The land it was the same everywhere. Every inch of it was the same. You could lose your barring if you are not attentive. Yes this land is beautiful, but like every land it demands respect, but all lands need and demand it.

The land in question is covered by ice. In fact the whole thing is just one giant ice block. The temperature is harsh on anyone. With that one must adapt to this environment. Very few can adapt to this harsh land. A land that almost seem to have a mind. A land that can take life of anything, and hide life too. In this land it has many hidden secrets just like any other land. The secret that this land has enormous power enough to end to this land and many others on this planet.

The secret that this land holds in its bowels is an angel. No not the type that have feathery wings, and that are said to be protecting you. This is an angel on that is related to us. You see just like us this angel is made almost like us, and yet they are not like us. Due to all the difference that we have we and the angels are going and will be in a waged war. Against each other we will do battle. A timeless and battle of good and evil of sort, but what if the lines were to cross?

Not only would they cross, but what would happen if once they were crossed they were to stay that way. It would forever alter history. The seer thought that god and evil were not only cross, but to coexist is unheard of. Well this is one that will. As we gaze at a large patch of ice. What makes this patch of ice special is what is in this patch.

In this ice patch is an angel in fetus position. The angel is known as Adam. This angel has not been found yet, but this angel will make it presence known today. Why because something is calling it.

*** Ice patch ***

"Help me please pops" yelled a voice.

Adam moves slightly when he heard this but still yet to awake from his slumber.

"Help me please pops they are hurting me!" The voice yelled in agony.

The nerves in Adams body started to move in a shiver, almost as if he was trying to stretch.

"Help me anyone they are hurting me." The voice yelled in a horse voice, and almost as if it was dying out.

Upon hearing this it awoke Adam. "What is this I can seen a life force in pain." Adam thought to himself as he settled down to feel where it was coming from. Once he found out where it was coming from he was disgusted. "That cry for help is coming from a lilim."

As Adam thought of this even further "Hm I wonder how this Lillim is able to generate enough power to call me, and let alone awake me." As he thought of this he can to only one conclusion. "I must find this Lillim he intrigues me."

With that Adam slow and carefully began to sift and shake the ground around him. Once he moved to the position he desired he extended his arm, and with a powerful push he made a hole in the ice patch that imprisoned him. Once done he separated a small piece of his being from himself. When the process was complete he order the small blob like part of him to go to where the Lillim in question was.

*** moment before ***

"Hey boss tell me why again we are out here?" Asked one of the workers.

"To tell you for God knows' how many times. We are here to monitor this area OK." Barked the head of the group.

"Yeah but why I mean this just like a dessert only completely opposite. Instead you die from heat here you die from the cold. This is boring aren't you ?" Still asking the now annoyed boss.

"What you want something to happen? Be greatful you fool! Don't jinx it." As he said this the earth under them began to move and shake violently too.

"What the hell see you got what you wanted! You happy now!" He yelled back to the now whining member of the team. Grabbing the radio and yelled into it. "Hey what in the hell is going on out there! What is the sizmo thing saying?"

"Its a big quake, but what makes this weird is. The graphs' readings are off the chart almost as if the land under us is moving or something." The voice yelled back to the chief.

"Great let get Tokyo on the phone and inform them right away." The boss said back to the radio. "Just my luck and I was so close to leaving berg."

*** end ***

Slow the blob sake into the cold ocean. The blob moved slowly in the ocean. Determined to get to it target location, it move stop at nothing. Anything that got caught in its' way was devoured it into itself. As it did this it show no pity to anything in its' way countless creatures where devoured by it.

Once it made its way to the land, a beach to be exact, it stopped. As it start to get the location of its' target. As we look a it the blob had a blackish color. As it waited for the target to send of another message of distress. As it waited for it looked as if it was annoyed by the little kid who had found it and started to poke at it with a stick. Once it hear the call it charged it way to the target, but soon stop sensing that the child was following it. As the kid was about to poke at it again. The blob snapped and grabbed the stick breaking it, and made a dash for it before the crying kid caught any attention.

As the blob made its way though a forest it stopped. The location it stopped at was a hut. This hut was used for travelers to use to escape from the harsh weather. Slowly it was approaching it. The blob latch itself to the door as it prepared to enter through the cracks in it Justas it was going to do this the door swung open. As a fat gi wearing man left the hut and mumbled something about getting some food as he waited for the boy to finish the Catfist training.

As the blob detached itself from the door. It looked as if it was twitching in annoyance. As it moved to the target it stopped to confirm that this was the Lillim that was calling it. Once it was confirmed it started to melt through the wooden door on the floor that enclosed its target. Once inside the hole it sensed that the target was being attacked by smaller life forms. As it sense that it target was dying out it started to devour the smaller life forms.

*** Ranma POV ***

"Please anyone help me huh?" said Ranma the blood stained boy as it was a black gelly thing came through the door of the hole.

Ranma started to get scared and it saw the thing latched to the cats. The cat started to scream as if in pain and this was scaring him. Ranma started to move away from the thing that just saved him from the horrible cats. As he saw the last cat gone he sighed in relief, but stopped as the blob seem to look like it was now after him. As he scream for help once more, but he screamed once more as the thing latched itself on Ranmas' back. As he felt as if he was being ripped apart, and was now in the blob and apart of its' being.

*** ???? ***

"Lillim wake up." A voice called out to him

"Huh pop is that you?" Asked the boy as if he was woken up from sound sleep.

"No Lillim child I am not your birth father. You woke me up from my slumber I was intrigued by this." Adam said this to the child the was before him.

"Huh?" Was all Ranma could say as he looked for who ever was talking to him. "Where are you mister?"

"Very well I shall show you myself," with a sigh he said this to Ranma.

"Wow you are very bright and shinny mister. Tall too. What are you?" Ranma said in amazement as he looked at Adam.

"Yes to all Lillim I am gigantic little boy. The reason that I am so big is I am angel " Adam said in a small chuckle as he noticed that Ranma was thinking of something. "What is on your mind Lillim child?"

"Huh just call me Ranma mister. Did you say I woke you up?" Ranma asked the huge person in front of him. When he saw a nod was given he spoke again. "Oh I'm sorry I woke you up. An angel wow I never seen one before but want mommy told you would look different. Hey I got an idea I remember mommy use to sing a lula a lullaby to put me asleep. I bet that would help!"

As Adam heard this he chuckled at the Lillims simplicity. "No little one I am a different angel, but since I am awake tell me more about yourself please." He said as he picked up Ranma and raised him to his head level.

"OK mister uh uh. Heh heh I don't even know your name mister?" Ranma said as he sat down on Adams' palm.

"It's Adam Ranma please go on." He said as Ranma told him everything that his mind can remember.

Sometime later after he heard all of what Ranma had said and that he remembered. As Ranma finished his story Adam spoke again. "Tell me do you miss your friends Ranma?" As he saw Ranma give him a happy nod. "How foolish of me to even think this Lillim was a threat he just wants a friend and to make people happy too." Adam thought to himself. "Do you want to see your mother again." Ranma nodded again. Thinking some more he spoke again. " Also how would you like to see them again and be my friend too. I am sure even my angel brothers and sisters would be glad to have you as a friend."

"Sure Adam-san I be happy to." Ranma said this as he looked at Adam.

"Ranma from what you told me you want to be the best in this art and at times you are lonely right? I can give you everything you want just fuse together with that part of me. Then you and I will be connected to each other and you will get great power to be the best in anything. With this I can also see if all Lillim are just like you friendly, kind, and to see if we can live together on this planet instead of having a war against each other. Also we can teach each other many thing."

As Ranma thought about this the possibility of seeing his mother and to have new friends too. To top this off Adam said he would never be alone again. "OK Adam-san I be glad to."

"Very well this may hurt just a little. I will try to make as painless as possible." Adam said to Ranma as he began the process.

Soon there in the hole was Ranma the blob was gone. As we look at Ranma the blood on his gi was gone and the cut too. The only thing that was left the scratch marks on his gi.

"Wow Adam-san was right I can sense him in me." Ranma smiled happily as he feel stronger and even better then before. As he was about to go get his father Adam called him.

[Ranma don't worry about your father just go home your mother must be worried about you.]

As Ranma heard this he thought back. [But what about training Adam- san?]

[Don't worry a same piece is in the hole I will talk to him about it. Think of this as a vacation]

[OK Adam-san I think I know were pop has the map. I found it. I will be on my way Adam-san] Ranma said as he left with the map and his pack on his way home.

Just a few minutes later Gemma enter the hut. He dropped his fish as he saw the floor where he left Ranma and the cats. Once there he saw nothing no cat and no Ranma just a black ball, as he was about to move the ball attacked him covering his mouth from screaming. It slowly devoured him into it being once done it left to go back to where Adam rested.