"It's amazing is it!" Ranma commented as took another sip from his cup.

"What is?" Asked the brown haired boy.

"That women find sales everywhere they go. They just keep going and going." Ranma said as they both looked at the two others that took a seat at the table. "They probably put the "Energizer Bunny" to shape." Thought Ranma to himself.

"Oh come on Ranma it's not so bad, and besides someone has to teach her how to shop. Lets face it Ranma you can't teach that to her this is a "girl thing"." Cammy said as she took a bite out of her meal.

"Well at least you got what you wanted." Ranma smiled while he thought. "Yeah no matter how much I try to make it stop, but it still hurts the same when they shop boy it hurts like hell." As he took another bit out of his before speaking again. "How about you Rei did you get what you wanted?"

"Yes I was able to acquire some more clothes for myself as well with Miss White's help." Rei said as she finished her meal.

"That's good so I guess we are now ready to." Ranma started to say but was soon interrupted.

"Oh no you don't Ranma. I know how had it is on you going shopping with me so I figure we save the best for last. You, and Shinji here can help us get some new swim suites. What do you say about that?" Cammy said as she winked at the young of the two males. She smile as she caught the slight blush the young Ikari's face, and also took note of the slight glare she was getting from the blue hair girl the was sitting next to her.

"Well I guess that would make this a little better what do you say Shinji?" Ranma said as he too noted that Shinji had taken a red tint around his cheeks.

"Uh um I .... I guess th ...that we could do that." Shinji said as looked back at the two women. The matured, and well developed blonde beauty, and the young, and silent beauty that went to school with. With that a large and very vivid image of the two women that had accompanied them started to come to him.

"Well then it settled let's" Cammy said as she was stopped when a sound interrupted her speech. (ring ring)

(Sigh) "Hold that thought O.K." Ranma said as he answer his cell. "This is Ranma and it better be good. What? No that won't be a problem. I will bring both ETA10 minutes." Ranma said as he hanged up his cell. "Sorry but we have to go you are need to pilot the Eva again Shinji, and Rei you will be on standby should anything happen let go. Sorry Cammy let take a rain check on that show O.K.?" Ranma said as they left the blonde Mi-5 agent with many shopping bags that belonged to her.

(sigh) "I should have know this would happened, but now to deal this current crisis." She thought to herself as she saw two boys that would do just fine. She knew what had to be done, and what to do her path was set. "Oh boys could be a dear, and help me with these." She said as she knelt down to pick up some bags also leaning forward to reveal some cleavage to the hormone driven teens.

"Yes ma'am!" the two said simultaneously not believing their luck that a beautiful foreign woman was there asking for their help.

(giggle) "You two are too kind you both can call me Cammy, and may I know the names of my two knight in shinning armor?" Cammy said as she smile at the two gullible teens as they both fell for her charms.

"I'm Aida, Kensuke." The speckled boy with a bow.

"I'm Suzuhara, Touji." The boy wearing black and white stripped sweats.

-----Nerv HQ -----

"Well there goes Hyuga, and Shinji." Ranma thought to himself as left the loading bay. Down the narrow hallways the pigtail wearing major walked. As he walked down to his destination, his office, he notice someone was waiting in front of his office door.

The person that was waiting for Ranma was in fact Rei. As walked towards her she turned to face her guardian.

"Ranma may I ask you a question?" Rei said in a tone that was not her. It was one filled with uncertainty.

"Well I don't know you did just asked me one all ready." He smiled hoping to ease the tension, but not seeing the desired effect he continued. "Come on Rei of course you can let step into my office all right." he said as he walked past the door. As he continued he took his seat behind a desk that was kept clean and neat. It also had two picture frames on one side of the deck the other had a small plant.

"Well Rei what do you have on your mind?" Ranma said as he business position while seated. "Um Rei what's wrong?"

"S sorry Major Saotome." She spoke as a small blush came.

"It must be pretty serious what is it?" Ranma said as began to worry.

"Early today I had these strange feeling that I do not understand came to me." Rei stated to the older male that sat in front of her.

"I see and these feelings that you had." Ranma said as he listen to the blue haired pilot.

"While we were at the mall I had gotten them when Miss White continued her teasing with Ik..Shinji." Rei told her guardian in the hope that he would help. "I also got them when she started to tease you as well." Rei added mentally.

"Well were you mad when she did that to Shinji?" Ranma asked already knowing the answer as she gave him a nod. "Did you feel that maybe you wished it was you doing what she was doing?" He smiled when she gave him a blush. "Well Rei what I could guess from what you told me you are. Well lets say interested in getting to know Shinji On a different level, than the one you both have right now."

"You believe that I wish to seek a more intimate relationship with Shinji?" Rei stated with a blush returning to her cheeks.

"Tell you what, knowing the type of person Shinji is. Why don't you ask him to take you out to get something to eat. And depending on how things go see where it take you two." Ranma said to the young girl that sat in front of his desk. "Who knows maybe this is a way to get them out of their shell once and for all." He thought to himself . "So what do you say about that Rei?"


"Everything went almost according to plan." The short haired blonde said as she stood in front of the desk of the Commander.

"I see her interference did not change the outcome this is good." Gendo stated as he sat in the darkened room.

"Everything went as planned, please. You should be lucky that the actions that Katsuragi took didn't change the outcome." Stated the voice that just entered the commander's office.

"That is true, but Misato's involvement only straightened the fact that we are best equipped to handle the angels." Ritsuko said to the man that entered.

"Dr. Akagi is right the end result is still the same Major Saotome." Fuyutsuki spoke up as he stood on the commander's side.

"Yeah I supposed you are right, but we have to be more careful and take into account that emotions are indeed a factor." Ranma Said as he too now stood in front of the desk. "Also we have to now take into account that Katsuragi may suspect that someone manufactured the recent event.

"This is also true we wore lucky this time. So we need to be more caution when planning. However we will leave her be for now." Ikari said as everyone nodded in agreement.

"So now to other business. When are we expected to receive Unit 02?" Ranma asked.

"We should receive it in about two months assuming all the paper work goes through without any hold up." Ristsuko answered after looking the data she collected on the unit and pilot.

"I see." Ranma said once he received his answer.

"Their should be no hold up on the transfer, however should one arise both of you handle it. Understood?" Gendo said to the two in front of him. "Very well you are dismissed."

"Fuyutsuki." Gendo said as the door to his office closed. "Have you got any leads on who is the leak."

"None what so ever I'm afraid." The former professor stated to his one time student. "I will need more time I'm afraid."

------------Nerv parking lot -------

"Hey Ritsuko I was wondering could you do me a small favor?" Ranma said as he stopped walking to his car.

"Why Ranma are you asking for help?" Smirked Ritsuko as she looked back at his with a coy smile.

(heh heh) "Yeah I figure this would be a first, but I wanted you to." Ranma said as he leaned in, and whispered the rest to her.

"You are not making joke are you?" Ritsuko said as she was now face to face with him.

"No I am not you are the only one I could think of. I mean it's not like I know that many that could help me with this." Ranma said as he was scratching the back of his neck.

"Is that so. You are a rotten lair you know that." Ritsuko said as she started to walk away in disguest.

"O.K. so I know a few that could help me." Ranma said as he watched her move to leave.

"A few?"

"O.K. I know allot you happy now. Anyway I wanted your help not theirs O.K.?" Ranma said as he moved to stop her from leaving.

"O.K. I'll do it, but you owe me." She said as he entered her car.