AN: This is the end, sorry to all those wanted this to keep going. I just didn't know where else to take them. I hope you like the ending, I tried to make it interesting.

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John was kept in hospital for another two days. It wasn't necessary, but the ex-soldier wasn't going to complain when it was one of the few things Jim and Sherlock had agreed on.

Neither man left John's side for long the entire time he was there, and John- though fed-up with the constant attention- was loving having his two favorite people in the same room and not fighting. He knew it wouldn't last long, but it was nice while it lasted.

As soon as he was released, Sherlock whisked John back to their flat as soon as possible; and made a pest of himself trying to get the doctor comfortable. So when Lestrade called about a case John practically shoved the man out the door.

Five minutes after he was gone Jim showed up with take-out and the newest season of Doctor Who. With a smile John got plates and they had themselves a mini-date.

At some point after the second episode John fell asleep pressed into the side of his lover, he woke up to a quiet argument in the kitchen.

"I have every right to be here- he's my boyfriend Sherly. You may not like it but it's true."

"You are a bomber and a murderer. You've manipulated John into believing he has feelings for you. Just drop the good boyfriend act and admit that this is all a ploy to get under my skin!"

"Sure! Fine! I admit that I first kidnapped him to get to you! But things change! The world doesn't revolve around you, you know!" John moved towards the kitchen, if they got any louder Mrs. Hudson might come to investigate- and no-one wanted that.

"Of course I know that, John delights in reminding me that it revolves around the sun. And things don't change that much that quickly. You cannot have developed feelings for him in the short amount of time you were together!"

"You're right, I didn't! I've been falling in love with him since the Pool!" A shocked silence descended on the flat.

John made his way into the kitchen and around his flatmate to his lover. He planted a hard kiss on Jim's lips, and then weighed in on the conversation.

"I'm glad one of us finally said it. And I love you too, by the way." As he nuzzled into his boyfriends jaw, John didn't fail to notice Sherlock turning green. Before the genius could escape John took a pop-shot at him for forcing the confession out of Jim.

"The wedding will be in France, and you can be my best man." As Sherlock ran down the hall, John turned to see Jim's smirk.


"Will we hold the wedding on that nudist beach you found?" Biting at those smirking lips, John couldn't help but smile himself.

"If we're going to get married, shouldn't one of us actually make a proposal?" Dropping to one knee, Jim looked up at John.

Not too much later Sherlock pulled himself off the- all to familiar- bathroom floor, and headed back to the kitchen. On the refrigerator was a note in John's distinct hand.

I'm staying with Jim to discuss marriage plans and revenge schemes against Mycroft. I'll text you the details if it looks like you could be of help. JW

With a smirk Sherlock sat down at his microscope.

Really, he thought, it hadn't been hard at all to trick those two into admitting their feelings for each other. It had been so annoying watching them dance around the issue while at the hospital. Now if only I can get those disgusting images to leave my brain.