AN: So this is my first attempt at writing on of these and I just had to get this idea out of my head so please be nice…none of this stuff/characters belongs to me the idea was sort of a combination of stuff I read with my own twist because no one yet wrote what I've been dying to read so here it go's…


He sat alone in his brightly lit cell. He knew just outside of his line of vision at least two sets of guards stood vigil in case he tried to escape, not that he would. He had no reason to care anymore. Everything he was, everything he thought he knew was all a lie. So he just spent his days alone staring off into space. Sometimes he would amuse himself by testing the extent of his powers without his scepter. He could turn his entire body its original frost giant blue or cool his skin to freezing temperatures with barely a thought. Sometimes he could make himself so cold he could draw little pictures on the glass walls of his cell but that could only hold his interest for so long. Most of the time, he just sat in his prison wasting away.

No one ever came to visit him, in fact ever since his return to Asgard no one has even given him a second thought. They just shoved their monster into the back of their closet and wished him away. And that was fine by him, at least until the day it all changed.

Loki had been imprisoned for a little over a month when Thor came. It was the first time either brother had seen each other since Loki's incarceration and both brothers seemed equally taken aback by the others appearances. Thor was dressed the part of the ruler he had been born for in his Asgardian warrior battle armor but where there once was young and excited face was replaced with wariness and fatigue. Loki knew he himself looked no better. His hair had grown out much longer than it had ever been and his skin had adopted an unhealthy wan to it.

Neither one spoke for a few minutes until Loki finally broke the silence with a sly grin and "You must be really desperate to come to me for help." Thor frowned and looked away awkwardly.

"I never said I needed help."

"And yet here you are, after all this time. I know you didn't just become overly sentimental brother, so tell me what happened." There was a gleam in his eyes that hadn't been there for some time, a promise of mischief and excitement.

"Nothing has happened, dear brother. Only that my friends have captured a magical creature of unknown origins therefore I returned to seek the council of Heimdall. He told me it was not his story to tell and only you could answer my questions.

Loki felt a growing sense of dread in his core that slowly grew colder with each passing word. A magical creature. A story only he could tell. It couldn't be. Loki fought to keep his voice neutral to hide his anxiety. "And the name of this creature?"

Thor looked him directly in the eyes noticing the change in tone, "Jokul Frosti or Jack Frost."

Loki's heart stopped…no.

I know it was short and had nothing really new or interesting but it will get better and longer. The other avengers are going to come in soon and we will actually get to see Jack. So guys tell me what you think.