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Jack was proud to say that his father was adjusting to life on earth pretty well. They had been living together for a little over a month. North had gotten some of the yeti's to build them a home not too far north of Burgess but out of the way so that humans wouldn't notice it. Just in case Loki had enchanted it in a similar way he did Jack so that even if a human were to wonder by they wouldn't see anything except for a group of trees.

SHIELD had assigned a small group of agents to monitor the house and keep an eye on Loki. Even after the avengers had explained everything to Director Fury he still insisted on the guards saying it was that or Loki would be "asked" to live in a SHIELD base for an extended amount of time. Odin may have pardoned Loki but the fact was there was significant damage done to New York during Loki's attack and someone needed to take the blame. Loki may not have been happy about it but a guard of three agents sitting on their front porch all day was something Jack was willing to live with in exchange for his father's freedom. Besides they made good target practice for snowball fights.

At Jack's insistence Loki found new "earth cloths" to help him blend in more. Loki refused to wear anything less than a suit after Tony caught him trying on a pair of jeans and a hoodie which lead to many photos on the internet and the Avengers having a good laugh at his expense. Loki spent many days cursing the modern technology and Midgardian's lack of fashion tastes.

Jack had introduced Loki to his friends in Burgess and much to Loki's disdain the children had immediately began to pester him with questions. They asked him about the battle of New York, what the Avengers where like, why he wore the funny helmet. Loki liked the children, well he didn't not like them, he just didn't like how they were dramatizing the events like some superhero movie like the one Jack made him watch the week before. Jack had found his father's discomfort hilarious.

Overall everything had worked out in the end better than Jack could have ever dreamed it would. For the first few weeks everyone had been on edge, constantly looking to the sky for some alien invaders to ruin everything. But with each passing day where nothing came they relaxed more and more into their new lives. Jack had reached the point where he actually believed nothing ever will come. They had taken on one of the most powerful forces in the universe and won. What could ever hope to take on them now? They sent their message that they were not to be messed with, and Jack knew it had been received. You could spend every day fearing for a future evil that wasn't coming or could live each day and just have fun which was something Jack was more than happy to do.


A lone figure stood in the dark and cold staring out into a night sky with two moons. The figure's ruddy skin and golden armor stood in sharp contrast to the vast black wasteland that he stood on. The ground was black rocky sand that crunched loudly behind the figure signaling the approach of another figure. The original figure turned waiting for the news that he had been waiting for. The newcomer was a small Chitauri soldier that cowered nervously in front of the imposing man saying nothing. With no patience for the display of fear demanded, "Well? I take it everything went according to plan?"

"N-n-no my lord. The Other-he has-he f-failed m-my lord." With glowing cobalt blue eyes narrowed the man swooped in on the poor messenger. His fist shot out grasped tightly around the Chitauri's throat.

"The Other failed to extract the boy from Pitch?" The man questioned smoothly as he lifted the messenger off the ground. The messenger's feet swung wildly as clawed at his throat.

"No! He had the boy! He brought him to Asgard as you wished! They were attacked and The others forces were no match for them! The Other was killed!" The Messenger cried out pitifully as the man tightened his grip.

"Who attacked?"

"It was the groups known as the Avengers and the Guardians! Loki led them! Please Thanos!" Those were the last words the messenger would ever say as Thanos snapped his neck and dropped his lifeless body on the unforgiving black soil.

Thanos turned back to the moons and stars beyond. "Loki you are becoming more of a problem than I had originally envisioned. That cannot be allowed to continue." Thanos closed his eyes and breathed in the sulfur air. When he reopened them his lips slid back into what could be called a smile, a cold dead smile.

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