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Tony splashes water on his face and stares in the mirror.

Calm down, calm down Tony.

He had just rush out of the conference room after an argument with Fury on weaponry. He lost control of himself... AGAIN.

Every time he loses control, he feels an enormous amount of energy is building inside his body. He can read people's mind and his skin turns blue.

"What am I?" Is the question that he asks himself every time he loses control.

Yes, he is a mutant. But these, it show no signs of being a mutation. This is more than that. This is dangerous.

Tony's afraid. He's afraid to tell anyone about it. He don't want anyone to call him a freak or label him dangerous ever again. He keeps it to himself, not even Pepper nor Rhodey knows.

Tony's in his train of thoughts when a certain god of mischief appears behind him.

He sees Loki's reflection and turns to face him.

"What do you want? You do know you're on the helli-carrier right?"

"I've come to speak to you, Stark on urgent matters. I will meet you at your residence later."

And poof, Loki's gone leaving Tony to himself looking at nothing.

Then suddenly the headache breaks in again. Tony falls to the floor and holds his head tightly.

Breathe in, breathe out.


Tony is in his workshop working on upgrades for his new suit. He had told JARVIS to not let anyone in.

After hours of working, Tony closes his eyes for a rest.

Angry, blue hands, mind reading, not energy...Hulk? No, Hulk cannot read minds...

A gust of wind startles Tony. He opens his eyes and finds Loki standing above him.

"Woah, you scared me. Why are you here?"

"I thought I told you that I'm here to speak to you of urgent matters?"

"Oh, right. Need my help? Although I'm sure I won't help you."

"That mouth of yours, Stark. You're the one who needs my help." Loki grins.

"What do you mean? What help can the god of mischief offer me?"

"I came to realise that you've unlocked your powers."

Tony bits his lips.

"What do you mean?"

"The day the other two Starks died. You read minds, your skin turns blue and cold."

"And you came. You saved me. Why?"

"Every parent in the world would do just about anything to keep their child safe."Loki sits down on one of the stool in the workshop.

"Wh... what child?" Tony's so confuse.

"Anthony, you're my son."

Tony stays there, speechless.

"You're half frost giant, half Midgardian. That's why your skin turns blue and cold."

Tony falls on the ground, trying to make the sense out of all this.

"You can wield magic like me."

"So, I'm not human?"

"Nay, your mother, Laura is of Midgard. You've inherited her mind reading abilities."

" lying!" Tony takes a screwdriver from his toolbox and throws it at Loki.

"You're lying! I'm Anthony Stark. The son of Maria and Howard Stark! Not yours!" Tony takes another piece of scrap metal and throws it at Loki but Loki manage to deflect it.

"Anthony, I'm not lying. Please do clam down." Loki holds Tony by his shoulders.

"Let go of me! I'm not your son! Go away!" Tony thrashes in Loki's grip.

"Alright. I'll go. Bear this in mind, Anthony. I'll be back." And Loki vanishes.

Tony is left on the floor by himself. Tears start falling.

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