Life Begins is second in a series about Laura and Mark. Its rated R for sex and language. I don't own Mark Calloway or the undertaker. I own Laura and other minor characters.

                                                                                 Laura sat watching the TV intently. Jason was lying on the floor eating. "When..." Jason started. "SHHH, He coming on." Laura said. Jason rolled his eyes as the Undertakers music started. Laura watched as Mark rode his bike to the ring. God he looked good. He was wrestling that genetic freak, Brock Lesner.   Laura hoped Mark kicked his ass. Laura and Jason watched the match. Laura hollered and cheered for Mark. Mark won and Laura cheered. She watched him ride out of the arena on his bike, damn she missed him. "God I hope he never gets mad at me." Jason said. Laura laughed. "You worry to much." She said. "You know, Laura you're getting a little obsessive with this wrestling." Jason said. Laura sighed and lay back on the couch. "Hell it's the only way I get to see him; I haven't seen him in 3 months since he left." She said. "I know, I was just picking with you, don't go and get depressed." Jason said.  Laura felt something hit her in the head.   She looked up; Jason was throwing M&M's at her. Laura started laughing and threw them back. Which started a all out war of throwing things. Laura finally fell off the couch laughing. She looked over at Jason. "Thanks Jason, I don't know what I'd do without you." She said. "No problem, little sis." He teased. Laura grinned. "We both got early class tomorrow, I'd better go." Jason said. "Okay, see ya." She said. "Nite." He said and left.

                                                                               Mark sat in his dressing room. Damn he was getting old. That match really took it out of him. Someone knocked at the door. "Come in." he said. It was Glen Jacobs or better known as Kane. "What's up man? Mark said. "Nothing, just wanted to see if you wanted to go clubbing?" Mark sighed. Kane had been a party animal since he had caught his girlfriend in bed with another guy. Now all he wanted to do was sleep with as many women as he could. "No thanks." Mark said. "Let me guess, your going to call the little girlfriend, then jack your dick and go to bed." Glen said sarcastically. "Come on Mark she's sitting in Texas, probably screwing someone else as we speak. Have some fun." He said. Mark came up off the chair and grabbed Glen by the neck. "Don't you ever talk about her that way again, or I'll beat the hell out of ya." "Chill man, Sorry. I didn't mean any harm."  Mark let him go and turned away disgusted. He will just have to learn the hard way like I did Glen thought. "I'm outta here, see ya later." Glen said. Mark heard the door close. Thank god, Glen was depressing to be around these days. Mark picked up his stuff and left for his hotel room.  

                                                                         Laura was just getting in to bed, when her phone rang. She smiled and picked up the phone. "I love you." She said into the phone. Mark laughed. "How did ya know it was me?" he asked. "I just knew." She said. "What ya dong baby?" he asked. "Just laying in the bed." She said. "Did I wake you, little one? I'm sorry." He said. "No, I was just getting into bed. And besides I don't care if you do wake me up silly." She said. "You're a sweetie." He said. "I seen your match, you really kicked that freaks ass." Laura said. Mark laughed. "It wasn't as easy as it looked." He said. Laura told him about her day like she always did. Telling him funny stories to make him laugh. "I miss ya baby." Mark said suddenly." "I miss you too, big guy." She said softly. "Hey I'm going to try to make it home soon, I don't know exact dates, but when I do, I'm going to bring my friend Glen with me. He's been going through some rough time. I thought it would do him good to get away a couple of days. Ya don't mind do ya." He said. Laura laughed. "I don't care if you bring the whole WWE with ya as long as you come home." She said. Mark laughed. "Just Glen" he said. "He caught his girlfriend in bed with another guy. He's really down on women right now. He's depressed but trying to hide it by partying all the time. I thought maybe some time away from the party scene might help."  Great Laura thought, Glen was probably filling Marks head with all kinds of shit about cheating women. "That's fine, Like I said as long as I see you, nothing else matters." She said. "Well you get on to bed, it's late. I know you got class tomorrow." Mark said. "Yes Poppa." She said laughing. "Oh that's real funny, little girl. You'll pay for that crack when I get home." He said. "Promises, Promises." She said. Mark laughed. "I love ya girl." He said. "I love ya too Mark." Laura replied. She hung up the phone. I sure hope he comes home soon Laura thought.