AN: After looking at it and hearing your responses, I had to do something for some closure between Gar and Raven. It's not a Disney ending, but I'd like to think it's a fair approximation of real life.

Disclaimer: Here you go, DC. I kinda maybe sorta... beat the crap out of them emotionally. But they're still yours, so you can have them back now!

Raven lay in her new bed, a four-poster of a somewhat more inviting appearance than her old one. After Elasti-Girl's departure, the sorceress had spent the next several sleepless hours cleaning the mess her mental breakdown had created, waiting for the day to begin. The moment nine o' clock had rolled around, she had been at the store, browsing through the various mattresses and bed frames.

She had settled on good, solid oak, and a mattress with adjustable firmnesses for each side. The sorceress had taken to heart Rita's words about making decisions for Garfield, and if, somehow, he managed to forgive her, she wanted her bed to be as inviting for him as possible.

The day, though, had come and gone, morning bleeding into afternoon, leaving Raven with a newly installed bed by evening... and no one with whom to share it.

All of her preparations for his possible return completed, Raven lost all energy and motivation, and could bring herself to do nothing more than curl up in a bed that was too big for one person, hoping for her lover's return.

She had barely succumbed to a fitful sleep when a familiar weight on the mattress woke her. With a gasp, Raven whirled around, wrapping her arms around Beast Boy's neck as if terrified he would fly away. Apologies began pouring from her mouth, though she was terribly aware of their inadequacy. "Gar, I'm so, so, sorry! I—"

A hand shot to her mouth, halting her words. "Stop," he whispered, fingers trembling on her lips. "Don't say anything. Not tonight."

The empath cocked her head in confusion, a faint sliver of hope showing through. Tonight? That meant...

"We'll talk about everything in the morning," he continued. His hand pulled away to run through his hair, pulling back the shaggy mop and exposing his eyes— and the raw, burning pain in them. "You owe me a long, hard explanation, and I'm not ready to hear it yet."

He looked like his soul had been scraped hollow, its contents beaten into pulp and then poured back into him. All her fault.

Lips drawn in a fine line, Beast Boy took a deep breath. "I'm going to ask you a question, and you only get one word to answer it. Do you love me?"

The words stabbed into her heart, but Raven knew he had every right to ask. "Always," she replied, voice trembling as she tried to convey the depth of her contrition and conviction with just that one word.

"Good. Because despite everything, I still love you, Raven."

Tears flooded Raven's eyes as she let out a shuddering sigh of relief and joy. Her hand went to Garfield's cheek, face drawing near to his...

Firm hands on her shoulders pushed her back. "No," he said. "This isn't something we can kiss better, Rae. You've lost that privilege, along with..." His face turned sour. "God, just about everything else. But the one thing you haven't lost yet is me... and you're going to have a chance to earn the rest of it back, starting tomorrow."

"I'm so—" she began, only to cover her hand with her own mouth. Then the tears began to fall in earnest. There was so much she wanted to tell him... but she would wait.

Silently, with a familiarity that was a lone comfort in the midst of heartbreak, he pushed her to the mattress and turned her body away from him. There was a slight shifting, and his chest pressed against her back, one powerful arm curling around her.

Raven lay there in silence, overwhelmed with emotion but trying desperately not to let loose more tears. There was a tension in her soul, some specter of apprehension waiting to be soothed before sleep would come to her.

Minutes later, his breathing deepened, and his hand moved upward from its position on her ribs, coming to rest over her heart. With a little smile and a single tear, Raven gently cupped the gloved hand with her own, and allowed herself to drift off to sleep.