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Chapter 14: A New Beginning

Elrohir caught Caycayal as he fell, bracing the younger Elf against himself. Worried fingers flicked up against his neck, hoping to find a pulse. It was weak, but steady, his breathing was shallow. It was then Elrohir saw the stripes that covered his back, hidden partly by his torn tunic.

Elladan moved near them, helping his brother lay the ailing Elf down on his side, careful not to irritate the welts any further. "Some of those are deep," Elladan said softly.

Elrohir nodded, checking the wounds carefully. The flesh was inflamed, more in likely the whip that did this was covered in the poison. Elrohir gave his brother a worried look. "We need to get out of here and quickly, or we'll lose him."

Elladan didn't seem to be paying attention, his gaze was steady, but he made no motion to his brother's statement.

"Elladan," Elrohir started, but was cut off.

"Did you hear that?" Elladan asked, moving painfully over to the door.

He listened closely, but could hear nothing. "Elladan," he whispered softly.

Elladan shook his head. "Listen," he breathed

It was then the sound came again, a soft voice. They locked eyes, they knew that voice.

"Estel! Ada!" Elladan cried out his name, hoping he would hear. He waited for a few minutes, calling out again, but still no response came. He gave a heavy sigh, turning toward Elrohir, who still sat by Caycayal's side.

"Elladan, Elrohir?" the small voice shouted suddenly.

Elladan turned, answering the call, "Estel! Where down here!"

It was quiet for a moment, then heavy feet could be heard making their way toward the cell they were in. Elladan smiled as Estel ran up along side the cell, his eyes falling over the three of them.

"Is he okay?" Estel asked softly, his gaze landing on Caycayal's still form.

Elladan let out a heavy sigh, "We don't know," he said softly. "Where's Ada?"

"Right here," Elrond said as he came along side the cell. Opening it quickly, his gaze took in the three, his sons were hurt, but nothing serious. He was worried by the fact that Caycayal was not moving, and that he did not acknowledge his presence.

He kneeled by his side, checking his vitals as Elrohir explained what had happened.

"Then we must not waste time," Elrond said, scooping the young Elf up in his arms. The fact that he had been poisoned days ago, and was still alive amazed him. Normally the deathly poison took full affect within a 24-hour period.

"Can you two walk?" he asked, glancing at his sons. Estel was helping Elladan to his feet as Elrohir struggled to stand on his own.

"Yes," Elladan said, leaning against the wall for support. His head still spun from the beating it received just the day before, but he ignored it. Elrohir also assured his father that he to could walk on his own, and soon the three found themselves trailing up the stairs, and into fresh air.

One of the Elves approached Elrond as he came out, releasing a breath of air when he saw that the twins were alive. "My Lord, Kaytar and some of the others fled before we were able to stop them. I sent hunters out to track them," he said softly.

Elrond gave a sigh. He should have known that they might have tried to flee. "What of the others Taeamao?" he asked, making his way to the horses.

"They are awaiting you counsel, my Lord," he said, glancing at the Elf Lord.

Elrond paused for a moment, before mounting his horse. Elladan and Elrohir were helped onto their own horse, as Estel followed up behind Elrohir. Elrond gazed at the others, who were watching him softly. Some stood waiting silently, while others hid slightly in fear. "Wait here for my return," he said simply. "No one leaves the village until then. Am I understood?"

The Elves nodded slowly, before returning to their homes.

Taeamao gave Elrond a questioning look. "My Lord, after what they have done, you will do nothing more?"

Elrond gave the young Elf a smile, wrapping a strong arm around Caycayal to keep him from slipping. "You cannot punish all for the actions of few. Look at them," he said softly, gazing around the village as the Elves wandered around, "They've lived their entire lives controlled by a few who were taught wrongly. It's time they started a new life."

Taeamao nodded softly. "Yes, I suppose you are right."

Elrond nodded, turning to look at his sons, who were watching him with a smile.

"Let's go home," he said with a soft smile.

Estel nodded. "Yes, let's go home."

The End


-Caycayal was taken to Rivendell where he recovered fully from the poison. Now free, he chose to live in Rivendell, and was readily accepted by the others. He often spent time with Estel and the twins when he was not away.

The Children were taken to the nearby villages and each found a home. Rehana, Jovel, and Tyson all were adopted by the same family, and became brother and sisters. Caycayal visited often, with Estel joining him whenever he could.

The village of Oppaco found new leadership under Naeferio, and under the watchful eye of Elrond the Elves began a new life. The prison cells were removed and the Elves finished working the land into suitable fields for crops.

Kaytar and his followers were tracked to open plains, where they were able to lose their pursuers. After months of searching showed no signs of them, it was decided that they had met their end sometime during their flight.

After things settled down, Elladan and Elrohir took Estel out on another hunting trip, where Estel successfully felled his first stag.

The (true) End

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