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Five more minutes. Just five more minutes.

The world could end, and none of it would matter. This moment would be the only one that mattered. The weeks of yearning and anticipation, the sheer lust. She wouldn't be able to hold it in much longer.

She glance to the side, sweat trickling down her face, green eyes flashing. She knew that if she weren't careful, Kagami would break. This sort of thing was too much for her, Konata knew it. But she had to have her there. She wanted no one else for it. She'd been waiting far too long.

A breeze ruffled the hair on the back of the girl's necks, and they shivered from the sensation. Konata's heart pounded and she drew in a sharp breath. She needed to take a plunge in the dark here. Closing her eyes, Konata stretched out her hand and wrapped it around Kagami's. the taller girl gasped, a blush spreading across her pale cheeks. She hadn't expected that sort of interaction from the otaku girl before. Could it be?

Kagami gulped, and slid closer to the smaller girl. She opened her mouth, a question on the tip of the tongue, before she was rudely interrupted by the tugging of Konata on her hand. She looked down at her, her big green eyes filled with tears. This was it, it was really it.

"Are you ready for this?" Kagami whispered. Konata nodded, mouth pursued in a tight line. It was about to happen.

"Everyone waiting for the new Fullmetal Panic manga, we just stocked I-" a mousy salesclerk began to speak, before he was shoved aside by purple and blue hair.

"Out of my way, get out of my way, I need the special edition manga that comes with the Sousuke card, move it!" Konata cried, her hand still firmly latched to Kagami's. They had waited too long together to miss this.