The ages of the Warners are as follows

Yakko: 14



Yakko protected them. That was his job. He had to keep them safe. It was all he cared about.

So how he had ended up like this was a mystery to him.

He sat alone in the middle of a dirt path with a note in his hands, informing him of his sibs capture and the conditions under which they would be released.

"Yakko, we have your brother and sister, and if you ever want to see them, alive, you will follow these instructions.

1. Go to Halfbun village by Friday. Today is Monday

2. Go to the Lothbutt inn and seek out a Mr. Bargain He will give you the needed information to find your siblings.

3. But ff you're not there by midnight on Friday, we will have your brother and sister killed.

Good luck, you're gonna need it.

"Oh god, sibs. I'll find you don't worry." Yakko said quietly. He pulled himself up and began walking northward, remembering approaching from the south. As he walked all he could do was pray that his sibs were safe and unharmed.

In a dark damp room Wakko and Dot Warner sat with aching bodies on the chairs they were tied to.

"W-wakko, where are you?"

"I'm here, Dot."

"Wh-where's Yakko?" Dot asked her eyes wide, trying to penetrate the darkness in search of her eldest brother.

"I dunno. Yakko?" Wakko shouted his brother's name, wondering if his brother was still unconscious.

"Hey hey, quiet in here!" A deep voice yelled. A bright light filled the room, blinding the siblings. Squinting through the light they saw a very tall man, twice as tall as Yakko.

"Where are we?" Wakko snarled, his canine instincts kicking in. He bared his teeth at the man.

"Down doggy." The man chuckled. "We mean you no harm."

"Well let us leave then," Dot said in a cute voice.

"Oh no. Not unless your big brother proves himself. If he loves you enough, you'll be home soon enough."

"What do you mean?" Wakko demanded.

"You'll see. Until later, little Warners." The man smiled and with one big stride the door was slammed shut and the siblings were left in the darkness.

"We'll be okay, Dot." Wakko said, his first thought being his little sister.

"Yeah, I mean Yakko wouldn't let anything happen to us. He loves us." Dot repeated the last phrase to herself quietly.

"I'll show those damn Warners whose boss!" The deep voice boomed. "By the time Yakko finds them, those brats will be nothing but bones, and he'll regret ever crossing me! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

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