"So how is my wonderful grandchildren this morning?" Hattie said with an smile as she watched Joshua, Dinah and Nathaniel get out of their beds on their half of the trailer.

"Sleepy." Josh yawned stretching.

"Awake." Dinah said with an small smile toward her grandmother as she made her way to the little closet where they kept the shower and toilet.

"Excited." Nathaniel said grinning ear to ear. He walked over to where his Aunt Claire was still lying in bed and crawled next to her on Russell's side of the bed.

"Getting comfortable." Russell grinned over at his nephew from where he was sitting at the kicten table.

"Of course." Nathaniel said laying his head on Claire's chest.

"What's with the snuggling mood this morning?" Claire asked with an slight smile as she stroked his hair from his forehead.

"Just feel like it is all." Nathaniel brought his head up and asked worriedly. "You mind?"

"No not all. I quite love the fact that my children like to snuggle with me. It doesn't happen all that much anymore now that you three are grown." Claire said with an smile.

"I'm not to grown for an little snuggle with my aunt every now and than." Nathaniel said as he laid his head back down on her chest.

Claire brought her hand back to stoking his hair as she went back to thinking about waking up from the nightmare the night before.

Dinah walked out of the closet and walked over to her bed and pulled the curtain that separated the rest of the tailor to her little bedroom and dressed for the day. She hummed as she listened to Joshua step into the closet to take his shower. After dressing she pulled the curtain away and saw her little cousin snuggling with her mother. "What's up with that?"

"An little aunt and nephew time." Russell said with an smile over at his only daughter.

"Cool." Dinah said walking over to sit across from her father as they waited for Hattie to fisten with fixing breakfeast. "Mama are you feeling all right?" She asked concerned looking over at her mother who was still in bed and still in her night clothes while everyone else was eighter dressed or getting ready to met the day. All expect for Nathaniel of course because he was waiting for Josh to get out of the shower.

"Of course dear." Claire said looking over at her daughter. "Why?"

"For one you aren't dressed and two you aren't helping grandmother like you usually do." Dinah said.

"Can't I have an off day?" Claire suddenly had an demand in her voice.

"O-of course Mama. I didn't mean anything by it. I was just curious is all." Dinah was taken back at her mother's tone of voice.

Claire sat up and Nathaniel got off the bed. "Oh Dinah I'm sorry for my grouchy attitude. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry." She got out of bed and walked to her daughter.

"It's all right Mama. You are human after all." Dinah got up from her seat and took the hug that her mother was offering.

Josh stepped from the closet and went to dressed and Nathaniel went in the closet for his turn in the shower.