I can hear my alarm clock buzzing those annoying sounds it always makes, waking me up every day. "Oh god, I hate that alarm clock". Trying to stand up out of my bed I could feel the cold metal floor on my feet. Slowing opening my door to go to the bathroom as I turn on my shower and wash my body.

Just as I was getting out and I remember "Oh crap!" I whispered to myself. I had complete forgot that today was the day my parents were letting me become I trainer! I was 14 years of age and my parents did not want me to go on my pokemon adventure because they thought I was too young. I remembered that day when they said no to me. "No we are not letting you go!" my mom shouted at me "why not!" I screamed and tearing up because this had been my dream, to go out on a grand adventure as a trainer.

I ran upstairs and slammed my door as hard as I can. I started to cry on my pillow. After a couple of years my parents said I could go on my 14 birthday. And today was my birthday. How could have I forgot! I said in my head as quickly brushed my teeth and got dressed. I ran downstairs as fast as I could and said bye to my parents and gave them a quick hug. I rushed out of my door and went to professor oaks lab. I walk in and could not find the professor so I ask one of his workers, "the professors just around back studying some new pokemon his son caught for him" he said "thanks" I said happily.

As I walk outside and went to the back of the lab I saw the professor. I ran up to him and ask for a pokedex so I could start my pokemon journey. "Sure you can but there one problem" he said staidly "We ran out of are starting pokemon to give out" I look down at my feet and sighed but quickly look up as I saw a Growlithe behind him. I quickly said "Can I take that Growlithe with me as my starter?" "Sure why not I just finish with him anyways" the professor said. I jump with joy as the professor gave me the pokeball for the Growlithe.

"This Growlithe is a special one, he knows bite, roar, ember and leer" he said with knowledge "And also here is the pokedex". I look at the red device to see it was complete empty, I ask him "why is the pokedex empty if you had been studying pokemon for your whole life?" I ask him "it would not be fun is it was already full" he said as he was smile. I just nodded and thanked him so much for this Growlithe. I always like Growlithe, he was always one of my favorite pokemon and I always like the fire type I thought to myself.

Since I have a new pokemon I should go introduce myself to him I thought and I took the small pokeball out of my pocket and pressed the button. It enlarged as I hit the button as I said "cool" to myself. I threw the pokeball in the air as a red light flashed out of it and I hear a cry "GROWLITHE!" the pokemon roared as he look at me. I saw the curiosity in his eyes as I slowly went over to him with my hand out to let him sniff it. As he sniffed it a smelled that I was a friendly person and lick my hand as I took my other hand and started scratching his head. "Hey Growlithe would you like a name" I said with happiness "growl growlithe!" He look happy so I thought it was a yes, "How about Rory?" I ask him. "growlithe!" He yapped. "Ok Rory let's go!" I said with lots of happiness as Rory followed beside me as I look down at him and smiled.