After a weekend of sun, sand and, surf, Marty Deeks has been taken. Whether it's because of a case or just a random act, is still to be determined. Can the team rally together and find him before it's too late? Marty is at the center of this story, but it will include the whole team. I'm fairly new to the show so forgive me if some of the characters seem OOC.

Warning: may include serious violence and torture.Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS: Los Angeles



Sun, sand, and surf. The perfect ingredients for a relaxing afternoon, at least according to Detective Marty Deeks. The sand was warm under his feet and the waves had been outta this world. It was one of the best surfing days he'd had in a while. Cases with NCIS had left him with little free time over the last few weeks and he hadn't been able to hit the beach.

Fresh off a hard case involving the disappearance of an admiral's daughter, Deeks needed some time to himself. He needed to unwind. Cases involving children always tore at his heart. Perhaps it had to do with his own childhood, with the way he was brought up. He hated seeing any children in danger and cases like that always made him think of his father and the abuse he handed out when he was in one of his drunken rages. Deeks was relieved to have a long weekend. He was also relieved that they had found the admiral's daughter and that she had suffered minimal injuries from the man that had taken her.

Sitting on the beach with his board propped up next to him, he let the last remnants of the sun embrace him before it set for the day. He listened to the waves rush towards the shore and watched as a pair of kids splashed each other amongst them. He let out a quick smile before he reached for his board and headed for the car.

There weren't many people out on the beach at that time of day, especially considering that summer was practically over. Those that were there were in typical beach attire, but one man stood out to Deeks. He was a younger man, probably his own age, with icy blue eyes and jet black hair. What stood out the most was his clothing. He was in pressed gray pants with a light button up shirt. When Deeks laid eyes on him, the man averted his glare immediately, focusing on something out in the distance of the water.

After being shot at his favorite coffee place months back, Deeks had made a point of being more aware of his surroundings. He made a point of changing up his routine as well, which was something Sam had lectured him greatly about. Deeks reached his car and took one last look out at the beach and the man sitting on the shore before thinking he was probably just some schlup who decided on a last minute trip to the beach to unwind after a fight with the wife or a bad day at the office.

Just to be on the safe side, Deeks took the long route back to his apartment. He fiddled with the radio for a bit, though it seemed all of his saved stations were on commercials. He cursed the radio and settled on a commercial for some new restaurant on Hollywood Blvd. He kept a close eye on his rear view mirror. "You're just being paranoid." Deeks thought to himself, letting out a sigh. He reached his apartment and carried his board in.

Deeks settled in for the night. He awoke early the next morning to the sound of wind roaring outside. He expected to see a bit of sun peeking in through his curtains, but the sky outside was gray and dismal. Apparently, mother nature was preparing to rear it's ugly head in Los Angeles. Rain drops began to patter on his window. He glanced at his watch, realizing he had actually overslept a bit. He didn't have a lot of time to get ready for work. He wasn't anxious to go back to work, especially since he was starting an undercover case for the LAPD. He had gotten so used to working at NCIS and having a team to back him up on cases, but things were different at the precinct. On these cases he was usually alone.

Deeks quickly showered, dressed, grabbed his phone, gun, and keys. He had forgotten his wallet in the car the previous night. It had been tucked into the glove box while he surfed at the beach. "Damn it!" He muttered to himself, knowing how careless that was. As he unlocked the car door, something in the reflection of the window caught his attention. A figure, no...two figures. Before he could turn around, he felt hands touching him. One set of hands pushed his head firm against the door of the car, keeping it in place so that Deeks could not turn and face his attackers. Another set of hands was grabbing at his arms, restraining them behind his back. He tried to wriggle free, but the men just tightened their grip on him. He felt a sharp prick in the side of his neck, a needle. Oh how he hated needles. He screamed out like a little girl.

The men dragged Deeks a few feet to a van. He wanted to struggle, but he couldn't. He felt weak, dizzy. He felt a haze coming over him. His eyes lost their focus and the lids slowly closed. His body went limp as he lost consciousness. Rain began to pour down just as the van drove away with Deeks in the back.

Deeks' eyes slowly fluttered open. He took in a few labored breaths as he tried to focus on his surroundings. He felt an awkward pressure on his shoulders and tried to move his arms. Pain shot through them, into his shoulders as he realized they were handcuffed above his head to something on the wall. It was dark, but some gray light filtered in through old windows that were high up on the wall to the left of him. It was a big room, looked to be industrial. Perhaps he was in a warehouse. There were pipes, some leaking, on the walls. He could hear the wind outside, as it whipped into the side of the building.

His mind was still a little groggy from whatever drug his kidnappers must have given him and he had no idea how much time had passed since he had been taken. He focused on the door in front of him as he tried to remember exactly what had happened. He was certain that at least two men had taken him. They had drugged him, probably so he wouldn't put up much of a fight. He didn't know who the men were or why they had taken him. He tried to think of any one that would want to kidnap him and his mind was drawing a blank. "What did you get yourself into, Marty?"

The door opened and Deeks tensed. His eyes met a familiar pair of icy blues. It was the man he had seen on the beach the previous day. He was dressed in similar attire to what he had warn before. Behind, walked in an older man who had graying hair and a stale expression.

"Is this the man?" The older man asked, speaking with an accent. Deeks thought it might be Russian.

The younger man nodded. "When I saw him, I knew he would be perfect."

Deeks usually broke tension with humor, but he found himself sitting before these two men completely speechless. He just starred with worry on his face.

"You've done well, Dmitri." The older man let out a devilish grin that chilled Deeks to the bone. "I think he could please a lot of our female customers. I can judge better once we have all of those pesky clothes off of him."

Dmitri reciprocated the man's smile. "I'll have him transported to our main location, Peta." He stepped closer to Deeks, pulling a syringe out of his pocket.

His eyes widened with fear. "Not another needle." Deeks thought.

"Wait," Peta stopped Dmitri and faced Deeks. "Why were you carrying a gun?"

Deeks wasn't sure how to answer the question. Should he come out and tell them he's a cop? Or could that make matters worse for him? " I, it's for protection." Deeks stammered, lying through his teeth.

"How pathetic!" Peta laughed. "Continue Dmitri, I look forward to examining him later."

"No, wait..." Deeks argued, his arms struggling against the restraints. Dmitri inched closer with the needle and once again, Deeks found himself losing focus, getting weak. After a few moments, everything went black.

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