Chapter One: The Marriage Law & The Soulmate(s) Spell.


A voice called although the woman in question did not hear. Infact she didn't hear much of anything since she was fast asleep with the side of her head laid on a page of a very thick tome she had been reading. The tome was laid on a table at the back of the library with various other books, tomes, and grimoires laid out around it. Some of them were open on different pages whilst others were closed shut. Some were piled up and others weren't. Due to this the bushy brunette hair that one Hermione Granger was infamous for could not be seen.


The voice called again only louder. The only answer was a rather loud snore that could have been mistaken for a snort.


The voice said sharply, very close, causing Hermione to sit bolt up right, her bushy hair sticking out everywhere in a wild manner, and a bewildered look on her face. At the sight of Minerva stood infront of her desk with an eyebrow raised in amusement and fond exasperation, Hermione couldn't help but blush in embarrassment.

"Headmistress! I'm so sorry. I've just been working hard on finding a loophole in this Marriage Law."

She stuttered, trying hard to sound professional even though she had just been sleeping on her books in the library at mid-morning. Minerva gave a deep, resigned sigh before picking out a quill from Hermione's unruly hair.

"First, Hermione please call me Minerva. You're a colleague now. Secondly, you know as well as I that the Ministry has made this fool proof because they knew very well you would look for anything that could ruin it."

The no-nonsense look on Minerva's face caused Hermione to shrink in her seat. She couldn't help it. Just the thought of having to marry anyone, especially a pureblood, just to obey this law and then to get pregnant within six months after marriage... Hermione was more then dead set against it. She abhorred it. Mostly though she knew the consequences that would happen if no one married her. Her wand would be snapped and her mind obliviated. Even after the war and being the Brains of the Golden Trio she still hadn't felt what it was like for a man to want her. Well, except Victor Krum but that didn't last long. The fact she was still a virgin said it all especially since she was now twenty seven - a year ahead of her two best friends thanks to the Time Turner she had used.

"I know. I just hoped..."

Hermione found herself trailing off with a sigh and a shrug of her shoulders.

"Cheer up, all isn't lost."

Minerva said with a grin, and Hermione swore when she looked up there was a very Dumbledore like twinkle in her eyes.

"What do you mean?"

She asked warily, not entirely sure if she should have even asked let alone find out what could possibly be an alternative.

"It is mostly forgotten now but there is a spell so old that it was before even our founders' time. Not only that but no wand would be needed nor words need to be said. The body is the wand, the mind and heart the focus that the words we now use replaced. It was not to be used lightly however. Whilst the preparation for the spell is easy, the spell itself is dangerous. Only the strong, the truly powerful, could do it and come out alive. Your magic core pulses out through your body, your feet to the earth, and shoots right into the heart of the earth, where our magic comes from, and it answers combining its own magic with your own before sending it out across the world. It drains you of your magic. Hence why only the truly powerful survive. It takes a lot, and if used by someone not strong enough it would not only drain you of all your magic with no hope of replenishing, but in even worse cases resulted in death."

Minerva explained, watching as Hermione listened with rapt attention.

"What kind of spell does that?"

Hermione whispered, feeling respect for the spell even now without knowing its usage.

"Its a spell to call for your soulmates."

The younger witch frowned at that.

"Soulmates? Surely you mean soulmate."

She questioned, unable to understand why Minerva would have used the plural version of the word.

"We as humans at the core are complex beings. Sometimes having only one other is too little. For example, you are a very intelligent young woman. You would need someone of equal intelligence you could converse with. You have such a large, honest heart that you need someone of the same nature. You're polite and serious. Someone of playful nature would be a good balance for you since you tend to over-work and thus need someone to get you to relax and just enjoy being the age you are. You're a muggleborn and whilst that is not a bad thing, there are parts of the magical world you do not know about nor could understand. You would need someone who can introduce you to every part of our world to the very core of it. You are passionate in what you believe in, in all the work that you do, and yet when it comes to the opposite sex there is nothing of that passionate nature to be seen. Someone primal, maybe another deeply romantic, someone who can alight you deepest passions without it having to be about work... Could you find all that in one man?"

In the muggle world marrying more then one person was against the law and looked down upon with disgust. However when Minerva explained things like that she couldn't help but consider maybe some people did need more then one soulmate.

"The more complex we are the more soulmates we truly have. Whilst each one will fulfill every part of you, each one will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Where one is slightly weaker, another will be stronger in it. Whilst in the muggle world it is looked down upon, here it is celebrated. It is so very rare to find one person with multiple soulmates, it takes a complex nature and a lot of power in their magic, that when it does happen they are worshipped and envied in equal measure. Hermione, you are a very powerful witch. You are the brightest of our generation and to this day you still hold the highest examination marks - beating even our own Severus Snape. Even as a student not one of your peers or those older could anywhere near to what you deserve and need. Each of us is made of light and dark. Power can be a beautiful and terrible thing. Each one of us needs something or someone to ground us. That is what soulmates do for each other and so much more."

Minerva added as she sat down beside Hermione whilst placing a hand over the young brunette's. Hermione knew what Minerva was saying. She knew her old professor wanted nothing but her happiness, and as it was she had very little time to find anyone who she could be happy with marrying. She had spent most of her time researching a way out of the entire law and as such had just one month left to marry. Although this spell would give Hermione her soulmate it had great consequences. She could loose her magic, she could die, and if it did work although she would have her soulmate or soulmates she would still have a relationship to build. However, if the spell worked and she survived she supposed at least then she would have someone that she could actually get along with. Of course she knew she might not see how they could get along, but magic had never steered her wrong. If anyone could do this spell Hermione knew it was her. She had after all done the Polyjuice Potion years before she should have done, and it worked perfectly. Well, besides her portion but that was her fault since she got the wrong hair.

"Okay, I'll do it. What do I have to loose?"

Hermione agreed, giving off a casual tone but both knew this was a very serious thing.

"Great! Lets get you fed then. Do you feel rested?"

Minerva said with a grin, excited for her former student. If anyone deserved to be happy it was Hermione.

"Yes. Despite my sleeping position I do feel entirely rested."

Hermione responded to which Minerva gave a happy nod. The Headmistress stood up briskly, with a wave of her wand she had all books in the rightful place as well as parchment and quills in Hermione's bag. Once Hermione had her bag's strap slung over her arm, Minerva led her through the library before taking her to the kitchens. It didn't take too long to get there, and once they did a whole hoard of house-elves immediately came over to ask what they desired as well as pushing both women into chairs eagerly. Hermione had never gotten used to this kind of treatment and despite the failure of S.P.E.W she couldn't help but still believe the essential principles were still right.

A feast was served to them moments later. There was a large pot of tea, scones, cornish cream, and strawberry jam without the bits, as well as two large servings of lasagna filled with beef mine and various vegetables. By the time Hermione had finished eating she felt fit to bursting. Due to the fact she often worked ninety five per cent of each twenty four hour day she rarely got time to sit and eat. Of course this was all her doing, she'd readily admit it, but there was always something to learn or improve so she often ate whatever she could on the go as well as what was the quickest to make and cook. The other five per cent of the day was spent sleeping. Just because the war had ended didn't mean everything was alright. There was still the matter of creating a class for non-pureblood students to be introduced into the wizarding world properly - ancient pureblood traditions, rituals, and rules of conduct included. Even now Hermione knew she had no real clue about the inner workings of the wizarding world.


Minerva asked to which Hermione nodded. Yes, she was ready. Once the spell was done she would continue petitioning all the major pureblood families both in the Ministry and not in an attempt to get them to help contribute to a class so every eleven year old at Hogwarts could truly be inducted into the wizarding world. It was hard going, especially since the Malfoy family thus far were not responding to any of her letters. Hermione knew without their support none of the other pureblood families were going to do anything. She would have thought they would be eager to help since her testimony had allowed Narcissa and Draco to escape punishment, as well as Lucius only a short six month stay in Azkaban before having another six month home arrest after that as punishment. Why did some people have to be so difficult? Although she supposed the divorce between Narcissa and Lucius could be the reason neither responded to her letter. Apparently Narcissa had run off with some pureblood italian wizard and lived with him now in Rome. She didn't blame Lucius if he was still sore and brooding over that.

Once Hermione left her own thoughts she found herself stood in the courtyard of Hogwarts where Minerva had stood when the spell to bring the large statues surrounding Hogwarts' building had been brought to life. It was also the place where the other professors gathered to produce the shield over the school in another attempt to protect its inhabitants.

"I did the spell here for a reason Hermione. Hogwarts was not built here because of the scenery. On this very spot is a special magical funnel that although cannot be seen we can feel as well as tap into. This of course takes great power and a pure heart. Druids worshipped and did their rituals here. This very place is one of the few spots around the world that you can channel your magic to that of the heart of the world's magic."

She explained, and as Hermione looked around she did notice some runes had already been drawn on the ground with burnt wood also known as charcoal. She recognised each of them and knew they all had to do with the soul and heart. There were four runes, each one put in the exact places which pointed to North, East, South, and West. She knew that this, both in fiction and reality, was often the basis for old spells. Each direction had to be included, blessed, for the spell to work. It suddenly made a lot more sense. This was definitely another thing that should be taught in the school.

"Hermione, stand where I am now and then empty your mind. Feel your magic, feel the string of raw magic beneath your feet and stretch your magic towards it. Then turn to each direction, let it feel your respect and honesty, before coming to a halt with your body facing north once more. Once you feel them combine think of only one thing; to find your heart's equal. You must be exact in that. It'll give the magic room to find more then one soulmate should it be needed for you."

Minerva instructed before moving from her space. Hermione took a deep breath before nodding. She slid off her robes and left them on the ground with her wand, took off her shoes and socks, before going to the spot Minerva had been standing. She felt the magic would be able to feel the truth of herself and what she wanted if her feet could connect with the earth and her wand was not with her. After all, if those before the founders' time used this spell and did it successfully then a wand should not be present. Wands were only a recent advancement in the wizarding world. A lot like the car in the muggle world.

It was strange how a spell that took so little time could be so strong.

There was a brief nothing after she had finished what was asked of her and then there was such a harsh tug that it felt like a Norwegian Ridgeback had sunk its teeth into her soul and was flying at the speed of light into the earth with her soul still in its grasp and yet in her at the same time. It was so excruiating that she fell to her knees panting, and then she felt a massive thud like an asteroid the size of two elephants had slammed into the earth, before a pulse shot out from the centre point so strong that the ground shook for miles around. Later, the public would announce and think it was a high level earthquake.

This all happened in under a minute, and once the pulse simply fizzled out Hermione fell onto her side on the ground. Although conscious she felt exhausted. She felt there was a cup of magic left in her, and something told her that meant her magic would recharge eventually, but right then all she wanted to do was sleep. She managed to give Minerva one sleepy-eyed gaze before the darkness embraced her.

Author's Note: Basically, I love a lot of Hermione pairings and as much as I wanted to write just about one of them I found it hard to leave the others out. So, I've decided to do one story with all of them together. Yay! Also I've loved quite a few of the different plot lines out there (aka, Veela, Marriage Law, Stuck in Animagus form, Stuck in child form, etc) that I decided to mush them all together in one entirely unique plot. Stay tuned for the craziness that is bound to follow!

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