So to make things politically 'incorrect' I guess I'm going to be following the story to stay current change 'some' thiings but not alot I cant stand not being correct to the original story SO i'm going to follow it with a twist of my own


Korra awoke it was morning not too early and not too late everyone was bound to be up and getting ready for breakfast. She looked over to where Sera would have slept if she was still there.

"Hmm, she's probably up already. Got a big day today...Getting rid of mutant spirit vines...great." Korra said to herself not too particularly thrilled about the subject.

She walked down the hall and Saw Bum-Jun flying happily along with some other small sprite spirits.

She went to the dining room to see almost everyone there either chatting away or minding their own business. The kids were their bickering and mildly destructive selves (namely Meelo).Bolin noticed Korra walking into the room and his eyes lit up very alert.

"Korra about time you got out of bed! Sera and Asami are cooking up a storm in the kitchen." The words 'cooking' and 'kitchen' made a grumble in The Avatar's empty belly.

After a clatter of pots and pans banging together popped from the kitchen a red head in an apron.


"LANGUAGE! PLEASE GIRLS!" Roared an annoyed parental Tenzin!

"SORRY! BUT KORRA GET IN HERE!" yelled and giggled a happy Sera.

Korra smiled as to what Sera literally had cooked up for her. Asami was in there too and that girl knew how to cook, however she wondered if Sera was going to burn everything or not. The thought humored and mortified her.

She was in the kitchen and Sera was mixing a bowl like a hyper airbender creating a tornado and Asami was trying to curb her chaotic culinary mess and for a second Korra debated on sneaking away.

"NO! That's too much pepper!" Spices and herbs were flying in the air as Asami was battling Sera on her exuberant over use of intense flavors.


"You'll ruin the curry!"


"THE KIDS CANT HANDLE THAT MUCH!" Korra had to try and breakup this madness, but the second she made even a peep both of the fired up females turned on her.

"TELL HER SHE'LL RUIN THE FOOD!" Both of them shouted to Korra. She was looking for a possible escape out of the hairy situation then in the corner of her eyes she noticed a big pot boiling over and red flames spouting out underneath.

"THE POTS ON FIRE!" Korra pointed swiftly and both of the girls went into haywire mode.

"THE RICE!" They were frantically trying to save the rice, Asami turned the stove off and put some more water in as Sera bended the smoke and heat out of the pot so together they were able to save the rice.

At that moment they looked at each other, from bickering and yelling they came to a truce. They nodded at each other then clasped their hands together like soldiers on the battlefield.

Korra just stood there confused, but didn't bother to make a scene and went back to the dining room.

Lunch (late breakfast not brunch though) was served then Tenzin brought up the subject of the vines.

"So Korra, have you came up with an idea of how to deal with the vines?" Korra sighed heavily.

"Nope, firebending wont kill them, water bending wont move them. I'm at a dead end Tenzin." She rested her head into her hand hunching over the table. Asami and Sera didn't like seeing their friend so distressed. Even though she was The Avatar their friend could only handle so much by herself.

"Well that's why you have us." Asami spoke up.

"We have been talking and we are going to drive us to republic city to investigate the vines more, I may not look it. " As she looked down at her steampunk/rogue risqué attire, "but I was kind of a priestess back at the island I can help you communicate with the spirits."

Korra was grateful for the help of her friends, she thought about it and decided to take their advice.

"Thank you both so much. So whats the plan?" The two long haired women grinned at each other then back at Korra...Who sunk back in her chair a bit intimidated by what her friends had schemed up for her.

All of a sudden a wild Bumi appeared.

"Everyone you'll never believe what just happend." Bumi exclaimed. Tenzin sighed un amused at his brother's constant ramblings.

"What is it?" Finishing his question with a roll of eyes.

"I can airbend! Bum-Jun and I were out and he didn't want to wear his sweater and I fell then I did it! I airbended! "

Everyone just kinda looked at him like he probably had been around too many noxious fumes or fell on his head too hard.

"Watch!" Bumi started making wild motions with his hands trying to imitate airbending, but he just looked like same ol crazy Bumi. Everyone lost interest fairly easily. Bumi was the only one not convinced his eyes wide with disbelief at his all of a sudden 'bending then not bending'.

"I really did airbend! I'm tellin ya I really did do it! Maybe I can only do it if my life is in danger?! Bolin earth bend a giant bolder at me!" Crazily exclaimed the eccentric uncle.

"Yeeeaaaa I'm not going to bend a boulder in the dining room." Bolin replied sheepishly.

Tenzin then lightly slammed his fists on the table with annoyance and frustration

"No one is going to be bending giant boulders!"

Then to break the awkward tension Meelo got up.

"Look alive Uncle Bumi!" Meelo quickly grabbed a plate and threw it to Bumi. With the plate flying towards him and as everyone was expecting a clash and a shattered plate they look to see it safely inside a whirlwind of air. Bumi's reaction to block himself caused the air to catch the plate. Everyone had their mouths dropped to the ground in awe.

Later Mako and Lin Beifong show up to the temple not for a casual visit, but they have news that would impact the Avatar's and friend's journey forever.

Bumi approaches them and exclaims he is now and airbender in excitement and cannot be more thrilled. The Chief of police doesn't look surprised even though every else knows, but this was not news. She explains how there have been airbenders popping up all over the city. Everyone reacts to this knowledge differently this is a huge change in the world a culture that would have taken generations to rebuild seems to be coming alive again with hopes of rebuilding the Nomad Nation.

Mako approaches the girls, not in the manner an old friend would, but a very awkward guise of trying to be professional which of course was miserable and embarrassing.

Sera looked at how Mako acted around the two girls. She knew something was off. Two girls one guy...It wasn't long before it made sense.

The red head busted out in laughter when she put two n two together. When she and Mako talked last night he mentioned stuff with Korra, but he didn't go into detail or even mention Asami which made her laughing even louder.

"Sera are you done?" Asked Korra. There was a pause when she tried to catch her breath.

"No." And the loud laughter continued. The triangle of past love affairs exchanged awkward glances. Mako then saluted to the girls at which Sera was now rolling and laughing on the ground. Meelo appeared and he saw Sera laughing and rolling for no reason, but he thought to join her. Now the young monk child and dragon princess were laughing hysterically. Mako could hear both of them and sunk lower as he walked away.

They went out to the dock and Korra was going to get in the passenger seat of Asami's car..

"Ay! What do you think you're doing?" Korra blinked then answered like asking a question.

"I'm getting into the car?"

"No, you're getting in the driver's seat." Asami held up a pair of dangling keys and Korra shook her head.

"Um, you said we are driving to republi-"

"Yea I 'said' we, but I really said you. You are driving." Sera pointed out. The raven and red haired girls had their hands on their hips humored at Korra's rejection at driving.

"Asami, you know I'm not a good driver, I don't ever drive!" Korra said trying to get out of driving.

"Well it's time to learn." Asami threw the keys at Korra, she caught them and prayed she wouldn't kill them all.

After everyone was seated Korra started the car surprised it didn't blow up on her, she felt a little more confident slightly putting her foot on the gas feeling the engine revving up. She smiled at the power of the car. She remember Asami telling her before about the shifting and clutch movements. Needless to say she stalled. She kept on stalling too, finally she didnt stall but jolted off nearly giving them whiplash.

After fifteen minutes of that with the girls' hair all messy from the constant jerking and revving then stopping of Korra's erratic driving, she smoothens out her driving and they all aren't in fear of their well-being.

"Ah, this is nice, just us ladies." Said a very relaxed Sera. The two girls in the front seats felt more calm and relaxed being out of the temple. Korra was thinking to herself how driving was pretty calming.

"Vine. VINE!" Asami yelled and Korra slammed on the brakes, bringing them to a screeching halt right in front of a massive overgrown cluster of vines. Sera wasn't wearing her seatbeat so she was flung into the large entanglement. As she landed another voice was heard.

"Ow! Hey what's the big idea barging in on me like that?!" Out came an annoyed hedgehog spirit holding Sera by the back of her harness glaring at her. The spirit dropped her and she attempted to get her mass of red hair back into place.

"It was an accident I didn't have my seatbelt on." Replied Sera defending herself being thrown onto him.

"Well watch where you're going!"

"Well what are you doing living in the middle of the road?!" Retorted Korra who was thinking of the vines that shouldn't be there in the first place. Then the spirit started to huff up and puff out his spikes getting ruffled.

"Well dont ask ME Avatar you made the world this way, we're just living in it."

"Hey you know that's not fair to her or the people living here!" Sera said defending her friend.

"These vines are causing major problems all over the city!" Korra tried to reason with the spirit, getting him to understand the situation, but there was nothing that could sway his mind.

"Hmpf spirits, vines, we're all the same seems like The Avatar would know that." The spirit said mocking Korra's position as Avatar a subject she's always been insecure about. The spirit turned away, but not without saying something to Sera.

"You as well should know that Dovahkiin, you disgrace your ancestors ." Sera narrowed her eyes at his remark, she never took an insult to her heritage ever and she felt a sharp pain in her chest her eyes starting to get hot, yet water.

The spirit vanished in the thick of the vines. Korra and Asami knew Sera didn't take to well to that comment. Her chipper self turned morose which no one wanted to see.

"Are you okay?" Asked Asami concerned about her new friend. Sera's face wasn't sad, but cold and disconnected from her emotions.

"Let's just get out of here. What about you Korra you're quiet." Korra was actually in deep thought about what the spirit had said. She didn't take any offense to his cruel chide, instead she got inspired.

"I think that spirit gave me an idea on how to get rid of these vines," Asami and Sera's face lifted up a bit surprised. "But I"m going to need a lot of water."

As Korra drove off with her inspired determination dictating her every move, a voice crept its way into Sera's mind.

"You're only fooling yourself, thinking you can do good, you can only destroy." Sera's heart bolted and she whipped around thinking the voice was right behind her. She swore she could feel the voice that brought her nightmares slither up to her ears, but to her dismay nothing was there.

She looked out into nothing, nothing other than the vines they left and the city covered in them. She went back into her seat, fear now echoing in her heart.

"Sera what's wrong?" Korra asked concerned taking her eyes off the road.

"THE ROAD KORRA!" Asami yelped trying to avoid an accident and Korra's head sharply turning back to the road.

"Oh nothing, nothing thought I heard something. " She lied. She knew that voice all too well. Sera breathed in and started to focus on her friends and positive thinking, she hoped it would keep her long lost tormenter at bay.

Korra drove them to a bridge where the water flow used to run all through the city, which now was a still clearing rampant with vines. Korra started to breath in and out, Sera put a hand on her friend's shoulder.

"Like I said, I was kind of a priestess growing up, you just continue doing what youre doing I'll be here."

Korra nodded as she understood her friend's helpful disposition, but not even moments away the press and the president intruded.

" So The Avatar has a plan to get rid of these vines? I'm sure all of the press would need to see this." As if his words were bait and chum the press devoured it and started to swarm The Avatar before she spoke out.

"QUIET! No talking. SILENCE!" Korra has had just enough of that smug half baked president and his press dogs. She felt Sera's calming grip and started over.

Korra reached into her avatar state. As she felt the presence of Raava she felt something more. A warm comfort and strength surging through her. The Dovahkiin was passing on her energy to Korra. It was the purest form of fire, spirit fire, the pure energy from within. Korra remember this same fire. When she fought Unalaq and he was about to crush her in the ice crevasse, her avatar spirit created a fire around her, an aura it was brilliant and the most powerful type of bending she experienced.

This technique Sera passed onto Korra amplified her spiritual purification process as she bend a double water helix around an apartment in vines. With their energies combined the vines receded and sunk back and freed up the building it was wrapped around. The girls took in deep breaths as they both said 'Go in peace' they looked up and smiled at their victory and hopeful solution. For a moment there was rejoice.

Without warning those same vines shot back up violently as if angered by the benders attempt at 'purifying' them and came back with a vengeance. There were screams from the bystanders as the roads began to shake the building the vines once grasped now started to crumble and a large chunk started to fall away.

The girls reacted trying to evacuate any bystanders, Sera helped them out as Korra went up top to see a young boy trapped in the chunk of building ready to fall.

While everyone else was running frantically away Korra lept into the air to reach the boy in the window. She got a hold of him, but the building was still plummeting towards the ground headed towards a mother and child. Sera got underneath where it would hit with her arms out.

In the corner of Korra's sight she saw the structure about to crush Sera, her heart leapt in terror with her eyes wide in fear.

In seconds the boulder impacted her.

"SERA!" Shouted Korra. She put the boy down and rushed towards her friend. Her emotions clouded her judgment from afar. As she drew closer she saw the gigantic chunk did not hit the ground, in between was Sera, lifting the boulder victoriously. It was obviously straining her body, but the fact that it didn't fall over was unbelievable.

Korra was astounded at this amazing feat of strength, albeit relieved her friend was fine, but her mind was still puzzled at the abilities her childhood friend had at her disposal.

Sera then set the boulder sized apartment down with a loud thud and she then lost footing, barely catching herself.

The mother thanked her quickly before running somewhere safe with her child. Korra went to her exhausted friend's aid who was breathing heavily.

"Sera that was incredible, how?...How did you do that?!" Korra asked still in awe as Sera was getting her composure back as she replied in between breaths.

"Mul...Strunmah!...Strength...of Mountain!" She clenched a strong fist and smiled her fists firm and proud in the air. Korra exhaled in relief her chest relaxing unstressed. After all of the commotion and people were safe reporters started to swarm them

"Korra were you aware of the reaction to the vines?-"

"Who is your new ally or co-conspirator?"

"Are you an Earth bender and a Fire bender?"

"Avatar do you have any more plans to get rid of the vines"

"Should we evacuate republic city?-"

"STOP!" Shouted the Avatar, everyone was dead silent from the outburst. Korra was at her end with these damned reporters and those fucking vines completely causing havoc.

"Everyone no more questions I am doing everything I please! No more!"

Korra was so frustrated her voice wavered, Sera could hear the tears welling up in her speech. Sera thought quick and hugged Korra at her shoulders pushing her from the swarm.

"Nil nol koraav." In a second their bodies vanished from sight and the reporters were left with their jaws gaping unable to put into words what just happened.

The Avatar and her accomplice just vanished.

Korra was completely unaware that Sera turned them invisible so they can escape peacefully she was still fuming and emotional about the failed attempt and her self esteem as the avatar started to wither.

She was so distraught she didnt realize they walked away just in the silence. Korra kept on muttering negative things about herself "fuck I"m so stupid why didnt that work?! What am I going to..ugh! fuck..fucking goddammit what am i going to do?!"

Korra then just stopped dead in her tracks her face down and looking blank at the ground.

"Sera...I screwed it all up." Korra said at the brink tears started to escape her eyes.

"Hey you didn't screw anything up-?"

"No I did! All of it, this harmonic convergence, these vines, everything!" Sera knew Korra was desperate for help, all the red head could do to console her friend was wrap her arms around her and just let her cry.

After a good long minute Korra started to calm down and regain composure.

"Thank you...Sera...

"Of course you know i'm always here."

" did we get away from those reporters? I just remember walking and now we're here."

At this the princess shrugged, but with a proud smile to match.

"Oh yea I turned us invisible, you should have seen their faces, well you'll probably see it in the paper next week."

Korra slapped her palm to her face with an aggravated moan.

"Great...The paper."

"Screw the paper that's not what's important."

"Right, right," Korra said still annoyed with the constant reminder of 'Avatar' duty.

"Im the Avatar and I have to set balance-" Sera then put a finger to stop her friend's complaining.

"Uh not what i'm talking about. You..Korra...missy are being too hard on yourself. You need some 'you' time stop trying to take care of everyone else for a day and take care of yourself. You! yyoouuu."

Sera started shaking her friend till Korra finally gave up the sad face and started laughing.

"Fine. Fine! Ha well hmm honestly I would love to be in a probending match but...stadium is covered in vines!"

"Well how about we'll start with a drink? Maybe find yourself a sexy guy huh?" The She dragon nudged slyly at Korra.

"What?! Oh my god Sera you're crazy haha!" Korra did have to admit those two things did not sound bad at the moment.

Sera replied with a win and cheshire grin. They started walking off to the nearest bar which they were in triad territory. Even though it didnt have vines many of the gang members lost profit at not being able to run their 'businesses'.

As they walked Sera noticed looks and glares directly at them and people targeting them. Groups then started to close in thirty feet in back, then more popping up as they walked.

"Korra...You might get your chance to fight tonight." Korra nodded uncomforted by that fact.

"We are almost out of the district, if we do clash there won't be any body caught in the crossfire." Sera nodded and continued walking, without looking back at their oncoming assaulters.

They reached a wide area away from residents where they stopped. All around them were triad gangs the same as the ones from the parade surrounded them.

"Ya'll want a fight or something?!" Sera shouted unafraid at the threat they posed which she didnt acknowledge it in the slightest.

From the crowd a couple big guys what they guessed represented the triad came forth.

"You know you've been interfering alot with our business, we've all had enough of your meddling."

"Yea well it's what I do." Korra said mocking their try at intimidating them.

One of the leader's scoffed at her attitude.

"Fine, have it your way, we'll teach you to not cross us again."

This statement everyone understood as 'time to fight' Korra and Sera readied their stances. First the earth triad attacked throwing boulders at them, Korra would rebound bend them and Sera dodged them with ease.

"Korra bait them closer I can take them out." Sera stated strategically knowing her chi blocking would render them useless. Korra started working on her offense which goaded them into getting closer. They were preoccupied with Korra bending wildly at them they did not notice their limbs turning to mush and their bending gone.

With the earth triad fallen the two women stood there proud.

"Are you going to leave or do you want more?!" Shouted Sera.

This definitely stuck the ego chord of the triad as all of the remaining fire and water benders assaulted them.

Sera bended their fire which served as ammunition for her as a wild turret of fire circled her. Korra was able to assemble all of the water benders together as she drew them into an earthy prison making them incapable to move let alone bend.

One bender, the leader of the fire triad started to charge up and create lightening to strike The Avatar. And as he started so did the rest of the triad members prepare to all strike lightening at them.

Korra hasn't learned to control the sub form of lightening yet she understood the concept but the sheer power and threat of death terrified her. Sera noticed Korra going into defense and rushed to her aid, seeing all of the lightening benders at once she feared for her friend's life.

They all struck her in unison, a lightening storm completely unavoidable. Korra closed her eyes awaiting the worst.

But Korra didnt feel anything, she looked up and there was Sera, she absorbed all of it. Her body was shaking as she held all of their lightening inside her while it convulsed around her sparking, about to erupt.

Korra's eyes widened with terror, but before she could rush to her ally there was a massive explosion of blue lightening and fire everywhere. It blinded everyone for a second then there was Sera, completely unharmed but immersed in blue fire.

Korra looked at her friend standing there, but she was...calculating something, she looked different, her tactics of mercy to unharm the triad members changed. She now looked like viper ready to strike and kill.

The fire benders attacked once more with fire, but this time Sera took it and it only betrayed them once more. Sera's blue fire burned hotter more dangerous and the benders couldnt control it some even got burned. As they all ran away the leader stayed his ego fighting his mind to flee.

Sera closed in on him as she walked towards him like death creeping up in her right hand, lightening started to charge. She had no look of empathy, only malicious blood thirsty kill. She was only a foot away and ready to fatally strike him.

"SERA STOP!" Korra screamed desperately. The wave of Korra's voice ringed in Sera's ears, her lightening ceased and her hands clamped to her head as she was on her knee's groaning.

The triad leader ran while he still could, it was just Sera and Korra alone.

Korra ran to her friend confused at what she just saw and in disbelief her friend would...would try to kill anyone.


"Sera what were you thinking?!" Korra yelled out of concern and fear for her friend's well-being.

"I...I dont know...Korra this is wrong." Sera was huddling her head into her chest her knuckles turning white.

Korra eased up and felt sad for how distraught Sera was. She was trembling and completely terrified at what just happened.

Korra did for Sera what she did for her in her time of need.

She just held her and let her cry. She cried and cried about how scared she was of herself, her confusion, that she was a monster, that 'its' there, 'it's" always been there, in her nightmares, controlling her, the voice that she feared would take over her.

Korra didn't know what this 'voice' was' but she knew it wasn't in Sera's head, sera wasn't crazy, but there was something there something dark Korra felt it, haunting her, and Korra swore she would find this voice maybe spirit and end its hold on Sera.

In the darkness of the night, escaping through the air, transcending the human world and back into the aether of the spirit realm emerged the dark spirit coercing with Vaatu.

"Hmmm, well I have been a bit rusty at that as the years went by, but in time she will not be able to resist my influence ." Cooed the dark spirit.

"And it seems the only thing you've managed to accomplish is making The Avatar aware of your presence they will seek you out." replied Vaatu who thought her intention was to be stealthy with her tactics however this statement made her grin even more.

"Precisely, they will seek me out here in the spirit realm where my power is strongest, here the dragonborn will not be able to resist my hold and I will have control, not even the voice of her dear friends could help that."

"You've peaked my interest of your plan Daedra, her body does not break like that of a mortal's."

"Precisely, she is of dragon birth which dragons as you know are creatures born of spirits, manifested into flesh."

"Indeed, she posses great power and her bond with the avatar is undeniable can certainly be manipulated."

"Vaatu, with your power, I can make her wreak complete destruction of the world, forests will burn, lava will consume the oceans, and this 'mans' world will perish."

"Very well then, we will proceed." At this, Daedra slithered around the pooling darkness, her tail of shadows and murk moved in the darkness as a shark through the murky waters.

"We need one more piece of this puzzle, the spirit to unlock her power and for us to corrupt."

"And which spirit do you speak of?" Vaatu asked, his now sounding more like his dark, devious tone as he slowly regained strength.

"She is the sister spirit to Raava, where she is light, her sister is life. The pure incarnate of rebirth, her sister The Phoenix of fire and creation." Vaatu knew well of Raava's sister spirit, in their first harmonic convergence this spirit ultimately set the course for the age of Raava, of light and peace. Vaatu in all of his eons of existed has never forgotten the burning purity of those flames. He now understood Daedra's plan as he thought about it the sheer enmity of this power and all this corruption brewing in their hands brought maniacal laughter out of his core.

Authors notes.

Dragon thuu'ms used

Mul Strunmah = strength of mountain

il nol koraav = to vanish from sight

I have already stated in previous chapters of spoilers and spoiler alerts some of the story will link events with the current book three, but ultimately it is its own and everything will be different in a couple chapters.

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to leave comments they let me know what you think and how I can improve!