Seven Years Ago

I walked up to Paul's house worried that something might be wrong since I hadn't heard from him in a week, my worries were replaced with anger once I saw him standing outside working on his truck.

"Paul where have you been?" I asked, trying to keep my voice calm, but it still came out shaky.

"It's none of your business," he replied coldly instantly pissing me off.

"I think I have the right to know!" I couldn't hold back the annoyance and anger in my voice.

"Why because we had sex?" I looked at him shocked that he would ever talk to me like that, this wasn't the Paul I had known just last week.

"We're dating that's why," I said, my voice was almost a whisper.

"Well not anymore." He said harshly and tears fell down my eyes as he continued to ignore me and work on his truck like I was nothing to him. I tried hard to rack my brain wondering if there was something I had did wrong. Of course though I came up empty handed.

"Did I do something wrong?" I practically whined, he sighed before taking a deep breath and sitting his tools down to turn and face me. His face was blank of any emotion and he wouldn't even look me in the eye I didn't understand what was going on. He slowly walked towards me and that's when I noticed the tattoo on his arm, the same one Sam and my brother had and I was shocked. He said he would never hang out with them because they were up to no good, of course I defended my brother best I could but he had been slightly ignoring me too. He stopped leaving a small space between us still not looking me in the eyes.

"Don't you see, I got what I wanted from you so I don't need you anymore," he said and my heart dropped as tears quickly filled my eyes but I shook my head trying to find the words.

"That's a lie you told me you lo-"

"Loved you?" he asked cutting me off with an amused look on his face, he even went the extra mile to smirk and then laugh right in my face, "it's called a lie Brooke, I tell all girls that because it's easier to get in their pants." My hand instantly connected with his cheek but he barely budged while my hand immediately ached with pain. I watched in horror as he started to shake and ball his fist up. He brought it up and swung it halfway to hit me and I covered my face letting a squeak leave my lips. I didn't feel any impact and quickly looked at him to see he was holding himself back and trying to control his breathing, I saw the pain and sadness in his eyes as I tried to approach him but he moved back. "I'm to dangerous to be around you," he breathed out.

"Paul I know you'd never hurt me," I all but whispered reassuringly and anger spread across his face again.

"Are you crazy? Did you just not see me about to hit at you? Sam was right this is to dangerous to involve you."

"So it does have something to do with Sam and my brother? What did they do to you?"

"They've done nothing but help me, I have important business to take care of and I cant be around you anymore." My heart was beating so fast and the tears were now falling uncontrollably.

"Paul I love you and you promised you'd always protect me," I all but whined as I wiped my tears.

"This is me keeping my promise Brooke, go home and forget about me and I'll do the same for you." He started to walk away as I held my aching hand against my aching chest and tears continued to flow down my cheeks.

"Is it really that easy for you to forget me?" He paused before replying.

"It's easy to forget things that never mattered." My heart shattered into a million pieces as I stared at the back of the guy I was madly in love with. Just last week he was holding me and kissing me saying he'd always protect me and love me and now here he was saying that he never cared. How could I go to school and face him or anybody? I'd be the laughing stock, swallowing back my tears I ran off into the direction of my house and pulled my phone out calling my mother.

"Hello?" her voice was raspy as though she had just woken up, I took a deep breath not wanting her to hear me crying but I couldn't hide it.

"Mom I'm coming to Australia," I said.

"Did something happen sweetheart?" Her voice was covered with concern and I hated that I made her worry but I needed my mom right now.

"I need you," my voice cracked and I stopped running letting myself drop to the ground and cry into her ear.

"Brooke what's wrong?" I took a deep trying to calm myself down so I could actually form a sentence but all that I could hear was Paul's hateful words playing over and over again. "Brooke?" I swallowed back the tears not wanting her to suffer from having to hear her daughter cry and be able to do nothing about it.

"Mom, I'm pregnant."

Seven Years Later

"There once was a Queen named B. Elizabeth, she wasn't very popular and didn't have many friends but she did however have an older brother who protected her from the world. One day her brother wasn't around anymore to protect her and all the nobles and the commoners came and picked on her making her cry, they surrounded her and as she had lost all hope a handsome and brave King appeared. He saved the Queen and they fell madly in love with one another spending their days together cherishing every moment they had with each other. Then one day the King was called away to handle important business, so important the Queen couldn't even know about it but he claimed it was to protect her. She was sad and lonely after he left because she now again had no one and that made her heart ache. Until one day she was blessed by the heavens and gave birth to a beautiful Princess named Avery Victoria."

"Like my name mummy!" she screamed in excitement and I couldn't help but smile.

"Exactly like yours," I said and she grinned ear to ear as I continued with the story.

"With the Princess there the Queen no longer felt alone for she spent everyday loving and cherishing her, yet there was still something missing in both of their hearts." She looked to be in thought before meeting my eyes again.

"The Queen doesn't have her King and the Princess doesn't have a father?" I weakly smiled at her and pushed some of her curly brown hair behind her ears.

"Exactly, while they were both happy with just each other they were still missing the King, with him they would finally become-"

"The royal family and live happily ever after right mum?" I smiled at her before replying.

"Correct." I then stoked her hair and kissed her forehead making her squirm and giggle, "now it's time for my princess to get some rest." She immediately frowned and gave me her best puppy dog face which I had to admit was freaking adorable, but I had learned awhile ago not to give in every time she pulled it out for I was the mum and she was the child. "We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow Avery," I said using my strict voice.

"I know mummy but do we have to move?" I was taking aback by her question but was absolutely positive about my decision to move back to La Push. I stood up and tucked her covers around her and then sat on the side of her bed looking into her big round brown eyes that she obviously got from me.

"Since grandma just passed away I thought it would be great if we moved back to where I was raised," I told her and she looked at me curiously before asking.

"Will grandpa be there?" I nodded and smiled at her.

"So will Uncle Jared."

"Really? Will I get to see him everyday?" She asked excited and I nodded yes again, "I can't wait," she smiled as she snuggled into her pillow.

"The faster you fall asleep the sooner we'll be there," I said and she immediately closed her eyes. I giggled at her goofiness before stoking her super curly hair again and kissing her, "I love you Princess," I whispered.

"I love you too mummy," she whispered back. I got up and cut her lights off before closing the door and going into my own room, climbing into bed. I wanted to go straight to sleep but my mind and my heart had other plans for me. I couldn't help but feel anxiety over possibly seeing Paul again, I knew that just one look at Avery would tell everyone exactly who she belonged to. Ill admit she has my natural curly brown hair and round brown eyes, but everything else was all Paul's. A part of me wanted Avery to know her father I know she feels like she's missing something, but the selfish side of me wanted her nowhere near Paul after the way he treated me. I was afraid he would say those same words to my daughter.

"It's easy to forget things that never mattered."

I was no longer that childish and fragile girl, I was a mother now and Avery's my everything, I'd never let anyone hurt her especially not him. Now that mom had passed Jared thought it be best if we moved back so Avery could grow up around family and I agreed. I wiped my slightly damped eyes and made a decision at that moment, Paul was not to know Avery was his and vice versa for her. She's better off without him, we both are.

The next morning I was packing the last of everything in boxes that were to be shipped to La Push, they will arrive way before us and Jared promised he'd set everything up for me. We'll be staying at his new house until I find one of my own since my dad is still a little upset with me for one getting pregnant and two leaving to live with mom, so I thought it would be best if we stayed with Jared. Our flight was going take two days and I was a little nervous since Avery had never been on a plane before not counting when I was pregnant with her. As I put the last box in the truck and sent them off Avery came running out of the house with her hello kitty suitcase.

"Mom before we leave can we go see Brandon?" she asked and I shrugged.

"I don't see why not," I said and she jumped up and down. I grabbed my suitcase and locked the door before walking with her next door to Brandon's house. He was the first and only friend I made after moving to Australia, he was helping my mom out before I arrived and we met and instantly became friends. He didn't care that I was pregnant and supported me in getting over my heartbreak and Paul. After I gave birth to Avery he'd constantly ask me out and tell me how in love with me he was, I felt like he was a great guy but I just wasn't exactly healed from Paul and I wanted to focus all my attention on my baby girl. He said he understood and would give me time but that didn't stop him from flirting with me and constantly asking me out, it was annoying but he was great to have around and he helped me with Avery whenever he could. He was close as a dad to Avery then she'd ever had and I did feel a little guilty about separating them.

Avery knocked furiously on the door until he finally answered it and she jumped in his arms making him laugh.

"Brandon!" She yelled.

"Avery!" He yelled back making me laugh.

"We came to see you before we move," she said and he immediately looked at me with sadness in his eyes since I didn't exactly tell him I was leaving. I told him I was thinking about it and he was trying to talk me out of it.

"I thought you said you hadn't made up your mind?" He asked and I avoided his eyes as I looked at Avery.

"Well I did and I decided that Avery should grow up around her family," I explained and he just nodded as he sat her down and held the door opened for us to come in.

"How about goodbye pancakes before you go?" Her eyes immediately lit up.

"I love pancakes!" She yelled before running into the house and Brandon followed behind her laughing as I stood in the doorway shaking my head.

"Just like her father," I all but whispered to myself as I followed them in the house closing the door behind me. I cleared my mind of my previous thoughts but I wasn't kidding when I said it. When Paul and I were dating he was obsessed with pancakes and pretty much ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I tried to get him to eat anything else he claimed he was on a pancake diet. I rolled my eyes before I entered the kitchen to see Brandon put some on Avery's plate and she grinned wide, she would literally eat them all day if I let her. I leaned against the counter and was soon joined by Brandon as we both watched her eat.

"She's so adorable," he said bumping my arm and making me smile.

"That she is."

"I'm really going to miss her," he added making me swallow.

"I know," I whispered.

"You know, I'm going to miss you too." I looked at him to see he was already looking at me, I was speechless none the less and turned my attention back to Avery.

"She's going to miss you too, I'm sorry to separate the two of you after all you've done for us," I apologized.

"Brooke," he called out to me grabbing my hand and making me look him in the eye, "I understand you wanting to go back for her but are you actually ready?"

"I have to be," I quickly replied pulling my hand out of his.

"No you don't, you could stay here and I could take care of you both."

"Brandon-" I started but he cut me off.

"I love you Brooke and I love Avery too, marry me and I'll take care of us and we'll be a family," he begged and I looked away taking a deep breath before releasing it. I didn't really want to have this conversation with him right now.

"I'm not ready Brandon," I said as calmly as I could.

"Then when will you be it's been seven years?" I lost my temper for a moment and couldn't control my voice.

"It's really none of your business!" I yelled and in that moment of weakness and anger I caught Avery's attention and she watched us questioningly.

"Mummy are you mad?" I turned and smiled at her.

"No mummy just forgot to use her inside voice," I reassured her and she giggled before continuing to eat. I faced Brandon once more a lot calmer, "look I still don't want him to be apart of her life but I do want my dad and brother to be. I want to be in a happier place and then when I'm ready I want someone to ride up on their white horse and say all the things I've been waiting to hear, and not just confess his love to me but Avery as well," I explained and he looked at me like he understood.

"I can be everything you and Avery need, but if you're asking me for more time then I'll except that," he said.

"Thank you Brandon," I said and he smiled at me as Avery approached us with her empty plate. "All done?" I asked her and she nodded, "good just in time for our flight," I responded checking my watch.

"I'll give you guys a ride," Brandon offered and I smiled and thanked him before we rode in silence to the airport. It was a thirty minute ride there and Brandon walked us all the way to the gate stopping us before we boarded. He hugged Avery super tight and kissed her forehead before putting her down. "I'm going to miss you Av," he said and she smiled.

"I'm going to miss you too Brandon I love you," she said.

"I love you too," he said hugging her once more and then turning to smile at me. He brought me into a tight but comfortable hug, "I love you," he whispered. I hugged him tighter not wanting to say the words knowing I didn't feel them and he finally let go. I gave him a quick peck on his cheek and told him I'd call him when we landed. I then took Avery's hand and we boarded the plane. She was super excited about riding on one but once we took off her ears popped and she started crying, luckily I had brought some medication that would put her right to sleep and it worked.

After a long flight, dealing with a cranky six year old and switching planes twice we had finally made it to Seattle, Washington.