He was hurt maybe even dying and I hadn't told him everything, hadn't been completely honest with him and now I was about to lose him forever. I wiped my non stop tears as I drove faster to Jacob and Billy's worried about Paul's condition, I had called after their fight with newborns and Jared picked up yelling something about him being hurt and them taking him to Billy's. I sniffled loudly my nose becoming runny, I couldn't stop thinking about Paul being dead I mean he was the love of my life what would I do without him? It was to soon and he was too young, we never got the chance to just enjoy life together with no issues, no drama, no tears and no Brandon. I never got to be completely honest with him about Avery or the secret I was keeping now, the more I thought about it the more of a bitch I sounded like. I didn't deserve Paul and I guess this was karma's way of telling me so, I sobbed but tried to keep myself together as I pulled up and parked jumping out the car to see most of the guys standing outside. I wiped my eyes as I ran over and the first person to great me was...

"Paul?!" I cried harder as I hugged him tight and squeezed his body, "Brooke, Jake's going to be ok" Paul said quietly and I froze, Jake was the one that was hurt and not Paul? I let go and hugged Billy who told me that Carlisle was re-breaking his bones and that he should be fine, I was grateful and immediately turned my attention to Jared who I began smacking. "Ow Brooke stop what did I do?!" He yelled grabbing my hands and stopping me, "you told me Paul was hurt!" He looked at me confused. I called his phone and you picked up saying he was hurt and you were taking him to Billy's!" I yelled freeing my hand and smacking him again. "I'm sorry I didn't have time to be more descriptive honestly it was a mistake" he defended but I was still crying and hitting him. "Well it isn't funny Jared you stupid face jerk!" I immediately collapsed in his arms and hugged him as tight as I could while he returned it tighter, "I hate you don't you ever do that to me again, I love you" I whispered against his shoulder. "I love you too and I'm alright I promise, sorry for scaring you" I nodded but held him close a little longer before hugging everyone else and then returning to Paul. "Aw you were worried about me" he whispered in my ear and I smacked him before hugging him tighter, "shutup because you're a stupid face jerk too." He chuckled and kissed the top of my head, "it'll take more than some leeches to take me out" he said with confidence but I just shrugged. "Doesn't mean I won't worry" I whispered and he held me closer, "I know and I'm sorry" he whispered back. "Let's go home eh?" He nodded and took my hand, we said our goodbyes and Jared promised to keep us updated on Jacob.

We walked into the house to see my dad snoring on the couch, I smiled and grabbed a blanket from the closet wrapping it around him. I went into our bedroom to see Avery asleep in our bed and Paul kissing her head, "should I take her to her room?" I shook my head, "nah, let's all be close tonight" he smiled and kissed my head before going into the bathroom. I shut the door and changed into pajamas before climbing in bed next to her and wrapping her in my arms which she snuggled into. A few minutes later Paul came back and cut the lights off before snuggling in next to me wrapping his around me tightly and kissing my neck. "I love you" he whispered and I sighed in content, "I love you too Paul Lahote so much."


"hey babe" Brooke greeted as she walked into the house pecking my lips before throwing her coat into the closet. My nose wrinkled at the scent that covered her, it wasn't just the sickly sweet scent of the leeches but she smelled like baby lotion. I had no idea what she's been doing at the Cullen's but I hope they don't have her pretending she has a baby, that's just sick. "Hey Dad" Avery said casually as she kissed my check and then tossed her jacket in the closet just like her mother. I smiled not yet use to her calling me dad but excited every time I heard it. I wrinkled my nose again for she too smelled like the leeches and baby lotion. "What have you two been up to?" I asked eyeing them as they shared a look and Avery looked guilty before running off to her room. "Oh nothing really just stopped by dads and the Cullen's" she offered a small smile as she sat beside me, I could tell she was hiding something and it seems Avery knew too and wasn't allowed to tell me. I said nothing else as I grabbed her hand and kissed it as I mulled over what she was keeping from me.

We both jumped as someone knocked on the door, "I'll get it" she said quickly getting up and heading to the door. "Brandon?" Her voice questioned quietly and I immediately made my way over to them glaring into his eyes. "I told you to stay away" I said lowly, he ignored me and returned his attention to Brooke. "Do you mind if I spend time with Avery today" he asked and Brooke looked to be in thought which pissed me off. "No" I replied getting ready to shut the door only for Brooke to stop it with her hand still looking at Brandon. "Why?" She asked quietly and he looked away before looking back at her, "I'm leaving for Australia next week." A smile formed on my face but immediately went away once I saw that Brooke didn't share my same excitement. "Why?" She asked again and he sighed, "there's obviously nothing left for me here Brooke except maybe Avery but then again I'm pretty sure she won't miss me that much." I rolled my eyes he was obviously trying to play the sympathy card but I knew Brooke was too smart to fall for that.

"That's not true Brandon" I looked at her like she had three heads, why was she falling into his pity party? "Either way I've made up my mind I leave Monday but I was hoping I could spend some time with Avery today and the weekend" he asked again looking into her eyes and she smiled before calling Avery's name. I hissed her name under my breath and gave her the what the hell are you doing look but she just ignored me. "Yes mummy?" Avery asked as she approached us, she then saw Brandon and gave him a hug. "So Av, Brandon's moving back to Australia" Brooke told her and she frowned, "you don't like it here anymore?" Avery asked innocently making him smile. "I just miss home is all Av but I was hoping we could go to the park today, maybe go see a movie tomorrow and then go to the beach Sunday before I leave." She nodded hurriedly, "that sounds great! Mum can I please go please?!" Brooke smiled and nodded, "of course, why don't you go grab your jacket" Avery squealed and hugged her legs tightly before running off, I growled before stomping off to our bedroom and slamming the door. What the hell was Brooke thinking? I wouldn't trust this man with a rock and just days ago Brooke seemed scared of him yet she's letting Avery run off with him. I was shocked that Avery even wanted to go, I thought they were mine but obviously they were still under some stupid spell he possessed.

I heard the the front door close and then seconds later Brooke entered our room and sat on the dresser eyeing me curiously. "You're mad" she stated rather than asked and I dryly chuckled. "Mad doesn't even begin to describe it" I said avoiding eye contact, "but why?" She asked and I looked at her like she was stupid. "That man did something to you do you not remember? He got you pregnant which you couldn't even remember and then tried to force you to marry him. You went from hating him to being scared of him and now you're all buddy buddy, you're fucking crazy that's why I'm mad." I immediately regretted my last choice of words as her mouth slightly dropped open and her eyes filled with anger. "Crazy? You think I'm fucking crazy?!" She hopped off the dresser and stormed over to me making me look her in the eye. "When my mum was in Australia all alone Brandon helped her, when I moved their and was pregnant Brandon helped me and when I gave birth to Avery Brandon was right there and helped me along the way. He was the only father figure she had and he was my best friend, so yes I'm fucking crazy for thinking that the amazing friend and man he was is still in there and yes I'm fucking crazy for letting Avery say goodbye to someone who was a huge part of her childhood! So fuck you Paul I'll take being crazy over being an asshole anyday!" She stormed away but I grabbed her arm pulling her back to me only to make her struggle against my chest, hitting me and screaming at me to let her go. "Babe please I'm sorry I didn't mean that I swear I was just mad because I don't trust him" I pleaded and she stopped struggling as she looked up at me tear filled eyes. "He's leaving now so I have to believe there's still good in there I have to" she whispered. "I know" I whispered back as I hugged her again and stroked her hair.


I woke up from a nap on the couch and checked my watch to see I had been out for an hour and Avery still wasn't back. "Paul?" I called out looking for him, "in the kitchen babe on the phone with Sam give me a minute." I shivered at his husky voice, it was obvious he had just woken up and it immediately turned me on. I walked into our room and grabbed his favorite blue button up shirt that he wore for special occasions and stripped quickly putting it on. I then opened our bedroom window for some fresh air it was so stuffy in this room. I hurried towards the door and leaned my head out.

"Paul!" I yelled, I heard scrambling in the kitchen. "Yea?" He replied voice still husky, "hurry I need you it's an emergency" I said in urgency before slamming our bedroom door.

I heard his heavy footsteps racing towards me as I sat at the edge of our bed smiling. Once the door opened he looked around worriedly before spotting me smiling and he groaned. "Babe, you made me hang up on an important call with Sam for nothing" he frowned and I stood up his eyes going straight to my bare legs and mid thigh where his shirt stopped. "No babe I really do need you" I purred and he swallowed, "need me for what?" I walked over to him and ran my fingers across his chest, "I need you to make love to me right now and hurry" I said leaning into his ear, "it's an emergency."


I pulled up into the driveway and parked looking in the mirror to see Avery asleep in the back. After a minute of watching her I decided to get them to open the door for me to carry in her instead of waking her up. I walked towards the door but stopped immediately hearing Brooke's loud moans. I followed them to the side of the house where I saw an open window, after hearing her scream I decided to look through it. The scene of Brooke being bent over the bed while Paul plowed away at her instantly made my blood boil. Everything in me wanted to ruin the moment to yell in rage but I couldn't keep my eyes off of them angry at the fact that that's supposed to be me. I squeezed my hands into fist taking in every inch of Brooke's beautiful body, I was the one meant to hold her that way and bring her pleasure. She was supposed to be screaming out my fucking name.

I watched on as he pulled out and fell back on the bed letting Brooke climb on top closing her eyes and giving me a perfectly full view of her body. I grinned in satisfaction as I remembered the night I took her body as my own and for a moment I imagined it was me that was making her scream in ecstasy. I watched on my eyes fixed to her breast that bounced up and down as she rode him fast and hard. It only took a few minutes for him to groan out spilling himself in what was meant to be mine. I glared as his fingers found her spot and he began to work her as she bounced even harder and even faster until finally she came and I slammed my fist on the window seal making them jump.


I was relinquishing in the shivers of pleasure that coursed through my body, my eyes shut tight afraid that if I opened them all pleasure would be gone. I jumped hearing something hit the window seal but as I looked up nothing was there, I looked down to see Paul staring at the window in confusion as well. He looked up catching my eye and smiled at me as I bent down kissing his lips. "I love you" I whispered, "I love you too" he whispered back in that husky tone that got us here in the first place. Before I could ask for round two the doorbell rang and I frowned just knowing it was going to be one of the guys, most likely Jared. I climbed off Paul and threw on a pair of his jogging pants and the blue shirt, he went into the bathroom as I left the room and opened the front door. It was Brandon holding a sleeping Avery, I smiled at them and opened the door wider letting him in. I closed the door behind him and led him to Avery's room helping him get her into bed and tucking her in.

"What did you two get into?" I asked as we watched her sleep, "played around at the park for a bit, I'd forgotten how much energy she had" we both laughed before he continued. "Then we grabbed some grub and ice cream" I smiled at him and gently touched his shoulder which he immediately stared at. "Glad you two had fun" he mumbled something about me and Paul and then stormed out of the house. I closed the front door not exactly sure what his problem was, one minute he was happy and smiling the next he was serious and angry. I shrugged it off as I closed the bedroom door and stripped walking to the bathroom and joining Paul in the shower. "Babe can you get my back" he asked handing me the rag which I threw on the shelf, "what for you're going to get it all dirty again anyways" I purred before reaching up and kissing his lips. He immediately picked me up and slammed my back against the wall as I wrapped my legs around his waist. "Round two then yeah?" He asked between kisses, "yeah then three and four and after the shower maybe five" I answered back.


I followed behind Avery and Brooke as they entered Sam's, we were greeted by the rest of the pack and Avery immediately stuck with Seth. I took a seat beside Brooke and wrapped my hand around her waist pulling her close as she smiled before kissing my jaw. Quil came in a few seconds later with Claire and then he and Seth took her and Avery outside to play.

"What the hell happened to you yesterday Lahote?" Sam asked anger written across his face, "what do you mean?" I asked innocently but knew what he was talking about. "We were having an important conversation and you just hung up on me" Sam said like a little kid. "I can explain" I said raising my hand as the whole pack watched us, "oh I can't wait to hear this" Embry whispered. "There was an emergency and Brooke needed me" I said pointing at Brooke who immediately flushed red, "it was that big of an emergency that you couldn't call me back at all for the rest of the night?" I held back a smirk wanting to boost about my amazing night but not wanting to embarrass Brooke.

"Yes it was Sam I apologize for keeping Paul away but it was important and yes before you ask" she looked at me and smirked, mischief clear in her eyes "it did take all night" she finished. Sam looked shocked, Emily covered her mouth while Embry and Jake cheered, Leah look amused and Jared looked sick.

"Ew Brooke kept that to yourself!" Jared yelled moving from beside her to sit next to Jake, "oh come on big brother, if it helps I was in control" she said with a wink making me blush. "I knew it!" Leah yelled before hi fiving Brooke and smirking at me. "All that muscle and big mouth for nothing" Brooke laughed and I elbowed her letting her know she could cut it out but she just couldn't stop. "Wait a minute" Jared said cutting through Brooke's laughter as she gave him her attention. "You dominated Paul?" I growled at him as everyone laughed again and I buried my face in my hands. I looked up to see her smirking at Jared before she winked, he stared at her stunned for a minute and then a grin broke out on his face. He held his fist out and they fist bumped before he sat back in the chair with a satisfied smirk. "That's my sister, you can tell she's a Cameron when she can make a Lahote her bitch" I jumped off the couch and chased Jared around the house while everyone laughed in amusement before freezing at the sight of Avery. She was looking at us curiously as Brooke made her way over to her, "you need something Princess?" She shook her head, "I came to get some juice" she said still looking at Jared and I." "I'll get it" Emily said hurrying off into the kitchen, "mummy" Avery started finally looking at her. "Yes" Brooke answered softly, "I'm a Cameron too right?" She asked and Brooke looked confused as she nodded yes.

"So does that make Paul my bitch too?"

My jaw literally fell wide open as did everyone else's, "Jared" Brooke called out in a low and deadly tone, "hmm?" He practically whimpered.

"I'm going to kill you."