"How are we going to do this? How long have you been back in DC?" I asked Ziva and she smiled
"I arrived last night and went straight to Gibbs, I wasn't sure if you were home or what, I wasn't even sure I could see you without freaking out and running away. When Gibbs opened the door and saw me he was shocked and honestly it did't surprise me that he was, but then he noticed the baby bump and asked if I was pregnant, I told him, you have to understand that I didn't have a choice" she said and I took both her hands in mine and squeezed them
"Zi, I understand the situaion that put you in. Honestly I do, besides I know the relationship you have with Gibbs is special to you and it didn't surprise me that the place you sought comfort was with Gibbs" I said and she looked me in the eye, to make sure I was telling her the truth.
"As to how we are going to do this. I have no idea, I had all my stuff put into a storage fecility about two months ago as my landlord was asking if he could put another tennant in it. So I officially have no where to go" she said and I felt my heart pick up speed, I hatched a plan in my head. If she didn't have a place to stay then that would mean that I could ask her to move in with me, besides I was in this for the long run that meant being there to find whatever weird creation she was craving or for any mood swing she could throw my way. I could spoil her rotten and prove to her how much I loved her. I smiled and keeping both her hands in mine I looked her in the eyes and asked
"Ziva will you move in with me?" she looked stunned for a little bit but soon realised that it wa either that or stay in Gibbs spare room.
"I'll move in with you Tony" she said and I smiled leaning forward to kiss her.

Finally we made our way back down to the bull pen and I sat on the edge of my desk offering Ziva my seat as she told me about what the doctor had told her whilst she saw the doctor yesterday, I smiled thinking of the shock that must've been on my partners face when she found out andd then the realisation that she was actually carrying a child. Gibbs was still the only one in the bull pen when we returned and when he got a phone call from McGee saying that he and Abby found something he suggested I take Ziva down to see Abby and Tim because they still didn't know and would be delighted to see Ziva. I took Ziva's hand in mine and she eagerly took it, she was shaking with nerves something I had never seen Ziva do before and when we entered the elevator I placed my hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes and smiled
"Its aright Zi" I said and she nodded before looking back into my eyes, showing me how vulnerable she was. I pulled her close and rubbed her back, before kissing the top of her head whispering
"They missed you a lot Zi, we all did. Its hard when you lose a team member but you've come back to us and that means we get more time with you. They will be so excited to see you, it will be like you had just come back from holiday" she nodded against my chest and then I heard sniffling and a choked back sob, I held her tighter and just let her cry into my chest, knowing that it was mainly the hormones and a little to do with the fact that she was scared that Abby and McGee woudn't accept her back even after all my reassuarances.

Finally when the elevator stopped in front of Abby's lab I flipped the switch, giving time for Ziva to compose herself and make sure she was alright
"Are you sure you want to do this Zi? We don't have to do this right now" I said and she shook her head
"I missed you guys too Tony. I don't think I could wait a moment longer to see them again" she said almost eager with anticipation. I took her hand and flipped the switch the door opening and we walked out. I motioned for her to wait outside the lab so that I could get the information we needed before Abby and McGee went crazy, and she nodded in understanding. I gave her a quick peck on the lips before entering the lab and with a quick look over my shoulder sending her a reassuring smile I finally made it to Abby and McGee's side.
"What've you got for me?" I asked
"Tony what are you doing down here?" Abby questioned
"Gibbs sent me down here, said that it would do me some good" I said making up a lie on the spot, the longer I could keep the distracted the more time Ziva had to calm down.

When I hadd the information they had expected to give Gibbs, I made to exit before turning back to them and watching them work for a couple of seconds, they were so cute sometimes.
"Before I go, Gibbs told me to bring down something" I told them and both of them turned around to look at me quizzically, both with raised eyebrows and expressions of disdain on their faces, whatever it was they didn't really want, so I decided to be my normal self and tease them
"Alrighty then, if you don't want to know what your surprise is then I will just have to have it all to myself then" I said turning on the spot and walking away. I made it to the door of Abby's lab before McGee stopped me
"Alright then Tony, what is our surprise?" he asked and I looked at Ziva who was out of sight for Abby and McGee but fully in view from where I stood, I ushered her forward and grabbed her hand when she hesitantly waked through the door, pulling her close. Both of them stood in shock, not believing the sight that lay before there very eyes. Something that made me and Ziva look toward each other and smile happily at the expressions on their faces.

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