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Chapter 22: Captured

(1 week later)

"Naruto? Naruto? We need to go. Tsunade-sama is calling for us." came the voice of Naruto's pink haired teammate, Sakura. Sakura was given a summons for a mission that Naruto was to be the leader of, yet he was busy messing around in Training ground 22. Messing around with a kid in a spar.

"One second Sakura-chan. I want to see what he can do" said Naruto as he blocked a punch with his palm. The person punching Naruto gave him a smile as he dispelled in a poof of smoke to reveal the same person, a spiky, brown haired 13 year old, standing several feet away. "Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone)? When did you finally learn that?"

"A while ago, about a year to be exact." said the ninja as he ran through four hand seals ending with the Tiger Seal. " And I also learned this. Katon: Haisekisho (Fire Style: Ash Pile Burning)" The brown haired kid spewed out an enormous cloud of ash that immediately consumed Naruto. Once it surrounded Naruto fully, the ninja clicked a piece of flint on his teeth to ignite the entire ash cloud in a fiery explosion.

"Hell Yeah!" shouted the young ninja as he moved his scarf he was wearing away from his chunin vest. The young teen was wearing the standard outfit of Konoha, except with black instead of blue just like his hero, idol, and rival, Naruto. He also added a red scarf with the kanji for Monkey written down the length of it. This was none other than Konohamaru Sarutobi, recently promoted Chunin of the Leaf.

Konohamaru had grown up well. Due to his private tutoring with Ebisu with his two teammates Moegi and Udon, Konohamaru became a Genin at the age of 12 and one year later, won the Chunin Exams in Kumo, granting him promotion to Chunin for his skills. Like all members of the Sarutobi clan, Konohamaru was skilled in Fire Manipulation and Taijutsu. And of course, just like his grandfather, he was a budding bojutsu (staff technique) user.

"I knew that wouldn't be enough to get you." said Konohamaru before biting his thumb and slamming it on the ground. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique)" A poof of smoke later and a monkey as tall as the five foot 7 Konohamaru appeared.

"Konohamaru. Whassup man. Need something?" came the surprisingly deep voice of what appeared to be a teenage ape.

"Hey Yeomna. Can you transform for me. I need to kick my rival's ass." said Konohamaru as his monkey summon, Yeomna, nodded his head. After a brief stating of the word, "Henge (Transform)", Yeomna poofed into a large staff with a red shaft and gold tips. Konohamaru snagged the adamantine staff right before slamming it down into the ground.

A few seconds later, Naruto came flying out of the ground a few feet away, barely avoiding the end of the staff as it elongated and flew past his head. Naruto smiled slightly as he landed on the ground and Konohamaru retracted his staff back to it's normal size.

"What do you think Naruto-senpai? Pretty good?" questioned Konohamaru with a smirk as Naruto nodded his head.

"You're getting there, I'll have to ask ba-chan but you do seem like you're Anbu material. However. Still not good enough to beat me" said Naruto as he placed his hands in the snake seal. "Mokuton: Mokusatsu Shibari no Jutsu (Wood Style: Smothering Binding Technique)" thought Naruto as a branch flew out of his palm directly at Konohamaru before diverging into a web of branches.

"Oh shit." said Konohamaru as he smashed the first couple of branches with his staff but couldn't stop all of them. Eventually Konohamaru was left tightly snagged in the branches as his staff dispelled itself in a poof of smoke. "Damn. I'll find a way to get past your Mokuton! Just you wait Boss...Boss?"

Konohamaru looked around to realize that he was all alone in the clearing.

"Boss! You got to let me down! I can't get out of this thing." cried Konohamaru as he struggled to get out of the branches.

(Hokage's Tower)

"Tenchi Bridge?" questioned Naruto as he finished reading the mission scroll given to him by Tsunade. "Orochimaru will be there? Along with Sasuke probably?"

At the name Sasuke, Naruto noticed Sakura made an involuntary twitch at the name. At least she didn't get somber about it anymore, or maybe she already sort of knew what was going on.

"Did ba-chan already tell her? I mean she's pretty high up being an Assistant of the Hokage. Maybe she already knows." thought Naruto before focusing back on what Tsunade had to say about the mission at hand.

"Yes Naruto. We received intel that Sasori was supposed to meet up with a spy of Orochimaru's but that was actually a way for Orochimaru to take out the dead Suna nuke nin." said Tsunade. "That's why we're sending you. Since you were the one to meet Sasori and actually hear him speak and see what he looked like, you can Henge (Transform) into him so you can take out his spy and Orochimaru. While also trying to find out a lead on Sasuke."

"What happens if we find Sasuke-kun, Tsunade-shishou?" questioned Sakura as Tsunade shifted her brown eyes to her pink haired student.

"Well Sasuke is considered an A-rank nuke nin, unofficially. So you will handle it like any other A-rank nuke nin, capture him if possible...but if not, put him down. Bring him back, either dead or alive." said Tsunade with a stern voice as Sakura's face never changed. "That's good Sakura. Glad you're not too depressed about it still."

"Great. Well if that's that, then you two are good to go. I would send some more people but I feel like you two will be enough for what could happen and if necessary, you can always flee faster with just two people. Make haste as we only have 2 days left before our window of opportunity is up, and one more thing, be careful." said Tsunade as Naruto nodded his head. Sakura disappeared in a cherry blossom swirl and Naruto was about to follow before deciding to make a request.

"Actually ba-chan. Konohamaru has hopes of joining Anbu. Maybe I could take him along with me on this mission despite you only wanting two people to go. I've gone against him, he seems like he could handle himself in a fight and that he knows what to do and how to do it. But I'd like to see him on a real mission, before I give him my recommendation. Is that fine?" asked Naruto as Tsunade thought over it for a second.

"Hmmm. His performance in the last Chunin Exams was pretty good, hell he even won. Why not let the kid go along, but be sure to not let him hold you back. I'd like to see that this mission get completed." said Tsunade as Naruto nodded his head again before vanishing in a flicker of movement.

(Training ground 22)

"How the hell am I supposed to get out of here!" shouted Konohamaru loudly as he was still stuck in Naruto's jutsu. Right as Konohamaru was prepared to give up, he heard two footsteps land behind him, followed by a palm being placed onto the ground. The wooden branches tangled snugly around Konohamaru receded into the ground as Konohamaru was released and landed on his feet.

"Hey Konohamaru. I want you to go on a mission with me. You okay with that?" questioned Naruto as Konohamaru turned around abruptly with a big grin.

"Of course I am Boss. This would be our first mission together!" shouted Konohamaru with enthusiasm at the prospect of going on a mission with Naruto. "What are we doing?"

"I'll brief you at the North Gate in 30 minutes. Don't be late." said Naruto before disappearing in a simple flicker.

Konohamaru stared dumbfounded at the speed of Naruto. "That shunshin was so fast. It's like he was never there." said Konohamaru before placing a hand in a half ram seal. "I need to get mine that fast."

Konohamaru then disappeared in a swirl of leaves as he headed off to get ready for the mission at hand.

(2 days later, Tenchi Bridge)

"Just so you remember. This is an A-rank mission." said Naruto to his teammates after landing in a clearing near the Tenchi Bridge. "Our mission parameters are to ambush Orochimaru when he attempts to ambush 'Sasori'. If possible, we are to capture him and if not, we will kill the target. The same goes for his spy."

Naruto's teammates nodded their heads at the mission, though Konohamaru's hands were trembling slightly. "Orochimaru. He killed jiji...I could careless about capturing him. If I see him, I'll finish him off no matter wh-"

"Konohamaru." came the voice of Naruto, stopping Konohamaru from his thoughts. "I know how you feel. Jiji was precious to me as well. But if you let your emotions take control, then you will surely fail. Emotions are only helpful if they are controlled and concentrated. It's the same concept as a Rasengan, if you don't maintain the sphere correctly, the power will disperse over a wider area, significantly weakening the jutsu. But if you contain it, that's when you're able to do some damage."

Konohamaru looked at Naruto with stars in his eyes as Sakura scoffed. "What the hell kind of lesson was that. It made sense but he definitely could have found a better example. Or at least said it better." thought Sakura.

Naruto then placed his hands in the snake seal. "Mokuton Henge (Wood Element Transformation)" thought Naruto as the ground underneath him burst open with branches that surrounded him along with a smoke cloud. Once the smoke cloud died down, it revealed Naruto transformed perfectly into a copy of Sasori's puppet.

"How do I look?" came the gravely voice of the disguised Naruto as he attempted to imitate Sasori's voice.

Sakura mulled over it for a second before nodding her head. "How the hell are we supposed to know? You were the only one of us who saw him like that." said Sakura with a tic mark as Konohamaru laughed slightly.

Naruto sweat dropped as he laughed sheepishly. "Right, Right. Anyway, I will go out and meet this spy. After getting information out of him, I will attempt to capture him. Unless Orochimaru appears before I get the chance to. In that instance, I may or may not signal you two to come out and help. Even though I'm sure I could take Orochimaru, I'm not sure how powerful his subordinate could be. So be ready on my signal..and only on my signal. Got it Konohamaru?"

"Hai Boss. I won't let you down." said Konohamaru as Naruto nodded his head.

"Alrighty then. It's time, Disperse." said Naruto as the three shinobi of the leaf jumped to their different spots. Konohamaru and Sakura landed together in the forest overlooking the bridge while Naruto landed on a trail headed toward the bridge. Once he landed, he began to move toward the meeting place that was situated in the center of the Tenchi Bridge.

"With this strong breeze going right now. We should be able to move closer and still avoid detection." said Sakura before moving closer to get a better view of the bridge. "This should do."

Konohamaru followed her as he looked out to see a cloaked figure approaching Naruto on the bridge. "There goes the spy. I hope this goes well and we get to see Orochimaru. I can't wait to get a crack him." said Konohamaru clenching his fist as Naruto made contact with the spy.

(On the Bridge)

"It's good to see you again, Sasori-sama" said the spy before removing his hood to reveal ash-grey hair and round glasses. That combination was only prevalent on one known associate of Orochimaru's.

"Kabuto Yakushi. Oh this is better than just getting Orochimaru." thought Naruto before responding to 'his spy'. "Kabuto. Were you followed?" questioned Sasori as Kabuto looked behind him for a second.

Kabuto turned back around to face him before answering. "No. We're fine." said Kabuto.

"Good. How are you holding up?" questioned Sasori.

Kabuto exhaled a breath before pushing his glasses back. "I still feel a bit shaken from when your technique was released, and I remembered who I really was. My mind is a bit clouded, as well." said Kabuto.

"I have questions for you. Tell me about his hideouts, and of that Uchiha boy." said 'Sasori'. Kabuto nodded his head as he relayed all the information he had on those two subjects.

(Back in the Forest)

"Kabuto's the spy?!" said a shocked Sakura at the revelation of Kabuto being the spy. "I mean, out of all the people, Kabuto would be the last person I'd expect. Especially considering he's Orochimaru's right hand man."

"Man. That Sasori guy who planted Kabuto must be amazing to get a spy that close to him. Orochimaru is no pushover and I wouldn't think that'd he'd be able to get duped like that. But since the spy is here, we should be starting soon." said Konohamaru, who was decked out in Anbu gear. In his hand, was a white porcelain mask with red paint covering it that depicted a monkey's face.

As Konohamaru placed the mask on, Sakura let out a small smile. "Trying to join Anbu huh?" questioned Sakura as Konohamaru nodded his head. "I remember when both of my teammates did the same. You're not just doing this because Naruto did it, are you?"

Konohamaru shook his head as he turned to face Sakura. "No, but I guess in a way my decision is influenced by Boss. I plan to join Anbu, get really good and once Boss becomes the Hokage, he'll make me his right hand man, Anbu Commander. Which means that eventually I'll become Hokage once he gives up the hat to me." said Konohamaru, whose smile could be seen despite the mask on his face.

"What makes you so sure that Naruto's going to become Hokage. I mean it's not set in stone, maybe he wo..." started Sakura before realizing what she was saying and seeing Konohamaru's porcelain mask stare. "Never mind. Of course he'll be Hokage. Whenever shishou decides. I don't know what I was saying" finished Sakura as she noticed movement on the bridge.

"Boss!" shouted Konohamaru, preparing to jump into action at anytime once the signal was given.

(On the Bridge)

"If you hadn't of pulled out that kunai Sasori-sama, I wouldn't have been able to dodge in time." came the voice of Kabuto, standing next to 'Sasori' as they opposed a fearsome foe.

"Just the man I was looking for. Guess we can have a little bit of fun before I call over Sakura and Konohamaru." thought Naruto before he prepared to attack the Sannin before him.

"Kukukuku, Sasori. That outfit reminds me of the old days." came the sinister voice of Orochimaru as he stared down his former partner. "Hope you don't mind if I intrude on this interesting conversation."

"Orochimaru. So I see you've followed Kabuto." said 'Sasori' next to Kabuto as Orochimaru laughed once again.

"Don't be rude. I just thought I'd come and thank you old friend. That is all." said Orochimaru as Kabuto's hand glowed a bright blue color. Kabuto then raised his hand up before bringing it down quickly into the body of Sasori.

"Hmmmm. Seems he was in on it all along." thought Naruto, leaping out of the destroyed wooden puppet with a cut on his right shoulder. Orochimaru then immediately went on the offensive at the airborne enemy.

"Sen'eijashu (Hidden Shadow Snake Hands)" said Orochimaru before thrusting his arm forward. Out of his sleeve, several snakes came out of it at a blistering pace set directly at Naruto. The snakes wrapped themselves around Naruto before biting at him, though once the first bite occurred, Naruto turned into a wooden replica of himself.

"It seems trouble has appeared." said Orochimaru as the wooden Naruto landed on the ground, and the real Naruto came up from the bridge floor. "I didn't expect to see you here, Naruto-kun."

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't expecting you here Orochimaru. And it's so good to see you again Kabuto." said Naruto, who was wearing his own Anbu outfit sans mask. "Though I did expect this ambush to be a little better. I mean really, having just Kabuto attempt to slice open Sasori, followed by that weak snake jutsu. I give it a C minus at best."

Kabuto pushed his glasses up with a smirk as he looked at Naruto. "I'm impressed Naruto-kun. For you to be here, especially disguised as Sasori would mean that you've met Sasori and somehow got him to tell you about this meeting as he and I were the only two who knew of it. But Sasori isn't the type of man to divulge that type of information regularly, so that would mean you either bested him in battle and he told you, or maybe someone in our own Organization told Konoha. But the latter should be impossible as only myself and Orochimaru knew of this meeting." deduced Kabuto acutely as Naruto shrugged.

Orochimaru then grinned as he took notice of something. "Why don't you bring out those other two pests that are hiding." said Orochimaru with a smug grin.

Naruto looked for a second before pointing his finger in a gun like fashion at Orochimaru. Not a second later, Sakura and the Saru (monkey) masked Konohamaru came lunging out of the woods and directly on the bridge between the two opposing parties.

"Sakura-chan. Do you mind handling Kabuto. I'm sure Saru would like to join me in facing Orochimaru." said Naruto, to which Sakura nodded her head at with ease.

"Of course. I heard about Kabuto's encounter with Tsunade-sama those years back. And he thinks that fluke of a victory is worth something." said Sakura cracking her knuckles, reminsicient of Tsunade. "I guess I need to show him that Slugs are better than Snakes."

Kabuto's hands glowed a bright blue as his smirk never left. "What makes you think I'd let that plan work? As if I'd let that plan go through without a fight. You'll have to forcefully remove me from Orochimaru's sid-" started Kabuto before he felt a presence appear between him and Orochimaru. The familiar swirl sound of a Rasengan sounded off before it planted itself neatly into Kabuto's back, sending him flying past Konohamaru and Sakura into the woods.

Naruto then turned to face Orochimaru as Saru landed beside him. "Let's do this shall we." said Naruto as Orochimaru grinned and took off into the opposite side of the woods. Saru took off immediately after him as Naruto followed behind the Sannin and teenage Anbu.

As this was happening, Sakura stood stock on the bridge alone. "Well I guess I'll go see if Kabuto is still alive." said Sakura as she walked back into the forest to find Kabuto, who was surely hurt from the Rasengan from earlier.

"Who is this kid." thought Orochimaru as he dodged a flurry of punches and kicks from the young Anbu with practiced ease. "Brown hair is common in the Leaf village but this fighting style. It kinda reminds me of Sensei and that Asuma kid. Is this boy sensei's grandson?"

Orochimaru continued to dodge the punches with snake like agility before lashing out with a kick of his own. As the kick connected, the Anbu disappeared in a poof of smoke. "Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone). This kid is good." thought Orochimaru as he felt a presence appear behind him. Saru landed on the branch of a tree behind Orochimaru as he ran through seven hand seals.

"Ram, Horse, Snake, Dragon, Rat, Ox, Tiger" thought Saru as he flew through the seals for his technique. "Katon: Karyu Endan (Fire Style: Fire Dragon Bullet)"

Three steams of fire flew from Saru's mouth, one directly at Orochimaru and the other two at a 45 degree angle toward Orochimaru. The head of the fire streams turned into large dragon heads as they converged on Orochimaru. All three fire dragons converged on Orochimaru at the same time as he was sent careening toward the forest floor.

One thing about Saru's jutsu, was the heads of the dragons each held an explosive note. A powerful explosive note and once Orochimaru hit the forest floor, they detonated in an enormous explosion that leveled a massive chunk of the surrounding area in a large dome of fire.

Naruto landed beside Saru before whistling at the display. "Damn. That was pretty nice." said Naruto patting Saru on the back. "Though next time you should really take notice of when you're battling a clone."

The fire died down as Orochimaru rose from the soot covered ground, unharmed from Saru's previous jutsu. "Kukukuku. Seems Konoha has another promising ninja in it's ranks. A Sarutobi it would seem." said Orochimaru in a calm voice, displaying no fear in the face of Naruto and the impressive but non-worrisome Anbu beside him. "Though if that's your best, you'd never be able to kill me. Let alone get Sasuke-kun back."

"Whoever said we wanted Sasuke back? We're just here to capture or kill you and Kabuto, that was the mission. Finding Sasuke would be just a bonus." said Naruto as he landed in the destroyed area in front of Orochimaru. Saru landed next to Naruto as Orochimaru laughed again at Naruto's statement.

"Kill me? I'd like to see you try Naruto-kun." said Orochimaru mockingly before laying flat on the ground and opening his mouth sickeningly wide for his next jutsu.

"Mandara no Jin (Formation of Ten Thousand Snakes)" said Orochimaru as hundreds, thousands of snakes poured from his mouth at an alarmingly fast rate at the two Konoha nin. Halfway to the two, blades began to protrude from the mouths of the snakes as they pointed them directly at Naruto and Saru.

"Damn that's an impressive amount of Snakes." thought Naruto before slamming a palm onto the ground. "Mokuton Kuchiyose: Hori Nikushoku Butsu (Wood Release Summoning: Burrowing Carnivorous Buddha)"

The ground rumbled in front of Naruto as the snakes approached. Right before reaching him though, the ground opened up to reveal an enormous plant that took the shape of a Venus fly trap with four sides, which proceeded to gobble down the approaching snakes with one bite. Though it managed to eat all the snakes, the swords that came out of the mouths of the snakes were poisonous and as such, the plant creature began to feel the effects of the poison immediately, prompting it to dispel a few seconds later.

"Why not just blow him away and be done with it Naruto?" came the voice of Naruto's partner, Kurama. "I grow bored of seeing this snake."

"Yo Kurama. I feel you on that. How do you think I should do it?" questioned Naruto back to his partner before feeling Kurama's chakra flood his system. "Of course you want me to just blast him away with pure power. Well if you're okay with it, I'm okay with it."

A vibrant orange chakra shroud surrounded Naruto as 4 tails appeared swaying behind him. "Stand back Saru, I don't want you to get caught in the cross hairs of this." said Naruto before going back to his internal partner. "You want to do this?"

"Hell yes." said the now Kurama controlled Naruto, whose eyes were now red and slit due to Kurama's control over his body. Kurama placed his hands in the tiger seal. "Katon: Kitsune Bimu (Fire Style: Fox Beam)"

Orochimaru noticed the chakra buildup from Naruto and decided to act accordingly. After biting both of his thumbs, Orochimaru slammed them both onto the ground. "Kuchiyose: Sanju Rashomon (Summoning: Triple Rashomon)" said Orochimaru as three large demonic gates rose from the ground in front of him. A second after rising, the gate was struck by the powerful beam from Naruto. Once the beam hit the gate, it expanded to carve a massive hole through it. After going through the first gate, the beam continued to go through the rest of the gates before exploding once pass the last gate.

The explosion blew the last gate out of the ground as the area behind it was shrouded in a huge explosion of energy. Once the explosion died down, Naruto regained control of his body as he looked at the blast zone. The bottom half of Orochimaru's body was stuck protruding out of the ground comically as the top half of his body was gone.

"Why do I feel he's not done." questioned Naruto. Naruto was proven correct when a sword came flying out of the ground at him from the mouth of Orochimaru's head that followed it. Luckily Naruto was fast enough to sidestep the blade before holding a palm directly in front of Orochimaru's approaching head. A Rasengan appeared in Naruto's hand in a split second as Orochimaru crashed directly into it, blasting his head clean off.

Naruto and Saru waited for a few seconds as they realized that Orochimaru hadn't moved yet. A minute later, Saru took off his mask to reveal his young Sarutobi face.

"I guess he's done. That's the end of Orochimaru." said Konohamaru as Naruto nodded his head. "Let's go check on Sakura."

While Konohamaru took off, Naruto stood staring for a few more seconds before eventually deciding to follow Konohamaru back. Once Konohamaru and Naruto were gone, the bottom half of Orochimaru ripped open to reveal another Orochimaru.

"Kukukuku. Seems that boy has gotten powerful. But once I absorb Sasuke-kun, no one will be able to stand up to me." said Orochimaru as he turned to leave. "Sorry Kabuto, but I guess your services are no longer necessary. Maybe if you're still alive, I'll come and get you. If not..."

Orochimaru then disappeared in a shunshin as he left the area.

(The Next Day)

"We may not have gotten Orochimaru..." said Naruto, walking beside Konohamaru and Sakura. Naruto then looked at the tied up and sedated Kabuto on top of the slug Sakura summoned. "but at least we got the next best thing."

"And we killed Orochimaru too. Don't forget that." said Konohamaru as Naruto nodded his head. Konohamaru went to pat Naruto on the back but Naruto dodged it. "What's wrong Boss? You alright?"

"I'm fine Konohamaru. Don't even worry about it." said Naruto before Sakura realized something weird about the Naruto before her.

"Naruto.." said Sakura in a sweet tone. "You wouldn't happen to be a clone. A clone that's taking the place of the original just so he can go to Kumogakure to see Yugito are you?"

Naruto put up placating hands before blowing out a sigh. "Do you want the truth or a li-" started Naruto before getting decked by a punch from the irate pink-haired kunoichi.

"NARUTO!" shouted Sakura angrily as Konohamaru had to cover his ears at her shrieking.

(Same Time, just outside of Kumo)

"Scouting Mission?" questioned Naruto walking beside the pretty blond jinchuriki of the Two-tailed Monster Cat, Yugito Nii. "What's so special about this place?"

"Yes, a scouting mission Naruto-kun. Just because I'm a Jinchuriki doesn't mean I don't have to go on scouting missions. I'm one of the best at it and I actually like scouting missions." said Yugito turning her head to look at her boyfriend. "Plus this is the site where several of our shinobi have gone missing at. So Raikage-sama wants me to check it out."

Naruto groaned a little letting his shoulders slump. "This is going to be boring." said Naruto before feeling a hand lay itself on his cheek.

"I know you were expecting to just have a great couple of days with me but don't worry, once this mission is up. I promise I'm all yours after when this is all over." said Yugito as Naruto perked up slightly. Yugito then deeply kissed the Kyubi Jinchuriki, sending him blissfully to the ground once she released it. "Now you just rest here and I'll be back in an hour or so."

"Yes ma'am." said Naruto with his eyes closed as Yugito turned around to continue walking. "Hey Yugi-chan."

Yugito was about 20 feet from Naruto when she stopped hearing Naruto call for her. "Yes Naruto-kun." said Yugito turning back around to see Naruto, now standing in front of her with a smile on his face.

"I love you." said Naruto, deeply kissing Yugito before moving his head back. "Be careful."

Yugito smiled back at Naruto, internally giddy at Naruto's words. "I love you too Naruto-kun." said Yugito as Naruto was now laying back down in the spot he was in before, 20 feet away from her. Yugito turned back around as she continued to go and begin her mission, happier this time.

A little over an hour passed as Naruto sat up into a lotus position. "Hmmm. I wonder how strong my sensing ability is when using Sage Mode. Yugi-chan has got to be several miles away but I should still be able to reach her, especially considering she'll be walking back." thought Naruto.

"That Sage Mode of yours might make it to her. But are you really going to use that power just to spy on your mate's chakra signature." said Kurama in Naruto's head. Naruto looked sheepish at being caught like that.

"You can't tell me that you wouldn't do the same?" questioned Naruto back to his partner.

"I'm a being of pure chakra, given form. I don't have the same weird thoughts as you, if I do even have thoughts for that matter. Outside of your body, I'm considered to be just a rampaging beast that destroys everything in my path. So I guess I wouldn't do the same as you. I might, I have no clue what to think, if i do think at all." said Kurama back to Naruto.

"Damn. That's...that's dark. I think you have thoughts Kurama. Just because you're a chakra construct doesn't mean you don't have thoughts and all that. you're one of the wisest beings I know, person, animal, or chakra construct. There's no way you don't have thoughts." replied Naruto back to Kurama. "I hope you're not believing what some shinobi said to you in the past. Forget him, you're Kurama of the leaf and my partner, along with best friend. Plus, I know you want to find out how strong this is anyway."

"You're damn right I do. Fire that Sage Mode up." said Kurama with a grin at Naruto's words. "Best friend. Pfft, as if I'd want to be friends with you...wait am I thinking right now?" thought Kurama while Naruto smiled and nodded. Naruto then placed his hands on his knees before closing his eyes for a second. The trademark red markings of his Sage Mode began to appear on his face before he opened his eyes to reveal his golden Sage eyes.

"Great. Now to find Yugi-chan." said Naruto as he began to scan the surrounding area for his girlfriend. "Maybe I'll surprise her when I find her." Continuing his scan of the area, Naruto couldn't locate Yugito's chakra signature.

"That's odd. You have to have covered this entire area. So where is she?" questioned Kurama as Naruto couldn't answer him. "Well let's go find her then. You never know, maybe something bad happened."

Naruto stood up before rocketing off the ground in a powerful leap. Naruto came down in the center of the town that Yugito was searching in. Upon landing, Naruto closed his eyes to focus more on his sensing ability. After a few seconds, Naruto panicked slightly when he felt Yugito's chakra signature nearly a mile away, being surrounded by two other chakra signatures.

"Akatsuki travel in pairs." said Kurama as Naruto's eyes widened before he took off in a series of shunshins to where he could feel Yugito's chakra. Naruto appeared outside of a sewer like area, that was closed off due to a ton of rocks.

"Someone must have blocked off the exits in hopes of keeping the battle closed." said Naruto before creating an enormous rasengan in his hand.

"Senpo: Odama Rasengan (Sage Art: Big Ball Rasengan)" said Naruto before smashing the Rasengan into the side of the sewer, destroying an entire section of the sewer as he walked in with pieces of rocks falling on top of him.

"Who the fuck are you?!" came the loud voice of a man with slicked back silver hair. He carried a large triple bladed scythe and had on a burned and singed Akatsuki cloak. "You're ruining the ceremony I'm trying to accomplish here."

"Hidan. Calm down. That's the Kyubi Jinchuriki." came the voice of another man, donning a perfectly conditioned Akatsuki cloak and mask. The mask obscured his entire face besides his eyes, which were green with red sclerae. "He is not one to be trifled with."

"Naruto-kun." came the voice of Yugito, cloaked in her blue chakra shroud. "I'm glad you came." said Yugito.

Naruto performed a shunshin to appear beside Yugito as he checked her for injury. "Are you okay?" questioned Naruto worried about Yugito.

"Of course I am. I've only been going against the guy with the silver hair, who is actually terrible at fighting. The other one decided not to attack though so I've just been beating down on this guy." said Yugito, internally happy that Naruto was so worried about her. "But he won't die though. No matter how much I hurt him, he just shrugs it off and keeps coming. He even said that he was immortal."

"Immortal? As in he won't die?" questioned Naruto, intrigued by the immortal comment. Before Yugito could answer though, Hidan decided to answer for her.

"Yes I'm immortal. That's what happens when you follow Jashin-sama." said Hidan placing his scythe over his shoulder as he looked at Naruto. "Even you and your powers wouldn't be able to kill me."

"Is that so?" questioned Naruto as Kurama decided to add his own two cents.

"That guy must really have a death wish. Just because you're immortal doesn't mean you can't be blown to a bunch of tiny little pieces." said Kurama as Naruto internally nodded to Kurama.

"Hidan. Leader-sama said that we are not to go against the Kyubi Jinchuriki. While I also feel the same way about his true ability, it would be wiser to not attempt it in the event, he can actually kill you." said Hidan's partner as Hidan scoffed.

"I would love to see him try Kakuzu. I'd actually welcome it, forget the leader's warning." said Hidan.

"It's clear that whoever puts these teams together knows dynamics. That Deidara guy and Sasori guy seemed to be polar opposites, as well as these two. One's a hot head and the other is calm and collected." said Kurama in Naruto's head.

"Yeah. Plus he's smart in how many people are in his organization. Having a smaller number of people must make it easier to get stuff done while also minimizing failures. I wonder who this 'leader' is that they speak of." said Naruto in return as he placed a hand on the ground. "Don't move Yugi-chan."

"Shit. Hidan, run." said Kakuzu, taking off down the sewer as a pink substance began to cover the floor.

"Kuchiyose: Gamaguchi Shibari (Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind)" thought Naruto, summoning the esophagus of a fire-breathing toad from Mt. Myoboku. Hidan and Kakuzu continued to sprint down the sewer as the pink flesh continued to spread out all around them.

"What is this Naruto-kun?" questioned Yugito as she had never seen anything like it before.

"It won't catch them at the speed they are moving at. We'll have to go and hunt them down." said Naruto before answering Yugito. "And it's a summoning technique that brings forth the esophagus of a toad from Mount Myoboku. Anyway, we have to catch them."

Naruto then took off in a sprint to chase down the Akatsuki members. "Okay. We still don't know what the other guy can do so we need to be careful." said Yugito following after Naruto.

After running for several minutes, Naruto realized that the Akatsuki members were long gone. "How did they disappear so fast? That couldn't have been 2 minutes since they left and there's no way they could run that fast to get away from us." said Yugito noticing no trace of the Akatsuki members anywhere.

"I know. I was picking them up a second ago with my sensing ability and then poof, they disappeared." said Naruto wondering the same thing. "It's like they were summoned or something?"

A few minutes of investigating later and Yugito decided to end Naruto's seeking. "It's over Naruto-kun. They came and then they ran. I'm not hurt nor did they get to me. There's no need in trying to find them. Like you said, they were summoned so there's nothing your sensing ability could do to find them." said Yugito. "Plus this gives us the chance to start our time together."

Naruto's Sage Mode began to fade as he smiled at Yugito's words. "Yes. Of course. Piggyback ride?" questioned Naruto before feeling the weight of his girlfriend land on his back and her head lay across his shoulder with her eyes closed. "I'll take that as a yes. Sweet dreams Yugi-chan."

Halfway to Kumo, Naruto felt a finger poke his cheek. Turning his head in the direction of the poke, Naruto received a kiss on the lips from a now awake Yugito. "What was that for?" questioned Naruto as Yugito smiled.

"You told me you loved me first." said Yugito with a small smirk on her face. Naruto's eyes widened in realization as Yugito's smirk seemed to widen with them.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Naruto as he continued to carry the beautiful Jinchuriki to Kumogakure.

(In a Large Tree several miles from Kumogakure)

"He tried to get us killed by attempting to face down the Jinchuriki." said Kakuzu to the leader of the Akatsuki's spectral image. "I did allow him to face the Nibi Jinchuriki alone when we may have been able to capture her faster but even still, with the Kyubi Jinchuriki so close to her, it'll be difficult to get her and even more difficult to keep him from ruining the extraction of her Bijuu. I'd suggest taking the tailed beasts 3-8 before attempting to grab her."

"Kakuzu, What the Hell?! How are you just going to-" started Hidan before being silenced by the authoritative voice of their leader.

"Quiet down Hidan. You made the right decision Kakuzu. Luckily I gave you each a rod that allowed me to summon you out of the area, if not, you may have had to go against that boy." said the Akatsuki's leader. "We will also follow your suggestion of taking the Nibi last with the Kyubi. Me and Konan will handle those two, you two worry about capturing the Gobi at this point. Dismissed."

Once the two members of the akatsuki were gone, a swirl appeared next to the leader. Out of that swirl, a figure came stepping out.

"That boy is becoming a nuisance. But I knew this would happen considering his relationship with the Jinchuriki." said the figure as the leader nodded his head.

"Is that power you said you'd have for me ready yet? I'd like to get him out of the way now." said the leader before the figure shook his head.

"Almost. I'm working out all the details now but if this works, I believe you'll enjoy 7 pairs of eyes on the battlefield rather than 6." said the figure before the leader widened his eyes in shock. "In due time. In due time."

Omake: Anbu Training (Day 53 of 60)

"One week left Sasuke. Then we're official." said Naruto as he walked into a pitch black room that Hebi sent him and Sasuke into.

Sasuke followed right behind him as he nodded his head. "Yep, though I wonder what today's training is about? Hebi-sensei said it'd be about going up against insurmountable odds in an impossibly, unfortunate situation." said Sasuke as he activated his sharingan.

"Do you see anybody. I can feel at least 300 chakra signatures surrounding us. Though they are very weak." said Naruto stopping in the center of the room once he realized how many people were in the room.

Sasuke's eyes widened with dread as he realized what those chakra signatures corresponded too. "Naruto, we need to get out of here...and fast." said Sasuke as Naruto began to panic slightly at Sasuke's tone.

"What? What is it? It's pitch black in here, I can't see anything like you can." said Naruto before Sasuke whispered two words that made Naruto's skin crawl.

"Fan...Girls." said Sasuke.

"You're right. Let's get out of here. Where is the exit?" questioned Naruto as Sasuke pointed and pushed Naruto toward one way. Naruto reached for the door knob, only to realize that it was locked.

"Well break it down." said Sasuke as Naruto held a palm out to create a Rasengan. Though it never happened, the chakra never molded or anything. "What the hell?"

"I can't feel my chakra anymore." said Naruto as Sasuke felt the same since his Sharingan disappeared. " I can't even feel Kurama. What's going on?"

The room then illuminated to reveal over 300 teenage girls, along with Naruto and Sasuke. A side of the wall opened up to reveal a projection of Hebi Sensei. "Hello ladies. Your money was spent well and we are sorry for the wait. But here they are, Anbu trainees Gama and Taka. Enjoy."

The room was dead silent as the entirety of the group of women looked at the two young Anbu.

"Sasuke. We're dead. And we can't even fight back." said Naruto as Sasuke looked confused. "That seal on the ground is an immobilization seal. The reason our chakra isn't working anymore because that's the seal's purpose. It drains the chakra of it's targets and creates temporary paralysis. And it works faster when the targets are actually using chakra. Like your Sharingan and my sensing. The reason the girls don't feel it is because they don't use chakra like we do, nor do they have as much. Not to mention the fact she trained us to near exhaustion earlier. Either way, we're fucked since the paralysis will take effect soon."

A series of girly shrieks sounded off in rapid succession as the girls around Naruto and Sasuke got excited at the sight of the two 'cutest' Anbu ever. Ever since Gama's appearance in the strip club, fan girls began to spawn and latch themselves onto Anbu. And Gama was definitely the most popular among the gang of girls, but Taka was not too bad looking either and the girls had their way with them as well. All 300 of them.

(Room next door)

"This is so diabolical." came the voice of a tall man with a long mane of white hair flowing down his back. "But it's such good material for my books." said the man in a lecherous voice as he began snapping photos of the events occurring past the one-way window of the observation room he was in.

"It's not diabolical, it's training. It's showing the Anbu what a shitty situation will be like. One day they may be in a situation as bad and will have to have the mental fortitude to deal with it." said Hebi-sensei as she watched the girls tear apart Naruto and Sasuke.

"Whatever floats your boat. I'm glad I offered to help though with that seal. This is Research gold." said the white-haired man before realizing Hebi was gone. "Oh she left a note. 'If you want research material, watch what I'm about to do to Gama.'"

Several minutes later, the white haired man dropped his camera as he witnessed the most graphic, sexual act he'd ever seen in his life. The man puked a little as he had to leave the room. "That chick is doing things to my apprentice that is illegal in several countries, including the one we're in. It's almost over gaki. Almost over." said the man as Naruto could be heard screaming through the soundproof room.

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