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Chapter 23: Cat in the Leaf

On the road back to the Village Hidden in the Clouds were two figures walking. Actually only one of the two were walking, the other one was being carried piggyback style by the former. These two were Naruto Senju and Yugito Nii, Konoha's Orange Fox and Kumo's Hell Cat respectively. Two of the most powerful ninjas in the world at the moment yet they were posed with an interesting predicament, brought on by a few choice words.

"We need to talk.." said Naruto in a serious tone with an equally as serious face. Yugito's laughter died down from a previous joke at the seriousness behind Naruto at the moment.

"I thought we were talking?" questioned Yugito curiously as Naruto's stone face never changed.

"That's not what I mean. What I meant was that something just doesn't feel right. Right about us." said Naruto as Yugito began to worry slightly.

"Is this what I think it is? Did I do something wrong?" questioned Yugito internally.

"Kitten. Before he can do it, just ravish him immediately. That'll get him out of this mood he's in." said Yugito's partner, Matatabi. Yugito was too into the conversation with Naruto to even acknowledge her partner's indecent suggestion.

"What's going on Naruto-kun?" asked Yugito, internally concerned at what he might say.

Naruto blew out a sigh before answering. "We've been dating for over 16 months and honestly...you've never once, made me a sandwich." said Naruto.

A few seconds passed by before Yugito decided to answer. "I'm going to make that sandwich and then choke you with it for scaring me like that." said Yugito with a small pout as Naruto began to laugh. "That's so not funny"

Naruto stifled down his laughter. "I'm sorry Yugi-chan, it was a cruel joke. But we're almost at the gate." said Naruto as Yugito nodded her head.

"I know. I know. But don't worry, I'll get you back for that later." said Yugito as Naruto let the pretty Jinchuriki down off of his back. "You going to make it in okay?"

"Of course I am. When have I not? This will be too easy." said Naruto with a grin before feeling a massive presence approaching Yugito and himself at a rapid pace. Too fast for him to hide. "Or maybe not."

Not a second later, a large figure came crashing down in front of Naruto and Yugito clad in a cloak of lighting. Standing in that cloak of lightning with a golden belt on and kage attire was Kumogakure's Yondaime Raikage, Ay, and he wasn't looking too pleased.

"Ra-Raikage-sama.." stammered out Yugito in surprise as the presence of her Kage startled her.

"Save it Yugito." said Ay as several other Kumogakure ninjas began to land behind the hulking kage. "Are you hurt? And what is he doing here? He does know this is Kumo Territory correct?"

As Yugito was explaining herself to her Kage, Naruto stood looking at the several shinobi behind the hulking kage. "Hmm. That's Darui, Samui, Shee, Karui, and Omoi. Three Jonins and two chunins. Combined with a Kage, wonder what they're here for. Can't be me, I just got here. " thought Naruto before being cut out of his thoughts by an angry shout.

"I'm going to kill that Akatsuki bastard!" shouted the red head with golden eyes, Karui, as she took the sword off her back and charged head on at Naruto. She let down an overhead slash as Naruto backpedaled to dodge. Karui wasn't done there as she continued her assault on Naruto.

"Karui stop. He's not in the Akatsuki. Don't you recognize him, that's Naruto Senju." said Omoi, trying to stop his teammate who wasn't hearing any of it. "Naruto Senju is a dangerous S rank ninja in the bingo book. I know Raikage-sama is here but even still, he's the Jinchuriki of the Kyubi, a beast stronger than the Hachibi (Eight Tails), Bee-sensei's Bijuu. What if Naruto gets angry about Karui attacking him and let's loose fully. Half of Kumo could be destroyed. Or worst, Raikage-sama coul..." continued Omoi thinking as Samui blew out a sigh of relief at just seeing Naruto.

"Man. It seems we came out here for nothing. I guess that Akatsuki thing was false." said Darui as he looked at Yugito, who finished talking to Ay. "Or was it Yugito? Were they really here?"

"Yeah the Akatsuki came. It was only two of them, that only travel in pairs thing is true it seems. The last two I met were in pairs, Deidara and Sasori. This time it was a guy named Hidan and another named Kakuzu. I only got to face Hidan due to the other not wanting to attack. I was handling myself well, I even landed several killing blows but he just wouldn't die. He's apparently immortal. But before I could continue and actually find out, Naruto-kun appeared and they ran off scared at him. Saying something like their leader doesn't want them facing him, ever." said Yugito as Ay nodded his head while also letting his cloak disappear.

"That's good. We received word that that mission was a trap set up by them and we were on our way to save you." said Ay before looking out at Karui still attempting to cut Naruto into two. "I'm guessing I have him to thank. Even though he shouldn't be here at the moment."

"Why is he here Yugito-san? Some type of scroll to deliver? I didn't know Konoha was sending another." said Shee as Yugito blushed a little. Samui picked up on Shee's obliviousness to Yugito and Naruto and decided to elaborate for her friend.

"He's here to see his girlfriend." said Samui in a stoic voice as Shee, Darui, and Omoi widened their eyes.

"I'll kill you. How dare you try to..." started Karui as she tried to slice into Naruto, only stopping halfway when she heard Samui's monotone voice. "You're Yugito's boyfriend? The one she dreams about and says weird things in her sleep to? Yugito's 'foxy-kun'"

Naruto stopped backpedaling as he began to rub a hand awkwardly against the back of his neck. "Yes, I do believe I'm that guy. But foxy-kun huh?" said Naruto looking at Yugito with a smile as her face turned red from embarrassment. Naruto's smile faltered a little when he felt killing intent directed at him again as soon as Karui's killing intent left.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" shouted Shee as he lunged at Naruto after running through several hand seals. "Raigen Raikochu! (Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar)"

A flash bang appeared to go off behind Shee as Naruto was met with a blinding light. Naruto channeled some chakra immediately to break the illusion as his chakra burst cracked the ground around him. Once out of the illusion, Naruto noticed Shee come back into focus behind him.

"DIE!" shouted Shee as he was met with Naruto holding his hands in the tiger seal. As Shee closed in on Naruto, an eerie darkness began to shroud the surrounding land and his vision. A few feet before he reached Naruto, Shee could see nothing but darkness. "This must be a genjutsu."

While Shee attempted to break the genjutsu with no success, Ay walked over to Naruto. "Thank you Naruto. Kumo owes you a great debt. Had it not been for your intervention, Yugito could have been the next victim besides the Ichibi of Suna." said Ay before stretching out a fist at Naruto.

Naruto nodded his head while also extending his fist to the Kage. Their fists tapped together as they looked at each other for a little while before Ay grinned slightly.

"But you are on Kumo Territory without permission." said Ay as Naruto's face became a little more serious at the unexpected comment. "Since I came out here expecting to face down an S rank opponent and you're the only one I see since you scared off the other two, it would only be justice if you and I faced each other in spar."

Naruto's face perked up at the word spar. "A spar. Why would a Kage want to spar with a Jonin?" questioned Naruto as Ay laughed slightly.

"You're far too humble. I've heard you're the next Hokage to be anyway and I'm far too intrigued by your skills to let you get out of this. Yugito's been telling me all about you and I want to see it for myself. Right now." said Ay as he took off his Kage robe and tossed it back to Darui, who snagged it out of midair while keeping the same lazy expression on his face.

Karui was standing beside Yugito as she blew out a snort. "Is this really necessary Raikage-sama? We already know who will win. Naruto's probably not even fast enough to hang with you." said Karui as Naruto vanished in a Shunshin to appear beside Yugito.

"Yugi-chan." said Naruto, scaring Karui by his sudden appearance. Yugito looked up to Naruto before seeing the smile on his face. Naruto turned back to Ay, "How about a wager?"

Ay's face perked up. "A wager? Why not, what are the stakes?" said Ay stretching it out a little bit before the spar.

"I impress you and/or win the spar, Yugito comes back with me to Konoha." said Naruto as Ay looked thoughtful for a second. "If I can not accomplish that, I stay here and become a Kumo resident instead. It's actually allowed due to the terms of our agreement."

The surrounding Kumo ninjas along with Yugito's eyes widened at that wager.

"We'd be gaining a valuable asset if Raikage-sama takes this bet and wins, he could just knock the kid out immediately with a full powered cloak and that'd be the end of it. But then again, Raikage-sama didn't seemed surprised when Samui announced Naruto was Yugito's boyfriend, so he might actually allow Yugito to go off with her lover. This'll be dull, I could be doing better things with my time." thought Darui as he looked uninterested at the proceedings. Anyone close to Darui could see the underlying intrigue because he too wanted to know about Naruto Senju's abilities.

"Can someone please get me out of this genjutsu. I want to see Raikage-sama kick the Senju's ass." said Shee, who was still trapped in Naruto's genjutsu. Even though he couldn't see, he could definitely hear and was hoping that he'd be able to see the spar.

"Wow Naruto-kun. That's crazy. You know for a fact that you wouldn't win against Raikage-sama. And even if you could, you wouldn't because it'd cause an unnecessary power struggle between villages. And I'm sure Raikage-sama knows that and is already impressed with Naruto-kun. This is just really a spar in actuality, Naruto's already won the bet. This'll mean that we'll be together more often." thought Yugito with a smile as she looked at the confident Naruto before her.

"And you know what that means. That means that 24/7/365, He'll be able to give it to you all the time with that impressive memb-" started Nibi before being cut off by her now flustered and red faced Jinchuriki.

Ay chuckled before nodding his head. "You have yourself a deal Senju. But of course, no killing or maiming blows and the victor of the spar is given to the one who can either knock the other person unconscious or when someone gives up." said Ay as Naruto nodded his head.

"Well let's get to it shall we. I got all day." said Naruto, taking off his flak jacket and the black shirt he had on underneath, leaving him shirtless.

Karui blushed immediately at the chiseled upper body of Naruto's along with Samui, though her blush was less noticeable then Karui's. The Orange Fox that adorned Naruto's right arm seemed to glow slightly as Naruto let his chakra flare along with Ay's.

"Ready when you are Raikage-dono." said Naruto getting into a fighting stance.

"Darui, start the spar." said Ay. Darui landed in between both of the shinobi as the other surrounding ninjas all backed up to a safe enough distance.

Darui raised his hand before looking at both of the two to check if they were ready. Seeing them both nod their heads, Darui let his hand fall. "Hajime." said Darui after jumping out of the way as a shock wave occurred from Naruto and Ay meeting in a clash. Ay's fist was blocking Naruto's kick while Naruto used both hands to block Ay's punch. The two then began a fast exchange of taijutsu.


"I can barely see their movements." said Karui. "To think that that Naruto guy's taijutsu is that good to match Raikage-sama's. It's crazy."

"True. He's good. But Raikage-sama doesn't seem like he's going all out on him nor has he activated his lightning cloak. Once he does that, it'll be over since Naruto won't be able to handle his speed." said Omoi.

"Yeah that's true. Raikage-sama is the fastest man alive. But then again, Naruto has his own way of dealing with faster opponents." thought Yugito as she continued to watch the two exchange blows.

"Finally! I can see again." said Shee, finally being released from the genjutsu due to Naruto's involvement with Ay at the moment. Shee then leaped over beside Yugito as his eyes were glued on the fight. "Yugito-chan. How could you date one of those leaf dogs?" said Shee with a slight distaste as he said leaf.

Yugito never answered Shee because Samui decided to for her. "Shee, you'll have to get over it. Yugito's head over heels for that guy and besides the fact, your 12 year crush on her needs to stop. It hasn't happen since then and it probably won't happen now due to the Senju boy." said Samui monotonously.

Darui's lazy expression faltered a little as he perked up at that. "Shee you mean to tell me that when you were 12, you had a crush on an 8 year old?" said Darui as Shee put up placating hands.

"It's not like that." said Shee as the rest of the group looked at him as if he was a weirdo. Shee then heard a muffled cough from Karui that eerily sounded like 'pedophile'. "Let's just keep watching the fight."

(Ay and Naruto)

The taijutsu battle continued as Ay lashed out with an elbow, which Naruto ducked before rising back up with an uppercut. Ay moved his head slightly to dodge the fist before feeling Naruto's hand come down around the back of his neck. Ay felt Naruto began to tug down on him in an effort to grapple him and likely sling him away.

"He's pretty good. Definitely fast and his taijutsu is flawless...but he's not strong enough." thought Ay as he stood up at full height, lifting Naruto off the ground with ease due to his hand still being on the back of his neck. Ay then sent a fist into Naruto's gut, that while blocked with Naruto's other hand still sent him several feet away. Naruto landed on his feet, skidding slightly from Ay's punch.

"You'll have to be stronger than that if you want to try and toss me." said Ay before seeing Naruto's grin. A sizzling noise began to ring in Ay's ear as he finally realized what was going on. "He placed an explosive note on me. How clever." thought Ay before the explosive note fizzled away completely.


The note exploded with tremendous force as debris and smoke clouded Ay from the rest of the people.


"Did he just blow up Raikage-sama?" questioned Omoi with worry. "Oh no. Now that he's blown up Raikage-sama. Now we'll have to go to war with Konoha over this. And war means that eventually someone will be conquered. What if we lose and Konoha conquers us. Then I'd have to be a slave and work in the field for the rest of my life-"

"He didn't get him. It was close but Raikage-sama's fine. Look." said Darui as the smoke cleared. "But it seems Raikage-sama is going to get serious with Naruto. He could have been killed had he not of activated his jutsu."

"True. But it doesn't matter now. It's over. Naruto can't compete with Raikage-sama's speed." said Karui smugly as she and the rest watched the spar continue, though Omoi continued to run down a series of unfortunate events that could happen in his head.

(Ay and Naruto)

"That was a close one. If it wasn't for this cloak of mine, I may have actually been killed due to that." said Ay. Ay let his lightning cloak spark even stronger as his hair stood up slightly in the back. "Well then. Let's see how you deal with this."

Ay sparked across the battlefield in the blink of an eye with a fist outstretched at Naruto. Ay was surprised however when Naruto's head was shifted slightly to the left to dodge the huge fist.

"What?!" questioned Ay before noticing Naruto's new appearance. There was an orange chakra shroud surrounding Naruto that was identical to Ay's, although his was a bit more fiery then the Kage's lightning cloak. Naruto's eyes also changed into a bright orange while a black seal appeared over his chest and stomach. "You're definitely Namikaze's son. To be able to dodge my punch, he was the only one who could."

"Shall we continue?" questioned Naruto before lashing out with a fast kick at the hulking Kage. Ay dodged the kick before the two began a sequence of faster paced taijutsu that were no more than blurs to the others viewing the spar, seemingly just shock waves of orange and blue.

(On a path back to Konoha)

"Hey Sakura. Is Naruto-senpai coming back before we make it to Konoha?" questioned Konohamaru as he and Sakura were still walking to Konoha from their mission. They were still being followed by the sedated Kabuto on the back of Sakura's slug. "And by your reaction earlier. I'm guessing he's done it before?"

Sakura let out an exasperated breath before answering. "I should have known. Especially considering how close we were to Kumogakure. He was bound to leave and I wouldn't have been able to stop him anyway. But yeah, he'll be back before we make it to Konoha. He usually is." said Sakura as she continued to steadily walk in the presence of the youthful Konohamaru.

"Hmmm. Why Kumo? Is there something there for him?" asked Konohamaru eagerly as Sakura let out another sigh.

"I said it earlier that his clone took his place so he could see Yugito. Yugito is Naruto's girlfriend. She happens to live in Kumo. And Naruto always goes to see her when he gets the chance, of course off the record and during missions most times. It's not smart either, what if something happens to us?" questioned Sakura as Konohamaru pointed a finger to his chest.

"I'll protect us. Don't worry, anything that happens I'll be able to handle it." said Konohamaru before Sakura said something that made his heart rise before sinking back into his chest immediately.

"You remember that toad Naruto sent out earlier. It was a report on how you handled yourself. You did well enough to earn his recommendation." said Sakura before bursting Konohamaru's bubble. "But since you're still an Anbu in training and you took off your mask, that gets you sent to Hebi sensei for your two month training regimen. Actually you had several infractions and even one gets you sent to her, so good luck with that." said Sakura as Konohamaru deflated immediately. Naruto told him how terrible his training was because he received Hebi as his sensei and to think he'd now have to go.

"That should keep him quiet for the rest of the trip. Sheesh, he would never stop talking or asking questions." thought Sakura as Konohamaru placed his mask back on his face and was now internally sulking at the thought of having to go through what Naruto went through. "I just hope Naruto gets back before we make it to Konoha. Tsunade-shishou will definitely be angry if he doesn't show up again. He'd better have a good excuse this time since we're only a day out."


Twenty minutes passed by as Naruto and Ay continued to clash in a bout of Taijutsu. Naruto threw out a punch that was caught at the wrist by Ay before he slung Naruto across the battlefield. Naruto rolled with the throw and stood up to face down the Kage.

"You won't beat me in a taijutsu fight. If that's all you got then welcome to Kumo." said Ay before he noticed a series of black markings began to spread out over his body. Ay immediately loss control over his chakra, losing his cloak, as his body became heavy and he slunk to the ground. "What is this?"

"It's Fuinjutsu. You didn't think I was just touching you to touch you, did you?" questioned Naruto as realization began to dawn on Ay from him touching his neck when he placed on that explosive tag, all the palm open blocks and when he flipped him over his head just now.

Naruto placed his hands in the snake seal. "Mokuton: Jukai Kotan (Wood Style: Nativity of a Sea of Trees)" said Naruto as trees began to spring up everywhere around him. Gargantuan trees were being brought forth out of the ground at a rapid pace toward the immobilized Kage. The trees smashed into the kage as they planted him firmly into the ground with tremendous force.

Naruto looked out at the downed Kage before smiling. "He's good. I wonder how long I'd been fighting a clone. Probably in that explosion from the earlier explosive note" thought Naruto seeing the kage disperse into lightning, signifying a clone.

"Pfft. What did you expect? All of these Kages are good, if not then they wouldn't deserve the title of Kage." said Kurama in Naruto's head.

"Well you do realize that one day I may become Hokage, does that mean that I'll be good?" replied Naruto in his head.

Naruto heard a loud snort in return from Kurama. "Ha. The only hard part about beating you would be trying to get your mashed up body off the soles of my paws." said Kurama.

Naruto internally sighed. "I'll earn your respect one day. But not right now because I have a Kage to impress." thought Naruto back as he turned to the left to see Ay nodding his head in the distance.

"Nice skills there kid. But you should really notice when you're battling a clone." said Ay. Naruto laughed remembering he told Konohamaru the same when they were battling Orochimaru. Ay then brought his hands up in the ram seal. Ay let off a massive burst of lightning that looked more like an expanding bomb detonating around him. The lightning bomb began to tear up the surrounding landscape and trees created by Naruto as it pushed it's way toward the young Kyubi Jinchuriki.

"Damn that's impressive." said Naruto before biting his thumb and slamming it into the ground.

"Kuchiyose: Yonju Rashomon (Summoning: Quadruple Rashomon)" thought Naruto as a series of four gigantic Demonic gates sprung from the ground in front of him. The Raikage's jutsu hit the first gate as it mauled it's way through it before being stopped by the second of the gigantic gates.

"Orochimaru must suck at making these gates because he used three and Kurama mauled straight through them. The Raikage's jutsu looked powerful as hell, stronger than Kurama's, and I only needed two." said Naruto before feeling a massive spike in chakra. "Nevermind. Here he comes and I'm sure he'll be able to take down the remaining three. I have to time this right."

Naruto was correct in his assessment of Ay's intent as he noticed his second gate come tumbling down along with his third and he could see the makings of cracks in his last remaining gate. Naruto ran through two hand seals ending on tiger as he prepped his jutsu.

A tiny spark of lightning popped through the gate as Naruto deemed it time to activate his jutsu. Ay came smashing through the last gate, clad in his lightning cloak again with a fist outstretched.

"This is my father's Jigokuzuki (Hell Stab). The strongest attack, there's nothing that he can do about this. It's over." thought Ay before coming to a complete stop, nearly giving him whiplash due to the abrupt halt.

"What the?" questioned Ay before feeling himself sink into the ground. Ay looked down and took notice of the thick, mucky swamp underneath him. Across from him, equally sinking into the ground was Naruto.

"Doton: Yomi Numa (Swamp of the Underworld)" said Naruto as Ay looked up at the smiling kid in front of him. "Worked like a charm."

Ay looked out at the confident boy in front of him, that disappeared in a poof of smoke to reveal the same boy standing just on the end of the swamp with his hands in the snake seal.

"Mokuton: Hotei no Jutsu (Wood Style: Laughing Buddha Technique)" said Naruto as from underneath the swamp, an enormous hand appeared ready to smash the still sinking kage further into the murky swamp. Ay grinned at the competition being provided by the young golden haired Konoha ninja.

"I haven't had this much fun with an opponent since Namikaze. You are indeed impressive young Naruto and are surely his son." thought Ay as he powered up his lightning cloak to 100%. Once fully charged up, Ay burst out of the swamp with ease, avoiding the open palm smash of the wooden hand created by Naruto.

Ay stood menacingly opposing Naruto. "It's been fun Naruto, but I'm afraid this spar has to come to a close. You'll have my answer when you wake up whether you won the wager or not. Until that time Namikaze." said Ay, now behind Naruto.

Naruto's eyes widened before closing due to the chop to the neck from Ay, who had to be careful not to damage Naruto due to the velocity of the chop. The last thing Naruto saw was Yugito's smiling face before succumbing to unconsciousness.

(1 Day Later. Just outside of Konoha)

Sakura and Konohamaru had stopped in a clearing for the night before heading out again to get to Konoha by the end of the day. Kabuto was still tied up to the back of Sakura's slug and still being continuously sedated by the slug summon to keep him from moving.

"Sakura-san." came the voice of Saru behind his mask as he walked next to Sakura and her slug. "It seems Naruto-senpai is still not here and we are all but just in Konoha. What should we do?"

Sakura was prepared to answer before an enormous smoke cloud appeared in the path in front of them. Konohamaru immediately went on the defensive by positioning himself in between the cloud and Sakura while Sakura did nothing but continue to walk forward without a change in pace.

"I got this. I got this. Whoever it is. Calm yourself Konohamaru. You were beating Orochimaru for Kami's sake. Granted Boss was there helping but you still did most of the work. You can do this." thought Saru as from the smoke cloud, a massive amount of confetti came shooting out of it, along with fireworks and streamers.

"Whaa-what?" stammered Saru, surprised by the display of an enormous toad holding a thumbs up at him. On top of that toad were two figures, one holding a crazy pose with a thumbs up identical to the toad while the other had a hand covering her face in complete shame at what appeared to be over the other figure.

"From a land filled with leaves. He's the fox with a thousand skills. The sage with mastery over vegetation. And the Jinchuriki with the prettiest cat for a lover. He's Naruto Senju of Konoha!" shouted Naruto with a smile as he was now in the Nice Guy pose, teeth sparkle and all. "Oh we nailed it this time Kichi."

Gamakichi, the toad Naruto was standing on, was also in the Nice Guy pose now as his poses changed identical to Naruto's as he went on his spiel. Gamakichi's own sparkle shined bright as he grinned in agreement with Naruto.

"Damn Right Bro. All those hours of practicing finally paid off. Well it's been fun getting you back here on time. Until next time bro, and bye Yugito. You should come by Mt. Myoboku sometime, Ma and Pa really want to meet you." said Gamakichi before disappearing in a poof of smoke, allowing Yugito and Naruto to land on the ground in front of Saru and Sakura.

"Boss! That was awesome!" came the uncharacteristic of an Anbu shout by Saru at the display he just witnessed, completely forgetting that he was going to go off on Naruto for ratting him out about his infractions and getting him sent to Hebi for training.

Naruto had a cheesy grin on as he sat and ate compliment after compliment from his most loyal fan. While this was going on, Sakura just continued to walk and eventually was joined by Yugito, who still had a hand covering her face.

"Hey Yugito." said Sakura with a slight smile as Yugito lowered her hand to smile back.

"Hey Sakura. Please tell me Naruto-kun doesn't introduce himself like that every time?" questioned Yugito. Sakura nodded her head and Yugito brought her hand back up to her face. "That's so embarassing, I can't imagine how you feel having to go through that. I've only seen it once and it was too much for me."

Sakura and Yugito continued to walk before Sakura decided to pose a question. "Hey Yugito. Not to be rude or anything, but why are you here with Naruto in the first place? Did you have a scroll to deliver?" asked Sakura as Yugito lowered her hand to reach into the ninja pouch behind her. She then pulled out a scroll from her pouch and handed it to Sakura. Sakura looked hesitant to open it but the nod from Yugito encouraged her to read it's contents.

Sakura unraveled the scroll and opened it before reading it's contents, once finished she looked back at the smiling Yugito. "You're moving to Konoha?!" shouted Sakura with surprise as Yugito nodded her head jovially. "How did this happen?"

"Hmm. Well Naruto got into a spar with Raikage-sama and they had a little wager." said Yugito as she began to retell the events that occurred since Naruto disappeared to go and see her.

(Flashback - 1 day ago)

Naruto awoke 30 minutes later in unfamiliar territory, well actually in not really as unfamiliar as it should be territory.

"Yugito's bed, so that would mean that I'm in Yugito's home, which is inside of Yugito's village, which is Kumogakure." thought Naruto as he sat up in Yugito's bed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Damn Raikage-dono can hit hard, Boss owns me for this." said Naruto as Yugito was entering the room, fondling her boobs.

"I don't own you anything at all. You're a clone, that's what you're supposed to do. I mean you're made of my chakra in the first place so get over it." said Yugito as she dispelled the Naruto clone. "You know what Yugito, I swear your boobs have gotten bigger since the last time I saw you. Don't you agree?"

Inside of Yugito's head, Naruto stood opposing her and Matatabi as she was helplessly watching Naruto make her fondle herself due to his control over her.

"This jutsu is ingenious Naruto-kun. And the way you use it is incredible. What is it called again?" came the voice of Yugito's Bijuu, Matatabi.

"Oh this jutsu. It's Gamadaira - Kageayatsuri no Jutsu (Toad Flatness - Shadow Manipulation Technique)" said Naruto back to the towering being of pure chakra. "Though I will be losing control here pretty soon since I can't hold my breath for much longer."

After saying that, Naruto was firmly ejected from Yugito's mind and Yugito was given back control once again of her body. She turned her head back to see her shadow coming out of the ground. Except it began to turn into Naruto.

"I really dislike that jutsu." said Yugito as she shook out her body to get the chills out of it from being controlled like that.

"Well I couldn't just lose to your Kage now could I? But then again I really couldn't win either. So I went with the next best option and just used a wood clone. He never even noticed, and if he did, he didn't care enough to acknowledge it. Plus it's even better, I got what I wanted." said Naruto with a smile at the last part.

Yugito smiled back. "And what was that?" questioned Yugito back as Naruto continued to inch forward toward her.

"Well..." started Naruto as he closed in on Yugito's lips.

"OI!" shouted a clone of Naruto's in the doorway, ending Yugito and Naruto's moment. "How come you get to get all the loving while we have to do all the packing and stuff?"

Naruto grew a tick mark on the back of his head at his clone as he turned around. "Why are you guys getting so angry and rebellious against me lately? I mean it's crazy, I'm your creator." said Naruto as his clone dropped the pair of scrolls he held that contained some of Yugito's belongings.

"I apologize boss. I'm just sad that you gave Naruto 1c lingerie duty." said the clone as they turned to see a clone buried in a pile of Yugito's skimpy attire, frolicking about in the pile of sexy undergarments.

"Damn. Don't worry, I'll handle this." said Naruto as he walked over to the pile with the clone in it. "All Narutos take a break and join the party, One item per clone only. I, being the boss and original, get the rest."

The Narutos all nodded their heads at the plan as they moved to grab their own. While this was occurring, Yugito stood with an even bigger tic mark on her head as she watched some of the Narutos fight over a pair of panties.

"While I am quite the pervert, I do agree with you, please end this." said Matatabi in Yugito's head as Yugito happily obliged. Yugito's nails extended before she unleashed righteous fury upon all of the whiskered blondes before making the original Naruto finish up her packing, no clones allowed this time.

(End Flashback)

"And after that, Naruto-kun and I made haste to come here. He summoned his toad and we got here in one day." said Yugito.

Sakura nodded her head. "Wow, that's bold of Naruto. And crazy of your kage to just allow that. For him to be so willing to give up a Jinchuriki like that is amazing of him. He must really care about your happiness to allow you to just leave with Naruto like that." said Sakura.

"True. He has been like a father to me so I'm guessing he was really just looking out for me." said Yugito before she put the scroll back in her ninja pouch. "But then again, this will also cement our alliance and we'll be more of friends than before. There could be true peace between our villages and Naruto probably knew that."

"Of course I did sweetheart!" said an excited Naruto behind Yugito before picking her up bridal style. "Welcome to Konoha Yugi-chan."

Naruto planted a juicy kiss on Yugito. Yugito smiled after the kiss. "I feel it. That was perfect." Naruto nodded his head in agreement before they disappeared in a shunshin, leaving Saru and Sakura at the gate.

"Uhhh...was that Naruto and his girlfriend?" questioned one of the gate guards, Kotetsu.

"Yes. Yes it was. I'm not sure where they disappeared to but they better be in Tsunade's office by the time we get there." said Sakura as she handed her mission scroll to Kotetsu.

Kotetsu nodded his head before handing the scroll back to Sakura. "Well I'll see you later Sakura-san, and Saru. Good luck." said Kotetsu as Sakura nodded and began to walk away. "Wait, is that Kabuto on the back of that slug."

Kotetsu only received light snores as an answer due to Izumo being knocked out asleep.

"Lazy ass. He should be more proud of what we're doing. We guard Konoha and are it's first line of defense. Well beside the Anbu and Border patrol. And our sensory squad. But 4th line is still important!" thought Kotetsu in his head before sitting down. "Well actually Naruto just absolutely bypassed the gate without me being able to do anything to stop him. I'll have to work harder and make sure that doesn't happen again. I can't let that youngster disrespect me, I've been a ninja longer than he has. But he is a Jonin and I heard he was an Anbu Captain. But still, he needs to respect me. Don't need another Jiraiya walking around here."

(15 Minutes Later, Hokage's office)

"Come in." came the voice of Tsunade as she heard a knock on her door. Tsunade looked up to see her student and Saru enter her office and smiled at their presence. "Wait. Where's Naruto? He didn't leave you all again did he?"

Sakura was about to answer before a strong breeze flew through the office. The cause of the breeze made his presence known immediately.

"What ba-chan?! Why would I do that?" questioned Naruto as he now stood in Tsunade's office via shunshin.

"Naruto. You have to stop leaving your teammates like that. What if they get ambushed while you're away? You could have taken them with you" stated Tsunade.

"Well if I was away, which I'm not saying that I was, Saru could handle it well enough. Plus why do you keep insinuating that I left them?" asked Naruto as Tsunade blew out a sigh.

"Hi Yugito-chan." said Tsunade.

From behind Naruto, Yugito peered out at the busty kage. "Hi Tsunade-dono, nice to meet you again." said Yugito as Tsunade smiled at the pretty blonde jinchuriki.

"That doesn't prove anything. She could have just come off her own free will." said Naruto before Tsunade noticed something off about the two of them.

"Naruto, why is there a claw mark ripped through the middle of your shirt. You're also missing a shoe while Yugito's hair and ponytail are all messed up, plus she doesn't even have pants on." said Tsunade as the two of them grew red in the face. "Couldn't wait? I mean it couldn't have been more than 15 minutes since you've gotten here. You know what, never mind, just give me the run down of the mission."

Naruto stood at attention after coughing. "Team 7 reporting back from their A ranked mission to Tenchi bridge. Mission status- success. At the bridge, I transformed myself into Sasori to meet with the spy. The spy approached me on the bridge and I proceeded to receive intel about Orochimaru's bases and on A ranked nuke nin, Sasuke Uchiha. However before I could get anymore, Orochimaru appeared and that's when the tables turned. It turns out that Sasori's spy was Kabuto Yakushi and he was on Orochimaru's side from the beginning. So we really can not take any of his information seriously due to him attacking me in the first place. A battle ensued afterwards with us dispatching Kabuto relatively easily and defeating Orochimaru afterwards." said Naruto.

Tsunade nodded her head before she posed another question. "I'm guessing Sakura you took Kabuto to the Torture and Interrogation department?" seeing Sakura nod, Tsunade posed another question. "You defeated Orochimaru, doese that mean that he is dead or did he get away?" said Tsunade.

"Of course he's dead. Naruto blew his head off with a Rasengan." thought Saru in his head.

"Despite the condition he was in as we left, I'm certain that Orochimaru lived" said Naruto as he let a hand comb through his hair. As he did that, he made a series of quick hand seals to Tsunade that were unnoticed by the rest of the group.

Tsunade nodded her head at Naruto. "Well good job team. Despite not making sure Orochimaru was incapacited, at least you got his right hand man. I'm calling this mission a success. Saru and Sakura you're dismissed." said Tsunade as Sakura and Saru both left the office, leaving Yugito and Naruto alone with Tsunade. "It seems your other mission was a success as well." said Tsunade with a smile at Yugito. Naruto was smiling as well as Yugito looked at the two confused.

"You had another mission?" questioned Yugito as Naruto nodded.

"Yes ma'am. It was to pick up a package." said Naruto as he pulled out a scroll from his ninja pouch, that was still attached to his hip even after his earlier escapade with Yugito.

Yugito opened the scroll and read it's contents. "Wow. Me coming to Konoha was already planned?" questioned Yugito to Tsunade.

Tsunade nodded her head still smiling. "Me and Ay-dono have already been discussing this. And this is the result, welcome to Konoha Yugito." said Tsunade.

"Wow that's amazing." said Yugito before she realized something. "You weren't spontaneous at all, this was already planned...wasn't it, Naruto-kun."

Naruto laughed sheepishly before performing a shunshin next to Tsunade. "Sorry ba-chan, got to go. I'll give you my written report later." said Naruto giving Tsunade a cheek kiss before disappearing in another shunshin.

"Get back here!" shouted Yugito as she went flying out of the window after the nine-tailed Jinchuriki.

"It seems things are going to get livelier around here." said Tsunade with a smile. "Yugito's still only wearing panties...well at least the men of the village will be excited at seeing that around here."

(Somewhere in the Land of Grass)

A small candle was illuminating a dark room as a figure could be seen seated at a throne. A series of coughs rang out before a laugh followed shortly afterward.

"It's time. One week and Sasuke will be mine. Kukukuku." said the figure as his golden, slitted eyes opened up. Sasuke was seated with his legs crossed and his eyes closed in the middle of a room far away from the snake sannin.

Sasuke opened his eyes to reveal his Mangekyo Sharingan. "So it seems it's time. Naruto you better be here, I need you for what I plan to accomplish. I'm sure you'll bring Sakura with you along with those other ones. Not to mention, I'm sure she'll be here." said Sasuke before standing up and walking out of the room to prepare for the week at hand.

(Hidden Location)

"The Yonbi (Four-Tails) has been successfully captured." said the spectral image of the leader of the Akatsuki. "Kakuzu and Hidan will go after the Gobi in a week's time. We will reconvene then for the sealing of the Five-Tails. Dismissed."

The other members of the Akatsuki departed the chamber. After they were all gone, a vortex opened up beside the leader.

"Is it time?" questioned the leader.

The figure nodded his head. "Shall we be going. It'll take you a week to recover from this surgery and we only have a week before the Gobi gets sealed." said the figure as he then vanished into another swirl.

The leader's rippled purple eyes seemed to shine brightly in the darkness before a small smile graced his face. "This will definitely help. Your time will come Naruto Senju, soon." said the leader as his own spectral image vanished into the darkness, leaving only the dead body of the Yonbi's Jinchuriki in the room.

Omake: Anbu Training (Day 60 out of 60)

"And you both are dismissed. Congratulations, you have both passed your Anbu training and starting tomorrow will be full fledged Anbus." said Hebi to Gama and Taka. Despite the mask on his face, Gama's smile could still be seen due to the joy he felt with being done.

"Finally. I can finally get away from this crazy lady." thought Gama as he and Taka began to walk away to head to the room they were given during their time in training. "One more night and I can finally get back to my own bed and safely away from Hebi."

Taka and Gama entered their room as they both fist bumped.

"We did it." said Sasuke after he took of his hawk mask.

Naruto took off his own mask as he smiled at his friend. "Hell yeah we did. And we finished for the first time unscathed from a day's training." said Naruto.

Sasuke nodded his head before he began to head to the bathroom. Once Sasuke shut the door, Naruto's face became more stern.

As Naruto was placing his mask back on his face, he heard a deep voice echo throughout his head.

"So you're really going to go through with this." said Kurama in Naruto's head. Naruto secured the mask on his face before internally nodding his head.

"Do you really think I went through all the pain just to let it go." said Gama back to Kurama. "This has to happen. If I don't put her in her place now, then she'll just continue to abuse me throughout the whole time I'm in Anbu. It's time.."

"Well if you're sure about it, then go ahead. Just know that I plan to shut off the connection while you do this. I can't watch you fail or succeed for that matter." said Kurama to Gama before resting his head on his front paws.

"Well thanks for the encouragement Kurama. I'll see you in the morning." replied Gama before he vanished in a high speed shunshin. Gama landed in the middle of a clearing before sitting down in a lotus position. "Now to find you."

"Tajuu Moku Bunshin no Jutsu (Multiple Wood Clone Technique)" thought Gama before dozens of wood protrusions began to grow out of the ground around him and morphed into full grown Narutos. The Wood clones jumped into all different directions, spreading out to find their target.

Gama remained seated in the lotus position as he closed his eyes to focus on his clones for whenever they find Hebi.

Several minutes passed by before Naruto got information from one of his 36 clones.

"She knows." said Naruto as he witnessed a violent death. "And she was waiting for this to happen." continued Naruto as two more of his clones were dispelled due to Hebi's efforts.

Nearly an hour later, Naruto continued to remain seated in the same position. "Only 5 more clones left. But at least they have her surrounded." said Naruto. Two minutes later, Naruto witnessed the most vicious ass whipping he'd ever seen in his life from the 5 vantage points given to him by his now destroyed clones. "She's coming."

Naruto took his mask off as he turned to face the figure that landed behind him. Naruto moved his head slightly to the right as he dodged an extremely fast paced kunai coming right for his cheek.

"Oh my Gama-chan. You know the penalty for dodging kunai." said Hebi before pulling out two kunai. Right as she prepared to throw them, she was shocked when she felt all of the chakra in her body disappear immediately. "What is this?"

Hebi looked out to see the smile on Naruto's face. "You didn't think Jiraiya-sensei was the only one who knew how to use seals? I mean I am his student and all, I may not be as good as he is but for a seal like this, nearly two months is easily enough time to create it and secretly place it on your body." said Naruto as Hebi looked on intrigued.

"When did you place it on me? I'm sure I would have noticed something like a seal being placed on my body." said Hebi as Naruto began to walk over to the immobilized Anbu.

"Mokuton no Jutsu (Wood Release Technique)" said Naruto as stocks grew out around Hebi, placing her head and both arms locked in within the stocks, leaving her completely at Naruto's mercy. "Ever since Day 2 when you introduced me to self-control training, I've been secretly marking you with this sealing formula. It was subtle and took extreme caution but it's so worth it now that you're here and in this predicament."

Naruto then took the mask off of Hebi's face to show off the pretty porcelain skin of Anko's own face. "Now it's time for a little fun. According to my clock, I have exactly 7 hours left before 8 am and me and Sasuke's graduation ceremony. Multiple 7 by 60 minutes, that gives you 420 minutes of time with me left. And Being that I can easily make clones, I figured why not give you 420 different forms of torture during that period. Luckily I have this book written by one Anko Mitarashi, 420+ ways to torture someone. Outstanding book and I plan to make good use of it." said Naruto as Anko internally smiled.

"Kid's good. He'll be an excellent Anbu, maybe even captain just like the last trainee to actually get me back. What was his name, oh yes, the mass murderer, Itachi Uchiha." thought Anko as a series of 1000 poofs occurred in rapid succession. Over half of the clones henge'd into various torture tools as the remaining clones began to pick up one or two so they could prepare for their minute with Anko."

"Let the games begin." thought Naruto as did all the rest of his clones.

(421 minutes later)

"Congratulations to Gama and Taka for their outstanding preservation during their training regiment. They have shown the requirements to be members of Konoha's shadows and will be sworn in this evening. And thanks to Hebi for teaching them." said Tsunade as they all panned their eyes to Hebi.

Hebi was lying on a hospital bed with a full body cast on and her mask. Though if anyone could see underneath her mask, they'd see the pained but happy smile on her face.

"Best. Night. Ever." thought Hebi as it pained her even to think at the moment.

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