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Be Careful What You Wish For


Jill grinned as she pushed the button for the elevator. Dr. Roberts was in a very, very good mood, on several levels really. She had just spent the night being thoroughly thanked by her guy for her recent idea, which she had to admit, was nothing short of genius. And while she had always been teasing about him being orally challenged, he clearly took it personally. So he spent most of the night proving her wrong. That was a little fun.

A little higher on the list of good mood things was the mission. Jill's arm was getting a little tired from patting herself on the back. But this was perfect. Not only was Walker doing all of the dirty work of keeping Chuck controlled, she was helpless to do anything about it. Mr. Volkoff would be very pleased. Not only would he be getting a loyal Intersect, he'd be getting a new hot blonde toy to train. Jill knew enough about him to realize that he was a very good friend to have. He loved it when his people went out of their way to bring him a present. And that meant one thing. Jill Roberts was about to become ridiculously wealthy. She also knew enough about him to understand that you didn't want him as a trainer. His methods were somewhat less than gentle. But that wasn't her problem. Chuck would most definitely be a little squeamish. But he'd be far too busy on missions to notice.

But topping the list, for today anyway, was the current situation. She had her most fierce enemy totally over a barrel. She was trapped. They both knew it. She had to do anything that Chuck asked or lose him. And since Chuck ultimately would do anything his fiancé asked, well you do the math.

This was a done deal. As long as she controlled Chuck, she had all the cards. And Chuck was anything but disloyal. In fact, he was borderline pathetic. This was almost too easy. Even if Walker eventually tired of playing Jill's game, the loyal nerd with the powerful Intersect would keep her helpless. Jill's biggest problem was how to maximize that bitch Sarah Walker's pain. Making her watch as Jill put the nerd into various positions in bed wasn't Jill's favorite idea. But it was worth it for the fair amount of angst it would cause. Maybe she could even replace that metaphorical barrel with a real one. There must be one around somewhere. That might be a little fun.

Jill's daydream was tempered a little when she opened the door. Chuck was sitting on the couch. Walker was sitting on his lap and they were necking. That wasn't totally unexpected. After all, that had been Jill's instructions. Unlike last night they were both fully clothed. But it was the intensity of the necking and the look of pure bliss on his face that sent chills down Jill's spine. To be fair, Walker was doing most of the driving. But Chuck had never come close to that much passion when they were together. In fact, Jill hadn't ever seen that much raw passion from anybody before. They were really going at it. Another quick look told her that the necking was very close to rounding second base. Walker was good. He wasn't supposed to be enjoying this quite so much. But she also recognized that getting jealous in this situation was fairly pointless. She was still holding all of the cards.

Jill's bad feeling was reinforced by a sudden sharp pain in her left knee. Had she been thinking clearly, Jill would have instantly recognized that she was in serious trouble. "Ellie," she said in shock, rubbing her knee as she recognized her once future sister-in-law. What are you doing here? Why did you just kick me?"

"Take a wild guess," Ellie said sarcastically as she spun on her heel and delivered another kick, this time to Jill's ribcage. "I've been looking forward to this for a long time. Let's dance. I don't think we've ever danced before."

The blow caught Jill totally off guard. "Chuck," she pleaded as she doubled over in pain. "Help me."

"Sorry," Chuck said with a huge grin as he broke free from the necking for a moment. "Well, actually, I'm not that sorry. It just seemed like the thing to say. I appear to be getting fairly lucky at the moment. I'm not sure that I can stand. You were right. It turns out that she will do anything I ask. And since she is the most beautiful woman in the whole world… I find that I'm having more than a little fun. Besides have you ever tried to talk Ellie out of something once she gets her mind set on it? To be honest, I have a selfish motive here… besides the mind blowing necking, that is. If I let her kick your ass, she's letting me off the hook on her kicking my ass."

Jill was now in full blown panic. "Chuck," she cried in desperation. "We're going to be married. Help me."

That caused Sarah to finally pry her face out of Chuck's. "I don't think so," she said. "Do you really think that you're the only one who can manipulate the Intersect?" They had discussed this. There was some value into keeping whoever was behind this thinking that Chuck was still susceptible to memory manipulation. They might try again someday. She nodded to her best friend and soon to be sister. "Casey did a very good job. Show me the triple combination that he taught you… at full speed this time."

Ellie's grin almost matched Sarah's. "Yes, ma'am," she said. She kicked the side of Jill's knee like she had earlier, the right knee this time, and about twice as hard. Then she followed that up with her foot directly into Jill's ribcage, directly under her diaphragm, again twice as hard. Jill was in serious trouble. There was no way for her to defend herself, even if she had the required skills. Currently all of her consciousness was spent trying to breathe. So she didn't see it coming but it was the final blow that was the finisher. It was the same right foot to the jaw that had sent Casey down yesterday. Except Jill wasn't Casey, not even close. And Ellie put every bit of force she could muster into the spinning kick, partly to impress Sarah, but mostly for obvious reasons. Jill was quickly collapsed on the floor in a moaning heap, totally down for the count. "I never liked you," Ellie said. "You're a lousy dancer."

Sarah winked at Chuck and delivered a parting, mostly gentle, kiss. "Was that enough lust for you?" she asked with a grin. "At least for a down payment? Don't worry. I'm just getting warmed up. I've got fours years of holding back to make up for. Wait until we get home. You will learn to be careful what you wish for." She finally stopped laughing at the confused look on his face and got up from his lap. As she, none too gently, applied the cuffs to Jill's wrists, she winked at Ellie. "Not bad," she said. "When we get a chance, let's go down to Castle. I have a few moves to show you in the gym."

Ellie grinned as she looked at Jill lying in a heap. "Spy moves?" she asked.

Sarah's face showed her confusion. She just nodded.

"Spy fighting?" Ellie asked facetiously as her grin turned a little evil. "Or spy sex?"

"You two seem to be on a roll."


"He did what? You're letting him live?"

Sarah and Ellie shared a long laugh. Of course ever since they first entered the club, they had spent most of their time laughing. They had just gotten back to the table after dancing. "I'm letting him off the hook," Sarah was finally able to say.

"Really?" The surprise in Ellie's voice was noticeable.

"My first reaction was to be pissed," Sarah admitted. "And a couple of weeks ago him admitting that he helped Jill escape and gave her a diamond ring while I was being shot at trying to protect him would have earned him some serious punishment, probably some multiple nights on the couch."

"I'll bet," Ellie agreed. "So what's changed?"

Sarah just grinned and held up her left hand. "This is what's changed," she said.

That got then both laughing again. "You are totally pathetic," Ellie finally laughed. "Where exactly did hothead Sarah go? I miss her. One diamond ring and she turns into a lovesick pussycat."

"I know," Sarah said defensively. "Trust me. Hothead Sarah is still not that far away. But, Ellie, he was so scared. He fully expected me to take his head off. It was too cute. I couldn't possibly be mad at him for very long. So I let him off the hook. When you think about it, it took a lot of guts for him to admit that to me. He didn't have to. I would have had no way of ever finding out. He did it because he wanted to make sure that I knew that he trusted me enough to eventually forgive him. He stood up; ready to take whatever punishment I was going to dish out. You have to admit, that's pretty sweet."

"Oh my God," Ellie said as she picked up one of the shots of tequila that had magically appeared on the table while they were dancing. "Okay," she said. "Yes, I get that you're lovesick. I get that you think that he's adorable. But you have to set some boundaries. It's not healthy for a relationship for him to think that being sweet can get him out of anything."

"Here's the deal," Sarah said. "It can get him out of anything. At least for a while. I don't care if he knows that. I want him to. He needs to be able to have some confidence with me. It's important for him… and that makes it important for me." She picked up one of her shots and held it out for Ellie to clink them together. "Understand something. You're not getting me drunk on my ass tonight. I'm pacing myself."

Ellie's grin turned evil. "Wanna bet?" she asked.

That got them both giggling again. "Tell me something," Ellie was finally able to say. "What's the deal with John? He's far too cute to not have a girl taking care of him. I'm going to fix him up. I know this gorgeous Obstetrician, Becky, who would be perfect for him. She'd be all over him. He does like girls?"

Sarah had a struggle keeping the shot of tequila she had just tipped up inside of her mouth. "First off," she said as soon as she swallowed. "Eww." She giggled for a long moment then settled down a little. "Talking about Casey and women would take more time than we have, I'm afraid. But, yes, he likes girls."

"Then what's the problem?"

Sarah paused for a long moment. "Casey is a man of honor," she finally said. "Normal girls would eventually want more from a man than just sex. They would want a relationship. Casey knows that he can't offer that. Sure, he could take the sex then move on when they got serious. A lot of, hell most men would do exactly that. Not Casey. In his mind, that wouldn't be fair. So he does the right thing. He doesn't allow anyone to get their hopes up."

"That's sad," Ellie said. "It's sweet. But it's sad."

"Don't feel sorry for Casey," Sarah insisted. "It's what a spy is. He chose this life. It's what he wants. He can leave anytime he wants."

Ellie stared at Sarah for a long moment as the epiphany hit. Suddenly the grin reappeared. "That was you," she said. "Admit it."

"It was me," Sarah agreed. "Not really all that long ago. You wouldn't have liked me then. Almost no one did. The truth is that I didn't like myself. I was a miserable person… a stone cold total hard ass who never smiled. I was afraid to allow anyone to get close to me. I made sure that people feared me."

Ellie nodded. "What happened?"

Sarah paused for a moment. "One day I met this guy on an assignment," she continued. "It was a nothing assignment. I've had a million just like it. Flirt with a man, maybe let him look down your shirt a little, and find out what he knows. He was nice enough… I guess. But he wasn't my type… at all. He was a nerd and I was into the bad boys. You know the ones. They weren't looking for anything serious. They just put in the time required to smooth talk you into bed, put the extra notch in their headboard, and quickly move on. There was a whole line of them. Except they never got their notch. I was pretty stingy about that. They quickly got frustrated and moved on. That was fine by me. I wasn't looking for anything more either."

"I know the type," Ellie sighed. "Trust me. Medical school is full of those guys."

"At first I felt a little sorry for the nerd," Sarah said. "He wasn't that bad boy at all. In fact, he was the opposite of that. After a while we became friends. He could have easily used that. I was pretty vulnerable. I was lonely, confused about myself, at a low point in my life. The truth is he could have put that notch in his headboard any number of times. He knew it. I got to the point where I secretly wished that he would. One of those bad boys would have had me on my back right away. But he never went there. He wanted more. Not only that, he was willing to wait for more."

"He wanted more," Ellie agreed. "We used to talk about it all the time."

"He was the sweetest guy," Sarah sighed. "Ellie, no matter how bad I was feeling, he could always make me laugh. But I knew that I could never give him what he was looking for. I didn't want to. I was a spy. So I pushed him away. But time after time the nerd kept coming back for more abuse. Ellie, I was such a bitch to him."

"Sarah," Ellie said softly. "Don't call yourself that."

"It's true," Sarah insisted. "Trust me. I was there. I was a total bitch. But no matter how big of a bitch I was he just wouldn't go away. He knew full well that I was never going to change enough to give him what he wanted. But he loved me anyway. He loved me for me when he knew that he was never going to get anything out of it."

Sarah paused for a moment to blink away the tears. "So time went on and one day it hit me right between the eyes. I'd been lying to myself. All of a sudden before I knew what was happening, I found myself head over heels for this nerd. I fought it. Ellie, that just wasn't me. Love was for suckers and dreamers. I fought it with everything that I had. I even took it out on him. Like it was his fault that he made me fall in love with him. I made us miserable for a long time. But it was hopeless. So now I've surrendered. I'm a different person. As dedicated as I had been to duty, now I'm ten times more dedicated to making him happy."

"That's a nice story," Ellie said.

"That's not even the end of the story," Sarah said with her smile gradually reappearing. "As it turned out, the nerd had a sister. Life hadn't treated them very fairly… not by a long shot. Yet they looked out for each other with a ferocity that was like steel, yet soft and loving at the same time. So now they've accepted me into that bond. I'm part of that family. The sister is now my best friend. Agent Walker didn't have friends, much less a best friend. But I've surrendered. I now find that it's so wonderful I can't believe that I fought against it for so long. I'm the luckiest person in the world. I can't wait to make it official. If I could, I'd drag you and Chuck to Vegas tonight."

"Wow," Ellie said. "That's some story. It should be a movie."

That got them laughing again. "Maybe someday," Sarah said. "Do you think that the world is ready for a Chuck and Sarah movie?"

"I'd buy a ticket," Ellie said.

That got them laughing even harder.

"Would you like to dance?"

Sarah didn't fully turn to face the man. After all, it was inevitable. It happened almost every time she went to a club. And two ladies sitting alone? They already had several drinks lined up in front of them. It was only a matter of time before someone became bold enough to make a move. "No thanks," Sarah said with a half smile. "Thanks for the drink but we're not interested. We're just talking."

"Yeah?" his friend asked as he took the seat next to Ellie. "We like to talk. What should we talk about?"

"You're right on time," Ellie said with her own half smile. "She's been dying to waive her brand new engagement ring in someone's face tonight, haven't you, sweetie?"

Sarah wasn't exactly waiving her ring. But she did make sure her left hand was lying flat on the table where you couldn't help but notice it. She picked her hand up so that he got a real good look. "Of course," she said.

"Really?" the man asked with a grin as he rubbed the side of Sarah's arm. "This must be fake. What moron would let his new fiancé out of his sight? Especially one as hot as you are? Come on, let's dance."

You had to know Sarah pretty well to see through her sweet smile. But this man had just made, well perhaps not a fatal mistake, but one he would soon regret. Sarah reached out her hand to him.

Ellie fought to keep the straight face as she watched the man's eyes widen in horror.

Sarah turned to Ellie. "I'd like to show you something," she said. "It's a professional thing. It might come in handy someday, especially if you're going to insist that you join the look for your mom." Sarah held up their clasped hands. "A little twist of the finger," she said. "Simple, yet effective. It doesn't do any permanent damage, but it hurts like hell. No matter how big they are, once you have this position, you're totally in control of the situation. They'll do anything you say."

Sarah turned to the man. "Back me up here," she said. "It hurts like hell, right? You'd do anything to get me to let go. Tell her."

"Okay," he said quickly. "Yes, it hurts. Please let go."

"In a second," Sarah said, her smile never wavering. "First there is the matter of you insulting my new fiancé. He is far from a moron. In fact, he is a genius. Not only that, it turns out that he is the most wonderful man in the world. Too bad he's not here. I find that I already miss him. So since I'm now talking to Mr. clearly somewhat less than wonderful, I have to tell you that it kinda pisses me off when people who don't know him insult this amazing man. It's rude, wouldn't you agree? Maybe an apology would put me into a better mood."

"I'm sorry," the man quickly said. "Please let go."

Sarah finally released the man's finger. "Thanks again for the drink," she said dismissively. "Now if you will excuse us."

Ellie waited for the men to fully retreat before she started laughing. "Wow," she said. "If that was the new mellow, lovesick Sarah, I can't wait to see bad ass Agent Walker come out to play. We're talking autopsy, I think."

Sarah joined her laughing for a long moment. Finally she sighed.

"Be careful what you wish for."


Chuck was on his way home from playing video games with Morgan when he got the text from Sarah. Okay, so they had been engaged for only a day. Sure, he missed her. But this worked out for the best. It was important for Sarah to spend some time with Ellie. That was very good for her. Everyone could see that. And frankly, Morgan was feeling a little neglected lately. So this evening was really best. He wasn't sure why Sarah wanted to meet him in Castle. That was a little odd.

When Chuck walked into Castle, it was dark. Maybe he misread the text. "Sarah," he called.

"In the interrogation room," came the faint reply.

They had spent most of the prior day in that room. Frankly Chuck was getting a little tired of it. It would be pointless to deny that there had been some sadistic pleasure in watching Sarah and Casey taking turns slowly breaking Jill down. She certainly had coming whatever they dished out and then some. But whatever fun had long since been overcome with the tediousness of it all.

Frankly he was all for forgetting Jill Roberts ever existed, climbing into bed with his red hot fiancé, and planning their wedding along with their future life. And yes, there was still some negotiation coming. Sarah was still admittedly a little afraid of becoming a mother right away. That could be forgiven. But she was now willing to have the discussion… and agree that the question was no longer 'if' it was now 'when' and how many'. That was light years away from her position just a few days ago. With Ellie working on her he was pretty confident that there wouldn't be long to wait.

But when he walked into the room, it was empty, except for Sarah. "Where's Jill?" he asked.

"Casey said they picked her up this afternoon," Sarah said. "She's being transferred to maximum security at Langley."

"That's good," Chuck said. He looked around the room. "Umm, why are we here?"

"I have a surprise for you," Sarah said with a grin. She stepped up to him, put her hands directly behind his head, and pulled him in for a long, erotic, rather wet kiss. "You wanted more pure lust from me," she said slyly. "Let's get this on record. Is that still what you want?"

Chuck's face showed his confusion. "Umm, sure," he said. "But here?"

"Uh huh," Sarah said, her grin still in full force as she grabbed his hand and conspicuously guided it to her breast while she moved in for another incredibly hot kiss. "I love you. I want to do anything you need to be happy. If I thought I could talk you into it, I'd drive us to Vegas and become Mrs. Bartowski tonight. Not only that, you get me so aroused that I can't think properly. I'm feeling a little guilty that I allowed you to think anything else. So consider this bit of lust as also an expression of love. I think that you might just enjoy this… maybe not as much as I will. But we'll see."

Without using the Intersect, Chuck was no match physically for Sarah. They both knew it. That wasn't unusual, hardly anybody was. And naturally, he would never think of using the Intersect against her. It wouldn't work if he tried. So when he felt the steel cuff snap shut on his wrist, he was too distracted by the hot second base action to register much protest. Quickly his other wrist was similarly captured. Sarah calmly attached one of the chains hanging from the ceiling to his cuffs. One push on the remote control and Chuck found his arms being lifted into the air until his feet barely touched the floor.

Sarah grabbed Chuck by the hair and pulled him into a rough kiss. Her hands eventually moved to unbutton his shirt. "I was talking to Ellie," she said as she broke the kiss. "Between shots of tequila, she told me that I shouldn't let you off the hook so easily with the helping Jill escape that time thing. She said that it would be bad for our relationship if we didn't establish boundaries with each other. I mean, who would want that? We're going to be together for the rest of our lives."

Chuck made a mental note to 'thank' Ellie for her concern for their relationship. With friends like her, who needed enemies? He looked around the room. Whatever Sarah had planned, there was zero ambiguity, she was now clearly in charge. After all this room's very purpose was to completely control someone. With its series of pulleys, movable tables, and other apparatus, you could put your captive into any uncomfortable position you chose. All the better to interrogate someone. The Marquis de Sade would have been envious. Jill had just spent an entire day finding that out the hard way. You wanted them suspended upside down? Push a button. You wanted them over a barrel? There was one in the corner. Wheel it into place, make a few adjustments to the chains, and they were helplessly over a barrel. Sarah had pealed off the sweats she was wearing and was now in a black leather bra and matching thong. The garter and black fishnet stockings completed the unbelievably sexy ensemble.

"So I was thinking," Sarah said with a grin as she picked up a whip from the table and cracked it menacingly. "This is the perfect situation. I can show you some major lust fulfilling one of my major fantasies, and punish you at the same time. Two birds, one stone. That kind of efficiency has always appealed to me. Don't you agree, sweetie?"

Chuck was fighting the urge to laugh. Given that she was clearly only half kidding, he sensed that would probably not be a good idea in this circumstance, not with her standing there cracking that whip. "I guess," was all he could get out.

Chuck heard the crack of the whip as he felt it strike his leg. It didn't hurt… much. Sarah was being very careful to only get his attention. It was clearly for effect. "Here's the thing, sweetie," she said. "When a sex toy is asked a question, the proper response would obviously be 'yes, mistress.' Please don't make me remind you again."

Chuck was still fighting the urge to laugh. He had never seen her like this. But he also had to admit. This was incredibly erotic. "Yes, mistress."

"Good," Sarah said as she pulled out a very large knife. "I'm afraid that we're going to need to sacrifice this shirt." Soon enough it was lying on the floor in pieces. "Luckily you have a million of these white shirts. Now that I'm your fiancé, here is some very gentle constructive criticism. I promise not to be a nag. But when you not at work, maybe you could consider a variety of colors and styles in the future… maybe something that shows off your sexy chest."

Chuck nodded. Then he remembered her warning. "Yes, mistress," he said.

Sarah moved to his belt. "This first part is going to be all about me," she said. "After all, my lust is not an act. I'm getting pretty worked up just thinking about it. I believe that you are already experienced with my preferences in this area to know generally what I'm wanting from you. Just to be clear, my expectations are rather high. If you're smart, and I'm sure that you are, you'll give me your very best effort at making me very, very happy. If I get it, I may just reward you. Any questions?"

Chuck knew. Of course he knew. She was playing. The grin said that. But he wouldn't be Chuck if he didn't ask. He needed to hear it. "Just one," he said. "Sara… umm, mistress. Are you really angry with me?"

Sarah couldn't help the grin. That was her guy. He was always concerned about her, would always be a little insecure, even in this silly situation. It was cute. So she made sure that he understood her mood. "You've been bad," she said as she reached in for a gentle kiss. "But even assuming that I was a little mad at you, I'm sure you can quickly get me over it. By the way, I've been just as bad as well. Probably a little worse than you. I'm sure that your imagination can come up with some creative way in the very near future to allow me the privilege of getting you over it. After all, I need boundaries too."

Once Sarah had his pants off, she took a step back to playfully ogle him. "Very impressive," she said. "I see that you may be anticipating this a little. Way to get into the spirit of the sex toy thing. Don't worry. I fully intend to make full use of all of these wonderful assets you're putting on full display. Judging by your, umm, appearance I see that perhaps this isn't going to be the chore you maybe once feared. I think that I'd like you to admit that."

"Yes, mistress," Chuck said with his classic grin. "You're right. I've been bad. I'll do whatever it takes to get you over it. And as far as my imagination goes, well…"

"Be careful what you wish for."

The End


A/N: Well folks, that does it. I enjoyed writing this. I always thought that the Ellie character was underused. There certainly is the possibility of a sequel sometime if interest warrants. It would be interesting to see Ellie as part of the team in the search for mom.

Maybe that Chuck and Sarah movie will actually happen someday. Hopefully, that will spark enough renewed interest to justify more stories.