Ooo can we get a sequel for this where Ko couldn't choose what kind of ice cream he wanted and decides to sample each one until one of them gives him stomachache? Zoro and Sanji will figure out what to do—Guest

Zoro waited impatiently for Chopper to finish little Ko's emergency checkup, standing outside the Sick Bay's main entrance. The reindeer always demanded utter privacy when working with a patient, and Zoro supposed Ko was no exception. But of course the doctor had his complete trust. Sanji vanished from his company a while ago, secretly ducking off to the safety of the galley in the midst of Zoro's worried commotion. He was obviously concerned with the poor boy, who suddenly developed a series of stomach pains and vomiting, but he usually cooked random snacks for the crew when worried. It was his way of helping the ill cope with whatever they caught. The swordsman sighed as he leaned his head back against the wall, staring expectedly at the door across from him. He should have expected to handle this alone.

Multiple minutes passed by endlessly, and Zoro started to suspect the worst case scenarios possible his twisted brain could come up with. What if someone poisoned his son while they were on the island? Like a sudden dart to the neck when he and Sanji weren't looking? No, what if the bakery poisoned the products? Wait, no, the rest of the crew didn't seem sick or completely off their rockers more so than usual, so that couldn't possibly be it, could it? Zoro paused the rapidly speeding insane thoughts in his mind. What if…the baker just poisoned Ko's ice cream instead of aiming for everyone? That's it, it had to be! Picking off the youngest first! A beastly growl sounded deep within his throat, and his anger flared intensely. That bastard! He'd swim as many miles as it took in order just to pound that fucker's face in! No one got away with trying to kill his nakama, especially his child!

The door opened slightly, and Chopper poked his head out of the small crack. Immediately, he blinked, watching the fuming man pace back and forth before realizing he was there. "Zoro? What's the matter with you? Are you feeling sick, too?"

Receiving a convincing head shake, which he totally didn't buy, he gave Zoro a head motion for him to come inside, and the first mate wasted no time in quickly widening the door, spotting the toddler limply sprawled out in bed. The sight by itself wasn't a good one; Ko was normally too hyperactive for Zoro's liking. His skin still had color to it, and his breathing appeared to be easy, meaning the problem wasn't deadly like Zoro thought. That bastard baker was safe for now…

Chopper climbed onto the high rotating chair by his desk effortlessly, and grabbed the clipboard. Zoro had already sat down on the mattress next to Ko's revealed upper body, stroking the child's hair for comfort. He just wasn't sure who the reassurance was for.

"I took a small blood sample," the reindeer announced, drawing Zoro's attention, "and found a high trace of carbohydrates like fructose and glucose that can easily slow down the digestive system and irritate the acid in the stomach and cramp the esophagus."

Zoro made a blank, mindless expression, making Chopper give the faintest sigh. If he looked close enough, he could have sworn several question marks flew out of the swordsman's ears.

"Ko's fine, he just had way too many sweets. Come to think of it, how much free stuff did we get from that old man?"

Zoro scratched his head, "Um, I actually don't remember. He was pretty grateful. It's not every day that pirates save you from man-eating, Devil Fruit rabbits."

"Mama…" Ko whined softly, clutching the baby blue blanket. Zoro's hand movements never ceased as the toddler leaned into it.

"I gave him something to help, but it may take a while. He needs to stay in bed for an hour or so. So it's okay, Zoro. There's no need to lose your head," Chopper giggled, swinging his dangling hooves back and forth. Zoro sometimes forgot he was just a kid even younger than Luffy. Hell of a lot smarter, but a kid no less.

He smiled at them both warmly, and then glanced briefly over at the closed door. "I…thanks, Chopper. Maybe I was overreacting a little bit. I know the cook's happy to hear it, too."

"You bet your sweet ass I am! God, what if he'd been POISONED?" a muffled voice exclaimed, along with furious sounds of a wood rubbing against porcelain. The lovecook probably brought the damn kitchen with him as he eavesdropped. Chopper was the only one genuinely surprised that Sanji stood outside, silently listening to what was happening.

"Stop lurking, pervy cook," the swordsman scowled.

"Pervy dada!" Ko called happily. Granted, he had no idea what it meant, but whenever Zoro said it, meant his father was near. He'd picked up on that quickly. A pissed off yell of "oi" rang throughout the hallway before Sanji threw open the door harder than necessary. He wore his pink Doskoi Panda apron tightly around his waist and held the predicted mixing bowl in one hand, and a substance covered spoon in the other.

"I draw the line at being called perverted by my own son," he complained mildly. His grumbles were soon thrown off by the fact that Ko was shooting him the "pity me/puppy" eyes; big, watery, and utterly unbearable to withstand. He bit his bottom lip, and glanced at the objects in his hands. "Wanna lick the spoon?" he grinned softly.

Zoro gasped inaudibly, "Cook, don't make it worse!"

"I thought it would help him feel better!"


"FOOD HEALS THE SOUL, GODDAMN IT! You don't have to bite my head off!"


The two continued their petty arguing over what was wrong and what would potentially be better for Ko as Chopper tried to gain their attention. He failed miserably, causing a sigh, but a giggle behind his back made his ears twitch slightly. Ko was laughing at the funny way his parents flailed and bickered like usual; it never ceased to amuse him honestly. Chopper blinked. He didn't expect the medicine to kick in so quickly. Were Zoro and Sanji subconsciously helping it take effect?

Suddenly, something sloppy flew onto Zoro's unsuspecting face. He blinked, and wiped it off slowly with disbelief lacing his features. "And…this is?" he questioned calmly, though a tiny voice screamed to kill the idiot cook right then and there.

"I was making crepes, marimo. Have a little taste!" Sanji flicked the spoon at him again, this time coating the swordsman's left cheek in sticky sweet batter. Wasting food wasn't normally condoned with him, but he could spare a few drops, and he was pissed after all. Thinking rationally vanished from his anger-clouded brain.

They stared at each other for a long moment, silent, glaring, and snarling. Ko burst into laughter at the sight of his messy, disheveled mother and his ridiculously red-faced father. He climbed out from under the blanket and crawled towards Zoro, accidentally and roughly spreading the batter all over the first mate's face instead of getting it off like he had intended. The cook nearly dropped the mixing bowl as his body shook violently with insane laughs. Zoro didn't know what to feel! He looked so confused, angry, annoyed, tired; it was just too damn funny!

Chopper couldn't help but laugh as well. Ko noticed his incident immediately, and tried to wipe it off once more, only succeeding in shoving a bit of batter up his mother's nose.

"PPFFT," Sanji and Chopper stifled another obnoxious fit meekly. Zoro gently grabbed Ko's wandering hands and settled for sitting him on his lap, which made the toddler frown. "Shut up," he mumbled at the stupidly giggling couple. His cheeks burned brightly, and he supposed part of it was because there was still batter across his nostrils.