Pairing: Mikasa/Eren

Setting:In Universe AU; if the Military Police got Eren at the Trial instead of the Scouting Legion.

Rating:T (For slight language and threat of torture)

Words: 3831

Notes:I'm a horrible request taker cause I lost the url of the person who requested this OTL But they asked for Eren being taken by the MPs and then MidMorningSong asked me for Eren being experimented on by the MPs and having to be rescued. Since they were went hand in hand, I mashed them together ^^

The Other Side

Eren stared at the judge, his words still running over and over in his head. I hear by give Eren Jaeger to the custody Military Police. He couldn't believe the words. No, no, they can't take me, he wanted to scream. They'll kill me, please. Frantically Eren looked over to Commander Erwin, to Lance Corporal Levi, pleading at them with his eyes; they couldn't let the Military Police take him. The Commander was still watching the judge, his face deep in thought but the Lance Corporal wasn't looking at anyone specific, his face not betraying any sort of emotions.

People were talking all around him as Eren's eyes dropped to the floor; he heard people cheering out in agreement, and a few people calling out in opposition, but one voice stood out more than the others.

"No!" Mikasa cried. "They'll kill him! Please! Don't take him!"

Eren almost heard the sobs in her voice but he couldn't bring himself to look over to where her and Armin were standing; just hearing her broke his heart let alone seeing them, it would only make all of this even worse. He knew this was probably the last time he'd see the either of them, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He didn't want the last time he saw their faces to be like this.

"Please, please don't. You can't-" her voice was softer, desperate before it got cut off and he couldn't hear her any more. At least Armin was with her, he'd take care of her now.

Hands reached down to his chains, unlocking him before pulling at him so roughly Eren found himself face first on the ground. His face was already cut and sore from the beating he had gotten; he saw his blood on the ground. It wasn't for long though, the solider holding his chains pulled him back up to his feet with no consideration for how his arms naturally bent. He stood up on his feet, his jaw locked; he wouldn't give them the satisfaction of knowing they could hurt him.

"Move, boy," another solider behind him gave him a push almost making Eren fall again, but he maintained his balance, even when the soldiers in front of him gave him a harsh tug on his chains. If he didn't feel like a human before, being dragged away in chains like some wild animal wasn't helping and he didn't even understand why. He never asked for this.

"What about the girl?" the solider with the dark hair in front of him gestured over to the crowd in the stands. "Are we taking her too?"

Eren didn't have to look to know who they were talking about it. He felt his blood start to boil.

"She might not be a total weirdo like the kid here, but going by her past history and how she performed in training and in the battle, she can't be normal. I'm sure there are more than a few tests the good doctor could run on her too." The laughter that followed made Eren's stomach turn. He might've just been sentenced to death, but he wouldn't let them go near her for as long as he could. He was the monster, not her; never her.

"No." Eren didn't even recognize his voice as his own and judging by the way the soldiers around him looked at him, neither did they. "The judge said me, just me, and you got me. So you leave Mikasa the hell out of this."

The blond solider holding onto his chains gave him a pull so hard he nearly fell over again as they started to walk out of the room. "Alright, we'll spare your little girlfriend for now. We can always get a trial for her one day too."

There was that laughter again from the three that were surrounding him, it was like they were just trying to make all this worse. Granted, going by how they behaved in the trial he wouldn't be surprised if that's what they were doing; clearly they just wanted to make this as miserable experience as they could. Eren refused to give them that satisfaction; he wouldn't let them get to him. He stared at the ground, not wanting to look at the green unicorn symbols that surrounded him as they walked down the cold, stone halls.

Eren wished they would've just taken him to the examining table and got this over with but true to him being a prisoner as well as an experiment, he found himself locked in a room similar to where the Scouting Legion took him. His hands were chained to the bars in front of him, making it difficult for him to even lay down on his bed, let alone move around the room.

He had been so close. He swore the Scouting Legion was gonna get him, at least that way he'd still be a monster, but he'd be able to help, he'd be able to get closer to his goal, his dream. Eren sighed as he tried to close his eyes, but sleep wasn't about to come, he knew that. Everything was over now. The Military Police would cut him open and prod around until they had nothing else to look at.

He couldn't help but wonder if this was the way it was always meant to be, that he never deserved the honor of being to help humanity free itself once and for all. Of course, the irony being that he had this outrageous ability to shift into a titan and could probably help better than anyone. That ability was also the one that had him chained up in a room right now with no idea why or how he even had it; not that it mattered anymore. The Military Police might find out why he could turn into a titan but he'd be long dead to even know what it was.

Eren knew he wasn't the best person in the world; he could be bitter when he didn't need to, he pushed away the people who loved him just because he was angry he couldn't achieve what he wanted to protect them, he looked too much on the future and on what he wanted that he didn't pay attention to the things that mattered right in front of him. Now that he knew he was gonna die, not just that constant fear of being killed, but knowing for a fact they were going to kill him, Eren saw how much he had done wrong in his short life. He should've empowered Armin more, he should've gotten to know his comrades better, he shouldn't have been so selfish, he shouldn't have hurt Mikasa's feelings so much and so often.

He stared up at the dark ceiling; there was no good dwelling on what he should have or shouldn't have done now, there was no way he could make up for it, nothing he could do now. He wanted to just cry, to call out, to yell, to scream, but those guards out in front of the bars would probably just try and sedate him with great satisfaction he was sure.

"How long do they plan on keeping me locked up like a test rat?" Eren said, not expecting an answer; which was good because he didn't get one, he didn't even get an acknowledgement that he was heard.

He sighed and closed his eyes. There were only a few things that put his soul at ease, just a handful of things he'd be okay with now that his death was drawing near. He was sure they wouldn't hold Mikasa on trial now they had him; they had no proof she had anything to do with this shit, a trial would never hold up for her, she'd be safe. She had Armin too, and Armin had her; they'd make sure nothing happened to each other. He only hoped now he was gone the both of them would leave the military and be safe. They never wanted this life, and he'd never ask them to fight for something that he wanted without him to even look after them.

He took in a shaky breath trying to reign in his emotions. Mikasa, she'd be alone again; he didn't want to but he was leaving her alone. This was the longest time he'd been apart from her and he felt an emptiness in himself, one he didn't even know her presence took up. Eren still heard her voice calling out for someone to help him, to not take him away from her and it send cold chills to the pit of his stomach. He never should've pushed her away so much, he should've let her know he was never mad at her. Eren was just tired of her showing him up when he was the one who wanted to protect her, to look after her instead of the other way around. Now it was too late. Armin would be okay, but Mikasa…Eren knew better than anyone she wasn't always as strong as she looked.

Eren shook his head, trying to rid the faces of his two best friends from his memory.

He would die a member of a Scouting Legion. Sure, he never actually made it to a single mission but he was still an accepted member. He managed to get a part of his dreams achieved, and that was better than nothing.

Eren didn't even know he fell asleep until rough hands grabbed onto his shirt and pulled him out of bed. He landed on the stone floor, his body already aching from the weird position he slept in. His face didn't hurt any more though which he supposed was a plus.

"Get up," the solider in front of him grunted, Eren's chains in his hands. He tugged on them causing Eren to fall back down again, and didn't wait for him to stand up before starting to walk out of the room. Eren struggled back up to his feet and hurried to catch up before he landed on his face again.

"Where're we going?" he tried to ask as he followed the man down the hallway; it wasn't one he had been down before, at least he thought, it's not like all these hallways didn't look the same. Unsurprisingly, he didn't get an answer but he did get a glare from the solider dragging him along. He was already going to die, Eren didn't understand why they just couldn't humor him and answer his questions for once.

He hoped this would be swift. He knew they were probably going to cut him open while he was still alive to see how things worked, though he had to swallow the bile rising in his throat at the thought. Maybe he'd bleed out or something real quick and not give them the satisfaction of torturing him for more than a few hours.

Eren thought a night would've given him enough peace with what was basically his execution but when he saw the door already guarded by two soldiers, he felt his stomach sink. This was it.

Without a word the guards stepped aside and Eren got shoved into the large room. There were a few lanterns lighting up the area, but no windows to tell him if it was even morning or night. In the flickering lights he could see a table which assumed was for him to lie on, a few other small tables with all sorts of tools he didn't want to look to closely at, and some buckets of water he assumed was for a least some sort of sanitation.

"Get up there," the solider said pulling on Eren's chains.

It's not like he had much a choice in the matter, so he did what he was told and sat up on the long table. It was a little unsteady under his weight but he figured that was the least of his worries. The solider pushed his hand against Eren's chest causing him to fall hard on the back of the table. He let out a groan as his head collided with the wood but the solider didn't care, he was too busy chaining Eren's arms down onto the table before he moved onto restraining his legs as well. Eren felt like he was in that weird book Armin once told him about, the one with the doctor and the monster; well, Eren supposed maybe that was appropriate.

"Try not to scream too loud, brat, I don't want to be bothered outside," the solider gave one last tighten on Eren's leg restraints that had him biting his lip not to make a noise. With that, the man was gone leaving Eren alone in the room. What a way to die, he thought with a snort.

"Well, well, Eren Jaeger is it?"

Eren didn't bother looking up at the man who walked in the room; obviously the man knew his goddamn name. He came over to the table, the long white apron giving him away as the "doctor" though Eren knew that's not what he was, he knew what a real doctor looked like.

A few more soldiers came in the room, at least that's what Eren assumed they were considering where they were but they weren't wearing their uniforms just white aprons like the other man.

"I'm very excited over this prospect," the doctor said, as he turned to the table behind him. He returned with a small knife in his hand; the sight of it made him swallow hard. "You are something special, aren't you? Something we've never seen before." The doctor took the knife to Eren's shirt, cutting it open and revealing Eren's bare skin to him.

He reached back behind him, and pulled on a set of gloves over his fingers before looking back down to Eren. "Tie something in his mouth."

Eren couldn't even move as one of the soldiers shoved a thick rag in his mouth causing him to gag as they tied it around his head.

No. No.

This isn't what he wanted. Eren thought he'd come to terms with it, but now that the knife was coming towards his skin he didn't want to die. He didn't want to leave Mikasa and Armin alone. He wanted to scream, to cry out, to beg them but it was useless. No one would've listened to him.

Eren had to look away when he felt the searing pain coming from his chest. He bit down on the rag, but he knew this was only the beginning.

The door swung open causing the doctor to jerk away from Eren. "Sir!" the new voice called, Eren didn't look, his eyes were still clenched shut, he felt a bit of blood dripping down his chest from where he was cut.

"I'm a little bit busy! What the hell is going on?" The doctor didn't sound pleased but Eren was more than relieved, after having his small taste, he wasn't ready for this, he wasn't sure he ever would be.

"There's an emergency out here, we need you!"

The doctor muttered some obscenities as he tossed the knife down on the table. "Come with me," he said, but Eren didn't know who he was referring to. "Make sure there are guards outside his door at all times you hear me?"

"Yes, sir."

The door slammed and Eren didn't hear anything anymore; he was alone again. His breath was staggered through the rag, his heart racing. He felt the dull ache in his chest but there was no way to relieve the pain; it would probably just make things worse when they came back for him.

The door opened again, causing Eren to wince; he hoped he would've had a little bit longer alone. The person who came in walked a lot softer than the doctor who was in here, but Eren still couldn't bring himself to open his eyes. He didn't want to see what they were gonna do with him. He heard the click of a tongue as something sharp pinched into his arm.

"I at least would've had the decency to sedate you first."

Eren's eyes snapped open, he knew that voice. He tried to say her name but his mouth was still gagged. Smiling over him was Hanji, he knew her, he knew her face. She was wearing the same apron as the previous doctor was, standing over him as she pulled the needle out of his arm.

"Don't worry, Eren, help is on the way."

He tried to ask what was going on, if she was going to finish the job, but the warm look in her face told him otherwise. He could trust her, she was on his side but she was also getting blurry, her face getting fuzzy as the lights in the room started to move around. Eren blinked, trying to clear his head but nothing was helping as the room started to spin.

"Come on, shitty glasses, we have to get the brat out now. Help me with these chains."

Eren recognized that voice too, the Lance Corporal. He tried to lift his head but his body felt like it weighed ten tons. He saw Levi's dark head of hair near his legs as the pressure of his restraints started to be relieved.

"Eren?" another voice said near him. This one was closer, and he felt a warm hand against his cheek. He opened his eyes to see the fuzzy but familiar face leaning over him. Her fingers moved to the rag in his mouth; he could make out that worried expression on her face he knew so well.

"Ackerman, don't touch the gag in his mouth, it still has to be believable if anyone sees us."

Levi tossed Mikasa something as she moved down under the table; he felt his arms getting less restricted. "Alright, brat." Levi was nearby but where Eren had no idea, his head was spinning. "Ready to be a fugitive at fifteen?"

Eren couldn't have answered if he wanted to, everything went black.

Eren felt the sunlight on his lids, but when he opened his eyes, the bright room sent sharp pains right to his head. With a groan he pressed his hand up to his forehead as he tried to open his eyes once more.

"Careful there, I may've over done it a bit with the sedation. Sorry about that."

He squinted towards the voice seeing Hanji sitting on a chair near his bed, a notebook and pen in her hands. He had no idea where he was, though judging by the sunlight he clearly wasn't underground anymore. There was also a door instead of bars and for what seemed like the first time in a month, his wrists had no chains on him.

"What happened?" he tried to ask, but his voice barely came out.

"Well, we weren't gonna to just sit back while they killed a member of the Scouting Legion unfairly. It's not like we ever listen to the rules anyway, some judge wasn't going to change that," Hanji shrugged, still with that smile on her face. "So we had a few of our newest members cause a diversion while I passed the guards posing as a doctor coming to examine you in place of that crazy bat, and Levi knocked the both of them out before coming to help me get you out."

She paused for a moment reaching over to pull down his blankets a little bit as she checked his chest. He remembered getting cut but as he glanced down at his completely unmarked chest.

"It was a short cut but rather deep, though it seemed to have healed very quickly, before we even got you to this safe house. Your…" she chuckled softly as she sat back down in her chair. "Friend, Mikasa Ackerman, tried to have Levi's head when we got you safe after seeing you were hurt. It didn't go so well for her though since Levi let her come along for no other reason than he was tired of hearing her giving him lip. I'm pretty sure she's been cleaning this place since this morning per Levi's orders but if not, her and Armin Arlert are probably standing outside the door, would you like me to get them?"

Eren's head was spinning again but this time not from drugs; he was so sure he was gonna die in the worst type of ways when that knife pierced his skin, but here he was, alive. "Uh, yeah I'd like to see them."

Hanji nodded and walked towards the door, she didn't even have to say anything, the moment the door was opened, Armin and Mikasa came rushing in.

"Hey," Armin greeted with a wide smile as he sat down on the edge of his bed. "How's our favorite fugitive doing today?"

"Feeling like I just got trampled by a horse," Eren said, trying to sit up. He felt a steady hand on his shoulder and on his back as Mikasa reached over to help him. "Thanks," he said, looking up at her.

Most people probably wouldn't have seen it, but he knew Mikasa and he saw a small smile on her lips. God, it was good to see them again.

"Look at you two." Eren couldn't hide his own smile pulling at his lips. They were in the same uniforms as the last time he saw them, but instead of the Training Corps symbol, it was replaced by the blue and white wings of the Scouting Legion.

Armin laughed sheepishly as he looked down at his jacket. "The Commander came to us yesterday, giving us his recruitment speech, and told us that all wasn't lost with you." He looked over at Mikasa who was still standing by Eren's bed. "That was all we really needed."

Eren nodded, and though he always knew one day he'd join the Scouting Legion no matter what and no matter how many times he urged his friends to join other branches, it was more than a little reassuring to see them standing with him even though death could be almost certain. Though, if this whole situation taught him one thing, even impending death didn't always mean what it seemed.

"Just try not to let Hanji get too close, I think she's been itching to do her own experiments," Armin said. His voice seemed serious but he was smiling like he was in on some joke. Eren knew that look; Armin was trying to make him laugh despite how serious the situation had been.

Eren snorted as he glanced over to Mikasa, who looked more serious than the both of them. He had a feeling if Mikasa had her way, the scientist would never get the chance to begin with.

"As long as Hanji doesn't plan on cutting me open too."