Chapter 1: The Spell

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Just another normal Friday… at least I thought it was another normal Friday. But it was 13th too so I should have guessed it wouldn't be normal. No. That day was the day that would change my life forever…

Hi! My name is Kaitlin, I live in San Rafael, California, I'm adopted, and I'm a Hetalian. Being adopted isn't that bad but the weird thing about me and few of my other friends, who are also adopted, is that there was no record of our birth parent when we were found. They left us with nothing to remember them by, well except for necklaces that we still where to this day. I was found with a gold cross around my neck, my friend Eve was found with an iron cross, and Kayla has a necklace that says "Freedom" in fancy gold lettering. Kayla, Eve and I, we were all friends long before we all knew that we were all adopted, strange coincidence don't you think. Well I guess that's all you need to know about me.

So today is a special day for me, for one it's Friday the Thirteenth (Spooky!) and second I found a magic spell that says that it can take you to another dimension, I'm guessing that it won't work but it's worth a shot. So I got out of the house as fast as I could.

"Goodbye!" my mom called to me.

"Bye." I said as I fast walked out of my house to school. It wasn't like I was going to be late; I just wanted to be the first to get to school. I knew that was an almost imposable feat because it seemed that my friend Eve would always get to school before me, I mean she practically like a real life female Germany. She would always get up at 5:30 and run to school. I have no idea why anyone would do stuff like that but she does is I guess it's alright.

Just as I guessed she was already there, "Hey Eve!" I said as I was running up to her.


"I found a magic spell and..." I was cut off when she but put her hand on my mouth.

"A what now?" she said her tone was very skeptical. She took her hand from my mouth so I could speak.

"A magic spell." I said, this time a little slower.

She raised her eyebrow at me "Do really thing this 'spell' will work and what does this 'spell' supposedly do?"

"Well I don't really think it will work, it's just for kicks! And the spell is supposed to take the user to a different dimension."

"Ummm…. Well, if it's just for kicks, do you want to wait till Kayla gets here so we can all do it?"

"Yeah! Man this is going to be fun! Where do you think we should ask to go?" I said excitedly .

"Well, what about the Hetalia Universe?" Eve suggested. "If this thing really works then we should go somewhere that would be super awesome to be in."

I smiled at this "That would be so cool! Let's do it!"

"Ok. Hey look there's Kayla." Eve said pointing to the girl with the coffee thermos walking up towards us.

"Kayla!" I yelled to her, waving to her like I was signaling plane to come down.

She waved back using the hand that had the thermos in it. I then went to go tell her the news that were going to do a spell.

"Spell that will that will take us to the Hetalia Universe?" Kayla questioned.


This seemed to really wake up Kayla, seeing as that she started to do a happy dance, "Sweet! Let's go do it!"

So then the three of us ran to a small corner of our school where no one could see us do the spell.

"So," Eve said, "What do we have to do?"

"Well," I said, "First we have to start thinking about the dimension we want to go to then," I pulled a piece of paper out of my little purse, "And then we all say this at the same time."

Eve took the paper from my hand and examined it "Wait, this thing says that the spell could keep use there forever!"

"Well, it's not like its actually going to work, I mean I got off of a website called Magic For " I said.

"Come Eve," Kayla said, "It's probably going to do nothing and we'll be absolutely fine, but on the other hand if it does work we get to go to the Hetalia world, have fun, and if we want to get back we could just ask England to get us back home."

We all laughed at this statement. "So," I said, "Is everyone ready?"



"Ok ready, set, go." I said, then we all read the spell out loud.

"Ut nos redire ad saeculum, et in saeculum vita aeterna. Ut nos redire ad saeculum, et in saeculum vita aeterna. Ut nos redire ad saeculum, et in saeculum vita aeterna. Ut nos redire ad saeculum, et in saeculum vita aeterna!" we all said incision. Then we looked up at each other seeing that we all seemed to be fading before each other's eyes but before we could try and grab onto each other there was blackness. Well, I guess it worked…

Authors Note:

Like it? Don't like? Eh ok so first I have to say that I'M NOT DEAD! I'M JUST REALLY LAZY, plus I have writers block on my other story and what I had of it got deleted (long story, I'd rather not say). But yeah I'm starting this story since this idea has been bugging the crap out of me ever since I got it. So I hope you guys enjoy it!

Translation: Latin, Ut nos redire ad saeculum, et in saeculum vita aeterna. Ut nos redire ad saeculum, et in saeculum vita aeterna. English, Take us to the world that we may never return and life in that world for eternity.