Author's note: Okay, this is my first story, so please no flames. This story is kind loosely based on the Monster High world, and the Hetalia characters as we all love them, are now monsters. Now, I mostly based what Monster they are based on origins of monster stories. Mostly. I do not own Hetalia or Monster High.

Chapter One: Feliciano.

Feliciano was excited, while at the same time, terrified. He had just moved from his home country in Italy to the USA, and was going to enter high school! That thought alone freaked him out, but to make matters worse, he was going to Monster High. You see, Feliciano was a werewolf. Light auburn wolf ears stuck out of his dark auburn hair and flicked up as he heard his name being called. His dark auburn tail wagged happily as he skipped down the hall of his home. He entered the kitchen to find his grandpa. "What is it, Nonno?" He asked happily, smiling to reveal his fangs. His grandfather smiled and placed a light brown hand on his shoulder. "As you know, you'll be attending Monster High tomorrow, so I want you to have something." Feliciano's tail began to wag in excitement as his grandpa opened a box. He pulled out a necklace with a silver crescent moon charm hanging from it. "Ah! Nonno, but, silver hurts us!" Feliciano said fearfully. His grandpa chuckled lightly. "Oh silly boy, only if we are deliberately hurt by it! Wearing it simply weakens us." He explained. "Oh, but why Would I want to be weaker than I already am?" Feliciano wondered aloud as his grandfather placed the necklace around his neck. "It weakens your primal instinct, not your physical prowess. It will, eh... Well it will keep you from hurting your friends during full moons." Grandpa answered simply. "Oh... I see." Feliciano said quietly, holding the moon charm in his hands and tracing their engraved family name with a claw. "It's been in our family for generations, and now I want you to have it." Grandpa said with a kind smile. Feliciano smiled happily and gave his grandpa a large hug, before pulling away. Unfortunately, as he pulled away, one of his claws became caught on his grandpa's shirt and tore it. "Oh... Oops." He said apologetically. Grandpa simply smiled and patted his back.

The next day he walked up to the large, foreboding wooden doors and took in a deep breath.

High school was bad enough, but one with bigger, scarier, more powerful monsters than him roaming about? The thought sent shivers down his spine as he gripped the sketchbook in his hands. He let the breath he'd been holding in out as he pushed open the doors. He was greeted to a large hall with lockers and many monsters bustling about, some monsters he'd never even heard of. A girl with three eyes, a boy made of stone, a two headed girl with one evil head and one good head, the list goes on. He accidentally bumped into a tall boy in a dark blue knit sweater. "Oh, I'm sorry!" He said quickly as the tall boy turned to face he turned, he revealed himself to be a light blue skinned creature with a light coat of glittering frost all over his skin. He had pointed ears! and frost had plastered his hair into one shape, like gel, and the tip of his prominent nose was a light red. He smiled and adjusted his scarf, his amethyst eyes warmer than the cold aura that surrounded him. "Oh, it is no problem, da?" The boy said, a thick Russian accent clinging to his words. Feliciano looked him over, but couldn't quite tell what he was. "Pardon me asking, but what are you?" He asked timidly. "I'll show you. Wait for it..." He said as a small Minox boy walked past. As soon was the boy was far away enough, the frost boy held out a hand, and blew like someone blowing a kiss, and a light grey cloud left his hands and hit the little Minox, who screamed and ran as he was stuck in his own personal snow watched with fear and intrigue, before turning back to the frost boy. "I am a Winter Spirit, descended of Jack Frost himself." He explained. Feliciano was interested by this, but also made a mental note never to cross this boy.

Or anyone.


After a visit with the Headless Headmistress, he got his locker number and combination. As he walked down the purple tiled hallway, a boy with gold hair, pointed ears, and red eyes tripped him, then smiled wickedly and revealed his fangs. "Stupid werewolf, watch where you're going." He said loudly, causing everyone to turn and laugh at Feliciano, a few taking their phones out and taking pictures. It was then that a boy with blonde hair, light blonde skin, fangs, claws, pointed ears, long grey horns and blue eyes ran up to Feliciano, who was beginning to cry. Following the blonde was another boy with light grey skin, short black hair with grey fox ears, brown eyes, and nine black fox tails with white tips. The blonde boy got onto his knees and placed a hand on Feliciano's shoulder, who looked up and saw him. "Hey, everyone, shut up! It isn't funny! Get away and leave this poor guy alone. And you," He said, looking and the golden haired boy. "Vladimir, enough messing with people! I will send Elizaveta after you!" He growled. Vladimir rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He muttered, before turning into a bat and flying off.

After that, everyone went quiet and got back to their own business. The blonde patted Feliciano's back and then helped him up. "Sorry about Vladimir. He's really just doing what's instinctual to him, vampires and werewolves rivalry and all." The one with black hair said. Feliciano nodded in understanding. "Thanks for helping me. I'm Feliciano Vargas, by the way." He said smiling, shaking the blonde boy's hand."I'm Ludwig Beilschmidt, and that's Kiku Honda." He said, subtly smiling back. Kiku nodded and smiled lightly from his spot behind Ludwig. "So, uh, what kind of monsters are you, if you don't mind me asking." Feliciano said with a smile, his tail wagging. "I'm a damon. I'm descended of Krampus himself." Ludwig explained, touching one of his horns. Kiku stepped closer as he adjusted the kimono he was wearing. "And I am a Kitsune, I am descended of Nakasi Ashitewo." He said in a quiet voice. Now in any other situation, saying you are descended of someone so boldly might seem arrogant, but not for monsters. It simply meant you were proud to be who you are, and when living in a society that hates and fears you, pride is a celebrated quality. "Wow! Cool!" Feliciano said, his tail wagging even harder.

After that, Feliciano got to his locker and soon after that, made it to his first class. And by sheer coincidence, both Ludwig and Kiku were there. Feliciano smiled as Ludwig patted the seat next to him so he could sit down. Maybe finding friends here was easier than he thought.