I'm super sorry to all of you who followed this story, suggested ideas, and supported me in this endeavor, but I've just lost all motivation for it. I've fallen out of love with the Monster High fandom and am feeling uninspired. I know you've been waiting for an update and I'm so sorry, but I can't bring myself to continue writing something I just- something that doesn't make me happy.

And I think it's important that I am happy with, and love a story, otherwise it'll just be terrible. It's probably better that I delete this and begin something new than supply you with completely half-assed chapters of this.

So in a little while I'll be taking this story down.

However, if you are still interested in my writing, I should have a new story up very soon! One that I'm actually quite passionate about!

Again I'm super sorry! Please forgive me, and keep faith in me! An even better story is just around the corner so please stick around~ I promise you won't regret it!