Chapter 1: Back where I Belong (But don't wanna Be)

"Ah!" Lory took his feet off of the top of his desk an leaned forward toward his guest. "Mogami-kun, I'm glad you're here," He said, despite the fact that he had called the little love me girl there. "I've cleared your schedule for the rest of the week," He waited for the statement to sink in then continued off the girl's distraught expression. "Because," He continued hurriedly (Is that right? It doesn't sound right) before the girl could start crying, which he wouldn't be surprised if she did. "I'm sending you on a vacation!" He panicked as her mood didn't lighten. "To Kyoto!" Still nothing, he gave up. "Why aren't you smiling?" He pleaded.

"Normally people smile when they're happy" She waited a few seconds and continued when the president didn't show any sign of responding. "Which I'm not,"

"How come!?" Lory practically whined. "I worked so hard to set this up for you; I got all my contacts together and found out where you used to stay when you were little, I got you a reservation for a room at the Ryokan. I tried to find your childhood friends but nothing came up," Kyoko ignored the small holes being stabbed in her heart and let him continue. "Why wouldn't you wanna go?"

Kyoko shrugged. "I wasn't particularly popular, I didn't have any friends, there are no relatives in Kyoto that I'm on speaking terms with, what motive could I possibly have for visiting a town of shattered dreams and long forgotten memories?"

Lory struggled to hide his shock at the girl's horribly depressing answer. "W-well," He quickly recollected himself. "That," He managed to take a stern expression. "Is to bad," Kyoko raised an eyebrow. "I spent forever trying to get this together, you're going to go on a vacation, and you're going to like it!"

Kyoko sighed in submission. "Alright."

"Great!" Lory was nearly jumping for joy, despite his employee's uncharacteristic lack of enthusiasm. "You leave this Friday and return the following. It may seem boring now, but believe me when you get there it'll be nothing but interesting!"

"Mainly because of who you'll be with," He muttered as his LoveMe number one left, dragging her feet. "Sebastian!" He called his servant in from the next room over. "Have you confirmed Ren's flight for his on location shooting in Kyoto starting next Friday?"

"Yes sir," Sebastian nodded.

"Excellent," A Cheshire-Cat grin spread across Lory's face. "And Maria-Chan and my flight for out little Kyoto Vacation?"

"Yes sir," Sebastian repeated.

Lory's grin grew even wider.

"Umm," Sebastian took a step closer to his employer. "Sir? Are you aware of the legends surrounding the forest at which the four of you will be staying near?"

"Yeah, yeah," Lory waved away the question. "All sorts of garbage about mythological creatures in such that hunt out humans"

"And you are aware of Mogami-Sama's strong belief in myths, legends, fairies, and things of that nature?" Sebastian raised a concerned eyebrow.

"Of course!" Lory smiled proudly. "By the end of day one, Mogami-kun will be cuddling safely in Ren's arms. Besides, Legend are nothing more than That; Legends"


Kyoko took a deep breath as she approached the old Ryokan at which she used to stay when she was little. She gulped as she eyed her broken wonderland from childhood. 'It's safe now though,' She thought halfheartedly,


"Really Yashiro?" Ren mocked lightly. "It's just an urban legend, none of it's true,"

"None of it's true," Yashiro repeated back.




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