I love love love, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Okay I love Agent Phil Coulson. He is just so wonderful and hot when he takes charge.

I've yet again been drawn into another fandom...as usual I like the odd pairing.

Rabid Coulson and Skye shipper. I just don't like Ward. I don't know why I just don't.

Anyway this is current with episode, The Girl with Flower Dress. No real spoilers.


He knew that she stayed away from him because she assumed he was still mad at her, which he was, but that didn't mean he liked that she was ignoring him.

Over the last two weeks, Skye had buckled down like everybody had told her to, everybody but him.

She'd been really practicing her weapons and self-defense training with Ward. She'd started to hang around with Fitz and Simmons to get a better feel for their science and even gone so far as doing Yoga early in the morning, even though she was a night owl, with May.

Yes all in all, Skye was becoming an exemplary member of their team and he hated every moment of it. Coulson was aware how contradictory his orders were with his feelings but he couldn't help it.

He wanted his spunky, sarcastic and not always up to snuff hacktavist back. But of course, she was neither his nor was she actually able to go back to her hacking. To do that would mean committing to the team once and for all and she wasn't ready for that level of trust, neither of them were, given the current circumstances.

As for Skye ever seeing him as something other than a leader, well that was a pipe dream. Deep down he was aware that her not talking to him in her usual flippant voice wasn't the only reason he was upset.

The green-eyed anger that had reared its ugly head when May had busted her was more about the man she'd been hiding than the betrayal of their team.

He shouldn't have been so cold to her, he knew that but it was hard enough to pretend he didn't see the blatant and daily flirtations between her and Ward. Having to deal with a second man, who she clearly had a past with, was more than even his stoic nature would be able to handle and being cool was the only way to insure that his feelings remained private.

Alas nothing would be done if he left her alone about it and his job required that his whole team be in harmony. For that to happen he would have to push his thoughts to the side no matter how often they centered on the brunette.

Whatever he was planning on doing had to be done soon since Ward was not the only one who'd been eye balling him weirdly lately especially when Skye was around. He certainly didn't feel like answering any questions that could arise from his behavior.

He called her into his office and fought down the desire to just remove the bracelet and let her go on her merry way. No, that would not do, he had to be the one who mended their fences, its what he always did and he couldn't change that now.

He'd vouched for her so this was his bitter pill to swallow.

"You wanted to see me?"


She inched her way into his office but remained stubbornly close to the door. Seeing that was enough to crumble his steel resolve and he waved her away, "go see FitzSimmons, I had your bracelet adjusted so you can do some things."

"What can I do?"

"Essentially what you were doing before except now everything goes through the bracelet and directly to my office. So I'll know what you're doing at all times."

She looked annoyed but still asked, "can I start now?"


"Thank you," she said quietly and left the room. He sat back and glanced at his computer screen, it still held the image of the only document that told Skye who she was. He was so deeply engrossed in it that he didn't see her come back in.



"Do you have a minute?" she asked hesitating once more at the door.

He motioned her to move closer and she did so nervously. This uncharacteristic shyness made him more alert and he turned off his computer monitor to better focus on her.

His attentiveness apparently made her feel more self-conscious and she blurted out, "are you mad at me? I mean more than usual?"

He sighed but couldn't keep the faint smile back, "no, Skye, I'm not angry at all."

"Are you disappointed?"

"You could say that." He answered curious to see where this conversation led them.

She turned to go but ended up leaning on his desk, "I'm sorry."

"I know."

"If you're not mad then why are you avoiding me?"

He didn't really feel like talking to the back of her head so he turned the monitor back on and began opening up documents to shut out the chaos of her presence. "See you are avoiding me!"

"I'm not. I have work to do."

"What kind?" She asked, moved off his desk and around it. She leaned closer than she'd ever been and he had to move his chair a little to avoid her hair brushing his shoulder.

"The boring kind."

She turned her head and he suddenly remembered that saying about being careful what you wished for. Not more than a few hours ago, he'd been missing his sneaky little hacker and now he was facing her deviously smiling face. "Are you trying to get rid of me?"

"Yes," he answered and attempted to move his chair further away.

"You swear you're not mad at me?" she asked invading his space.

"Yes," he said and backed up the chair until he could get out of it.

"Are you just saying it so I'll go away?" she said standing so close to him that he could actually tell how many shades of brown were in her dark eyes.

"Yes." He said refusing to give her one more inch. He would stand his ground if it killed him…again.

"Do you really still like me?" she asked sitting on the edge of his desk and echoing the nervous look she'd come into his office with, he didn't like that look on her. It seemed wrong for her to look so downtrodden.

"Yes, I do." He said and stood beside her. "I haven't given up on you. I just…I didn't like that you couldn't tell me. I thought that you trusted me."

"I do and I am sorry. Will you really help me? Can you?"

He smiled and helped her off his desk. "I will but you can't do this again."

"Sit on your desk?" she asked snapping back to her cheeky self.

"That too. The lying. No more or I won't help you."

"Thank you," she said and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"Your welcome, now I have work to do. Go practice with Ward." He said dismissing her and the crazy notion that her mouth was just as soft as he'd often dreamed.

"Do I have to? He's pretty rough."

"You have to keep up your training."

"Could you train me too?"

"No." he said without raising his eyes from the papers he was now looking through.

"Why?" she asked.

"No." he repeated and he should have known better. Skye hated not being given a reason, in that sense she was worse than a five-year old. Of course he hadn't expected her to take the paper from his hand and prop herself on his desk for the third time.

"Because…" she prompted.

"I am a senior agent."

"Are you afraid I'd hurt you?" she asked and hopped off his desk with true horror written all over her face. "Oh I didn't even think about that."

"I am not that old."

"Oops." She grinned knowingly.

She played him but he decided to be a good sport and answer her. "I know more…extreme methods of training. So no."

"Okay." She said and finally vacated his desk and headed out of his office, "you know I thought it be another reason…but I guess not."

"Another reason?" he couldn't help asking.

"I'll tell you some other time. You have work to do." And with that Skye left a very confused and annoyed Coulson.

"You really shouldn't toy with him." May said as Skye passed her.

"I can't help it, he's so cute when he's annoyed."

"I'm sure he thinks the same about you." May answered leaving an equally confused Skye.