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Their story was unconventional.

Skye knew this, in fact their bizarre dealings were why she was now hung over and wondering why she was remembering a kiss that couldn't have happened unless Coulson had lost his mind. The man would be way too worried about protocol and age and other stupid crap to let anything break through his careful constructed persona.

But clearly challenging Ward and Jemma to a drinking contest, it had started as a toast to their first completed mission following her recovery, had loosened up Ward. Who after only a handful of drinks had gone into a very detailed account of her and Coulson drinking shots. Something she was pretty sure had only happened in her S.O's mind.

Still Ward had said some interesting things last night but little remained since she had drunk more than her fair share. Now all she had were bits and pieces and a monster headache that had her groaning aloud. "Why did I drink so much? What the hell was I thinking?"

There was a knock on her door that felt more like pounding to her fragile brain, killing whatever she'd begun to remember so she growled that she was up and got ready for the probable new mission which would be awesome if she hadn't been hungover.

She'd just begun brushing her teeth when out of nowhere, poof, memories.

Coulson downing a drink and handing her a glass, she giddy cause she was drinking with him, stumbling then telling him he was cute. "He carried me?" she asked her mirror image.

She was a little confused with these new strange visions but was pretty sure it nothing more than a combination of all the stuff Ward had said and her own musings on her unrequited feelings.

Skye went to meet the group hoping that the extra caffeine would kill the mini hulks stomping through her brain and after three cups began to feel a little more normal. Throughout the meeting scenes kept popping up and she was beginning to believe they were real, Ward would not have known about some of them, especially the one that showed Coulson in her room and there's no way she would have told him about it.

Skye would have kept quiet and just let the little fragments of memory slip into the ether but then Coulson turned and pierced her with those blue eyes and everything came rushing back. One minute he's talking about Quinn and how he thinks they might be able to catch him and the next she's remembering in full embarrassingly Technicolor detail how she hung off his jacket and planted a kiss on him.

"Oh my God…"

"Did you say something Skye?" Fitz asked but she just shook her head quickly.

They resumed talking about whatever it was they had been discussing but inside Skye was freaking out. 'I kissed Coulson, A.C.,My Boss…I kissed him and he let me?' "Oh my God…"

Coulson looked at her curiously and she dropped her eyes to the tablet conveniently on the holo table. The group broke into their designated roles and she was left looking but not really seeing what she was doing. Her brain was too fried from what it had just discovered.

"You okay?" Ward asked

She nodded but she had to get away before she broke down and told him everything.

She fled to the SUV locked herself in and took a few deep breaths, "okay so you kissed the man you've totally been lusting after for the last few months. Who also happens to be your boss and…no he is definitely not my father." She leaned her head back and stared at the roof of the car, "how could you be so dumb, Skye? No wonder he'd been distant, probably worried you'd jump him."

Girl tracks boy's corporation, boy tracks girl back then kidnaps her from her van/home.

Girl is interrogated then agrees to join boy's team and learn things she's not supposed to know until her little hacker heart practically bursts.

Girl betrays boy, boy is super pissed and gives her jewelry that is not diamond related, not that she'd want that, and prohibits all her extra curricular snooping, but it was her fault so its kinda deserved.

Skye sighed and tugged at the bracelet in hope that maybe it would give in to her out of pity but the bracelet remained comfortably snuggled against her skin. She held out her wrist and shook it so that the light caught the glint of steel; well at least it was pretty, trust Coulson to find something that was both useful and decorative.

She paused in mid twirl and glanced to the stairs that led to his room. Skye knew that he cared about her but in what way or to what extent still remained a mystery, at least it had seemed that way until she'd been caught.

"Put your clothes on," had never sounded terrifying until it been muttered by Agent May's lips.

But the mortification of being busted by Agent May, of all people, paled in comparison to the intimidating stillness that Skye had faced from Coulson. The explanations and justifications for what she had been doing died on her lips when he raised that single finger.

She had seen that he was mad but there was something else in the stiff way he held himself. He was disappointed and that made her feel ashamed. Sure he had taken a chance on her and this is how she had repaid him, that was true, but this seemed more personal.

'Could it be? Was it possible that he was jealous of Miles? Was it conceivable that he felt the same attraction she felt for him, the one she'd been hiding?'

But that train of though died a quiet death soon after when he began talking about the team and how important it was for her to be a player of said team and she resolved to pretend that she was just a good friend and not ridiculously in love with her boss.

The days passed and soon they were discussing and taking missions like nothing had happened to shake his trust in her and her unrequited feelings were not there, which they totally were, and eventually it had seemed like everything was going to be okay.

Then the Mike mission happened, all hell broke lose and he'd been taken and she'd almost lost him and now she was studying the bracelet again only this time it wasn't on her wrist.

And even now she had no problem reliving how his head had bent over her wrist, his mouth close to her racing pulse and the feel of his breath ghosting over her hand. 'Bracelet disengage.'

'Can I have it?' she asked him.

He raised his eyebrow and gave her a little smirk. 'Maybe.'

That night she had found the bracelet in its box sitting on her pillow. She had picked it up, closed her door then squealed, no need to have him hear that, and hidden it in her unmentionables drawer because that's what it represented to her. Unmentionable things that would ruin what they had.

This was now the second time she was going to work and back to pretending that she felt nothing but daughter like feelings. She felt she was getting better at it.

Her pity party was interrupted by a firm knock on the window and she hurriedly undid the locks and sat back as if she'd been only lounging around and not obsessing about how to act around him now that she knew what she'd done.

He knocked again and she told him to come in. She cringed at how high her voice sound and she coughed self-consciously. He opened the door, took a seat and closed it behind him effectively shrouding them in the darkness of the car.

"Are you okay?"

"Me? Never better, you?"

He gave a little nod and leaned back in the seat. Without meaning to she edged closer to him, taking advantage of this rare downtime to study him at her leisure. All thoughts of having kissed him and wanting to kiss him fled her head as she realized how exhausted he looked. "Are you okay?"

He peaked at her and closed his eyes again not commenting on her sudden closeness. "S.H.I.E.L.D Business," was his reply.

"Bad news?"

"Some but nothing we can't handle."

"Oh. That's good."

"So want to tell me what you were oh my Goding about? You're not usually that enthusiastic about the morning briefings."

"Yeah, that was…yeah about that." She fought the urge to scoot back.

"I'm listening."

"Did I kiss you when I had a lot to drink and therefore can't be held against me as sexually assaulting my superior while under the influence?" She rushed out.

"You remembered." He opened his eyes and turned his head so he was looking directly at her, "that explains the exclamations."

"Not funny." She pouted.

"I disagree."

"Tomato, tomatoh. So did I?"

"It was an oversight on my part."

"Oversight?" she asked definitely not liking the tone he was using.

"Won't happen again." He sat up clearly getting ready to leave the car and the conversation.

"Was it that bad?" she asked this time actually scooting backward and physically putting distance between her and his rejection.

He glanced out but the team was nowhere in sight, not that they would be able to see in with the tinted windows. She waited, clearly he was gathering his thoughts or trying to find a nice way to tell her that he was not interested and did see her like a daughter. Skye willed her heart not to react when he let her down.

"It was that good." He replied honestly. "Bad, I can deal with. Good…"

His lowered his eyes and she had to lean closer and tilt her head to see them. "Not so much."

He nodded and raised his head. "This can't go anywhere. It stays here. It has to..."

Skye bit her lip for a second then agreed. He was already out of the car and about to walk away when she lowered the window, "meet you here later?"

"Maybe," he replied and disappeared into the lab.

Skye calmly raised the window, leaned back in the seat then squealed and this time she hoped the whole bus heard it.