Serena had been tossing and turning all night. She couldn't sleep very well because she was so excited. Eventually she did fall asleep,but had a nightmare where all three choices of pokemon were chikaridas. She bolted awake screaming "I'm a girl!"

What that had to do with her dream she had no idea, but somehow it made sense in the situation. She got dressed quickly and ran down the stairs. Her mom stopped her on the way, but she paid little attention. She was going to become a trainer! Today was going to be the best day ever. She was so excited when she ran out the door that she nearly crashed into Calem. "woah there. WHat's the hurry?" he said casually.

"What's the hurry!? WHAT'S THE HURRY!? We're going to be trainers! Aren't you excited?!" She practically screamed.

Calem was a bit taken aback by her enthusiasm, but that was just Serena. "Alright keep it together. Let's just make it to Aquacorde, get our starters, and...a-and maybe we could go to a restaurant together afterward." he stammered trying to keep his composure.

"That sounds awesome! I've always wanted to dual in one of Lumiose's battle restaurants! I hear Le Wow is a three star cafe. Does it get any better!? Just talking about it is getting me so excited! Let's go! Let's go!" she rattled on as she dragged the slightly embarrassed and disappointed Calem through the yard.

"Come on they're waiting!" she whined as Calem playfully resisted her yanking on his wrist.

He chuckled and ran ahead of her just to turn around and yell, "What's taking you so long I thought you were excited!"

"Let's race!" she challenged as she sprinted ahead.

Calem smirked and darted after her. They raced all the way to Aquacorde Town where they met up with some of their friends, Tierno, Shauna, and Trevor. "Big S!" Tierno yelled as they approached.

They sat down for a bit and talked about everyday things that drove Serena crazy. Not that the things themselves were especially irritating, but she was ready to get a pokemon and any delays were agonizing. "SO POKEMON!" she tried to add casually to the conversation, but ended up shouting.

"Yeah I almost forgot." Shauna giggled, which made Serena irate. How could she forget?

Finally the moment had come. Serena looked in at the beautiful creatures that she had always dreamed of having and now she could. She imagined herself winning battles and becoming a famous trainer. Serena and Chespin the toughest friend! Serena and Chespin the best team Kalos has ever seen! "Ooh I want this one!" Shauna squealed pulling Serena out of her reverie just in time to see her snatch up the Chespin.

Serena's heart sank. "I've always wanted a Froakie. Do you mind if I take this one?" Calem said from somewhere far away.

She didn't really know what all happened next she could've taken the last pokeball or it could've been thrown at her. All she knew was that her precious Chespin was going home with Shauna and she was going home with Fennekin. Oh and she had a letter. She quickly scanned it and saw that it was from Professor Sycamore to her her mother. This must've been the guy that Shauna was going on and on about. Whatever I don't care. He's probably just some prettyboy hack.

, She got home, threw the letter on the table and trudged upstairs where she flopped down on her bed. Her dreams that night were about Shauna winning battles and becoming famous. Everyone loved her and she was starring in movies with Diantha Kalne. Her Chespin kept evelving and getting cooler while Serena was stuck in the swamp. She kept trying to fight the water pokemon, but Fennekin kept burning her instead. Eventually Fennekin just burst into flame burning everything and Serena woke up "Your grandson's name is AssDick!"