So the idea for this fic actually came about as Kaisicca and I were having a discussion about Fran and she told me her views on if he really lost his memories or just said he had. So the idea for that never actually came from me; you can give her the credit for this fic coming about because I just went along with the block of cheese story without question.

Fran never had lost his memories of the future, despite what he would say about the block of cheese he claimed had erased his memories; the truth was, he remembered everything – but being as young as he is, he believed the memories to have been nothing more than dreams he couldn't understand.

He didn't know the significance the people in his 'dreams' had held in his life, nor what that 'six-six-six' ring was. He couldn't understand the fights, the things he had seen in those events – not the animals that lived in boxes and certainly not what strange things people could do in those fights. He had never known someone to be able to fly, or have wings grow out of their back. He hadn't heard of people able to control thunder, nor able to summon bodies of water where there was none for miles.

He had never imagined he would be able to help kill someone before. Though he hadn't dreamt of doing so himself, he knew he had been there and watched as people died needless, painful deaths – just as bad as killing someone with his own hands, he knew.

He didn't know what an assassination squad was, but he did know the people in his dreams who had belonged to that group were a bunch of tooth decay fairies.

But what he didn't understand the most was when he had dreamt of the blond man from his dreams. He didn't understand what it meant when the blond took his clothes off. He didn't know why the man had touched him in places that were bad, or why his dream-counterpart had reciprocated the touches.

He most definitely didn't understand why the blond had put 'it' inside of his body, remembering how much it had hurt – even if it had just been a 'dream'.

But, as Fran had decided while he played by the river as he usually did, they were just insignificant dreams full of things he didn't understand.